Haunted Heart


I’ll be your thief in the night
so I can steal you
I’ll be your church where you pray
so I can heal you
I’ll be your lover where you lay
so I can free you
You’ll be my sunlight in my day
so I can see you

Oooooooh, ooooooooh,
you’ll be my life
when I’m dead
I’ll be your calm
in the storm ahead

You’ll be the beat in my heart
when there is none
You’ll be the air in my lungs
when my breath is done
You’ll be the tears I can’t cry
when you’re weeping
You’re my only reason
to keep from sleeping

Ooooooooh, ooooooooh,
you’ll be my life
when I’m dead
I’ll be your calm
in the storm ahead

Tell my world I’m gonna try
To stay closer by your side

Be my life when I’m dead
I’ll be your calm in the storm ahead
Tell my world I’m gonna try
To stay closer by her side

Haunted Heart

Little Hurricane




I can’t believe I’m doing this, trusting her and myself. I’m not even sure what gave me that final push. Maybe it was the unfailing assurance I saw in her eyes as she held my face in her hands, or the desperate need I felt from her in the bond. Something tells me it was probably the ease with which she yielded to me. She agreed to be my prisoner for fuck’s sake, without the least bit of hostility, and she didn’t even blink about bonding to me.

Fuck it, it doesn’t matter.

Before either of us can do anything to change my mind I press my wrist to her mouth.

Without hesitation her hot little tongue sweeps over the wounds, sending a tremor through me. I grip her tighter as she seals her lips over my skin and begins to suckle. I feel the pull in my every vein; down from my head, up from my feet, through my legs, groin, and chest, and out my arm in exquisite, tingling waves.

I lose myself for a moment, head and eyes rolling back, my hips thrust forward to grind my aching cock against her perfect ass. My fangs have grown impossibly longer, their throbbing painful, beating in tandem with her racing heart.

No more waiting, no more holding back.

No more.

I wrap my body back around hers and lean in, running my nose along the heated skin of her shoulder, breathing deep. Her delicious scent makes my head spin. I could easily drown in it. The hot blood surging through her veins, faster and faster, calls to me. The only other sounds in the room are our moans.

They grow louder as I glide my tongue over the pulse hiding under her candied skin. I can’t wait another second. Every need, want, and desire I’ve ever had rears up and I bite, sinking my fangs in deep to ease their pain.

She cries out, losing the connection. Her hands jerk back and grip my pants at the hip to hold onto me. I growl and press my wrist back against her mouth as her fiery blood pours into my own, scorching a path over my tongue and down my throat.

I drink from her like her neck is a river and I’m dying of thirst. We both fall into madness when she does the same. The bond is there instantly, euphoric and unfathomable between us as we bleed into one.

Time hasn’t had much meaning to us lately here where we are at the edge of the world, but now it’s stopped altogether. All there is is us, flowing through each other to the beat of her heart. I am her and she is me, both of us ancient and new. Millions of sparks swirling through shadows fill us. We are an endless black sky shining with infinite stars that have no care for anything save burning.

Whatever reasoning I had for putting this off, I was an idiot.

I pull myself to the surface enough to rip her dress off with my free hand then roam her luscious body stirring us further. Our hips are grinding and pumping against each other, desperately trying to connect us in another way. My cock is so hard it’s almost excruciating. Knowing I won’t last more than a few seconds I slide my hand over her stomach and down between her thighs, my fingers finding her hot, swollen, and wet.

It’s almost my undoing, but I won’t fall without her.

Slipping through her slick folds I center my attention on her clit. She’s as close to the edge as I am and with three quick circles around it she pulls me over with her, our screams and roars of release charging the air around us.

When I come back from our little death she’s in my arms, wrapped around my now naked body. I’m not sure which of us got us here, nor do I care. Her teeth, lips, and chin are covered in my blood, her eyes dark and heavy with lust, and I’ve never known want until this moment.

Unafraid of the monstrous picture I must reflect with my own mouth stained with her blood, she kisses me, her need as feral as my own. Her tongue sweeps between my fangs to dance with mine, her ragged breaths filling the spaces between our lips. I take everything she’s giving and return it two-fold, letting her have a taste of what my mouth has in store for the rest of her until she’s gasping for air.

Allowing her a moment’s reprieve, I move us to the bed and lay her down. I stand over her, gazing at her gorgeous body, from the top of her golden head to her tiny feet.


I give way to my beast and crawl up the bed, running my nose along her skin starting at her calves and working my way to her neck, slowing ever so slightly at the apex of her thighs. Her new scent is divine.

Caging her in with my own body I hover over her, staring down into her liquid pools of blue. “You smell like me now. I like that, very much.”

“Only you?” she whispers.

“No. Like…us.”

“Tell me so I can know it too.”

“We’re the ocean, in winter. Crisp, cold, and salty, and a whisper of honeysuckle blooming on a summer night, sweet and warm. Fire and ice. Sunshine and moonlight together.”

A shy smile curves her lips. “Who knew monsters could smell so lovely?”

“You, are the lovely one.”

I drop myself to her side to enjoy the view. She truly is exquisite. I believe she may have the most perfect set of breasts I’ve ever had the pleasure to lay eyes on and that is a feat considering my age. I can’t wait to cup them in my hands and wrap my lips around those nipples.

Our bonds pull me from my pleasant thoughts, shaking with restless jitters.

I draw my eyes back to hers, they’re blown wide and full of distress as they stare up at me. I’m not sure where her fear is coming from, I know she’s a virgin, but I’ve barely touched her. Have I been too aggressive? I scoot back, giving her some space.

She grabs my wrist, gripping it tight and then I know.

“You’re afraid I’m going to stop and run away, that I’ll leave again.”

She nods, bottom lip trapped between her teeth.

I move closer again, shaking my head. “No.  There will be no more stopping. You are mine, you gave yourself to me, just as I did you. The only leaving anyone will be doing is me leaving my need all over your body.”

Reaching out, I rub the pad of my thumb over her lips, still stained with our blood despite my kisses. “I’ve already left it here, they’re red and swollen with it.” I move to her throat next, trailing my fingers down the taut skin and ghosting over my bite marks. “I left your neck well bitten, anyone would see my want of you if they saw it, and I plan to leave these well taken care of too,” I tell her, drifting further to her magnificent breasts. “They will be rosy and aching by the time I’ve had my way, begging for more.” I circle each one, then draw my fingers over their silken skin to pluck her harden nipples. She gasps each time and my cock jumps against her hip in response.

“Not one inch of you will I miss. I’ll leave my desire all over you, and in you,” I breathe into her ear.

She’s a writhing, panting mess from my attentions, her skin flushed pink and nothing but want pulses within the bonds.

“Please, Erik.”

“Soon, liten kirgare,” I whisper, letting my mouth and hands continue to take in every inch of her beauty, all of it mine.

My bonded.

I have known anger, not love. I have known war, not peace. I have known fear, not happiness. I have known pain and waste like a virgin sacrificed to false gods. I have allowed them to overtake me, to turn me into a creature of hate and bitterness. But she was the one thing I clung to, the one thing I hoped for, and here she is, an offer and a dare in one, laid out before me like a feast. Supple limbs, enticing curves, and hot, crimson blood flowing under soft, smooth, golden flesh.

So much and so few teeth to taste it with.

Will I devour her like the monster I’ve been or show her the gentle ministrations of a lover?

Dealing out torture and making love can have startling likenesses to each other. It is a precariously thin line between the two and I’m not known for being a careful lover.

But I want something different I think. Feel a need to know something else.

I don’t know what it is that’s driving me towards that. I should have fucked her into oblivion by now. Shameful thoughts have dance inside my wicked mind for weeks. I could have her slammed against a wall, tied her to this bed and covered her in my marks, or done any number of debauched, feral things to her, but none of them feel right.

And she’s no help. She doesn’t know what she needs, only that she needs it.

I’ve never thought twice about pleasing any of the women I’ve fucked. They got their pleasure just by being with me. I knew how to please them I just didn’t care.

Now I do.

We are bound together so tight we are no longer two beings, but one. My every thought, feeling, and choice will affect her as equally as it will me. I have been a selfish creature for most of my existence. Only Godric and Pamela were ever given any consideration. I avoided the true death for her, but that was it. The rest was all for me.

From this night forward it can never be that way again. I made a choice and there is no going back. Whatever scraps of goodness I have, she deserves them.

Fed up with my stalling she laces her finger in my hair and pulls me over her, crashing our lips and bodies together. She kisses me like some starving animal, like my mouth can keep her breathing.

I know I can’t, but I try, giving her my passion instead, hoping it will satisfy her.

She tries too, with her every heartbeat. I feel it through her skin pounding into mine like an angry war drum, determined to give us both life. My bones vibrate with its rhythm, even while I fear all of this will end in a bloodshed too violent to recover from.

If it does, so be it. I can’t stop now. I won’t, but I can slow her down.

I tear my lips from hers and stare into her heavy midnight eyes, my hands fisted in her hair. “We need to take this slow or I’ll eat you alive.”

That wasn’t a warning, but a statement of fact.

“Do it,” she demands, her hips pressing up into mine. “Show me the monster you say you are. Show me everything I shouldn’t know,” she breathes out, begging me with those fucking eyes of hers while rubbing her wet pussy all over my cock.

All the moments of need I’ve felt for weeks build into a massive wave that barrels through me, breaking apart all my hopes to keep this gentle and I drive into her with one vicious thrust, her scream drowned out by my roar.

Finally we are truly one.

Somehow I stop there, buried deep within her, pinning her to the bed. My every muscle shakes as I attempt to stay still and let her adjust. Her tight little pussy is quivering around my cock already trying to milk me dry. It’s as luscious as dark velvet, so hot and so fucking wet. I’m hanging onto my control by a thread.

There are too many furious emotions churning in the bonds for me decipher how she is.

“Sookie?” I barely recognize my own voice it’s so manic with lust.

“Gods, Erik, don’t stop. Please fuck me,” she pants, trying to move under my pressing restraint.

Those words unleash my savage beast. He howls in my veins intent on tearing out every tender part of her. I wanted to hold him back, to be gentle, but she’s set him free.

I drive into her over and over, her screams spurring me on. Thank the gods they’re ones of pleasure and not pain, because it would take an army to stop me now.

We fuck like we’re on fire, trying to burn, to melt back together all of our broken pieces. It’s not gentle. We couldn’t handle gentle, it would only break us more. Instead it’s ruinous; fierce, hard, and possessive. Speaking in an ancient tongue, in a language long forgotten, we take with teeth and hands all we can grasp, swallowing moans, limbs wrapping around each other, fighting for dominance, fingers gripping and prying, our hips driving each other to a punishing pace.

We’re rabid animals feasting on the disease that’s killing us, each other’s name ripped from our throats our tragic symphony.

Our releases come too soon and are over too fast, both of us left desperate for more.

So more is what I give us.

I bring us to orgasm again, and then again, before a thought breaks through the haze of lust and fear spikes through me.

No virgin could survive what I’ve just put her through. I’ve probably destroyed her.

I ease free of her swollen and abused body as gently as I can, wincing at her whimper of pain. I look her over for signs of more damage already biting into my wrist.

She’s limp and panting, with a sheen of sweat all over her. Her once creamy thighs are now covered in blood with dark bruises beginning to bloom underneath the red.

I may stake myself.

“Drink, liten kirgare. Please,” I beg, rubbing my wounds over her lips.

“Drink?” she mumbles, never opening her eyes.

“Please. I’ve hurt you.”

She turns away from my wrist, giggling. “I don’t think you know what that means. It was…amazing.”

“I don’t care, you’re still going to drink.”

She shrugs then makes a weak attempt to draw blood from my wounds. I rip them open deeper, letting it pour into her mouth, not stopping until her pain begins to disappear from the bonds.

Still not satisfied I kneel by the bed to settle my torso between her thighs.

“What are you doing?” she asks, propping up on her elbows for a better view, her energy somewhat recovered. Her eyes bulge when they land on her bloody, battered thighs then both slam shut as she falls back onto the bed. “Is that yours or mine?” she whispers, the bonds flooding with fear. “I don’t understand. It felt so good.”

I’m such a fucking bastard.

“You were a virgin, liten kirgare. Virgins bleed the first time,” I explain gently.

“That much?” she squeaks.

“I…I don’t… We were… It’s my fault. I lost control. Please let me make sure you’re completely healed.”


“With my blood. I swear it won’t hurt. I’ll make it pleasant for you, but I need you to open your legs for me.”

Every second she fights with her fears to do what I asked is a knife in my gut. The fact that she’s still alive is my only shred of peace.

The second she begins to open them I pierce my tongue with both fangs then hold her still with as much care as possible before drawing my tongue from her ass to her clit, bathing the tender flesh in my blood.


I ignore her screams and continue my work, licking over every delicious inch of her. The combined taste of both of us and her blood is too hard to ignore, even with my guilt, but I will my cock and the beast back into their cages.

When I feel only a trace of pain left I bite into the pads of two fingers then slip them inside to soothe her swollen walls. They begin to squeeze my fingers as I slide them in and out, her hips rolling with them. All her pain is gone now, washed away with blood and desire.

Refusing to leave her wanting I lean forward and begin to torture her little clit with my tongue. Slow, feather-light licks at first, then gradually increasing the pressure and speed, never stopping the movement of my fingers.

“Gods, what are you doing to me?” she gasps, tremors running through her with each flick of my tongue.

“I’ll tell you later, just feel.”

I wrap my lips around her sensitive nub then reach up with my free hand and grasp a breast, pinching and twisting the nipple as I start to suck her clit. I keep it soft and easy, slowly building her up. It only takes a few minutes before high-pitched whimpers fill the room. Her hips rise off the bed, thighs trembling, back arched. With several firm, quick pulls against her g-spot she shatters, screaming my name.

I continue to stroke and lick until the last waves leave her boneless then vamp upstairs to the bathroom to clean up and get a warm cloth for her.

She barely stirs as I wash her face, then the rest. My relief is significant seeing her flesh once again with its unmarred, rosy golden glow. She only moves when I lay down beside her, wrapping her in my arms. Burrowing into my chest, hot, still sweaty and limp, she sighs against my cool skin, her whole being submitting to the pleasure just lavished upon it. Then she begins to cry, not from sadness or pain, but relief. I can taste it in her tears as I kiss her face helping them wash away the last threads of tension that had held her in a vice for so long.

I gather her closer and find I like it. Holding her, the sweet salty smells of her tears mingling together with the smells of sex, the animalistic noises I pulled from her still echoing in my mind, and the contentment.

Is that the word for it?

It’s been so long, I’ve forgotten what it meant, what it felt like, but I’m sure that must be what this is we’re floating in.

We lie together, our bodies tangled and tied, still buried in each other’s skin, like a church burned to ruins and fallen to ash. I don’t know where I end and she begins. Now interchangeable we are no longer two, but one. There’s no pain, no fear, no bitterness, only warmth and light as we float amongst the tendrils of wonderment dancing through the bonds.

Maybe it won’t be so bad. Being us. It’s like being alive, but more. So much more.

She pulls herself from our euphoria, squirming around until she’s on her stomach looking down at me. “You feel it, don’t you?”

“I think it would be impossible not to,” I answer with a grin.

“Told you so,” she says, gracing me with a blinding smile.

I feel myself fall. Like when I was learning to fly and didn’t trust it. I dropped from the sky like a stone, fear engulfing me for several terrifying moments. Then I caught myself and pure joy filled my veins.

Her smile, her shining eyes, her own joy are that all over again and then some.

No, it will not be so bad.




It’s been over a month since I took Sookie’s virginity and we’ve spent the last thirty something nights, and sometimes days, fucking like rabbits.

I’ve never known a lover like her in my thousand years. I’ve had so many, held them, tasted them. Sookie makes them all pale in comparison. Just the curve of her smile as I pleasure her turns the rest to dust.

Being with her, so tightly bonded…it’s as if I’d been holding my last breath for a millennia and now I’ve finally let it go.

If I were blind I would know her scent, that glorious medley of her and I. It’s meditation on aphrodisiacs and it clings to my skin and hers. Every movement she makes, no matter how subtle fills the air with us. It’s a drug I’m most definitely addicted to.

I would know her sounds too. Her voice is one of the many vices she holds over me now, so soft and sweet I feel like I’m in a pleasant dream every time she speaks. I bombard her with questions just so I can hear it and I’ve allowed her breathing and heartbeat to become my gravity. I rise and fall like the tides, pulled by their soothing rhythm.

And then there is her touch.

Despite our first time being so fierce, she became tentative after, as if she had used all her passion that night and was once again a virgin, a shy one.

I will never forget how soft and gentle her warm little hands felt against my skin when I encouraged her to explore my body. Like she held the sun in them, wanting me to feel its heat, but so careful not to let it burn me.

But I wanted to burn. So I taught her where and how to touch, to take from me as I did her.

Now she is able to do the impossible every time she presses her body to mine. The years slip away on her fingertips and tongue until my past vanishes, until I’m young again and my heart has never known pain. She’s the sun-warmed stones I use to lie on when summer finally overtook winter’s grip, giving me comfort and peace, a moment of rest after such a long, dark struggle. It’s beyond addictive. If I could fuse us together permanently I truly think I would.

For weeks now we’ve spoken only in tongues, with teeth, hands, and skin. We know every plain, curve, and hollow of each other. How to push and pull one another over the cliff time and again and draw inhuman noises from their deep hidden places with ease. We are so tightly bound she knows what I want before I do and I her.

I’ve been waiting for the trauma she endured to rear its ugly head, keeping myself in complete control, our bonds wide open and searching for the tiniest hint of lurking shadows, but so far she’s been as free as a summer day. I’m beyond grateful, but I have no plans to let my guard down.

While I was wrong, imagining all sorts of violent ends for us, she was right. Since that first night we have not hurt each other, or come close to dying, not physically. But I am not so certain about the rest. The ache and need we have for one another is painful. And while we can satisfy them, it never lasts long. We’re always coming back for more.

Barely an hour can go by without me thinking of the taste of her. Her mouth, her skin, her blood. Her flavor, sweet and tangy, tempting my ever-present hunger. I’ve had her nearly a hundred times in a hundred different ways and still there is no end in sight of my need for her.

She is heaven and hell, pleasure and pain. An irresistibly beautiful embodiment of misery and rapture and I believe I have crossed the line from obsession to insanity.

It is a fever I fear there is no cure to, but for now I am content to let it take me. While it’s always begging, it’s a fever that has quenched my own demanding thirsts. I will give as long as it does.

But, somewhere deep down I still feel a stirring, an itch for more. I’m not quite ready to scratch it. It would mean giving up completely and I can’t yet. I have given and taken, gone much further than I ever meant to. I’ve allowed myself to be bent and pulled by her, allowed her to become more to me and me to her. She’s not a child anymore, not the lost, broken girl I found and did my best to protect. She’s a woman. One who’s in love with me even though she fears to say it out loud. She doesn’t need to say it. I know. I feel it every time she looks at me, touches me. I feel it every minute of every hour. Even when she sleeps, her love pulses softly in our bonds from her to me.

I don’t know why or how she does, what kind of well deep soul she has that she can, I just know she does.

And if I scratch that itch….

She’ll have all of me.

If I give in I know I will love her without reason or restraint. I would be a beast of a different kind, ruled by love. The power she would have over me would be absolute.

She is already one of my greatest weaknesses as it is. You could say she is the greatest since her death would cause my own, but I know even without that little detail she still would be.

Trying to hang onto some semblance of control in this relationship I’ve continued her lessons. No books involved, only the flesh. I haven’t had time to teach her everything I know yet, there’s way too much, but she knows more than most.

Not once since I found her has she failed to surprise me with her strength and determination, her willingness to know more and be more. Sex has been no different. She has bloomed from girl to woman under my hands, refusing to let anything hold her down.

I tried to keep things slow at first, but she wasn’t having it. Her hunger was too strong and those desires grow everyday. I have awoken something inside her that will never sleep again. She craves me as I do her, the anticipation, the firsts, the power.

Teaching her has been the most satisfying experience of my long existence.

Her favorite lesson so far was the shower. It was only the sixth or seventh night. I had meant for us to just wash the sex and sweat away, but watching her delicate hands running over her wet, soapy skin as she reveled in the hot spray I got an idea.

Having a seat against the back wall and a handheld, adjustable setting shower head helped.

I pulled her against me and whispered in her ear. “I’d like to play a game, do you trust me?”

“You know I do, and I really like your games,” she murmured, and I could see a sly grin tugging on the corners of her mouth.

“Sit down,” I told her, pointing at the seat.

She hurried over and sat down, but jumped right back up with a squeal. “It’s cold!”

I chuckled at her, but took down the handheld and sprayed the stones to warm them up. She sat back down as soon as I was done, ever an eager student.

Keeping my eyes on the handheld as I adjusted it to the pulsing massage setting I told her what I wanted. “I’m going to push you and you’re going to want to stop, but if you trust me and do what I say I promise you’ll enjoy it.”

“Erik, I trust you,” she assured me again.

I raised my eyes to hers, filling them and our bonds with my intent. “Try not to forget that, Lover.”

She shivered in response.

I’d taken to calling her that after the first few nights. I always received a thrill through the bonds when I did and she was my lover now. It didn’t have to mean I loved her.

I passed her the handheld relishing in the knowledge she would be doing a lot more than shivering soon. “Sit back and relax. Close your eyes. I want you to touch yourself like I taught you,” I told her.

She did, immediately relaxing, the handheld forgotten in one hand, shooting water onto the stones between her feet. Her head was back, neck stretched, breathing even and deep.

All that would be changing in a few minutes.

“Run your fingers over your face, your lips. Slow and soft. Down your neck and chest to your stomach, then your thighs. Be gentle.”

I watched her fingers ghost over her beautiful body, shiny and smooth, following my commands. Before long her blood began to rise to the surface, staining her chest and neck with her need. My hand found my hardening cock and began to stroke.

“Now your breasts. Lift them, squeeze them. One then the other. Feel their weight, their silky softness. Those hard little nipples are begging for attention. Rub your fingertips over them. Lightly. Barely touch them.”

Her breathing started to pick up, her heartbeat quickened. From the very beginning she has been so fucking responsive, so passionate. I squeezed my cock harder, matching the strokes to her breaths.

“Erik,” she sighed, our combined lust stirring her further. Her body was rolling with the waves. Hips, legs, and stomach, rising and falling.

“Pinch your left nipple. Twist it.”

Her whimper echoed off the stone walls around us.

“Now the right. That’s it. Are they aching?”

“Yes, it feels so good.”

“Keep going. Pinch them. Pull and twist. Make them nice and hard and rosy pink for me.”

Then I took her further.

“Slide your hand down between your legs. Touch yourself. Just your lips for now. Up and down, slow and easy. Open for me.”

Her thighs fell open giving me a gorgeous view. I had shaved us both the night before so she could experience the heightened sensation it allowed. It was another erotic experience I doubt either of us would forget anytime soon, if ever.

She was still smooth, soft and bare, no part of her hidden. Her lips and clit were swelling with need, flushing and blooming like a rose. Her fingers became more insistent.

It was time.

“Spread yourself open with your fingers. Good girl. Now I want you take the handheld and aim the spray at your clit.”

She followed my instructions with no hesitation, having no idea what she was about to feel. Her response was immediate.

Her entire body jerked in on itself as she let out a scream. Her hand clamped over her pussy, her thighs slammed shut, and her eyes were wide as saucers as she stared up at me, gasping for breath. The pulsing water was pounding into the floor again.

Her reaction almost made me laugh, but I pushed that aside and didn’t let up on her.

“Put it back.”

“Erik! I can’t. It’s too mu–”

“No it’s not. Put it back. Remember, you trust me.”

She whimpered, this time in distress, her bottom lip held tight between her teeth, but she tried to put it back. She couldn’t seem to move her other hand or open her thighs again though.

“Sookie, open. Move your hand.”

“I can’t.”

I stepped closer to her, staring her down. “You will.”

Again she whimpered but her thighs began to open, shaking and trembling, but opening. Her hand stayed clamped down tight over her sensitive flesh as she brought the water closer.

“Sookie, look at me. Keep your eyes on mine. Don’t look away.”

She stared up at me, a wild mixture of anxiety, curiosity, and lust in her eyes. I checked her closely, as I had every time before, feeling for any sign that I was pushing her too far, but found none. She wanted it, she just needed help. I gladly provided it.

“Do you remember last night? When I brought you to the edge again and again but wouldn’t let you fall until I was ready?”

Her eyes darkened. She nodded, licking her lip. She had enjoyed that very much.

“Good. Now, do what I asked. Move your hand and put the water back. Don’t move it unless I say. You will not cum. Not until I give you permission.”

With those commands her switch flipped. Her thighs spread wide and she removed her hand, then brought the pulsing spray up.

That gorgeous body of hers shuddered from head to toe as the water thrashed against her clit, punishing it with more pleasure than she thought possible. Her head and eyes rolled back again while cries left her throat. Without being told she grasped onto one breast, crushing her nipple between her fingers.

The sight was so intoxicating I nearly came right then and there.

But it was too soon. For both of us.


I didn’t think I would get through to her, but I did. She jerked the handheld away, panting and heaving, her body trembling.

I gave her a moment then ordered her to look at me again. “Eyes open and on me.”

They were dark and full of craving when they looked in mine, and got darker still when they lowered to watch me stroking my cock.

Damn her and those eyes, they never fail to fuck me up no matter how they look at me.

That time was no different. I almost jerked her up and slammed her against the shower wall to fuck that look right out of them. Somehow I held it together, remembering the lesson was not about me, but her.

“Look at me, Lover,” I demanded. She didn’t need soft and gentle right then. Her eyes shot back to mine and I held them in my gaze. “Again, but do not take your eyes from mine.”

Doing my bidding as if I glamoured her, she put it back, but she had to fight to keep her eyes on me. The intensity was so close to overtaking her.

“Hold it. Don’t let it go. Not until I say.”

She trembled under the power of it, unable to speak, breasts heaving as she panted, eyes begging me for what she didn’t know.  Her every muscle was drawn tighter than a bow-string, her fingers white as the gripped the handheld and the seat, hanging on to her last thread of strength for dear life.

My cock ached painfully, jerking in my hand, relishing in the sway I had over her.

“Stop,” I ordered, for my sake more than hers. The power I felt could’ve quickly become dangerous. I needed a moment to put the reigns on it.

I gave us five breaths, then, “Again.”

We got through two more rounds before her body refused to hold back anymore. She had finally found her voice and begged me on the brink of tears to let her cum. My own insistent orgasm wasn’t helping the cause either so I let her go. We both disintegrated into a sharp rending bliss, our screams and shouts echoing around us off the stone walls.

I came back to myself first and adjusted the shower to keep her warm, and to rinse my cum off her thighs, then scooped her up and sat down to hold her before she fell onto the floor. She was limp, but far from lifeless, panting and whimpering as aftershocks continued to shudder through her. I ran my hands over her, easing her tense muscles and telling her how we would do it the next time, and the next and the next.

“When we do this again, it’ll be me holding the water while you stroke my cock, but you’ll have to make me cum before you can. Or maybe I’ll fuck you from behind while I torture your sweet clit. Would you like that?”

The bonds shivered with desire as she nodded and let out a weak moan. Nearly destroyed from pleasure only a few minutes before and she was still craving more.

So fucking perfect.

“Or you could do all the work. I could sit back and let you ride my cock while you torture that clit. How long do you think you could hold it?”

Her whole body shuddered that time.

I continued to pet her and whispered how proud I was of her until exhaustion finally overtook her. I let her sleep until I felt the water begin to cool then took her to bed.

Five nights later she was begging me to take her there again. I did. Three times.

Our weeks have been filled with experiences like that, all hours of the day and night, each one more erotic than the last. They all prove she was right about something else.

All of this has healed us, maybe not completely, but much more than I ever imagined possible.

I don’t know if it’s all the sex or just her, but somehow it’s opened me. It’s as if her tiny hands have split my chest wide, leaving me exposed to her perusal.

She’s drawn out all the heavy things inside me that weigh me down, the things my walls are made of. My fears, my pride, my past, littered with centuries of torment and pain. They’re all laid out on the ground at her feet, forgotten. She doesn’t want those, she doesn’t care about them at all, their authority means nothing to her. She’s more powerful than all of them. She only wants me, the me without the those burdens.

She knows what my hands have done, would call them a crime scene while she licked them clean of blood. She doesn’t care, she forgives me and my past as easily and as often as she blinks.

My path to her was littered with pieces of me, broken and scattered like a house torn apart by a fierce storm. But those pieces are coming back to me. I threatened her once, said I would tear her apart to get back what she’d taken. In a way I’ve done just that. One by one, I’ve found them in her. Some she was cradling in her hands. I found a couple more tucked inside her mouth. There were a few hidden in the spaces of her ribs, lying along the curve of her spine, and up the graceful column of her throat. Still more I found between her tender thighs, but most have been nestled under her breast, safe inside her beating heart just waiting for me to discovered them. Before long I know I will find them all, each one gift-wrapped in sunlight.

I like to think I’ve done the same for her. Happiness radiates off her in waves her every waking moment. It’s a joy I’ve rarely seen in another being and then it was only short-lived. In her it’s constant, giving her a glow only a goddess could possess. I don’t ever want to see it dim.

It warms me, keeps the ice in my veins at bay and gives me hope that we may actually defeat our enemies and demons.

So despite my doubts and fears, here I am with a new way to survive this world.

In her.

With her.

She will be my survival and I will be hers.

Everything carried me to her, nothing and no one will ever pull me away again.





48 thoughts on “Haunted Heart

    1. Thank you! I’ve been sitting on this one for ages. There’s no telling how many times I rewrote the sexy bits, which is practically all of it, lol. I plan to add Sookie’s version next, hopefully it’ll turn out as intense as this one. So glad you enjoyed it and thanks so much for reading!!

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  1. Dayummmmm. I quit smoking 6 years ago, but I need a cigarette or 10. The bond repaired all the completely broken parts… or has it? God, I hope so. Of course, they will have to figure out the real world, and their revenge one Niall.

    one thing is for sure. I’ll never look at my massaging shower head the same again!

    Liked by 3 people

    1. LOL! Massaging shower heads are the bomb 😉

      As for the bond I could easily make it the fixer of all things, but you know me, I probably won’t, lol. They will have a nice reprieve from all the angst though. 🙂

      Thanks for reading, glad you enjoyed it!!


  2. *passes out cigarettes and cold drinks* Oh to be Sookie… but seriously though, could Eric have been any hotter in this epic all EPOV (which I absolutely love!) chapter?!?!
    Hope you have a happy new year and thank you for the unexpected chapter. It’s great to see you back, you were missed.

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  3. As everyone has already said – intense, erotic, amazing…
    Thank you for the surprise update. You are right, we all needed this.
    Here’s hoping 2017 is better for all of us, cause most of us really need it to be, sigh.

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  4. I was attempting to make him hot enough to melt the ice caps, lol. Maybe I got him at least half way there 😉

    And thank you. I’m glad to be back. Granted I had most of this written before the accident, it was good to get back into my usual routine and have the distraction.

    Hope you have a Happy New Year!

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  5. WOW. I’m…speechless. Outstanding doesn’t say enough! (Gotta love those showerheads!) Wishing you & yours a Blessed, Happy New Year! Thank you for the fabulous update, and I’m so happy to see you writing again. 🙂

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    1. LOL! Team showerhead all the way! 😉 Thank you for the wonderful words as always! We realized getting back to our regular schedules helps the most so while I had most of it written already it was good to get back in the writing groove. So glad you enjoyed it! Hope you and yours have a blessed and wonderful New Years and a fabulous 2017!! ❤❤


  6. I think my brain turned to mush about half way through! Dayyyyyuuuum that was sexy and erotic. Very intense. A reprieve for them after all the angst. Hopefully they can keep themselves together and make some sort of plan to off Niall. He needs killing!

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    1. Lol, thank you! It’s fun to be a mush maker 😉 And yes!! They needed this so very much. I hope to keep giving them some good times for a bit, but unfortunately the angst isn’t over. Niall isn’t the only one that needs to go!

      Happy New Year!


      1. I had to come back and add, I don’t necessarily mean just the sexy bits of this. His inner monologue, dissecting it all was simply enthralling. The imagery was poetic and so very raw. The perfect combination for this.

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    1. LOL! I am blessed to still have mine 😜
      And yes! They finally made some forward progress, in a major way and I don’t know about you, but if I had Eric Northman and his never-ending supply of healing blood all to myself at the edge of the world I’d keep that frenzy going as long as I could! But that’s just me 😉 I’ll get them out of it eventually.


  7. I’m wondering if they have truly opened up and healed or if it is a sexy high. And what a high it is. Eric mentioned that he is holding part of himself back. And keeping part of himself closed. Sookie is holding back her I love you’ ‘s verbally. Great chapter beautifully written.

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