Chapter 9






Eric’s POV

Sookie scrambles out of my lap, wrapping herself tightly in her cloak and heads to her clothes.

“Oh you know, I was just out hunting and enjoying a peaceful night to myself.”

Something tells me she is not being completely honest, but I do not push her. I have secrets of my own too.

“I want to see you again, Sookie. Could you meet me here again four nights from now? I should be able to make it back by then,” I ask her.

I stand and walk over to where she is dressing, running my finger down her spine as she is pulling the tunic over her head. Her squeak makes me laugh.

She spins around and slaps my chest giving me her best growl, “There you go laughing at me again. You beast,” she says as she winks at me.

She has wrapped her arms around my waist and is staring up at me with her chin to my chest. I smooth her hair back from her face trying to memorize every detail I can. I do not want to forget even a single eyelash.

Nor do I want to leave her tonight.

My chest has been tightening with dread for the last hour just thinking about it.

How have I gotten so attached, so quickly?

She is kissing her way across my chest now. I even feel her tongue dart out for a quick lick. She gets braver as her hot little mouth and tongue close around my nipple and begin to flick and suck at it. I let out a deep growl and lift her up by her ass so I can kiss her.

I could kiss her all night she tastes so sweet. Even in our short time together tonight her kissing skills have greatly improved. If I had a heartbeat she would be making it race.

“You are playing with fire little faerie. Keep it up and I will have to take you again,” I breathe into her neck.

My fangs ache to be buried there, but not tonight. Soon though.

“Sorry, I have been wanting to lick you all night,” she giggles.

I boom with laughter. She is such a treasure. I place her back on our rock and dust the dirt from her feet so I can get her boots back on her.

“Hey, why did you say it felt good to laugh again earlier? You said it as if it had been ages since you had. It saddens me that you do not. It is a wonderful sound. Your laughter, I mean. It makes me warm inside,” she admits bashfully.

I tie off her boot and lift her down from her perch, hugging her tightly, “I have not had a reason to laugh in a very long time. Not since Godric met the true death, and that was a hundred years ago.”

I kiss the top of her head and ease out of her grasp to go finish getting dressed. I pull my boots and tunic back on and walk to the edge of the water.

Appius took all the joy I had in my existence, and if he finds out about Sookie he will take her too.

Before tonight I had resigned myself to an eternity with nothing but his hatred to fill my nights.

But now…..?

Now I know I can have light back in my life if Sookie is in it. I vow to myself I will be free of him. Free to live again and maybe even love again.

She walks up behind me and slides her hand into mine, entwining our fingers together. Standing with me staring out over the water for a few moments gives me more comfort than she knows.

“I am sorry you lost him. You must have loved him very much,” she whispers, wrapping her other arm around mine and hugging it close to her.

“I did. It was as if he was my father, brother, and son all in one. I have never met another being as gentle, strong, and wise as he was. He was fifteen hundred years old when he was taken from me. The knowledge and experience he had was endless it seemed. He taught me everything I know. There is not a moment that goes by that I do not miss him,” I sigh deeply.

I have not cried about him since the night he met his true death. Doing my best at keeping everything locked away from Appius’ reach. But I can not stop the blood tear that escapes my eye now.

Sookie, in one short evening, has brought out a part of me I thought was gone. I wipe the tear away quickly before she sees.

I turn to face her, taking one of her hands in mine and bring it to my lips to kiss her knuckles, “Do you want to see me again, Sookie? You never answered me earlier. If you do not, I understand. I would never want to cause you any hardships.”

I do not know how I will stand going back to Appius if she says no. Knowing I would never see her again would kill any fight I have left in me. If she says yes, I will have hope to get me through. Something, someone, to fight for.

Who knew one small, beautiful, faerie would effect my future so much, in such a short time?

I do my best to keep the fear from showing on my face.

“Yes, of course I want to see you again, Eric. Of course I do. I miss you already. I can not believe what has happened between us tonight. It boggles my mind. I mean I never, ever thought I would feel anything but hate for a vampire. But you… made me, make me, feel things I never have before, for anyone. And I just met you a few hours ago!” she says as she laughs a bit hysterically.

We smile and hold each other close, content knowing our feelings are shared.

“Whatever this is between us, I want to see where it goes. I will have to tread very lightly with my family. They will have an extremely hard time excepting this. They may not except it at all. It would probably be best to wait and see how things go with us after some more time together. Would you be okay with that?” she asks.

“Of course I would. I did not realize you had any family left after you told me of your parents. But that is your decision to make, you know what is best for you. And that is what I wish for you, whatever is best,” I tell her leaning down to kiss her slowly and deeply, enjoying my last few minutes with her to the fullest.

“What about you? You said you had to go home, do you have someone, other family, or nest mates?” she asks.

“You could say that,” I mumble and pull away from her to walk back toward the forest. I do not want to do this.

How do I tell her I am basically a slave?

A slave to a monster.

“Eric? What is it? Did I say something wrong?” she asks. I can tell she is worried. I hear it in her voice.

“No. You did not say anything wrong, min lilla.” I throw my head back, squeeze my eyes shut, and let out a big sigh, “Home for me is not a good place, Sookie. The vampire that gave Godric his true death also drained me of Godric’s blood and filled me with his own. He made me his, and he is a very cruel maker. I have been controlled by him and his depravity for a hundred years now, with no hope of ever being free. That is unless I find a way for him to meet his true death.”



3 thoughts on “Chapter 9

  1. so she shared her light with him, i wonder if that means anything in your story…. it was a another great chapter and i have a feeling these two will be partnering up against Appius if something doesn’t happen while they are away from one another. KY

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