Chapter 8






Sookie’s POV

My body is a shuddering, trembling mess, but the pleasure Eric has bestowed upon me is more than I ever dreamed I could feel. If his cock feels half as good as his tongue and fingers do, I may not survive the night.

“You are ready, min lilla,” he breathes into my ear, causing another shudder to go down my body. “I am going to make you mine, Sookie.”

His words shoot straight to my core, making it clench and ache. He is over me now, my legs pulled back, hugging his ribs. I can feel the tip of his cock pressing against my pussy, so I press my hips against him, causing us both to groan.

I pull his face to mine and stare into his beautiful eyes, “And you will be mine.”


With that he slowly presses into me, one agonizing inch at a time, stretching and filling me more than I thought possible, until he is completely sheathed inside me. There is no pain, only an incredible fullness and a taste of the intense pleasure to come.

His body is as tight as my bow string, he is holding back so hard. I run my hands down his smooth muscular back all the way to that glorious ass and grip it in both hands. Flexing my hips and squeezing his cock with my pussy, hoping to get him moving.

“Sookie,” he grits out between clenched teeth, “I am trying not to hurt you, please be still a moment.”

I move a hand to his chin and lift his face up to look at mine, “Look at me Eric. You are not hurting me, I promise. The only thing that hurts is the ache in my pussy only your cock can satisfy.”

I swear his eyes turn two shades darker, and his fangs seem to get longer. He rises up on his arms, slides almost completely out and then slams back in.


We scream and roar in unison as he slams into me over and over again. I grip his sides tight with my thighs, holding on to his arms for dear life. That exquisite tension is already building in my stomach again, my entire body feels like it is on fire. He slows his pace only a little before scooping me up and sitting us back on his heels. His lips attack mine as he helps me ride him, pushing and pulling my hips up and down.

“Gods, Sookie, you are so fucking tight, so hot, so perfect,” he growls into my chest, leaning me back against his arms so he can get to my breasts. His sucking, pulling and biting them is going to drive me over the edge again and I tell him so.

“Fuck Eric, I am going to cum again,” I pant out between his thrusts.

“Look at me, Sookie. Do not take your eyes away from mine, look at me while you cum. Cum with me min lilla.”

His eyes are like blue flames boring into mine. His hands gripping my hips slamming me down on his cock over and over. I can feel him getting impossibly bigger, harder, my pussy clenching on every up stroke. He shifts my hips forward as he leans further back causing me to grind against his cock even harder on that magic spot within me and I shatter into a million pieces. I see a brilliant white light flash in front of me, hear an enormous roar and then I’m floating into nothingness.

“Sookie, you must wake up min lilla.”

I hear a deep soft voice calling to me, but I feel so peaceful I just ignore it.

“Wake up, my beautiful faerie.”

“No, I need to sleep,” I grumble.

Someone is nuzzling into my neck. I slap at them so they will go away and let me sleep. The nuzzling instead turns into a deep chuckle tickling my ear.

“Min lillllllaaa.”

The tickling is running down my chest and onto my stomach now. I crack my eyes open to see who this pest is that refuses to let me sleep, and see a beautiful smiling vampire over me.

“Eric? What happened?” I ask, rubbing my eyes and try to sit up, but he holds me tightly, but gently in his lap.

At some point he has wrapped me in my cloak and moved us to lean against one of the rocks.

He brushes back some hair out of my face and just looks at me sweetly, “I am not really sure what happened, I have never experienced anything like it. But I think it was your doing.”

“MINE? I did not do anything! You are the one that made my body feel things it never has before,” I grumbled.

Said body begins to shake because the vampire holding it is having a good laugh.

“Do not laugh at me you brute!” I fuss, punching him in his rock hard shoulder only causing him to laugh harder. I gave him my best scowl too.

“I’m sorry little one, it feels good to laugh again and you are just too adorable,” he chuckles some more and bops me on the nose.

I just pout.

“What did you see? And why do you think it was my fault?” I ask him, snuggling back into his chest.

“Not your fault, little one, your doing. There was absolutely no fault in what we did,” he squeezes me and kisses my forehead. “I believe it was you because you were glowing.”

I jerk my head up and look at him like he is insane. He just wraps one of his big hands around my head and pushes me back against his chest. “When you were getting close to your release I saw a light in your chest, over your heart. The closer we got to our climax, the more the light spread until your whole body was light and it began to surround me too. You felt too good to stop and question what it meant. I have never made love to a faerie before, so I dismissed it as just faerie sex. When we both started cumming the light around us just exploded. Your magnificent pussy was giving me the most amazing climax I have ever had, so I roared when I finished and then there was only blackness. Until I woke up flat of my back with a gorgeous faerie draped across me. You were still out so I laid you down and went and cleaned up in the lake. I washed you off and wrapped you up in your cloak and waited for you to rise. Was it the same for you?”

“The bright flash of light at the end, your roar, and the blackness were all the same for me, but I never saw any light until the end. How could I not see that I was glowing? And how long was I out?”

“At least an hour. I was beginning to get worried, but your heartbeat and breathing were fine, so I let you have your rest. I did give you quite a workout after all,.” he smiles down at me wickedly with that sexy eyebrow cocked.

I twist around so I’m straddling his lap and feel leather against my bare skin. I look down and pout that he has got his pants back on. He chuckles at my expression, gives me a sweet kiss and hugs me to his chest.

“We will have to wait to do this again another time min lilla. It will be dawn soon and I must start the journey home,” he says, sounding so empty and almost angry.

“Where is home?”

“Far north of here. I will not make it there until almost dawn tomorrow. What about you, where were you headed tonight before I so pleasantly interrupted you?” he asks nuzzling into my neck.

Oh boy. I am not so sure he is going to like hearing I am hunting down a vampire.



5 thoughts on “Chapter 8

  1. That was fabulous! I need a cigarette! She just bonded to him in the Faery way, and they don’t know it, right? Oh boy! Now she’ll have to tell him that she’s after Appius.

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