The Cut part III – The Final Cut



It’s been about two and a half years since Eric and I left Louisiana. Almost a thousand nights and days of being on the run. He’s made it more like a vacation for us though. Very seldom have I had any moments of unease. He’s kept his promise about keeping us safe and happy to a remarkable degree. It’s his sole purpose these nights and he has an amazing talent for it.

He’s out right now checking on things. Just as he does every night after we’ve told each other a thorough good evening.

We’ve had nothing but time for each other these past months and being the center of an ancient vampire’s world is just…..well, I don’t even know if there are words to describe it. The desire I had to be first in his life, what I thought that would mean?


I had no idea. None.

The freedom leaving has given him to love me as he always wanted to… I’ll never be more grateful for anything else. It has allowed me to find depths seemingly unreachable within my husband. I once said he was more. I never dreamed how right I was. He never fails to amaze me, even though he says that about me all the time, it truly applies to him.

No longer is he the cold, scheming Sheriff of Area Five. The best word to describe him now would be: happy. From the moment he wakes to the moment he goes back down there is some degree of a smile on his face and there is always brightness in his beautiful eyes. He’s lighter and despite the fact he is always looking over our shoulders, he is free. I never realized the amount of life within him. You would think after seeing everything there was to see and experiencing a thousand years of hardships he would be discouraged and bored out of his mind, but not Eric. He greets every night with open arms and the excitement of a child. It’s impossible not to be happy when you’re around him now.

But even if he was the same Eric as when we left I would be still be happy. We made the best decision. I haven’t regretted it even once since we left. There are times when I may see something or a certain smell will trigger a memory of home, but I never let the nostalgia get to me. I’ve never been happier. Wishing to go back to harder times would be ridiculous.

I haven’t seen the whole world yet, but it’s close. I love seeing all the places I dreamed of, but the best part is having Eric with me when I see them. Hearing the tales he has of each new place we go to is wonderful. He says it is even better seeing these places with me, as if he’s seeing them for the first time again. No matter which one of us is right, we’ve had a wonderful time.

I’m tired of being without him for those few hours of daylight I’m awake though. I changed to his sleep schedule fairly quickly, but I just don’t need twelve hours of sleep everyday. Even if I wasn’t on a steady diet of ancient vampire blood I wouldn’t. With it, I’m lucky to sleep six hours a day. He stays up with me past dawn sometimes and wakes before sunrise too, but there’s always several hours of daylight I spend alone. I enjoyed the quiet time to myself at first, soaking in the sun when we were somewhere safe enough for me to do so, but we are so tightly bonded now, I ache from the moment day takes him til the night sets him free.

I’m ready.

Past ready.

“My Lover is unhappy and anxious,” he whispers against my neck, his arms encircling me from behind. “That will never do. Tell me how I can remedy it.”

I don’t startle when he shows up out of thin air anymore. I’ve learned to track him within inches. I knew he was coming almost before he did. I felt his unease the second he felt my melancholy.

I lean back into his arms, soaking in his nearness. I always want him closer. To be closer to him. The need gnaws at me almost constantly. The way we are isn’t enough anymore.

“I don’t I need to tell you. You know the answer.”

“And when that isn’t enough?”

“It will be.”

“You don’t know that.”

“Stop. Why must you always do that?”

“You must be sure.”

“I’ve been sure for a long time. You know that. Stop trying to make me question it when it’s you that can’t take the step.”

This is the only thing we ever fuss about. I hate it.

I feel his amusement before he chuckles and reaches to pull something from his back pocket. He holds a piece of paper up in front of me. “Read it,” he suggests, then his lips press over the pulse in my neck.

Whatever is written on this paper is making my husband ecstatic. I hurry and unfold it, it crinkles loudly in the quiet room.

‘The thorns have been removed. NOLO’

I gasp and spin around in his arms, “Eric! Oh my God! We’re free aren’t we? Really free!”

The smile that stretches his face is breathtaking. “We are,” he answers, picking me up and spinning me around. “We are.”

“I can’t believe it,” I squeal and wrap my legs around his waist, hugging him tightly.

He stops us from spinning, letting me go so he can brush my hair away from my face. I cling to him like a monkey does a tree, his blood giving me strength I wouldn’t have otherwise. We smile at each other like idiots for a long time, our bond singing with happiness, then he kisses me softly.

The softness is soon gone though. Our combined emotions-relief, joy, love, happiness, and lust-begin to surge through us. The ripping and tearing of clothes mixes with our gasps and moans as we celebrate in the best way we know how. There is nothing we’re better at really. The bond makes everything better, every time earth shattering. It’s over quick, both of us too excited to slow down. There is always time to take things at a more leisurely pace later anyway.

While I pant and whimper, getting my breathing under control again, he rolls off of me to his side and starts placing sweet little kisses from my temple down to my breasts. I turn into his chest and snuggle up to his coolness. I love how quickly he can cool me off after.

“I can’t believe it. It’s been so long, I think it might take awhile for it to sink in, you know?”

“I do,” he answers, holding me close as he turns onto his back. I relax, and settle myself over him, my fingers running lazily over the blond hairs on his forearm. “I thought we could go home. How does that sound?” he asks quietly.

“Louisiana?” I balk.

I hear and feel him smirk rather than see it. “No. Sweden. There will be many more hours of darkness up there this time of year. I think that would be best,” he mumbles, playing with my hair. I love it when he does that. It makes me feel so cherished for some reason.

“Best for what?” I ask, then let out a huge jaw cracking yawn. He turns me to mush every time.

“Best because there will be more night for teaching my new Childe our ways.”

I pop my head off his chest and smile big enough to split my face. “You mean it?”

“I do. It’s time for us to make the final cut.”




“I won’t let it hurt.”

“I know.”

“I’ll stay with you. I swear won’t leave your side.”

“I know that too. I’m not afraid. I trust you.”

We’ve been in Sweden two weeks. We’re tucked away in his light tight space under the house, naked, our bodies intertwined under a fluffy down comforter. Outside it’s below freezing and there’s a thick blanket of snow on every surface. I saw the sun for the last time a several hours ago. It was dim and cool and sat low in the sky. Nothing like the bright, scorching fireball that shone down on me for twenty something years in muggy Louisiana.

I’m ready. I’ve had plenty of time to prepare myself emotionally; Pam and Miriam took care of the physical part. They spent hours and hours on me yesterday. Only the hair on top of my head escaped a painful waxing. My skin has been buffed to a soft, smooth shine. My nails are manicured to perfection. And my hair has been washed, conditioned, and trimmed to just the right length. I couldn’t be more ready.

My bonded however….

“I’m afraid.”

“I know. I’m sorry, my love. If you’re not ready….”

“No. I promised you. Putting it off won’t change anything. I’ll still be afraid.”

I’ve been worried he would be like this since that night back in Shreveport when I told him I wanted this. I can’t tell if he’s worried I won’t turn or if I’ll regret it once I have been. I was antsy and nervous until the sun set. It was mostly excitement though. As it disappeared below the horizon so did my nerves. I’m calm as can be now. I keep pushing it towards him, but it’s done nothing to ease his worries.

“We’ve been over every possibility dozens of times, Eric. You’ve done this before. Pam’s here, she swore she wouldn’t leave you. It’s only a few nights, then we’ll have forever.”

“You’re upset because I’m stalling.”

“No. I’m upset because it breaks my heart to know you’re upset and it’s my fault you are. I never want to make you feel this way. I’m sorry. We don’t have to. We’ll try another night, okay?”

“It’s not okay and it’s not your fault. It’s mine. I don’t want to watch you die. I don’t want to feel you leave me.”

“I have to leave you so I can come back to you,” I whisper, running my fingers through his hair.

“I know.”

“Master? Do I need to come in there and help you find your balls?” Pam’s muffled snark comes through the thick door.

“Fuck off!” Eric yells at her.

“I’ll be glad to do it for you. I’d love to have two beautiful women by my side.”

“Pamela!” he roars.

She must leave because she doesn’t say anything else and Eric relaxes a bit, laying his head down on my chest.

“I’ll never get to hear your heart beat again,” he says after a few quite minutes. “Or feel your warmth. Smell the sun on your skin. I will miss those things very much.”

“Are those the only reasons you love me?”

I’m so mean.

His head jerks up, his brows drawn tightly together, “Of course they aren’t. You know that.”

“Sshhh, I do. I just wanted to remind you,” I whisper trying to soothe the hurt I caused. “You know it hurts me to be without you during the day now. I won’t have to hurt anymore after this.”

Now I’m bordering on cruel.

He cuts his eyes at me, “You, are not playing nice,” he growls lightly.

I smile up at him and cup his cheek. “I’m sorry, I’m only trying to help you see my side of it.”

He huffs.

I shouldn’t push him, but I know once I rise he will forget all of this. It won’t matter to him anymore.

I try again, letting him feel everything I am. “Eric, I don’t mean to be cruel, but I was telling the truth. Every day the pain is worse than the one before it. I hate the sun now. It takes you away from me and brings pain in your place. Please? Don’t make me go another day without you,” I beg him, my emotions boiling over. “I need this. I need to be closer to you. As close as possible. So close that we’re the same. Take me. Take everything I have to give you. Every drop of me is yours. I want to be bare and empty of everything but you. I want to live with only you running through my veins.”

“Enough,” he hisses.

We’re sitting up in the middle of the bed. I’m pressed against his chest, one strong arm wrapped around my back holding me up. His other hand is grasping the nape of my neck, long fingers threading through my hair. My eyes are trapped by his. If he wanted to glamour me there would be no stopping him. Our bond is like an ocean during a storm, each enormous wave carrying a different emotion, all of them crashing against each other.

He’s ready.

His fangs slide down with a quiet snap and a low growl rumbles from his chest. “You will forever be mine.”

It was not a question, but I answer breathlessly anyway.


He pulls me closer and tilts my head to the side, opening my neck. His nose runs slowly from my cheek, along my jaw, then lower. My heart is racing, my blood roaring in my ears. I’m hanging between fear and ecstasy.

His lips move to press over the pulse in my neck and I swear my blood is swelling up to meet them, begging for his bite. I feel his hunger, surging up within him like a great beast let loose from his cage. It’s thirst isn’t for blood alone. It drives me deeper into desires grip. I am not afraid of the death it is pulling me towards. I rush to meet it.

“Jag kommer att hitta dig i mitt hjärta,” he groans, then his fangs enter me so gently I feel nothing but pleasure.

My arms tighten around him, my fingers digging into his cool flesh as I shudder. I don’t what he said but I gasp, “I love you.” in return.

He’s pushing his lust through the bond with every deep draw he takes. A massive orgasm rushes over me by the third. Underneath my cries and gasps I can hear his snarls and groans and I feel his hips pumping under me, then his cool release is running down my stomach and onto my thighs.

My head starts to spin and I see stars against my darkening vision. I can feel my heart slowing and I’m getting cold. Fear spikes through me. I try to force it away, but I’m failing. My body finds it’s last bit of strength and struggles against him.

He holds me tighter and his love washes over me, his comfort, and his own strength too.

I let go.

I can see us.

I watch from somewhere else as my pale body goes limp in his arms. He lifts his head from my neck. Bright red tears are running down his tortured, beautiful face. He cradles me against his chest like a baby. Quiet, but anguished words stream from his throat while he strokes my face and hair. I don’t understand them. Then he tears savagely into his wrist and holds it over my open mouth. His blood pours in, then slows to only drips before stopping completely.

Pain fills me seeing him so distraught. I want to go back and heal his pain. I don’t know how.

He lays me down carefully and pulls the covers over me. Tears still flowing he settles beside me and holds me close. A bright jolt of light floods my vision and then there’s nothing.




My eyes fly open, but I slam them closed against the bright light. I feel the bed move and hear a few loud clicks, then the bed is moving again.

“Sorry, I didn’t think. I turned on a softer light. Open your eyes, Lover,” Eric whispers above me.

He’s grinning down at me. He’s so beautiful it almost hurts to look at him. It’s actually scary how beautiful he is.

“Eric?” I gasp, my hands slapping over my mouth.


“Shhh, it’s okay. You’re alright. How do you feel?” he asks.

Who cares how I feel? He’s….”You’re…. You look… What happened to you?” I squeak, the noise hurting my ears.

His smile is blinding. “Your blood is even more special than we thought,” he tells me, as I reach up and run my hand down his cheek.

“Eric! You’re warm! And pink. You look younger too. How?”

He shrugs his shoulders, “I don’t know, but you should have seen me two days ago. Freaked Pam and I the fuck out. I thought you had turned me back into a human. But, it’s fading. I can feel it. I’ll probably be back to normal in a few more days. Now how do you feel?”

I shrug my own shoulders, “Like me?”

“There’s nothing different?” he asks, his brow gathered over his gorgeous blue eyes. They’re so bright now they’re glowing.

“I don’t think so.”

He reaches down and takes my hand, “Come, there is something you need to see.”

He leads me into the bathroom and flips on the light.

I shield my eyes and hear a hiss.

Was that me?

“Fuck, I’m sorry. I keep forgetting,” he mumbles, turning off the mirror lights and the shower light on. It’s dim enough I can open my eyes again.

He turns me towards the mirror.

“Holy shit!”

I wince away from the noise, so does the woman in the mirror. It can’t be. I look again and still can’t believe my eyes. The woman staring back at me is flawless. Perfect creamy skin and shiny hair, sparkling eyes, and she’s glowing just like Eric does. Surely that’s not me. But it looks like me. If I was a runway model anyway. A photoshopped one. And every time I move she does the same. I reach towards her, her hand meets mine.

“It’s you, Lover. Don’t be afraid,” he whispers into my ear. “Look at you. You’re magnificent.”

My eyes meet his in the mirror. His smile is radiant. He looks so happy. I can’t tear my eyes away from him.

“I’m dreaming, aren’t I?”

“No, Sookie. We’re here and you’re a vampire now. You’re my Childe,” he purrs, nuzzling my hair. “Close your eyes and feel it.”

I do as he says, but I don’t know what I’m supposed to feel. What should a vampire feel?


I run my tongue across my teeth. They’re not there. There’s nothing but smooth, flat teeth. My eyes fly open and I pull my lip up to look in the mirror. “Where’s my fangs?”

He chuckles, then I feel a surge of lust. A snarl escapes my throat and my fangs snap down so fast they startle me. We slam into the shower behind us and Eric’s arms are immediately around me. The lust vanishes and is replaced with calm.

“Easy. It’s okay,” he soothes me and walks us forward. “Tilt your head back, let me see.”

I do and my tongue goes straight for them. I shudder violently against the pleasure that runs through me.

“Fuck,” Eric growls, his hands gripping me. “We are in so much trouble.”

Before the thought has completely registered in my mind I’m wrapped around him, pulling at his clothes and growling too. “Now. I need you now!”

Why is he wearing clothes? Better yet, why am I? Weren’t we naked a few minutes ago?

He grabs my hands and pins them behind me. “Sookie, stop,” he orders, firm, but gently too.

I writhe against him, whimpering and whining. “Eric, please. Fuck me. I need you to fuck me.” I’m burning, starving with a need so powerful I don’t know what to do.

He disappears from in front of me, but is back before I’ve truly realized it. He waves something that smells divine under my nose, “Drink.”

I grab it and guzzle it down, “More. I need more, please?”

Another glass is pressed into my waiting hands. I drain it only slightly slower than the last. I wipe the back of my hand across my mouth and startle seeing the bright red blood smeared on my hand.

“Fuck me. I just drank blood and it was fucking delicious.”

Eric’s laughter fills the room. “Feel better?” he asks, after he contains his amusement.

I take stock and realize I do feel much better. The need I felt moments before is almost gone, but not quite. I nod and grin, “I still want to fuck you though.”

More laughter, “You’re my Childe alright.”

I smile at his little jab, then panic when I realize I don’t feel his humor. “Eric! The bond! Where is it? Please tell me we didn’t lose it!”

“Shhhhh, lover. It’s okay,” He coos, gathering me against his chest. His hands are running through my hair and over my back. I’m shocked at how much more sensitive I am to his touch. When he touched me before it was wonderful, now it’s divine. “The bond is still there. I have my side closed down. I didn’t want you to be overwhelmed. Rising a vampire is stressful enough.”

Ever so slightly I begin to feel him blooming in my chest. He’s happier than I’ve ever felt him and so proud I feel like I may burst with it. I’m so relieved I want to cry. Then I feel all of him.

“Eric!” I’m overwhelmed just like he thought I would be.

“I told you,” he chuckles.

It all disappears.

“Not all of it! Leave a little,” I demand.


I punch him in the side.

“Unf!” he grunts and stumbles back. “Careful there, Rocky. You’re a lot stronger than you use to be, remember?”

“I’m sorry,” I whine, rubbing my hand over his offended side. He stops me when I do it too hard and fast.

“Shit, I’m sorry. God, Eric. I really am a vampire, aren’t I?”

I can’t believe it. I’m a vampire.

I’ll never die. I’ll never get sick. Never see the sun again. I’m faster, stronger, more than I was. I can see better, hear better. I have to drink blood. I may be by Eric’s side for thousands of years.

Thousands of years.


I need to sit down.

I’m sitting on the bed before I even finish the thought.

Eric comes and kneels in front of me, taking my hands in his. “Sookie, I know it’s a lot. You are doing tremendously well, my love. It will get easier and you know I’ll be right here with you every step of the way.”

Seeing the concern in his eyes makes memories flash through my mind. My limp body, his tear stained face. He was so distraught.

“Oh my god! Are you okay now? You’re happy again, right? You were so upset. Please tell me you didn’t cry the whole time? I’m so sorry I put you through that,” I whimper, throwing my arms around his neck.

He holds me tight and kisses my head several times, “Of course I’m happy, Lover. What are you talking about?”

“I saw us, Eric. You were holding me and crying. I couldn’t understand you, but you were talking to me and then you gave me your blood and laid me down. There was a bright flash, then it all went dark after that.”

He pushes me back gently, “You saw us?”

I nod.

“But how? Sookie, you were….. You were dead,” he whispers. “You couldn’t have seen any of that.” His face is etched with concern.

“I did see it. It was like I was floating above us. I swear I saw it.”

“Alright, okay. I believe you. I’ve just never heard of that happening. Shit. You weren’t scared of me, were you?”

“No, of course I wasn’t. My heart was breaking though. I hated seeing you that way. Please tell me you were okay. It wasn’t horrible the whole time, was it?”

He looks down, “Not the whole time, no. But it wasn’t easy. The not knowing. It was the worst. I’m glad I never have to experience it again,” he says softly.

“I’m so sorry. If there had been another way….”

One finger presses over my lips, “Hush. It’s over now. I survived it and you’re with me again. That’s all that matters.”

I sink to the floor and wrap my arms around him tightly. “I’m so glad I came back to you.”

He squeezes me tighter and buries his face in my neck, “There will never be a night that goes by that I won’t thank the gods you did.”

We hold each other for a long time, soaking everything in. Enjoying what we had missed. He begins to rub and stroke my body, his nose and mouth running over my skin.

“I love the way you smell. Like me, like you. Like us,” he whispers.

Shit, I totally forgot I could smell.

I run my nose up his neck, breathing him in. “Oh my God! Can vampires get high? Cause I just might,” I gasp, sucking in deep draws of his intoxicating scent. My fangs are throbbing. I want to eat him whole after I fuck him to death. He smells like everything delicious and sexy. “Jesus Christ you smell so fucking good.”

He howls with laughter, pulling me away from his neck and then off his body. He holds me away with one outstretched arm, “Stop smelling please.”

I whine.

“Just long enough to get control of yourself.”

I don’t want to, but I do as he asks.

“Now do you know what I was dealing with for so long?” he asks, eyebrows raised.

“I guess it’s a miracle you didn’t drain me the second you saw me.”

“Thank all the gods I didn’t,” he says, taking me back into his arms.

“Yeah, I’m glad you could control yourself so well. I totally get that, ‘when you smell like that I want to rub myself all over you’ thing you said that time. Thanks for not draining me then,” I murmur, snuggling into his chest.

He picks me up laughing and sits us down on the bed. “You’re welcome. I figured savoring you would be much better in the long run than draining you in seconds. But if I remember correctly, I said I wanted to fuck you and bite you as well as rub myself all over you,” he teases with a wink.

I slap his arm, not able to contain my smile, but do my best to keep my touch light.

“What did you say just before you bit me? If you don’t mind me asking,” I ask meekly after a few minutes.

“You know you can ask me anything, Lover,” he murmurs, kissing the top of my head. His arms tighten around me. The bond feels anxious between us. “I was…I knew I would miss you while you were….gone.”

Bless his heart, we’re both dead now, but he can’t say it. I kiss the side of his jaw and run my fingers through his hair.

“I was bolstering myself for the wait I guess. I told you, I would find you in my heart,” he whispers.

“Oh, Eric,” I whimper, holding him tightly.

“Sshhhhh. I’m okay,” he assures me, rubbing my back and kissing my temple. “I did find you. While I laid with you I thought of you, searched my heart for everything little thing I love about you.” He pulls back enough to trace one fingertip across my eyebrow. “How blue your eyes are and the way they change shades depending on your mood.” He thinks that’s funny. His small smile fades as his finger moves to glide over my bottom lip. “I thought about your soft lips and how they move when they say my name.” His hand cups my cheek. “I thought of the way your beautiful face lights up when you smile. It’s the most perfect smile I’ve seen in my thousand years.” His fingers run through my hair. “I thought of your hair and the way it shines like gold and feels like silk.” He runs his hands down my arms, then wraps them around his neck before leaning his forehead on mine. “Of your arms and how good it feels to have them around me. They’re my home.”

“Yours are mine too,” I whisper.

“That makes me very happy,” he smiles and kisses me softly and too quick. “I also thought of hearing your laughter. It’s music to my ears. I swear sometimes it makes my heart beat again. I heard your sweet, soft voice whispering how much you love me too. I think that was my favorite.”

“It’s my favorite thing to say,” I smile back.

His hands begin to roam my body, “I felt your warm supple body under me, over me, around me and the way I nearly drown when it touches mine,” he whispers against my neck.

“Fuck, Eric. I’ll be tearing at your clothes again if you don’t stop.”

It’s so strange not to be panting. Three days ago I would have been breathless from his words and touch.

“Soon, Lover. You will have me soon and I will have you,” he promises, kissing me deeply. I nearly cum sitting there on his lap, fully dressed, his hands in my hair and his lips pressed to mine. But he stands me up and rises himself, only to set me back on the bed.

I am not a happy vampire.

He smirks at me, “We need some space for a few more minutes. Sorry.” He kneels down in front of me and takes my hands in his again. “I need to know, Sookie,” he says, his tone somewhat desperate.

“Know what?”

He stares at me, his side of the bond fading back, “Do you regret it?” he asks, barely above a whisper.

“No!” I shake my head. A lot faster than I meant to. Whoooo. “Geez. This being super fast will take some getting use to,” I grumble holding my head still.

“You’ll adjust quicker than you think,” he says, with that sexy ass grin of his.

I want to fuck him again. Badly. I push it back down though.

He beams at me, “Very good, Lover!” It’s like I’m his child and he’s the proud parent.

Well, shit. I guess that’s exactly how it is.

“Why are you praising me?”

“You controlled your emotions. That’s almost unheard of for a newborn. You are doing exceptionally well controlling yourself. I’ve barely helped you at all. Pam didn’t do nearly as well. I had her cowering on the ground by now. She was horrible for the first few weeks. I had to basically control her every movement.”

“Oh, God! Don’t jinks me. I don’t want to be anything like that. I’d feel so guilty for putting you through so much trouble. Do you think it’s the bond? Are you controlling me maybe?”

He grins and shakes his head, “No, I don’t think so. I sent the lust to make your fangs pop out and then calm when it became too much. I haven’t sent you anything since then. I’m only allowing you to feel me otherwise. Our Maker Childe bond feels very strong to me though. Much stronger than mine and Pam’s. That’s probably because we were bonded first. Can you feel it?” he asks, closing his eyes. “It’s wrapped around our other bond, almost as if it’s embracing it,” he murmurs.

I close my eyes and really search. There! He’s right, there’s a smaller purple thread entwined around the larger red one holding us together. They’re glowing and pulsing.

“Make me do something,” I whisper to him. I want to see if I can distinguish which bond is doing what.

“No,” he insists. “I promised you I wouldn’t do that unless it was for our safety. And we got way off the subject. Are you sure you don’t regret it?”

I open my eyes and take his worried face in my hands, smoothing my thumbs over his cheekbones. “Look at me, Eric, feel me. I don’t. Not one single bit. I swear it. I wanted this more than anything, you know that. I can’t promise I’ll feel that way every moment of time we have ahead of us, but right now, no. I couldn’t be happier.”

His smile is once again brilliant, “Thank you, my love,” he says, reaching up to cup my cheeks, then kissing me hard and fast.

He pulls away too soon.

“You’re welcome,” I grumble. Being so horny and having to keep pushing it back down is making me cranky. “Now make me do something.”

“Sookie, I promised you and myself I wouldn’t.”

“I know you did, and I love you for making that promise, but we need to know which bond is doing what. Or if you can even control me at all. That will keep us safer, right?”

“We already know I can, I stopped you in the bathroom just a few minutes ago,” he counters.

I shake my head.

Yay! I didn’t scramble my brains that time.

Focus Sookie.

“I stopped because I knew you wanted me too. I heard your words, I didn’t feel them.”

“You didn’t? Nothing?” He’s shocked.

“No,” I say, shaking my head again. Damn, I’m getting good at that. “Were you trying to command me?”

His brows draw together and he stares at the floor. He doesn’t know.

“Hey, just try, baby. Something innocent. Like…. touching my nose, or standing up.”

He sits back on his heels and stares at me hard, “Sookie, stand up,” he orders firmly.

A flutter erupts in my stomach so I giggle. “That tickles.”

“Tickles?” he asks, disgruntled. He looks surprised and maybe a little frustrated too.

“Yeah, I felt a flutter in my stomach but that was it. I’m gonna close my eyes and try to see if I can see either bond doing anything. Try harder this time.”

I hear him take a deep, unneeded breath, then, “Stand up. Now,” he demands, his voice cold and deadly. It sends a shiver down my spine. I have to force myself not to open my eyes in shock.

The purple thread throbs and glows, causing a pulling sensation deep inside of my stomach. But the red one quickly overpowers it, swelling larger and squeezing the other into submission.

I look over sheepishly at my Maker, bonded, and lover. “Sorry, baby. I hope you weren’t secretly hoping to order me around for eternity.”

He smirks, his eyes closing and his head shaking. He’s keeping his side of the bond so muted I can’t tell what he’s feeling. That smirk could mean many things. I slide off the bed again and kneel in front of him, reaching out to rub my hands over his chest, “Are you disappointed?”

His eye fly open, “No. I’m not disappointed in the least,” he whispers pulling me into his arms and standing us up. My legs wrap around him of their own accord and I lay my head on his shoulder. “The last thing I am is disappointed,” he says, threading his fingers into my hair and gently tugging it so I’ll look at him. I do and his eyes are full of love. And then I am as he opens the bond to me. “You’re perfect, absolutely perfect.”

“You’re sure?” I ask, even though I can feel he is. Sometimes I just need his words, just the way he sometimes needs mine.

“I’m sure. I didn’t want another Childe. Or to be your master. I wanted us to be as equal as possible.”

“Eric. I’ll never be your equal, you have a thousand years on me.”

“Oh, my sweet Sookie,” he smiles, leaning over and placing a gentle kiss on my forehead. He pulls back and cups my face with his big hands before using his fingers to tuck my hair behind my ears. “Do you know that in a thousand years I never learned as much as I have in the last few years with you? You have taught me so many things. Things I refused to open my mind to. You pried me open with your beautiful nimble little fingers. With your stubborn spirit and your loving heart. You forced me to see life from your perspective. I would still be a hard, cold, dead creature walking this earth in a false reality. Blind to all that is good and pure in this world. You took a beast and tamed him to follow your every whim. I am powerless against you. It is I who struggles to be your equal,” he whispers.

“Please stop,” I beg, a tear escaping.

“Un uh, no tears. They will mess up your beautiful face,” he smiles sweetly wiping one away with his thumb and popping it into his mouth. His eyes roll back in his head. “Fuck, you taste even better. I didn’t think that was possible,” he groans.

I’m done waiting.

“Where’s Pam and Miriam?”

“What? Uh, they went for a short stay in town. I wanted no distractions for you. You need some time to adjust. Tonight and two more it’s just the two of us. Pam was furious when I ordered her away,” he tells me, his smirk mischievous.

“You’re so mean to her. She’ll probably burn our ears for nights on end when she finds out you can’t command me.”

I can’t help but laugh.

Poor Pam.

He laughs with me until I whisper in his ear, “Taste me again.”

Those ocean blue eyes of his are glowing dark and deep when they focus on me. “I was going to take you outside to play in the snow. I want to see you run and you won’t freeze to death out there now.”

I smile and start trailing slow kisses from his collar bone up to just below his ear. He has the same hot button I do. It gets him every time. “That’s very sweet and I do want to play in the snow with you, but not yet,” I whisper, circling my tongue over his skin and then nibbling it with my teeth. “We can go after.”

His head falls back with a groan and I take advantage of the easy access, kissing, licking, and nibbling over his warm skin. That is the weirdest thing. I love it though.

“Drop your fangs, Lover. Let me feel them run down my neck,” he asks, swallowing hard.

Oh fuck.

I only have to concentrate for a second on the strange itchy feeling in my gums before I feel them snick into place. “Don’t let me hurt you,” I beg him, not knowing if I can control the need boiling inside of me once my fangs touch him. I’m liable to rip his throat out.

His hands slide up my back and into my hair, taking a firm grip, “I won’t.”

I slowly touch them to his skin, bracing myself for the rush I know is coming. Moans fill my ears as I scrap them over his firm flesh. I shudder feeling them pressing down, leaving intentions. I want to bite. I want to drink. Fuck. Drain.

He jerks my head back and I realize we’re both snarling and writhing against each other. I rip at our clothes and have them off in seconds. He’s inside me the moment we hit the bed, pumping hard and fast. Every movement, every touch and feeling is more than it was before. Stronger, deeper. I struggle to slow down and feel it all, but I’m helpless under its enormity.

We crash violently against each other, our desires ripping us apart over and over again. As if we had been holding back our animalistic needs for centuries and finally let them loose. There are no fears of hurting the other to dampen appetites. It’s brutal and frantic, but beyond perfection for our starving souls. His taste has no comparison. The deepness of his moans tell me mine has none either.

After climbing countless peaks and plunging off just as many cliffs together we lay completely silent, a tangled of limbs. Our fingers writing lazy sonnets on each other’s skin. My mind races thinking of the vast years that lay before us, our nights filled with love and pleasure. With happiness. I can hardly grasp the fortune heaped on me. An eternity with the most amazing creature I know, loving him and being loved in return. I don’t think it will ever be possible to express the gratitude needed to the powers that made this life for me, for us.

“It’s insane, isn’t?” he asks, his lips whispering against my shoulder.

Sometimes I wonder if the bond has made him telepathic and he’s never told me.

“Absolutely mind-blowing. And I can’t figure out why.”

“I know why you have been blessed with it.”

“And I know why you have,” I smile, turning over so I can kiss his perfect lips. “I know something else too.”

“What’s that,” he whispers, between sweet kisses.

“You were wrong before.”

“Really? What about?” he asks, propping his head on one hand and using the other to tickle my stomach, a sly grin pulling at the corners of his mouth.

“You said you were hard, cold, and dead before finding me. That’s not true. Before we fell for each other there was more life in just your pretty blue eyes than in any human I’ve ever known.”

“That’s because every time you saw my eyes they were looking back at you,” he smiles, triumphant.

“Smarty pants,” I scold him with a slap on his award-winning ass.

He thinks I’m hilarious.

“It was there before I ever showed up. I know that. It radiates off of you. You’re endless, Eric. I’ve tried to reach the depths of you, to find your edges, and I can’t. I worry sometimes I’m not enough to love someone like you the way you deserve,” I trail off, staring down at his gorgeous body.

His fingers gently grasp my chin and pull it up. I can feel his need to have me look at him, so I do.

“My love, do not ever think that. Not ever,” he whispers, the backs of his fingers ghosting across my cheek. “I think you were a part of me from the very beginning. As if the gods made us as one then cruelly split us apart. I only feel whole when you are beside me. You’re the only one, Sookie. That I choose you doesn’t matter, you were meant to be mine and I yours. I feel it in my bones. I have since the moment I laid eyes on you. And more with each night we spend together.”

I reach up and grip the back of his hair, pulling his lips down to mine. “I don’t think I’ll ever wrap my head around it, but I guess it doesn’t matter. I love you. That’s all I need to know,” I whisper against his lips, then kiss him slowly.

He rolls over me, caging me in with his big body, his lips only leaving mine to trail over my face. “Precisely and I love you, too. We have eternity to figure out the rest. Right now though there are more important things that need tending to,” he says, smiling down at me as his hips rock against mine.

“I thought we were gonna play in the snow?” I ask, batting my eyelashes dramatically.

“Oh, were gonna play alright, all night long. We have at least a good twelve hours left. And these white sheets are the perfect substitute for snow. Don’t you think?” he asks, sliding home.

“Yes. Yes, I do.”


 Even when they were one,

They could never forget

That their hearts had been born apart..

So they never stopped reaching,

They never stopped wanting to touch

To learn, to know, to feel…

And when they burned, their ash

Fell together on the ground

Of their combined desire.

– Peregrine


27 thoughts on “The Cut part III – The Final Cut

  1. Beautiful…Sookie is a magnificient vampire!
    I read it on tumblr what happened to you that really sucks!
    So happy your beta had this chapter though.
    Hugs Jackie69

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  2. The perfect ending…this should have been the ending to DEA –if it was, CH would have kept her reputation and made a ton more of money. Instead, she pissed on her fanbase………
    Thank you for correcting a great wrong!

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  3. Beautiful!!! 🙂

    So sorry about your loss! I damaged my phone last month, too, but fortunately I was able to retrieve most of my stuff. Technology can really be tricky!

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  4. A lovely ending… but Pamm is gonna go supernova!

    I may be more upset over your phone disaster than you… I’ve been jonesing hard for the next chapter of Save Me… WAAAAAAAAAA!

    I’m sorry for your lost pictures. That us the worst part for you, I’m sure.

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  5. Oh, i’m so happy to see an epilogue for this! What a great turning, it was different and perfect. And the two of them, you managed to paint the best picture of them and how they are with one another after the preceding years. They’ve evolved in the most interesting ways, so fun and loving, trusting of each other–and you never manage to make them cliche or overly romantic, just devoted. well done, lady.

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  6. You wrote a perfect beginning for the rest of their lives. And the ending lines, the icing on the cake. This is the smarter Sookie the book fans had hoped for I think. There was never any doubt about Eric’s love for her, just her ability to embrace that love.

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  7. Just a fabulous ending! I always thought it was incredibly selfish of Sookie to completely reject the idea of being turned. I never understood how she could think putting him through watching her die was okay. If she loves him, she presumably doesn’t think he’s a “monster”, so then how could she turn around and say “I don’t want to be turned, I couldn’t stand to be so cold, violent, and uncaring”.

    Anyway! Just a fantastic little story.

    P.S. For some reason, my iPad really, REALLY hates leaving comments on your webpage. It’s always a struggle, and today I had to get on my desktop to leave you a comment. I don’t have the same problem with other wordpress sites, so I’m not sure why I have it with yours. 🙂


    1. Thank you!!! Obviously I agree wholeheartedly 😀 I have no clue why you’re having trouble leaving comments. I’m really sorry about that. I checked my settings and I’m set up for mobile viewing so that should make it easier with an iPad. I have trouble reading a few other blogs and have to go around my elbow to read them easily. I love being on WordPress, but geez can it be a pain sometimes! I’ll keep checking on things to see if I’m doing anything wrong on my end. Take care!!!

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  8. Oh, this was amazing! So well done. I love that they worked through things together and decided to leave so they could be free. And that she wanted to be turned. Magnificent!


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