The house is quiet except for the moans and gasps escaping from our mouths, mixed with our heavy breathing, and the sound of my skin connecting with hers.


Even though we are doing our best to be silent, silence is next to impossible when your lover is doing everything in their power to make you come undone.


Sookie’s wet and throbbing center is hovering above me and though I have been enjoying her taste immensely, along with moans and squirms I have been forcing from her, I can not help letting my head fall to the bed as she takes my cock deeper down her throat. Then she nearly sucks it from my body as she pulls back slowly, only to sink down and swallow me again.


Gods!  She can turn me to a boneless mass in seconds.  She has always been amazingly talented at pleasuring me this way, but she has certainly perfected her technique over the years.


But I’m not quite ready to let go yet so I flip us over and turn around to bury myself between her thighs.  As much as I love being in her mouth, it still does not compare to being deep inside of her.


Reaching under her I lift her hips so I can hit that perfect spot within her.  I know that next to my tongue nothing brings her to the edge faster.  It did not take years of making love to her to figure that out, more like days, but just as those years have helped her know me better, they have taught me where to touch every sensitive inch of her body and how to make her scream for more.


“Oh fuck, Eric.  More,” she pants softly.


Grinning, I whisper into her mind as my hips continue to give her what she wants, “Shhhh.  I am far from done with you.  If you make too much noise now you know we will have to stop.”


She takes me in even deeper, squeezing my cock with her muscles as she gently bites one of my nipples.


It is my turn to make too much noise, “Fuck lover.  Again,” I growl while my rhythm falters.


Now she is the grinning one, “I thought we had to be quiet,” her saucy voice says so only I can hear as she bites me again.


I lean down and nip at her neck with my blunt teeth, “Minx.”


“You love me anyway,” she whispers.


I pull back to look into her eyes, knowing she can see and feel just how much I love her, “I do,” I swear to her with a deep thrust of my hips.




“I will always love you,” I thrust again.




“Just as you will me.”


“Yes!” she screams her love into our bonds causing my whole body to shudder along with hers as we both cum.


Before we have time to catch our breath I sit us up and turn her around, molding my body to her back, while my hips begin their rhythm again.


Her head falls back over my shoulder leaving her graceful neck free for the taking as my greedy hands play her as easily as any instrument.  Rubbing, squeezing, and pinching all the places I know drive her crazy.


I let my warm breath caresses her neck and ear as I whisper into her mind, “You will cum for me.”


“Yes,” is her shaky, breathless answer.


I almost laugh knowing I have unraveled her to the point she is Inly capable of speaking that one word.


Instead I bite into my skin, then press my bleeding wrist to her lips.  She drinks from me greedily, just as I do her, my fangs buried deep into her neck.


Somehow we both manage to cum again without making a sound.  We have found it can feel even more intense when you can not scream or roar with your release. Holding in all of the pleasure only seems to make it last longer.


I gently roll us to the bed and keep her close to me, kissing across her shoulder.


“Thank you baby, I needed that so much,” she whispers, turning to face me and cuddling into my chest, peppering it with kisses.


I wrap her tighter in my arms and kiss the top of her head, whispering into her hair, “Your welcome, but I needed it too. I always need you.”


“I love you, Eric.  So very much.”


“I know, kära en.  Almost as much as I do you.”


She kisses me once more with a smile pulling at her lips then we lay there for several minutes just enjoying each other and the quiet.  We do not get moments like this near as often as we would like these days.


Right as I begin to drift to sleep I feel someone else in our bond waking up.


Sookie does too.


“He’s awake,” she whispers.


“You want me to go get him?” I ask her.


She stretches up and gives me a kiss on the lips before climbing off the bed, “I got him.”


As soon as she makes it across the room I can not keep the smile from my face or dampen the burst of happiness that I feel bloom in my chest.  I would never want to anyway.


I’m feeling everything my son does when he sees his Mother smiling down at him where he lies in his cradle and he is always the happiest when he sees her.


I know exactly how he feels.


“Hello my handsome son,” she coos at him. “Did you have a sweet nap baby boy?”


His adorable giggles fill our bonds and the room around us.  I sit up against the headboard to watch them as she changes his diaper.


Sookie says nothing is better than seeing me and our daughter Liaden together, but for me it is seeing her and Liam smiling at each other.  He loves her even more than Lex does and that is saying something.


Watching her with our children?  I was as ill prepared for it as I was to love her, there is nothing that could have properly equipped me for either of them.


I will not speak of the times I actually let tears fall seeing them together.  Not that Sookie hasn’t done the same when she is the one watching me with them.


I never dreamed I could love her more than I already did, but I do.


And my children?


There are no words to describe how much I love them, no words at all.


Every new day with the four of them is the happiest one I have ever had.  They are my world now and I marvel at how I ever lived without them.  My time with my human family and even with Godric do not begin to compare with the joy they bring me.  I loved my family and certainly Godric, but what I felt then was nothing like this immeasurable, all-consuming devotion I feel for them.


My love for them is fierce, as is my protection over them.  The first idiot that tries to hurt any of them, let alone take them from me, will not be long for this world or any other for that matter.


So far I have had no reason to go berserker on anyone yet, but I keep my skills honed to perfection with daily practice just in case.  I make Lex practice with me so he too knows how to defend us and any future family he may have. Before long I will have Lia and Liam working with me too.


It has been seven years since we ended Appius and started to truly live our lives. So much has happened since then, but every bit of it has been good.


Alexei decided to shorten his name to Lexei, getting rid of the “A” soon after I turned him.  He never told us why he wanted to, but we knew.  We call him Lex most of the time now.


We gave him almost a year to adjust to his new life before we traveled for a few years, not that he really needed it.  I will always be amazed at how well he did and still does.


It took us awhile to notice it, and if it had not been for Niall it may have taken us even longer, but Lexei started growing after I turned him.  Being with him night and day we did not see it, but Niall’s eyes almost popped out of his head the first time he saw him again a few months after his turning.


Niall said it had to be his new fae side that was responsible for it.  With his heart beating once more and him ingesting food faster than Sookie could put it on the table, I have no idea why none of us ever considered it a possibility.


We were all happy for him to be sure. Sookie and I had both worried about him being trapped in a child’s body for eternity while his mind matured, it would have been a difficult existence for him.  Thank the gods our worries were for naught.


Just as I had thought the night I met him, he grew to be almost as big as me. He is only an inch or two shorter and a bit more lean than I am, but I think with more time he will thicken up some.  He is eighteen summers now, almost nineteen. A man instead of a child.


He still stays with us most of the time. When he is not here though, he is in Faerie.  Which now that I think about it is happening a lot more often these days.


I have a strong suspicion there is a certain someone he is going to see.


His mother has threatened to lock him in the cellar if he gets any more handsome and told him no girls for at least another hundred years.  I know he has already went against her wishes, but I promised him I would keep it between the two of us.


He hates the idea of her being disappointed in him even more than he does me.  Despite not having the maker and child bond as he and I do, his Mother has just as much hold over him. Sookie had his deep devotion almost from his first day with us.


I’m sure I will be soothing her hurt and wiping away many tears the first time he is brave enough to bring one home to us, while having to reassure him of his Mother’s love all at the same time.


But I’m never going to have to be worried once my beautiful little Liaden comes of age, she will be right here at home with me where she belongs.  I dare any scrawny little shit to show up at our door looking for her.  He will be a pile of ashes before he finishes knocking. Between Lexei and I, there will not be any trouble keeping them far away from our little girl.


Lex adores his little sister and Lia adores him right back.  He was so excited to be a big brother and has loved his siblings from the moment we told him they were on the way. I’m sure Liam will adore him as Liaden does, once his Mama ceases to be the center of his world.  He loves Lex, Lia, and I, we can easily feel it, but Mama is his everything right now.  Being that he is only four months old though that is completely understandable.


Sookie eats it up too.


“Tell Daddy to just keep believing sister will never leave him sweet pea.  He can stay in his little bubble of denial for a while longer,” Sookie coos at Liam as she brings him to lay next to me.


She knows anytime she feels me go “all viking” in the bonds, as she calls it, that I’m thinking about my daughter leaving one day.


I do my best to help her see my side of things through Liam.  He lets out a squeal and kicks his tiny legs when I lean over and tickle his neck, “You tell Mama to hush.  You will be on my side when that day comes, isn’t that right min son? No one will take your sister away from us,” I smile at him. He gurgles and babbles up at me with a big smile on his face, so I turn my triumphant one on his mother, “See? Liam agrees with me.”


“Pfft, he always agrees with you because he does not know any better yet,” she smirks at me.  “But speaking of our little girl, she is on her way to see Daddy, so Daddy best put some pants on.”


“If I must, but I will be taking them off again later,” I wink at her as I snap my fingers to pop them on.


She leans towards me over Liam, so I meet her half way.  Her eyes darken as they look at me making my pants instantly tight. “I will be happy to help you with that,” she whispers against my lips.


I slip my hand into her hair and grip her neck making sure she stays right where I want her as I touch my lips to hers. We get so caught up in our kiss we almost ignore our two other children coming into the room.


“Daddy!” my princess yells bursting through the door.


“Really you two?  Right in front of the baby?” our oldest complains.


I kiss Sookie’s smiling lips with mine once more then reluctantly part ways.  I just manage to catch Liaden as she launches herself into my arms. Her tiny ones wrap around my neck as she plants a loud kiss on my cheek.  I always have to be careful not to squeeze her back too hard, I love her so much it makes my heart ache.


I hide my grimace and ignore Sookie’s giggle as Lia plops down none to gently on my lap, looking up at me with her huge, smiling blue eyes, “Hi Daddy!”


“Hello min dotter, I have missed you. Where have you been?” I ask, lightly pinching her little nose.


Liam’s giggles mix with hers making us all laugh.


“I went phishing with Lexi.  He helped me catched four!” she replies as if fishing is the most exciting thing to ever happen to her while she holds up four pudgy little fingers.


“Four!” I exclaim adding to her excitement. “Are you going to eat all those fish?” I ask, trying not to laugh when she attempts to mirror my raised eyebrow.


She finally gives up after twisting and stretching her precious little face in a dozen different ways, “No Daddy, I not like phish. You can have em.  Mama says you has to eat bunches cause you so big,” she says seriously looking between me and Sookie, as she rubs her little hands across my chest.


I pick her, bringing one of her chubby cheeks to my lips and give her a big kiss, “Thank you min dotter.  I will eat them all. But are you going to clean them for me?”


Her little face scrunches all up and she shakes her pale, golden head vigorously, “Yuck!  They stinky Daddy,” she says before letting out a big yawn.


Thankfully little faepires seem to need lots of sleep.


She lays down on my chest and one of her little arms goes around my neck and her tiny fingers begin to play with the back of my hair while her other ones go straight into her mouth. She started that when she was about six months old and still does it every time she gets tired three years later.  She falls asleep on my chest twice as often as she does in her own bed.


Sookie says I’m spoiling her, but I’m going to enjoy it as long as she wants to do it.  I’m sure in another four or five years she will quit being such a daddy’s girl and I will miss it.  I do not want to waste even a minute of these precious times.


I feel her happiness and attachment before she voices it, “I loves you Daddy,” she mumbles around her fingers.  “I loves you too Mama and Lexi and Leeum,” she finishes with a sigh.


I rub her little back and kiss the top of her hair, “We love you more min dotter,” I whisper.


Lia and I both sigh with contentment when Sookie pushes her love to us. She has watery eyes when I smile over at her.


The night Liaden Eyja Northman came into our lives was the most amazing one I had experienced in my four centuries.


I had driven Sookie near to insanity the five months she was pregnant, hovering around her and hardly letting her out of my sight.  I had a right to be worried though, we were in uncharted territory and had absolutely no idea how a faepire pregnancy would go.


It turned out shorter than a human one and longer than a fae one, but other than that Sookie was a picture of health.  I kept an extremely close eye on her through the bonds and made her take extra blood from me everyday though. After two months I was able to hear Lia’s heartbeat and Sookie was constantly having to shove my head off of her stomach because I kept having to check to ease my worry.


Making sure they were both well became an obsession for me I’m afraid. I had to do something though or I would have been the one going insane. Thinking back I was probably already insane for acting that way. But I was a lot more calm the second time around much to Sookie’s relief.


When we started getting feelings from Lia through our bonds though, we were both ecstatic and were constantly searching for her through them. It only took us about a week after that to figure out we were having a girl, well me anyway.  Our little one’s feelings were so like her Mother’s I had no doubt what she was.  Sookie refused to believe me at first, but soon even she could not deny it. The drastic swings our baby’s feelings took could only have been from a female.


Two hours are all it took for our princess to make her entrance. Thankfully Sookie had very little pain and what she did have I helped her with. Claudine had been with us since the third month just in case so with her there we had no trouble during the delivery.


Liaden was the tiniest little thing I had ever seen and the most beautiful. I could not believe we made something so perfect with her big blue eyes and almost white blonde hair.  She looked just like her Mother in my opinion, but Sookie swore she was a miniature female version of me.


It took Sookie three hours to get me to hold her after she was born, I was terrified I would break her.  She was so small I could almost hold her in one hand, of course my hands are really big, but she looked tiny even when I held her in both of them. But once I did, I was hard pressed to let her go.  I would sit and marvel at her tiny features and the little noises she made for hours. She smelled better than anything I had ever smelled too.  A wonderful mix of baby, Sookie, and me. She only left my arms to go to Sookie’s those first two weeks. I finally began to put her down after that, but I hated it.


Sookie had healed completely by the third day and was back up and flitting around the house as if she had never been pregnant. Much to her relief her figure went right back to its previous state, except for the bountiful increase of her breasts.  I certainly enjoyed that boon, but I missed seeing her pregnant. Watching her grow heavy with my children satisfies something deep down inside of me, she is even more gorgeous to me then.  I look forward to seeing her that way many times over the coming years.


Liam Eiríkr came into this world just as easy as his sister had.  I delivered him though instead of Claudine. Sookie insisted it just be us that time since we knew what to expect.  So Lex kept an eye on his sister, who thankfully slept through most of it, while I stayed with their Mother.


Helping the woman I love more than myself deliver our son, our own flesh and blood, was nothing short of a miracle for me.  Being the first to see and hold him, I will cherish it for eternity.


I love the bond I have with Lex, just as I love him, but the bond I have with Liam is  different.  He is not just the son of my blood, but of my seed and flesh too.


After I got him and his Mother cleaned up and had watched as she nursed him for the first time, I brought Lex and Lia in to meet their new brother. The five of us all piled up together in our big bed for several hours, just happy to be together and having the gift of getting to know our newest member.


The love I feel in this house is enough to overwhelm me at times.  I have almost forgotten those cold, dark, and hopeless days before I met Sookie.  I hope I never forget them though, I always want to be grateful and never take the blessings my family is to me for granted.


Lex breaks me out of my musing when he sighs loudly from where he is sprawled across the end of our bed, “I’m thinking of going to Faerie for a few days, is that alright with you?” he asks me trying to avoid his Mother’s suspicious look.


“You sure are wanting to stay there a lot lately.  Do you not like it hear anymore?” she asks him worriedly, jumping in before I have a chance to answer him.


I hide my grin in Lia’s hair as I watch them look at each other nervously.  He does not want to hurt her and she is afraid he will leave us for good soon.


They are both right and wrong at the same time.


“You know I love it here with you and Far, but I have friends there and I would like to spend more time with them,” Lex tries to tread lightly with her.


“Is there someone special?  Have you met a girl?” Sookie asks him, not really wanting to hear his answer.


“Maybe?” he hedges.


“What do you mean maybe?  You do not know?” she asks him, her voice cracking.


She is so emotional about her babies, especially since having Liam.  Her fragile heart is more pronounced than it ever has been before.


I reach over and slide my hand into her hair and caress her neck gently, “He may need more time to decide how he feels, kära en.  But he can not decide if he is here instead of there.  You know Niall and the cousins will keep an eye on him while he is there,” I try to assure her.


She looks sadly between us and then down at Liam as he nurses at her breast. I hate the sadness I feel in her and so does Lex.


“You miss him as much as I do when he is not here, why are you encouraging this?  You promised me we would keep him with us until he was ready,” she whispers without looking up.  


I still see the tear that slides down her cheek though. Lex does also and his distress at hurting her rises.


“I do miss him, but he is ready, kära en. He has been for awhile now,” I tell her running the back of my fingers down her wet cheek.


“It is too soon,” she chokes out.


Lex gets up and walks over to stand beside her and looks at her as only a son that desperately loves their Mother can, “Min vackra mor?” he asks softly, knowing the endearment will make her look at him and truly listen.


He has learned much by watching me.


“Yes min son?” she whispers wiping at her cheeks.


He smiles at her sadly and his voice conveys it, “I love you and Far very much, I always will, you know that. Wherever you are will always be my home.  And I will always come back to you, I swear it,” he promises her, his love for us very evident.


She reaches up for him with her free arm and he goes to her easily, hugging her against his stomach as best as their positions will allow, “I know you love us sweetheart, I just miss you when you are away from us.  You know I would keep you all with me forever if I could, but you can go.  Go and decide if the one you want is there.  But I expect you to bring her or him to meet us as soon as possible.” she tells him.


“Her, mor.  She is a her,” he chuckles. “And I will, I promise.  I love you and I will be back soon,” he promises her with a kiss to the top of her head.


“You better be,” she grumbles as he walks over to me.


He smiles as he reaches his arm out to me.  I clasp his in mine and squeeze it firmly, “Whoever she is, she is a lucky girl.  Remember what I told you and try not to have too much fun,” I wink at him.


“Eric!  Stop encouraging him!” Sookie admonishes me causing our little ones to jump in our arms.


“Shhhh, Mama.  You will wake the babies,” I fuss at her with a smile.


“It is your fault,” she growls playfully.


“Goodbye you two. Jag älskar dig,” Lex waves at us as he walks out shaking his head.


“We love you too!” Sookie calls after him.


“I know,” he tells her just before we feel him disappear.


Even though I knew it was coming and have felt it many times before, I still wince when I feel him leave.  I hate having our bond cut off.  I will feel his absence like a hole in my chest until he returns.  I will endure it as I have all the other times though.  At least I know he is safe.


“Not so happy about him leaving now, are you Far?” Sookie smirks at me, but sends me comfort too, despite her sassiness.


“You know I am not, but I have no choice.  I refuse to keep him under my thumb unnecessarily.  He will always come back to us if we never give him a reason not to,” I sigh, scooting Lia and I down on the bed and turning towards her.


Our daughter is still sound asleep, breathing heavily into my neck where I settled her.  Sookie gently removes Liam from her breast where he fell asleep and snuggles them down on the bed beside us getting as close as she can.


I push aside the pain I feel from Lex’s absence and bask in the peacefulness I feel from the rest of my family.  I love laying here with my wife and our precious little ones like this.  Nothing is better than this.


I reach over our babies and take Sookie’s hand in mine, bringing her fingers to my lips to kiss them.  I place it over my side once I have and then lay my arm over her side too.


I just lay there looking into her eyes for the longest time, as our children sleep peacefully between us, finding it hard to believe that this is my life now.


It is beyond miraculous to me.


“Look what you have given me, kära en,” I whispers to her, cupping her face in my hand and rubbing my thumb across her cheek.


A soft smile lights up her eyes, “I could not have done any of it without you,” she whispers back.


I revel in the love and complete and utter peace that floats between us, “Even though you are with me everyday, I will always remember this, this moment here, right now, the four of us together. How we are, what I feel for you and you for me.  What we both feel for the lives we have made.  I will carry it with me always,” I vow to her.


She lets one tear slip from her eye, I wipe it away as she smile at me, “I love you too, Eric.”




43 thoughts on “Epilogue

  1. What a perfect ending, I loved it. I liked seeing onto their future. Seeing Eric with his daughter melted my heart. I’m so glad Lex aged. It must have been hard for Eric to let him go. I can’t imagine the day when I’m there with my son (lol he is only 2). Such a fantastic story from start to finish.

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    1. Thank you dear! So glad you like it and I really appropriate you sticking with me and for taking the time to leave so many likes and comments. They meant the world to me!! My son turns 13 in a few weeks, I’m terrified of of what the next few years will hold for me as a Mom 😥

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  2. *sobs*
    It was perfect. And Lex get his own shot at happily ever after! Such a wonderful story. I do hope you bless us with the occasional outtake. Waiting patiently for an update on your other story now!

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    1. Awwww, I hope they were happy sobs, lol. I’m sure I’ll post a few outtakes at some point and I’m gonna get back to Save Me this week too, so I’ll update it soon. Thanks so much for ready and for all your sweet comments through this whole thing! I really appreciate them!!!


  3. Beautiful!!!
    Happy Lex is growing and enjoying his new life. I can understand both Eric and Sookie getting emotional when watching the other with children. Laughed about Eric having to be convinced to hold his newborn baby daughter! Can only imagine how small a baby would look in those hands!
    Thank you for sharing this with us and look forward to more of Save Me when posted.

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    1. I’m sad and happy all at once, lol! Sad that it’s over but proud of myself for finishing it finally. 🙂 Thank you so much for reading and leaving all the wonderful comments you did! They always made my days brighter and my muse happier! 😉 I’m sure I’ll post some outtakes at some point too. I plan on getting several more chapters of Save Me posted and then hope to get Pirate’s Bride started, I even have another idea floating around in my head for another vampire\faerie fic. Take care!!


  4. That was one of the most amazing Sookie/Eric stories I’ve ever read. Such an original concept with twists and turns. I LOVE that Eric became Alexie’s new maker. He saved him from that monster. Thank you for sharing your talented writing with us. Will this be available on a PDF so we can read it off line. Pretty please…….LOL

    Liked by 1 person

    1. WOW! Thank you!!! I’m blushing over here 🙂 Eric just had to Alexei’s maker in my mind. I just couldn’t see him or Sookie either one killing a child. So glad you agree!! As for a PDF, I would love to if I knew how to do that, lol. I’ll see if I can figure it out for you. Thanks so much for reading and for all your great comments!! 💓💓💓


  5. I will really miss this couple. I had to start from the beginning again just to enjoy the story properly. I love that they made Alexi their son. Great job, thank you for sharing your talent with us.

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  6. Wow, this a wonderful ending to a perfect story, so many ‘warm fuzzy feels’. Every single chapter was superb and an absolute pleasure to read, thank you for taking the time and care to write so beautifully for us. Totally believable and empathetic story telling, you should feel very proud, you are a very talented writer, *loud applause*

    Hey, time for me to catch up on ‘Save Me’.

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    1. OH MY DEAR!!! You are always too good to me!!! Thank you for all of your sweet sweet comments, they mean the word to me! I think I may have pulled off a decent ending for my favorite lovers, though I’m sure I could have improved it here or there. As they say, an artist is never satisfied, same goes for a writer I think 😉 Thank you so much for be the wonderful you that you are! Lots of love and many, many hugs!!! 💓💓💓💓


  7. Oh! It’s over! 😦 Lovely ending to a fantastic story! 🙂 So glad I stuck my head out the hole! I can’t wait to read the others, but somehow I knew this was the place to start. Great story!

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  8. What a beautiful end to such a lovely story! Eric has three kids! I love it! This is a fantastic, imaginative story and I loved reading it. They are such a lovely pair and you did a fantastic job portraying their great love. Truly enjoyable! Thank you so much for writing.

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  9. I re- read this story again and cried again. I love the love that comes from your characters, and what imagination! I love that you can write moments of love but also scenes of torture quite imaginative and intense. What I like most is that you have created your world with your rules, it’s the kind of stuff that makes great stories. Thank you for this wonderful journey.
    I’m very attracted by vampire stories, so I’ll start “You make me wanna die”

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Awww, thank you so much, Naima!!! This fic will always have a special place in my heart since it was my first. I hope you enjoy YMMWD even more. I like to think my writing has much improved since LE 😆 Can’t wait to hear what you think of it!!


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