25. Ain’t Nobody


I’ve been waitin’ for you
It’s been so long
I knew just what I would do
When I heard your song
You filled my heart with a kiss
You gave me freedom
You knew I could not resist
I needed someone

And now we’re flyin’ through the stars
I hope this night will last forever.

At first you put your arms around me
Then you put your charms around me
We stare into each other’s eyes
And what we see is no surprise
Got a feeling most would treasure
And a love so deep we cannot measure.

Ain’t nobody
Loves me better
Makes me happy
Makes me feel this way
Ain’t nobody
Loves me better than you

“Ain’t Nobody” Jasmine Thompson
(originally by Rufus & Chaka Khan)


A gasp and feet running down the hall finally pull our lips apart. I have no idea what I look like, but Eric is now wearing my lipstick and a serious case of just fucked hair.

I grab a napkin off the table and dip it in some water, then try to remove the red stains all over his mouth. “Fix your hair and then fix mine if you messed it up,” I attempt to scold him. My giggles work against me. His sexy smirk isn’t helping either.

He wipes his thumb across my bottom lip to the corner of my mouth which only makes the tingling in my stomach settle into a dangerously low place. “You look sexy as hell all mussed up. I could go lock the door. We can be late to our own party, right?” he purrs, using his best sexy voice and eyes on me.

I barely hold back the shiver that wants to run down my spine. I’ve wanted to jump him since the moment I laid eyes on him leaning against that limo. Now he’s standing over me, tall, sturdy, and handsome as hell. Every nerve in my body is screaming, ‘Yes, Yes, Yes!’

My brain keeps me in control, but just barely.

“After,” I breathe out. “All night if you want to. Just think about how hot and bothered we’re both gonna be. How wet I’ll be for you.”

If he can tease me, I can tease him, right?

His eyes turn to liquid cobalt and I feel his chest rumble under my hand. “You’re killing me woman.”

I smile up at him wickedly, running my finger down the side of his face then his chest, “You love it.”

“Yes, I do,” he smiles, his eyes still holding their spark.

“Come on, let’s sit down so poor Allie can come in.” I say, taking his hand and pulling him back to the table.

We sit and wait a few minutes for her to find her nerve, but I finally have to call out to her that’s it’s safe. She’s as red as a beet when she comes in, poor thing. I can see by the glint in his eyes, Eric wants to tease her, but he behaves himself. She serves us salads and bread, then tops off our drinks before scurrying away again.

I try to pry details out of him about tonight just like I have the last two days as we start to eat. He’s as tight lipped as ever, the turd. All I get is a knowing smile so sweet and sexy it could melt butter and make old ladies faint.

He’ll be lucky if I don’t pull him into a broom closet and attack him before we make it home. I can imagine us, me with my face and hands pressed against the wall, my skirt pulled up and rumpled between us. His pants around his ankles, his breath blowing hot into my ear as he fucks me from behind, hard and fast.

“I’m doing my best to be a gentleman, Bird, but if you keep looking at me like that- withΒ  those fuck me eyes-I’m going to bend you over this table and do just that until you scream.”

The tea I just filled my mouth with sprays all over my salad and the table. My nose burns like I snorted fire and I can’t seem to get any air in my lungs. Eric takes my glass and slams it down, sloshing tea everywhere, then is raising one of my arms up over my head. “Arms up. You gotta breathe for me.”

Through my watery eyes I can see the smirk on his face. Damn him and his sexy self. My coughing and gasping turn into a fit of giggles and he laughs right along with me, taking a napkin and dabbing at my tears. And just like that he’s went from setting me on fire to melting my heart.

I grab his hand and press his knuckles to my lips, closing my eyes to keep the real tears from falling. His hand slips from mine, then his warm palm is cupping my cheek. “You alright?”

“I’m perfect,” I promise, giving him a smile even if it is teary. “I just love you so much. I’ll probably be on the verge of tears all night, so get used to it.”

“As long as they’re happy tears.”

“Oh, they will be.”

He slides his fingers around the back of my neck and tugs me towards him, his lips kissing mine several times so soft and sweet I’m tinglingly all over again. “I love you too by the way.”

Thank God Allie clears her throat right then because I was a second away from jumping up and locking the door.

Our dinner has arrived and it looks delicious so we dig in as soon as she leaves. My steak nearly melts in my mouth it’s so tender. Eric’s mac-n-cheese is to die for. He’s a sweetheart and lets me eat half of it. Before I know it we’re finished and it’s time to go. Butterflies fill my stomach and my heart starts skipping as he leads me to the limo.

“So, how’d I do with dinner?” he asks, once we’re settled in and the driver takes off.

“You did perfect. I loved it, baby. Everything has just been amazing so far. Thank you. I don’t know how I’m ever gonna be able to do anything for you to beat it.” I give him a big smacking kiss on the lips making him laugh.

“I don’t need anything but you, everyday and every night,” he whispers, rubbing my fingers with his thumb.

My throat swells and my eyes fill with tears for what seems like the hundredth time tonight. All I manage is a wobbly smile. He takes it and gives me one back and a kiss to my fingers too.

“I can’t wait for you to see everything. You’re gonna be bouncing around and squealing like a teenage girl.”

“Haven’t I been acting like one already?” I giggle.

“Yeah, I guess you have, but I think you may go to a whole new level when you see what Pam’s done. She didn’t spill any secrets today, did she?”

“No, she was tight lipped for sure. I tried to get her to spill, but she refused. She helped me pick some songs to add to the playlist though. Pam has her moments, but deep down she’s a sweetheart. Don’t you dare tell her I told you that,” I warn, shaking my finger at him. She’d never speak to me again.

“It’ll be our little secret,” he winks.

“Good boy. Is it far away? How long till we get there?”

He laughs at my excitement. “Only a few minutes. It’s just five or six blocks from here. Hopefully traffic won’t hold us up.”

“Yay! How’s the leg?” I ask. I try not to ask how he’s feeling too often, he gets tired of it, but sometimes I can’t keep quiet. We have a strenuous night ahead of us and I’m a bundle of excited nerves.

He squeezes my hand, his ocean eyes soft and indulgent. “It’s good, Bird. I promise I won’t push it. I have plans to do much more than dancing tonight,” he purrs, his eyebrows jumping.

“Mmmmm, I can’t wait,” I coo back, leaning over and kissing up his delicious neck. While Pam may be perturbed my lipstick didn’t survive dinner, I’m glad it didn’t. I can kiss him anywhere I want now.

When I make it to his lips things get pretty heated, pretty quick. I’m sucking and nibbling on his bottom lip when I hear a loud beep. “What was that?”

“Me extending our ride,” he purrs, his lips tugging on mine as one of his big hands finds its way under my skirt.

“Why’d you do that?” I ask, pulling away to look at him.

His left hand is sliding up my thigh dangerously close to discovering a secret I was planning on keeping till a little later. He grips the back of my neck with the other, pulling my lips back to his, “I just told you I had plans for more than dancing and you’re wound too tight. I thought I could relax you a little before we got there,” he murmurs between kisses.

“I thought we agreed till after,” I sigh as he kisses along my jaw.

“You didn’t specify which after, now did you?”

“No, I guess I didn’t, but he’ll hear us,” I protest weakly. The thought of getting caught by our driver is more exciting than I ever expected. That and Eric’s lips and tongue working their magic on my neck leave me defenseless.

“It’s sound proof,” he whispers as his fingers find my throbbing center, naked and already very wet. A deep growl rumbles from his chest. “Where are your panties naughty girl?”

My secret found out, I open my legs to give him easier access. No sense in wasting a perfect opportunity. I moan when his long fingers begin to slide softly up and down my slit. “You told me not long ago……I could never wear them again,” I gasp, my hips rocking against his hand. I’ve been aching for him for hours already.

He uses the pad of one finger to slowly circle my clit, his warm lips nibbling on my neck as he growls, “Fuck, you are so wet. Have you been like this for me all day, Sookie?”

“Yes,” I breathe out. I really have. It’s ridiculous what this man does to me. He’s turned me into a cat in a constant state of heat. It’s shameful, but I couldn’t give two shits. Or even one for that matter.

He groans then his lips crash into mine, hot and needy. I return his kiss and reach over to rub him too. I find him rock solid behind his thin suit pants. His hips rise, pressing his erection into my palm. My walls clinch knowing very well how good he feels inside them. I want to rip those pants off and impale myself on his hard length.

I wrap my fingers around him as much as the annoying fabric allows me, gripping and stroking him. His hips rock against me for a few beats then his fingers are wrapped around my wrist like steal bands, pulling me away.

I whine. He groans again.

“This is all about you, I’ll get mine later,” he says, his voice strained. He presses his fingers against me a little more, still sliding them through my lips. “But maybe I should punish you for teasing me? Or reward you? We’ve got less than ten minutes. We can see how many I can get out of you or maybe see how long I can hold you on the edge. What are gonna do if I don’t let you cum, Sookie?”

A strangled whimper is all I can manage for a response. I’m helpless when he gets like this. We’ve never gotten serious about it, but dominant Eric sets me on fire and he knows it too.

He chuckles deeply, his finger moving so slow it’s maddening, but oh so perfect. “I’d love to leave you a desperate mess and have you begging me all night, but I think you’ve gotten yourself there already. I’ll let you have one. It is your night after all,” he murmurs, his warm breath ghosting across my cheek. Then he slides two long fingers inside me.

“Oh God,” I pant, my eyes rolling back and my hips tilting to take them even deeper.

His quiet laughter blows into my ear like gusts of hot summer air. “Thanks for the compliment, but I don’t think I’m that good.” Those delicious fingers are still sliding in and out of my aching heat, slow and steady.

“Yes you are,” I moan, my walls squeezing them for all they’re worth.

He pulls back, taking away what I want most to rub slow, heavy circles over my swollen lips with all four fingers “Not too fast. We’ve got time, slow down and enjoy it, beautiful,” he purrs, his lips gliding over the shell of my ear.

“Eric, please. You said you wouldn’t make me beg,” I whine, dipping and twisting my hips hoping to convince him to slide his fingers back where I want them.

Instead they leave me altogether making me whine. “I said I wouldn’t make you beg all night.” Then there’s a quick, stinging pop to my wet, aching flesh.

“Eric!” I gasp, my eyes flying open to lock with his. I can’t believe he just did that. AndΒ  I really can’t believe that it actually felt good, really good.

“Mmmmm, you liked that, didn’t you?” he asks, his eyes dark enough to get lost in.

I can only whimper. The stinging has turned into this deep wonderful tingling, like there’s champagne bubbles trapped under my sensitive skin. Another whimper escapes me as my hips rock of their own accord, desperate to keep the sensation going.

He presses his fingers back over me firmly, sliding them around and around and around. The ache, the pressure. So close. I’m moaning. My head falls back against the seat and all my muscles tighten. My hips rise, my legs shake.

“Are you going to cum for me?” he asks, his voice dark and slithering up my spine, making it tingle while his fingers center on my clit, circling faster and faster.

Then I do. I shatter into a million beautiful pieces for him. His fingers slide deep into my pulsing core, pulling me to a new, even higher peak. I scream out his name over and over. I’ll let myself be embarrassed later, right now I’m going to enjoy everything this perfect man is doing to me.

He massages my walls gently, bringing me back down to earth. Then he slides his fingers out, running them over my swollen lips. I shudder every time he glides over my sensitive clit. Finally I collapse into the seat again, a panting, but very satisfied woman.

I turn my head and smile at his proud expression. He’s so happy with himself. I watch as he brings his hand to his mouth and sucks his fingers clean with a groan.

“You are so bad.”

His smirk would melt my panties if I was wearing any. “You love it when I’m bad,” he purrs, leaning over and kissing me thoroughly, letting me taste myself.

“Yes I do,” I sigh, reaching over and rubbing him through his pants. He’s still rock hard. “Now it’s my turn to be bad. Let me return the favor.”

He lets out a small groan and I can see I’ve won the war in his pretty blue eyes. Not that it was really a war, barely even a skirmish actually. I think I could get him to do absolutely anything with the promise of a blow job. He’s putty in my hands, well mouth really.

I slide off the seat and kneel between his legs, thankful for the extra space this limo gives us. I get his pants undone and he lifts his hips so I can pull them down enough to free him. Two tugs and his impressive cock is standing proud and begging for attention.

Guess I’m not the only one who went commando.

I raise an eyebrow. “Looks like we both had ideas for tonight, mmm?”

“You know what they say about great minds,” he says with a sly smirk.

I smile back, then purr, “Yes I do.” I lean closer and run my tongue slowly up his length. I love how silky smooth and hot he is.

He hisses, his eyes dilating and hips rising up searching for more.

“How much time do I have?” I ask, wrapping my hand around him and pumping while blowing cool air over his moist tip before circling it with my tongue. I love his taste too.

Those dark blue orbs disappear behind heavy lids and his head falls back as he fumbles for the button he pushed earlier. He finds it right when I swirl my tongue over him and suck his head into my mouth for the first time and start to slowly bob.

The shrill beep fills the small space for one second, two, three, four, five….

I pull off of him and giggle, reaching up to tug his hand off the button before he breaks it. “I think he got the memo, baby.”

He looks down at me sheepishly. “Sorry. You’re the one scrambling my brain. You can’t blame me for the……”

I stop his rambling by sucking on his head again like he’s the tastiest popsicle ever.


He may have wanted this to last awhile, but I can tell by how hard he is he isn’t going to hold out for more than a few minutes. I take it slow anyway, keeping my strokes long and gentle and my lips and tongue soft.

His resulting moans are music to my ears.

As soon as I feel him begin to swell even bigger I get up and bend over him, making sure to keep my strokes going until I’m ready.

“You wanna cum, baby?” I whisper, sugary sweet, my lips brushing against his tip with each word.

“Fuck yes. Please, Sookie, make me cum for you,” he groans, desperate, his hips rising and falling.

Oh, I’m going too, just not as soon as he wants. He made me beg after all.

I tilt my head just right and let him slide slowly into my mouth all the way to the back of my throat. I hear his hands hit the leather seat and he lets out a strained shout. Instead of swallowing like I usually do I pull all the way off and wrap my thumb and middle finger around him and pump three quick strokes, careful to avoid his swollen head.

His hips jerk erratically and he actually whines. It’s difficult, but I don’t let him hear my giggle.

Three more times I repeat my torture, letting him stay in my mouth just a fraction longer each time. He’s pleading by the third and I’ve never felt him harder, or felt any more turned on knowing I have the power to make him that way.

“Sookie, please. I can’t…. Please,” he begs, his voice right on the verge of pain.

Not wanting to torture him too much I give in and take him all the way in, finally swallowing when he hits the back of my throat. One of his huge hands covers the back of my head, then his fingers are gripping my hair and holding me still while his hips start to pump in tandem with his chants of, “Fuck, fuck, fuuuuck.”

It took some convincing but I finally got him to believe I enjoy him holding me still so he can fuck my throat just how he wants. I don’t know what it is about it, but it’s such a turn on. It makes me hotter than a Louisiana summer. Which usually always brings us to another round of amazing sex.

Two more pumps and he spasms below me as he swells impossibly bigger and his hot cum starts shooting down my throat. I swallow over and over, working to drain him of every last drop.

Teasing is obviously very good for him, because his orgasm lasts a lot longer than usual. He slowly comes down from his high, his bones turning into wet noodles. I clean him up as he recovers, making sure he won’t be messy the rest of the night. I can’t get him dressed again without his help so I climb back into the seat beside him and play with his hair. He’s so damn beautiful all peaceful and relaxed. He’s beautiful all the time, but I love seeing him completely stress free. Especially knowing I helped him get there.

His eyes slowly flutter open and he smiles that happy, drunk smile of his. It’s so freaking adorable.

I lean over and kiss his cheek. “I think I may have almost evened the score with that one huh?”

“Ha! You are definitely in the lead now, woman. I’m gonna need about an hour before I can stand, let alone dance,” he laughs.

I turn him towards me and kiss all over his happy face. “That’s what you get for teasing me, mister.”

He laughs again and grabs my neck to pull me closer, “I’ll be teasing you day and night then.”

“Bring it on, baby,” I giggle and kiss his lips this time.

“I love you so fucking much,” he declares, smiling against my lips. I love it when he can’t quit smiling long enough to kiss me properly. It makes my heart want to burst.

“I love you too,” I whisper, pulling back and stroking his cheeks. “We better get you dressed, Pam’s bound to be calling soon to find out where we are.”

He reaches into his coat and pulls out his phone and barks out a laugh as soon as he lights the screen up. “Three missed calls and what I am sure are two nasty messages.”

We laugh, tease, and kiss our way through getting him back to rights and not even two minutes after we’re presentable again we’re pulling up to a curb. And there’s Pam waiting for us- in a gorgeous pale pink, glittery number- arms akimbo, hip cocked, foot tapping. She is so not a happy camper.

I giggle knowing she can’t see or hear me yet. I’m safe in here. Eric leans over and kisses the back of my shoulder before staring up at his angry sister through the dark glass. “Should we just sit here and watch to see how long it takes for steam to come out of her ears?”

I let out another giggle and turn to kiss his cheek. “I think we’ve made her wait long enough and I’m ready to dance with my man.”

“Alright, let’s go then, gorgeous.”

He doesn’t wait for the chauffeur to open the door for us, which I am very thankful for. I don’t think I could face that guy knowing he knows exactly what we were doing in his limo. Once Eric climbs out he turns and reaches for my hand with a sweet smile.

Pam is already giving us what for. “Where have you two been? It does not take that long to eat. You were suppose to be here thirty minutes ago. All the fucking work I did and you two can’t even show up on time.”

My cheeks start to burn and I can’t get myself to look her way so I glance up at Eric. Of course he has a Cheshire Cat grin plastered on his face.

“Seriously!? You couldn’t wait till this was over?” she screeches dramatically. “You two are fucking hopeless. You’re like fucking teenage rabbits or something. Fucking day and night. It’s ridiculous. No more sexy time until this is over. Do you hear me?” she demands.

I finally drag my eyes her way. She’s red-faced, eyebrows raised sky-high, and has a finger shaking towards us. She’s madder than a wet hen.

I can’t help but burst into giggles, though I attempt to hide them behind my hand.

Eric doesn’t bother, laughing loud and long. Which only makes me giggle more, causing Pam to nearly pop a vein. Finally we get it together, and scramble to soothe her ruffled feathers.

“We’re sorry, sis. We greatly appreciate all you’ve done and we know you’ve done a lot.”

“We really are sorry, Pam. I promise we’ll behave. You look gorgeous by the way.”

“And I’ve seen everything already, it’s fabulous just like I knew it would be.”

“I can’t wait to see it. I just know it’ll be amazing.”

“Oh, shut up!” she groans. “Just get your horny asses inside already.”

We know we’re forgiven when she winks at us as she reaches for my hand and starts pulling me towards the door. I actually take the time to look around to see where we are. It’s a beautiful building, a mixture of modern and old. There’s concrete, lots of glass, and old brick work on the facade. I immediately think Eric’s house and his work when I see it.

“What is this place? It’s beautiful.” I turn and ask him.

“The SCAD museum,” he responds with a proud smile.

“We’re having prom in an art museum?” I squeal and pull away from Pam so I can get to him. I grab him by the lapels of his jacket and pull him down to give him a big kiss.

He laughs when I finally let him breathe, “I was pretty sure you’d like it, but I didn’t know you’d be this excited.”

“It’s perfect, Eric! You couldn’t have picked a better place. Hurry, let’s get inside.”

“Okay,” he laughs again putting my hand in the crook of his arm to lead me that way. “Go on, Pam, we’ll meet you at the other door. I want to take her through the galley.”

“Fine, but no sex or dawdling, people are waiting you know,” she huffs before disappearing inside.

Eric leads me down the walkway towards the end of the building. There are two huge windows in its side lit by a soft purplish glow. They both display large pieces of art. The trees along the street are all lit with twinkling lights too. It’s just beautiful. My heart is pounding I’m so excited. I know the inside will be even better.

“I’m gonna cover your eyes, okay? I want it to be a surprise.”

I’m too excited to say no, so I nod my head with a huge smile. He laughs some more and then his big hand is cupping over my eyes. I grab onto him a little tighter.

“Don’t worry, I’ve got you. It’s not much further.”

We walk straight for a bit then we turn and walk several more feet before he stops us. I can hear music coming from the other side of the building.

“I’m gonna let you go to open the door, but keep your eyes closed for me.”


I hear a door swing open and then his hand is holding mine and he’s pulling me forward. “Three steps, beautiful. Step up on the second one.”

He helps me in and I feel him stand beside me keeping our fingers threaded together. “Open your eyes, Bird,” he whispers in my ear.

I pop them open and gasp, “Oh, Eric, it’s so beautiful. Oh my God, I love it!”

We’re standing at the end of a long, narrow room. One side is floor to ceiling windows covered with plantation blinds, the other is more of the old brick work from outside. But the ceiling is the amazing part. It’s the art in the galley, or better yet it makes the whole galley art.

From one end all the way to the other are layers and layers of milky, translucent plastic cut into waves and curves hanging from the ceiling at all different heights. There’s pale blue and green lights swaying through all of it and onto the walls and floor. It doesn’t sound like much, but it gives the effect of having the ocean over our heads and surrounding us too.

It’s just gorgeous.

Suddenly there’s a string orchestra gently playing and a few beats in someone begins crooning, “Dooooo you remember when we met?”

“The Sea of Love?” I laugh up at Eric. “Was that your idea or Pam’s?”

“Mine. Pretty good prom theme, huh?” he asks, smirking and turning to take me into his arms to spin me around.

“It’s perfect, just like you, you amazing man,” I smile up at him as we start to dance our way down the length of the room.

It takes everything I have not to cry a flood of happy tears as we sway and spin with the lights and music. My heart is filling my chest with pure joy. It’s even harder when he keeps mouthing the words, ‘I wanna tell you just how much I love you’ along with the crooner.

Somehow, just like we rehearsed it beforehand we end up at the other end of the room just as the song finishes.

“Am I still doing okay?” he asks, grinning proudly. He knows damn well how good he’s doing.

“You are most definitely ahead again. We could leave right now and it would still be the best night ever, Eric. Thank you,” I choke out, a tear finally escaping.

“Ah, ah, ah. None of that,” he fusses, pulling out his handkerchief and dabbing at my cheek. “Pam will shit kittens if I make you mess up your makeup. You don’t want her after me do you?” he teases.

“No. I’ll be good. I’m sorry,” I sniff.

He cups my face and looks down at me, his beautiful eyes full of his big heart. “Please don’t be sorry. I can’t tell you how good it feels to see you so happy, Bird. It’s the best feeling in the world.”

“I think I know that feeling too,” I confess with a smile.

He leans down and kisses me softly before standing back up. “You ready for more?” he asks, taking my hand and pushing open the door beside us.


With a laugh he leads us into what looks to be the main entrance of the museum. There’s door on both sides, an information desk, stairs leading up to another floor, and a gift shop. A couple of hallways lead out of the room too. To other galleries I guess. Eric pulls me towards the back doors.

I can see more colorful lights dancing around through the glass and the beat of music is growing louder.

“Oh! It’s outside?”

“Most of it, yes. I hope that’s okay. We can come back in anytime you want and dance in the galley again, just the two of us. They wouldn’t allow the crowd inside. I’m sorry. It’s really great out there though,” he rattles off.

Bless him. He’s so worried I’m not happy with it.

“Eric, shush. I love it. It’ll be as wonderful out there as it is in here. The weather is perfect outside anyway. And if it gets too much for either of us we’ll sneak inside for some quiet time,” I whisper with a sly grin.

“Are you sure? Because I can bring everyone in here and the board can just kiss my ass. I want this night to be perfect for you.”

I stretch up on my tippy toes and pull him down to meet my lips half way. “It’s already perfect because you wanted it for me. I couldn’t ask for anything better than that,” I whisper then give him a soft kiss.

“Only the best for my girl,” he smiles when I let him go.

“I’ve already got the best. I’ve got you,” I tell him, hooking my arm through his while giving him my best smile.

His turns all big and proud. “I guess we both got the best then.” He kisses my forehead then pushes open the door. We walk out onto a set of stairs and are greeted by a huge round of applause and cheers. “Welcome to your prom, gorgeous.”

The sight before me leaves me speechless. It’s amazing. All the lights, the dj playing love songs, so many girls in beautiful dresses dancing with their handsome dates in tuxes. There’s a photographer taking pictures of couples under a balloon arch. Beautifully made up tables and chairs for us to rest at and a bar too. It couldn’t be more perfect. It’s better than any prom I could have dreamed up.

All I can do is laugh and cry happy tears. Eric gives me his handkerchief then squeezes me into his side and kisses the top of my head.

Pam comes rushing up the stairs like she’s in tennis shoes instead of sky high designer heels. “Stop that blubbering,” she orders, “You still have pictures to take.”

I throw my arms around her and hug her fiercely. “Oh Pam, it’s wonderful. I love it! Thank you so much!” I squeal. I can almost feel the eye roll I’m sure she’s giving Eric.

“She’s right, you did a fantastic job, sis. Thank you,” he adds, wrapping his long arms around us both.

Pam squirms until she manages to pull away from us. “You’re wrinkling my dress,” she huffs, doing her best to hide her delight behind an exasperated expression. I can see it in her eyes though. Her lips twitch too.

“Thank you, Pam. From the bottom of my heart. I mean it, it’s just perfect,” I gush.

“You’re welcome, it wasn’t easy. It’s really him you should be thanking though, it was his idea. But I guess you already did that on the way here, huh? I know you’ve never done this before, but you’re supposed to save the sex till after prom, Sookie. Not have it before. That shade of lipstick was meant to be seen, not hidden around the base of my brother’s cock,” she deadpans.

“Oh my God! Pam! Shut up!” I whisper yell at her, slapping her shoulder.

Eric shakes with laughter. “Jesus, Pam. Shut it, okay? We said we were sorry. Leave her alone,” he sputters out.

“Well it’s the truth! That’s three hundred dollars worth of lipstick staining your….”


“Fine. But see if I ever let her wear any of it again,” she huffs, then walks back down the steps and into the crowd.

“Good grief! Remind me not to piss her off again. Do you think anyone heard her?” I squeak, hiding my face in his chest.

He’s still shaking with laughter, “No, beautiful. She wouldn’t have said if there was someone else close enough to hear,” he soothes me, rubbing his hands up and down my arms. “Come on, let’s go enjoy our prom.”

And we did. I don’t think it was just my best night ever, I think it was his too. We had so much fun.

We danced and danced with each other and all of our friends. Alcide, Stan, and Hoyt were there, looking sharp all decked out in their tuxes, drinking and having a great time. Jessica was Hoyt’s date. They were so cute together. Pam was Stan’s, she kept him flustered all night the poor guy. We got to meet Alcide’s new girl, Maria too. She’s dark and attractive just like him. They made a striking couple.

Eric introduced me to all of his students. They’re a great bunch of kids and really seem to love him. Several of them came up to me at different times throughout the night and told me they had never seen him so happy. They were glad he had found me. That just made me warm inside to hear.

Holly came! Eric and I were thrilled to see her and she was just oohing and ahhhing over us, about how beautiful we both were together. She was even crying, which made me cry too and even choked Eric up.

He took the time to dance with her, much to her delight, and Pam too, and I took a spin or two with Alcide and Stan while he did.

After the first hour, Eric pulled me into the center of the dance floor and got everyone’s attention with the help of the DJ. He had a little speech prepared that left me in tears. He told everyone about how he met me, ‘the most amazing woman in the world’ -his words, not mine- and fell in love with her after trying to save her life, but that it was me who wound up saving him instead.

He danced with me in the middle of that crowd to Ed Sheeran’s, “Tenerife Sea”, wiping my tears away with his thumbs as he whispered how much he loved me. It was the most perfect four minutes I’ve ever spent.

The crowd roared when the song was over and with the egging on from his male students he bent me over and gave me a movie worthy kiss.

I danced with all the girls to the party songs until we were exhausted while Eric rested his leg and talked with the guys. His eyes never left me the whole time though. We had to sneak away twice, once to the galley and another to the roof of the museum. We behaved for the most part, only making out like a couple of horny teenage rabbits. Pam scowled at us both times we showed back up. We just laughed and kept dancing.

At the beginning of the last hour it was my turn to dedicate a song to Eric. I choose a great little remake of “How Sweet It Is” by Julia Stone. My speech wasn’t as long as his -I was too choked up to get it all out- but I managed to let everyone there know he had really saved me instead of the other way around. That there wasn’t another man alive that could love me any better than he did, or another woman who could possibly love him more than me.

As soon as our dance ended Pam got up on the stage and proceeded to crown us prom King and Queen. We got the whole shebang, crowns, banners, flowers, lots of applause, and pictures.

It truly was the best night I’ve ever had. I never wanted it to end, but of course Eric made sure it ended in the best way possible.

We rode home in the limo, making out from the time we got in till we forced ourselves out when we got home. Once we got inside the house he took us straight to the shower.

He stripped, then slowly undressed me, kissing nearly every inch of my heated skin as he uncovered it. We washed each other carefully, paying special attention to special places. Finally we made it to our bed and made love until we fell asleep in each other’s arms, happy and exhausted.




34 thoughts on “25. Ain’t Nobody

      1. Awww, I do too. I’m sure I’ll do some outtakes here and there. But if I can get my muse to agree, I’m figuring on around four or five more chapters. I plan on going back and forth between this and YMMWD until I can finish it. So it’ll probably be another month or two before the end. You’ll have time to prepare πŸ˜‰

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    1. Right!?! And especially with Eric Northman πŸ˜‰ I think I’ve been dragging my feet with this one because I don’t want it to end either, lol. But, alas. It must at some point. Knowing my long winded muse it’ll be more chapters than I plan though πŸ˜‚


    1. Awwww, thank you!! I hope I don’t keep ya’ll waiting so long for the rest though. The end will definitely be bittersweet for me. This is actually the first story I ever wrote(in my head), but for some reason I decided to put Love Eternal out first. I’m glad I waited now, my writing skills are a bit better, lol. I will miss them, but I’ll probably do some outtakes here and there. Thank you so much for reading and always giving me such great support!! 😘😘😘


  1. I was so excited to see this. The prom was amazing . What a beautiful memory for both of them. It was such a perfect event. I really feel it was a celebration of their new life together in a way.

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  2. Such a beautiful surprise Eric (and Pam) created for Sookie! This chapter was well worth the wait (as are all of your chapters!) and it was just lovely. I don’t even want to think about this story ending… Perhaps you could just keep it going with updates now and then about how their lives are progressing, you know, whenever the mood strikes! LOL! πŸ™‚


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