27. Sweetest Devotion




With your loving

There ain’t nothing

That I can’t adore

The way I’m running with you honey

Means we can break every law

I find it funny that you’re the only

One I never looked for

There is something in your loving

That tears down my walls

You will only be eternally

The one that I belong to

The sweetest devotion

Hit me like an explosion

All of my life I’ve been frozen

The sweetest devotion I know

I’ll forever be whatever

You want me to be

I’d go under and all over

For your clarity

When you wonder

If I’m gonna lose my way home

just remember

That come whatever

I’ll be yours all along

I’ve been looking for you baby

In every face that I’ve ever known

And there is something about

the way you love me

That finally feels like home

“Sweetest Devotion”





“You see here?” Dr. T asks, running his finger over Eric’s x-ray. “The bone has filled in nicely. It will continue to strengthen too. We can watch it over the next year or so and decide whether to leave the rod in place or remove it depending on how you’re doing. But today we can certainly remove the external hardware.”

Eric smiles, ten pounds of tension leaving his shoulders. “Exactly what I wanted to hear.”

“Alright then, you just stay still and I’ll numb you up and we’ll get these out,” Dr. T says in that gentle manner of his.

The fact that he has a syringe with the big ass needle in one hand and some kind of shiny pliers in the other while he smiles at us is very unsettling. He lays the pliers on the tray beside him. There’s wipes, band aids, and a metal bowl laying on it too. Not to mention several other scary looking tools that I have no idea what they’re for.

My stomach swears I’m on a roller coaster. I grab Eric’s hand in both of mine and squeeze it tight. “Just keep your eyes on me and you’ll be fine.”

He laughs at me. “I’m already fine, Bird. It can’t be as bad as what I’ve already been through.”

“Well then keep em on me so I don’t look!” I squeak, turning my back on his leg and Dr. T.

They’re both laughing at me now.

I did really good at the hospital and even after, but for some reason this is getting to me.

“Here we go. Slight pinch.”

Eric’s eyebrows and lips twist up a little, but he keeps rubbing his thumb over my fingers, his grip relaxed.

“One down, seven more to go.”

Seven! Good grief!

“Where do you wanna eat lunch after this, baby?” I ask him, trying to distract us both.

He leans his head back against the wall, closing his eyes and taking in a slow deep breath then letting it out even slower. “There’s a sandwich shop I wanna take you to. We can sit outside and eat. And there’s an ice cream shop right next to it.” He winces and his grip tightens on my hand.

“Almost done, Mr. Northman. Just two more.”

I run my fingers up and down his arm with a little pressure. Maybe it’ll confuse his brain a bit and dampen the pain from the needle. “What’s good there? I bet they have an amazing steak sandwich, don’t they?”

He loves a good Philly.

He grins then opens his eyes to look at me. “How’d you guess?”

“I know you pretty well.” I wink at him.

His grin turns into a smile. “Yeah ya do.”

“All done. I’m going to let you rest for just a few minutes and allow the lidocaine to do its job.”

“Alright. So….. how does this work? Do you just grab em and pull?” Eric asks, looking back and forth between his leg and the pliers laying on the tray.

Dr. T shakes his head. “No, I’m afraid not. They are screwed into your bones so they must be screwed back out.”

Oh, God, that sounds barbaric.

“I know you just numbed him up, but you didn’t put it in his bones did you? How is that not going to kill him? There has to be a better way.”

“Other than putting him to sleep I’m afraid there isn’t. The vast majority of my patients all say there is little to no pain. Just some pressure,” he tries to assure me.

It doesn’t work.

He looks at Eric. “You will need to be gentle with the leg for a few weeks or so. There will be holes where the pins were, they’ll need to fill in. You may stand and walk for reasonable amounts of time. Use the crutch if it feels necessary, but no running or squats please. Not for another month at least.”

“Will it be safe for me to drive us home?”

Bless him, he is dying to get behind the wheel again.

Dr. T shakes his head again. “You will be too numb today, but after, if you are careful, yes. I believe it will be fine.”

Eric visibly lightens, a big smile spreading across his face. “Thank you. We’re leaving on a road trip Friday. I didn’t want her to have to do all the driving.”

Yeah, right. He doesn’t want me to do any of it.

“It would be wise to take turns with your lovely lady here. No more than three hours at a time and you’ll need to take breaks to walk every few hours too.”

Eric’s smiles shrinks some and I can see the wheels turning in his head. He has no plans to follow doctors orders.

“I’ll make him behave, Dr. T. I promise,” I say, giving Eric my best stern look. He rolls his eyes at me.

Dr. T chuckles at us while reaching up and pressing his fingers around the pins in Eric’s leg. “How does that feel?”

“Can’t feel a thing.”

“Good. Sit back and relax then. And remember you may feel some pressure or slight pain,” he says, grabbing one of the weird contraptions from the tray and sliding it over the first pin.

He clamps it down, the ratcheting loud enough to scare me. I look away the second he starts twisting. I do my best to stay relaxed, just watching Eric’s face for any signs of pain. Instead he makes this funny, grimace like smile.

“That feels so weird.”

“Does it hurt?” I ask.

He shakes his head. “No. I can feel it, but it doesn’t really hurt. Like he said, it’s just pressure.”

After what seems like forever metal clinks against metal, startling me. My eyes dart towards the noise. One bloody pin is laying in the metal bowl. My eyes betray me again going straight for Eric’s leg. There’s only a small hole left where the pin was, it’s barely bleeding at all. Dr. T is already working on the second one.

I try to look away, but I can’t. He just keeps twisting and twisting and twisting. He’s not being gentle either. Finally he wiggles it while pulling up. Eric’s skin tries to go with it. I feel sick as it drops next to the first with a wet ping.

“Hey.” Eric tugs on my hand. I jerk my head around and see his soft smile. “I thought you weren’t gonna watch?”

“God, I’m sorry. Are you okay?” I’m such a shit girlfriend. He’s the one going through this, not me.

“Shhh, I’m good. Are you? You look a little pale.”

I take a deep breath and let it out. “I think I’m okay. You promise you are?”

“I promise,” he nods, then asks, “It’s wild huh?”


I turn back and watch Dr. T clean the first two holes of blood with an antiseptic wipe then he dabs some Neosporin on each one and covers them with band aids.

He pokes around the bottom two pins. “Good and numb?”

“Yes, sir.”

Five minutes later the last two are out and the holes clean and bandaged. I could tell the whole process was uncomfortable for Eric, but he doesn’t seem to be in a lot of pain, thank God.

“Okay. You are all done. Keep the holes clean and bandaged. They should heal up quickly. You are going to feel some achiness once the lidocaine wears off. It would be a good idea to rest today and tomorrow. I want to see you back in a month for another x-ray. And sooner if you have any problems, but I don’t foresee you having any. I’m thrilled you have done so well through all of this. You’ve been the perfect patient,” Dr. T smiles brightly, standing up and holding out his hand to Eric.

Eric gives it a firm shake. “I’m thrilled to be done, but you’ll have to give Sookie the credit for me being a good patient. I would’ve been terrible without her,” he says, standing up and trying out his leg.

I hold onto his arm just in case. “Oh phft. I didn’t make your bones heal, I just made you behave.”

Dr. T just smiles at us, nodding his head like he knows things we don’t as he opens the door to leave. “Take care of each other. I will be keeping a close eye on my mailbox.”

I look up at Eric as the little doctor disappears out the door. “Mailbox? Why would he keep an eye on that?”

Eric laughs, lacing his fingers through mine and leans over to kiss my forehead. “I believe he’s expecting an invitation.”

“An invitation? To what?” Then it hits me. “Oh… OOOHH. Are we that obvious?” I laugh with him.

“Apparently so.”




“We need a waffle bowl with one scoop of banana cream pie with extra whip cream and cookie crumbs on top and a double scoop of strawberry cheesecake in a waffle cone. And two bottles of water, please.”

“After that huge sandwich and all those fries you’re getting a double scoop?” I ask, shaking my head. I don’t know where he puts it all. Seriously, that sandwich was huge! And he ate all his fries and some of mine.

He just grins, paying the guy for our order. “I’m still growing and it’s not my fault you’re so small your stomach is too teeny to hold anything.”

The guy–well he’s more of a kid really– snickers and I roll my eyes. “I’m actually normal thank you very much. You, on the other hand, are a mutant.”

The kid barks out a laugh while his female counterpart who’s fixing my order looks shocked I would ever dare call Eric a mutant when he is obviously anything but. From the looks she’s been sneaking his way since we walked in here she thinks he’s a god.

I can’t be upset with her really, because well… he is.

Eric looks her way, smiling. “She’s just jealous I get more ice cream.”

The poor thing nearly melts. “You… you are pretty big, sir,” she falters, dropping the ice cream scoop and nearly crushing my waffle bowl as she stares up at him dumbfounded.

Eric of course is oblivious, already smiling back at me and trying to tickle my sides.

I decide to rescue her and my ice cream. “Come on big guy, let’s find a table outside.” I grab some napkins for us and a spoon for me then his hand. “We’ll be back for those,” I tell them over my shoulder pulling him towards the door.

I pick a table under the shade of a big pecan tree. It’s one of those days where it’s full-blown summer in the sun, but still spring in the shade. “You sit and I’ll go get our ice cream.”

“Sookie, I’m fine. See?” He rocks back and forth from one leg to the other. It doesn’t help my feelings any.

“Yes, but you’re still numb. You could be hurting yourself and not know it. That and I want my ice cream to be drool free. Sit.”

He looks at me completely confused, but sits down anyway.

I take his cheeks in my hands and squish them so his lips pucker up then give him big smooch. “I love you.”

“I love you too,” he smiles back once I let his cheeks go.

Our ice creams are waiting for me on top of the counter when I go back in. The kids are having what looks to be a playful argument as they work on the next order. I’m sure the guy is picking on her about Eric. I grab our order and go back outside.

Eric’s stretched out in his chair, his head resting against the tree, eyes closed. I guarantee he’s already asleep. He can conk out in seconds. It’s ridiculous. Looking at him in his leather flip-flops, shorts, and Pink Floyd T-shirt, his sun-kissed skin and hair–we’ve laid out on the porch tanning a lot lately, naked–he looks so relaxed and gorgeous.

I love every long, lean inch of him. If we weren’t in public I’d probably be doing very naughty things right now.

Instead I sneak over to his side and bop him on the nose with his ice cream.

His eyebrows gather and he peels his eyes open giving me a dirty look. I giggle and pass him a napkin and his cone. “No napping when there’s ice cream.”

“I wasn’t napping,” he grumbles, wiping his nose off.

“Mmm uh. Sure you weren’t,” I smirk at him, sitting down beside him and digging into my little bit of banana heaven.

He winks at me and takes a big bite of his strawberry cheesecake.

We sit in silence just enjoying our dessert, the great weather, and each other. His hand found its way to my thigh and he’s rubbing my bare skin in lazy strokes. I’ve got mine up his shirt, rubbing his warm, smooth back.

We always seem to be touching, holding hands, or stealing kisses. We’re one of those disgustingly in love couples and I think we’re both quite happy about it.

Not even being surround by other people quells our affections. There’s only two tables empty between the restaurant and here. Not to mention all the traffic driving past us. We’ve gotten some looks, but most of them have been accompanied with smiles.

Of course he finishes before me even though he had twice as much. He wipes his mouth off and turns towards me. “Can I take you shopping after this?”

He looks nervous and hopeful, it makes my stomach flutter. He’s never bought me anything other than food, not that he’s been able to, or needed to for that matter.

“Umm, I guess. What are we shopping for? I think we have pretty much all we’ll need for our trip.”

He looks over his shoulder, down the block. “See that store right down there?”

I look at all the signs hanging out over the shop doors. There’s the restaurant we ate at, a real estate office, and at the end–a jewelry store.

The fluttering turns up a notch.

There’s a very sweet smile on his face when I look back at him. He takes my hand in his and rubs his thumb over the base of my ring finger. “Will you go look with me?”

Wowza. I know we talked about it just last night, and I’m ready, but it’s still….huge!

“I thought you were gonna surprise me?”

“I am. I’m not asking today, or buying, but I plan on you wearing my ring for a good fifty, sixty years. I want you to like it, you know? I’ve never bought a ring before, I may have very shitty taste.”

I laugh a little even though I’m crying some too.

He reaches up and wipes his thumb across my cheekbone. “These are happy tears, right?”

“You’re finally learning,” I smile at him.

His gets bigger. “Yay me!”

I laugh some more and grab a napkin to wipe my eyes with.

“I at least want to know what size to get you. Once I put it on your finger I don’t want it to ever have to come off. We don’t have to pick the one today, I can still pick it, but I’d like to get an idea of what you like before I do. Would that be alright?”

“Yeah. It would be more than alright.”

“Really?” he beams.


“Thank you,” he says, leaning over and giving me a kiss. “You done yet?”

“You in a hurry?” I asks, laughing.


“I’m finished, let’s go,” I smile at him.

He’s up and out of his seat before I can blink, throwing away our trash then turning to help me up. His smile is big enough to split his face as he grabs me up in a bear hug, my feet dangling.

He tucks his face into my neck. “Every time I think you couldn’t make me any happier, you do. And the awesome thing is I know it’s only gonna keep getting better.”

I squeeze him back and kiss his cheek. “I know exactly what you mean, baby.”

He gives me a quick kiss then puts me down and laces his fingers with mine. “Let’s go shopping.”

We start weaving through the tables, working our way down when a lady sitting at the restaurant reaches out and touches Eric’s arm. I had noticed her and her companions looking at us several times. She looks like a typical Southern Grandmama on the younger side. As do the rest at her table. All four are dressed in bright but classy outfits, their hair obviously colored and styled to perfection, and all of them are wearing big, clunky jewelry that coordinates with their clothes.

We’re probably about to get a lecture on public displays of affection.

“Eric? It’s Miss Scarberry. Do you remember me?” she asks sweetly.

All the other ladies at her table have stopped eating and are smiling kindly at us. Maybe we’re not in trouble after all.

“Miss Scarberry. Of course I do. How are you? It’s been a long time,” Eric greets her. He seems shocked and maybe a bit uncomfortable. His smile is tight and he keeps a firm grip on my hand.

“Yes, it has. Not since they’re funeral I believe,” she says softly, taking his other hand in hers and patting it.

Shit. She must have been friends with his parents.

“Yes, ma’am,” he nods.

“You look so good, honey. And so much like your Daddy. I saw you and your young lady over there.” She smiles over at me, then back up at Eric. She still hasn’t let him have his hand back. “Ya’ll look so happy. One of the loveliest couples I think I’ve ever seen. Your Mama and Daddy would be over the moon.”

Eric smiles at her genuinely this time. “I know they would.” He looks over at me and pulls our hands up to his chest. “This is Sookie, by the way. My future bride. We were just on the way to go ring shopping.“

All four ladies erupt into enthusiastic ooohhs and aahhhs, their hands clasped over their hearts. It’s adorable.

It takes us a good ten minutes to get away from them and we somehow managed to avoid the details of our ‘how we met’ story. We would’ve had to set up camp if we had told them the details. All they know is we met at Starbucks and hit it off with a bang. It took all I had not to laugh when Eric said that.

“Sorry about that,” Eric apologizes once we’re out of earshot.

“Don’t be. They were sweethearts and seem really happy for you. Are you okay?”

“Yeah, I’m good. It was a shock at first. I haven’t seen any of their friends in ages. But I’m good. And I know they were jonesing for an invite to the wedding, but we can keep small if you want. Half of Savannah would be there if I invited all of mom and dad’s friends.”

“Gosh, we will have to plan a wedding, won’t we? You think we could keep it under Pam’s radar until the deed is done?” I laugh.

He laughs with me, grabbing the door to the jewelry shop and holding it open for me. “We’d have to go into super stealth mode, but I bet we could do it. We might have to go into hiding after though. She’ll want to kill us both.”

I laugh at that, looking around the shop. It looks like most jewelry stores do I guess, but you can tell it’s been around awhile.

“Hi. Welcome to Pearly’s. What can I do for you folks?” the clerk asks, standing up from his stool over at the register. He’s an older gentleman, maybe in his late sixties.

“We’d like to look at your rings, please,” Eric beams at him.

The old man smiles brightly, his whole face lighting up. “I thought that might be the case. I can always tell. The lovebirds always have a glow about them. You two included. Congratulations. Follow me,” he says, crooking his finger at us. “I’m Mr. Burke by the way. Nice to meet you folks.

We introduce ourselves too as we follow him over to the far case that stretches along the back wall. It’s a good twelve-foot long and filled with rings of every kind. He steps behind it, leaving us in front.

“Now your classic engagement rings are front and center here. Gemstones are here on the left and antiques to the right. Ya’ll have a long look-see and let me know if you wanna see anything closer.”

“Thank you,” Eric says, still beaming.

“Wow. There’s so many.” I’ve never seen so much sparkle in my life.

“Yeah, I wasn’t expecting this many either. Anything jump out at you?”

“Ummmm, all of it?” I laugh. “I’ve never been jewelry shopping before.”

“Really? You never bought yourself anything? My Mom did all the time.”

“Nope. I had a bracelet as a girl that Gran gave me one Christmas and my ring. That’s all I’ve ever had.”

He gets an odd look on his face at hearing that, but it’s gone in a flash, his smile back in place. “Well this shopping trip just got more special then, huh?”

“Yeah, I guess so,” I smile and look back down at all the rings glittering under the glass.

There’s solitaires and all their different cuts, then the ones with all the smaller diamonds either wrapped around them or trailing down the bands. Some silver, some gold. Every single one of them is gorgeous and I honestly think I’d love any of them.

“Do you like the gold or silver best?” Eric asks, leaning on the glass, his face bent over it, his eyes darting from one to the next.

“Hmmmm, silver? I think? I mean the gold is pretty too, but I don’t know. I think the silver just looks better with the diamonds. Don’t you?”

“Yeah, but if you like it, I will. So, I guess we got one part down. Maybe two. You want a silver band and a diamond, not a gemstone?”

“I think so. I like the gemstones but those are more like anniversary gifts or what you buy if you want a second ring, right? Diamonds are the wedding ring.”

He shrugs. “That’s the way my folks did it, but I want you to have what you want even if it doesn’t follow the crowd.”

He’s so sweet I lean over and give him a kiss. “I’m okay with following the crowd on this one.”

“Okay,” he smiles. “What about cut? Which do you like best?”

“Umm, I don’t know the names of them really. What do you call that one?” I point to one with a rectangular center stone.

“That’s an emerald cut I think,” he says, looking towards Mr. Burke.

He nods at us with a small smile.

“It’s very pretty.”

“You wanna try it on? We gotta get your size anyway.”

“Yeah, okay. Sure.”

Mr. Burke gets it out and glances at the little tag attached to it. “This one is just over two carats total, the center stone is an emerald cut, then the two sides are squares and chips on the band. Sterling silver. Very nice ring. It’s a size six.”

“Geez, that’s a lot of carats, isn’t it? I don’t think I really need one that big, do you?”

“Two carats isn’t huge. But I’ll get you the biggest one he’s got if you want it.”

Mr. Burke laughs. “Sure don’t hear that often.”

I scowl at Eric knowing he’s serious. “Hush that. You know I’m not flashy. That’s Pam’s job.”

He rubs my back, leaning over and kissing my head. “Let’s just try it and see.”


Mr. Burke hands the ring to Eric and let’s him do the honors. Those butterflies on coke are back having a party inside me. Just seeing him slide it on my finger–it’s crazy how perfect it feels.

Memories of another time flash through my mind and as special as that day was I still don’t remember it feeling like this. I can’t imagine what’ll it’ll be like the day I actually say, I do to him. My heart feels like it’s gonna burst just thinking about it.

“Wow, that…..it looks really good on you, Bird. Perfect actually,” Eric whispers, moving around the stand behind me as I hold my hand up to admire it.

The ring is even more gorgeous on me, but it’s a little big.

I smile up at him and I swear his eyes are tearing up. I look back at the ring before I ugly cry. “It is gorgeous,” I manage to squeak out.

He wraps his arms around my waist and squeezes me, whispering in my ear. “I love you.”

I reach up and hold his head still so I can give him a kiss. “I love you too.”

He gets me to try on several more over the next twenty minutes. I love them all. It’ll be impossible for him to pick a bad one. After several reassurances from me that I want it to be his choice, he finally takes the jeweler’s card so he can call him back when I’m not around.

“It was a pleasure, I’m looking forward to seeing you again, Mr. Northman. Oh, and I have your order ready over here,” Mr. Burke says, waving us to another counter.

I look up at Eric. “What’s he talking about?”

He smiles and leans down to whisper in my ear. “It’s a surprise.”

“Eric Northman. What have you done?”

He laughs and takes my hand, pulling me towards the counter. “Come see.”

I follow him, feeling all sorts of giddy and nervous.

Mr. Burke has one of those headless neck thingys that jewelers display necklaces on. He turns it around to face us as soon as I walk up.

“Oh, Eric!” I squeak the second I see what it’s displaying.

A gorgeous little diamond and sapphire hummingbird charm necklace.

I slap his shoulder before putting my hands over my face to hide my tears.

He laughs and wraps me in a hug, rubbing my back until I compose myself. “These better be happy tears again,” he murmurs against my hair.

I pull out of his arms and wipe my face off, trying my best to smile and not cry anymore. “They are. I love it,” I choke out.

“I thought you might. Come on, get a better look at it then I can put it on you.”

I walk up and finger the little bird hanging from its silver chain. Its wings, head, and tail are all diamonds. Its chest a teardrop sapphire turned upside down. “It’s beautiful.”

Eric hugs up beside me and kisses my head. “A beautiful hummingbird for my beautiful hummingbird.”

“I love it, Eric, but why?”

He looks at me dumbstruck. “What you mean, why? I love you? I wanted to? You deserve it? As a thank you for taking care of my lame ass? For loving me? Do I need any more reasons?”

“Okay, okay!” I laugh. “I’ve just never been given anything unless it’s my birthday or Christmas. I’m not used to getting presents,” I smile up at him hoping to soothe him.

Again with the dumbstruck look. “You’re not serious?”

I shrug, looking sheepish I’m sure. I decide to move us along. “I guess you’ve had this in the works for a while huh?”

He stares at me for few seconds, but takes the bait. “Believe it or not, just since last night. I found Mr. Burke here on the internet while you were in the shower. I called him this morning and told him about us, and you, just to see what he might have. He sent me a picture of this and I knew it was perfect.”

“It is perfect, just like you.” I raise up on my tiptoes and kiss him.

He gives me a few soft pecks in return. “Can I put it on you?”

I smile and turn around, holding my hair out of his way. It takes him a minute of grumbling about his big fingers, but he gets it on me. I turn back around and show him.

“Yep, perfect. Just like I thought,” he smiles, his whole face lit up.

I look in the mirror that Mr. Burke has set out for me. Eric’s right. The chain is just the right length, letting the hummingbird lay just below the hollow of my throat. It looks beautiful against my new tan.

I stand back up and step into his arms. He gives me another bear hug.

“Thank you, Eric. I absolutely love it. Almost as much as I love you.”

“You’re welcome, Bird. I’ve decided I like buying you things so consider it the first of many presents to come.”

I pull back and look at him. “Only if I get to buy you some too.”

He rolls his eyes. “If you insist.”




“Oh my God!”

I throw my hands up and slap them back down on the sofa. The pop they make isn’t nearly as loud as I wanted it to be.

“That was the stupidest finale I have ever seen! Are they serious? All that mystery and build up over the shit load of episodes they forced us to watch and that’s what they came up with?”

I look over at Eric unbelieving, expecting him to agree with me wholeheartedly. Instead the turd is slumped back, all relaxed with a shit eating grin on his face.

“You didn’t see it coming? I thought it was pretty obvious.”

I narrow my eyes at him.

He starts laughing. “You’re so cute when you’re mad.”

“Arghhhhh! I’ll show you mad!” I grab the throw pillow behind me and start whacking him with it. “I can’t believe you made us watch this stupid show.”

His laugh gets louder and my short arms and pillow are no match for his endless ones and big hands. He easily plucks it out of my grasp and has me pinned to the sofa seconds later tickling me mercilessly.

“Did the mean old TV show get your feathers all ruffled, Bird? Poor baby,” he coos at me as I screech, squeal, and thrash around.

“ERIC! Stop it! Please no! No! Please not there! Aahhhhhh! NO! I hate you! Stop it!!”

His hands go still, wrapping around my waist and pulling me back towards him. Those big blue eyes beg me to forgive him while his hands smooth over my tortured body. Then they push my shirt up and over my bra, his lips joining in to kiss away his offenses.

“I’m sorry. You’re just so fun to tease and I had to do something to make you feel better.”

His mischievous smirk tells me the truth.

I forgave him the second he stopped, but I play along, pouting, “You’re so mean. Those fingers can hurt sometimes you know?” I slap at them as they glide up my ribs. “And what if I wanted to be mad at that stupid TV show.”

His eyes sparkle as he leans down and starts kissing a trail up my stomach and over my bra stopping to hover just above my nipple. “Let me make it up to you.” He bites through the fabric, gently, then drags his teeth up and off my sensitive flesh, sending a tingle through me before moving over and doing the same to the other one.

I hum with pleasure, running my hands up his arms and over the warm skin of his bare shoulders then into his soft hair. “I might let you. But you’re gonna have to be more convincing than that.”

He winks, giving me a sinful grin. “I think I can manage.”

He’s so beautiful my heart flips and a flurry of butterflies dance through my stomach. It happens all the time. He’ll tilt his head a certain way, or he’ll smile at me just so, his eyes bright and crinkling at the corners, and it’s as if the ground under me disappears. I feel like I’m always tumbling head over heels around him. I don’t think he will ever stop having that effect on me. I don’t want him too. It’s the best feeling ever.

I stroke his face with my fingers, a stupid smile plastered across my own. His eyes soften as he looks down at me. I don’t have to say anything. He knows. He always knows. There’s no hope of hiding it, and more importantly, no reason to.

“I love you too,” he whispers, leaning in to kiss me.

“I know.”

“So you’re Han now, huh?”

I laugh. And he does too, his fingers working to unhook my bra. “You should always wear these front close ones. So convenient. Or none at all would be even better.”

“You would rather I be naked twenty-four seven,” I murmur. I could say the same for him. “And I thought we were on a schedule. Aren’t we supposed to be leaving?” We were just gonna finish Lost then hit the road. The car is already loaded.

He makes a face. “Pft! I’ll just drive faster.” My bra now flung open, his hands grasp a breast in each then his hot tongue is circling and licking one nipple while his expert fingers roll and pinch the other.

I moan, pressing my hips up against his stomach.

He wraps his mouth around a nipple and sucks hard for several beats before pinching it tight between his lips and pulling away, releasing it with a slight pop.

“Oh, by the way, you were correct before. You should never wear clothes.” He groans, going right back to work licking and sucking, pinching and twisting and has me aching for him in no time.

Then suddenly he sits back and pulls his tank off and unbuttons his shorts, loosening them enough I can see his straining erection begging for even more freedom. He takes care of my shorts and panties next then drops to the floor and man handles me until my legs are off the sofa.


“Shhhh, just watch me, lover.”

Any protest I may have had goes out the window as he spreads my thighs and pushes my knees back. My heart quickens as his face lowers between my legs, because I know what’s coming.

Complete and utter bliss.

He places tiny kisses over my thighs, working closer and closer to my aching center. His long arms reach up and his hands begin to knead my breasts, his fingers rolling my nipples between them, then pulling and tugging.

He teases me for what seems like forever, me rocking my hips up and down, desperate for more than the tiny kisses he’s giving. His warm breath is heating my already burning skin. His lips making mine tingle more. I know what he’s waiting on, so I give in and beg.

“Eric, please.”

He answers my plea, his hot tongue sliding through my lips in one, long, slow stroke. I bite my bottom one to keep from crying out.

He drags up the right side and circles my clit with just the tip, then moves to the left, repeating the same. He goes up the center again, pulling my swollen nub into his mouth as soon as he reaches it, sucking gently, before letting go to flick it a few times.

Over and over–slowly, so slowly–drag, circle, suck, flick. My nipples never once are spared the pleasure of his expert fingers either. Every time I get close he stops, blowing cool air over my heated skin and releasing my tender nipples, making them throb. I whine and squirm, my body begging him for more.

I won’t ask though. Not yet. I’d be stupid to rush him. He loves this almost as much as I do. Maybe more. He won’t stop until I beg him too.

His hands slide up the back of my thighs and grasp me around the knees, spreading me wider. “Be still.”

“You know I can’t help……it. Oh fuck!”

His tongue is hot, wet velvet being brushed across my clit. So lightly I barely feel it, but sending shocks of electricity through me with each pass. My legs tremble and my hips jerk. But constant and unceasing, he doesn’t waver until I’m crying for more.

“Oh God! Please, Eric. I can’t!”

He stops, his fingers taking over, running through my juices. Pressing against my aching flesh. I’m whimpering now, my control long gone.

“Are you ready to cum for me, gorgeous?”

“Yes. Please.”

“Pinch your nipples for me and don’t stop until you’re cumming.”

I whimper again, reaching up and doing as he asks. The second I tug against them he slides two fingers inside me and seals his mouth around my clit, working both slowly.

“Oh fuck. Yes! More, Eric, more.”

He gradually builds up speed and that delicious ache gets stronger and stronger. I don’t recognize the noises I’m making anymore. Then he curls his fingers, pulling on my g-spot hard and fast, his tongue exquisite torture against my clit.

I fall, exploding into thousands of luscious splinters, wave after wave of pleasure engulfing me.

Then he’s over me and seconds later inside me. Hard, hot, and stretching me perfectly. My throbbing walls pull him in and I tilt my hips to take him even deeper. Aftershocks rock through me spurring us to an intense pace.

I love it when he first enters me, always letting out that deep satisfying groan just before he lets his need take over, fucking me hard and fast for a few strokes. Like he can’t help himself. It just feels too good to stop. He always has such a tight reign on himself, I love knowing my body can make him lose control for those few short moments.

I’ve learned his body and wants so well I know with just a few squeezes and the right tilt of my hips I could make him cum, but I don’t. Instead I revel in his pleasure and mine, watching him above me as he slows down, his strokes now smooth and fluid, letting us feel every wonderful inch of each other.

“Fuck, Sookie. You feel so good.”

“You do too, baby.”

The morning sun is streaming across us, throwing gold off his hair and glistening skin. It catches all the shades of blue and green in his eyes as he stares down at me. Like light dancing through a shallow sea. I could drown in them forever.

His muscles and tendons glide and strain in rhythm with his movements. He’s a work of art begging to be touched. Begging me to feel every sculpted rise and fall under my hands. I do, and of course he feels just as beautiful to my hands as he looks to my eyes.

I rub up his hard stomach to his chest, ghosting my palms over his nipples. His eyes close and a small groan escapes his throat as he tilts his head back and thrusts forward.


He has a thing about me teasing them, it makes him cum harder every time.

“You’ve barely started, baby. You ready to cum already?”

He looks down, pupils wide, hips speeding up, his sexy mouth parted as he pants. “I was ready from that first taste of you.”

God, how can one man be so fucking sexy?

I can be sexy too though.

I slide my hand around his neck and pull him closer, but instead of going for his lips I have a taste of myself. I lick his chin, up the clef then around it, slowly taking in my salty juices still clinging to his skin and scruff.

He groans and shudders. “Fuck, woman. Are you trying to kill me?”

“Only a little,” I moan, then drag my teeth over his chin and move up to suck his bottom lip between my own.

His mouth attacks mine in a heated kiss and we both lose our senses until we have to have air.

I kiss across his jaw and down his neck when he braces himself on one forearm above me. The other straight, holding him up at an angle giving my hand and lips access to one side of his perfect body. I take advantage, grabbing his ass and lightly biting and licking his nipple.

His moans send a thrill through me, but I hold back. It’s his turn now.

He tucks his face into my neck, curling his back, pressing his hips tighter against mine. His strokes becoming deeper and more insistent. I tilt my hips until he starts bottoming out then squeeze, letting my walls massage him in time with his strokes.

“Oh. Fuck. Yes,” he pants, his hands grabbing my hair and a breast. Then it’s all incoherent groans and grunts as he cums hard, his hips slamming into mine over and over in short, hard bursts.

A few more shudders and he collapses on top of me. He’s heavy as hell, but I couldn’t care less. I pepper kisses over his warm neck and shoulder while I play with his hair and he catches his breath. Every once in a while I give him a good squeeze making him groan.

He finally comes back to himself, rolling off of me and towards the back of the couch, taking me with him. He rubs me all over with his big hands while giving me sweet, lazy kisses and whispering how much he loves me.

“Let’s take a nap before we go,” he finally sighs, snuggling into my breasts.

“It’s barely ten o’clock you goose and I’m very sticky. Let me go clean up.” I kiss his pouty face and wiggle out of his arms. He whines, but lets me go.

I hurry to the bathroom and pee, then wash up. I wet a washcloth for him and go back to the living room, laying it over his own sticky parts. He moans, reaching down to clean up, never opening his eyes.

I find my panties and shorts and get dressed again. He’s snoring by the time I’m done. His shorts and underwear still wrapped around his left leg and the washcloth balled up in one relaxed hand.

It’s probably the weirdest time, but seeing him like this–knocked out from making love to me–I’ve never loved him more. Even with everything good that’s already happened this week–our talk, ring shopping, that he’s wonderful enough to take me on a vacation and go back with me to Bon Tomps….

I adore him. Everything about him. He’s perfect. And I know he’s taking me ‘home’, but he isn’t either.

He’s my home now. Forever.



Sookie’s necklace


26 thoughts on “27. Sweetest Devotion

  1. This put the biggest smile on my face throughout especially at the end. I love this story . I liked how Eric gave her the necklace and took her ring shopping. The little moments between them. Great chapter !

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Awwww! Loved everything from her reactions in the doctor’s office to the ice cream to the jewelry store through to his nap! And, damn, what a visual of him in the end dozing on the couch that was!! Phew, thank you for setting up my dreams as I’m laying in bed!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. LOL! That’s quite the visual, huh? Best visual imagery of the week! Maybe the month! Gotta agree with you, it’s a great one to fall asleep to… Pleasant dreams! 🙂

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  3. It’s contagious! I had a huge, silly smile on my face while reading the entire chapter as well. Just couldn’t stop, and the ending? Oh my (fans self). That’s the most enjoyable hot flash I’ve ever had, so thank you! 🙂 I’ll be re-reading for my dreams, and there’s no resisting that cigarette… I knew exactly what Sookie was saying when she said, “Memories of another time flash through my mind and as special as that day was I still don’t remember it feeling like this.” If you’ve loved before and chance loving again, you know the kind she means, the love that comes from finding the one who fits with you. Thanks for the wonderful chapter!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Awww, thank you so much!! You always leave me the best comments!! I smiled like a silly goof the whole time I was writing this, lol. I am really gonna miss these sweeties once this fic is through. They have been so much fun to write, and they’ve warmed my heart and given me more than a few great hot flashes, lol!

      I’m relieved to hear someone comment on her memories and that I got it right. So happy you know that feeling!! Thank you!!! For all of it!!


  4. First of all I love that necklace. …I adore hummingbirds!
    Thanks for this wonderful chapter and thanks for the advice to wash our teeth afterwards…I swear I’ve got a cavity for all the sugary sweetness!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Ooh boy, for as sweet, sexy, and sappy (I LOVED every bit of it), it makes me nervous for what’s coming up. Hopefully their road trip will go smoothly and only have minor issues packing up her house. Although I doubt that’s going to happen. 😉 thanks for the update!

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