Chapter 7


Eric’s POV

I could feast at these breasts for eternity. They were made for my hands, no woman’s have ever filled my hands like Sookie’s do.

She is writhing from the attention I am more than happy to bestow upon them too. I suckle the right, only stopping to lave it with my tongue, while twisting her left nipple between my fingers, swapping sides every few mins. Her back is already arching off the ground and her hips bucking against my stomach.

Min lilla is full of passion for one so innocent.

I run my fangs across a nipple just to see how she reacts.

“Eric! Please, I need… ” she begs, her sentence trailing off into a moan as I kiss down her torso.

My need to taste her nectar can no longer wait so I sit up and grasp the waist of her pants and pull them off before she has time to react. I spread her thighs and rub their length as my eyes devour her core. She is as bare as a babe, much to my surprise, though I’m sure I will enjoy it all the more. The view it gives me makes my mouth water. Her lips swollen and glistening with her juices, her clit seems to be begging me to suck it.

I’m shaken out of my trance by Sookie’s worried voice, “Eric, am I ok, do I not please you?”

My dead heart clenches at her words, how could she ever think such a thing?

I scoop her up holding her tightly to my chest, “You please me more than I ever thought anyone could, min lilla. Do not ever think you are not perfect in every way.”

I put my hands around her face giving her a gentle smile that she returns and bring her lips to mine, kissing her until we are both aching for more.

“Lay back and let me worship you, Sookie. I want to taste you like no one ever has.”

I spread her open again and start at one knee sucking and kissing my way to her core. Her cloak is clinched tightly in her fists, her eyes screwed shut, and her teeth are buried in her bottom lip.

“Breathe min lilla, I promised to bring you only pleasure,” I whisper against her inner thigh.

I run my nose up the slit between her lips drawing in her scent in a deep ragged breath. My fangs throb to bury themselves in her folds, I groan battling the temptation. When my tongue finally slides it’s way up her lips I do not know which of us is affected more. Her scream muffles my moan and it takes much of my strength to hold her hips still.

“By the gods, Sookie, you taste like heaven itself,” I pant against her heated skin.

“Fuck, Eric! Please, please do not stop!” she nearly screams.


I grab both hips and attack her clit with my lips and tongue, sucking and licking her into a frenzy. When my tongue dips into her core I can feel her walls clinch around me and flutter with the beginnings of the first of many orgasms I plan to give her this night.

I slide my tongue back up to her clit and wrap my lips around it, holding it with just the right amount of suction while flicking the tip of my tongue over it as quickly as I think she can stand. Within seconds she explodes, screaming my name to the stars. Her entire body is shaking with her release, pink and glistening in the moonlight.

It takes every ounce of strength I possess not to bury my cock into that divine pussy and fuck her into oblivion. Instead I give her a few moments to catch her breath as I gently smooth my hands down her body. It doesn’t take long for her beautiful eyes to meet mine, they are shining with contentment.

“Is that what I have been missing all this time?” she asks with a satisfied grin.

I just nod and smile, glad to have given her such pleasure.

“I want to make you feel this way too, please tell me what I can do. Will being inside me help?” she asks shyly.

“Yes, being inside you will help very much. We have to go slow so I do not hurt you though. I will be as gentle with you as possible,” I assure her.

“You don’t have to worry about hurting me, faeries are not like human women. Our first time never hurts, we just are not made that way. At least that is what I have been told.”

I stand to take my pants off, “Well we will go slow just to make sure. I never want to hurt you.”

I slide my pants over my hips and they slip to my knees. I hear her gasp but keep working to get out of them. I straighten up and stay still so she can look me over if she wishes. It’s hard not to laugh at her shocked expression, I’m a rather large vampire and my cock is no exception. It is standing tall and ready to fill her tight sheath.

“Are you sure that is suppose to fit inside me?” she gulps with wide eyes.

I kneel down over her again and gently push her back down, grinning wickedly, “Yes, it will fit and you will enjoy every inch of it. I promise.”

I stretch out beside her and prop up on my elbow, gazing down at her loveliness. She grabs me by the neck to pull me down for another kiss, sucking and biting at my bottom lip.

Mmm, my minx is feeling braver.

I keep her busy with my mouth as my right hand begins to explore. Ghosting over her breasts, pinching a nipple, then sliding down to that luscious place between her thighs. She jumps a little as my fingers find their mark, but quickly begins to moan as I work my magic.

“You are so wet for me, Sookie. So hot and so wet,” I breathe, kissing her neck down to her collarbone.

“Is… is that good?” she stutters.

“It is very good.”

I glide my fingers through her slick folds and up to circle her clit, gently and slowly, eliciting a sexy moan. As I slip in one long finger, I moan myself feeling how tight she is. “So very tight, min lilla. You are going to feel so glorious wrapped around my cock.”

“Please, Eric, let me feel you, please,” she whines.

“Soon, very soon, little one,” I mumble kissing her breasts and nibbling at her stiff nipples. “I want to make sure you are ready and that I do not hurt you. My fingers will stretch you, so you can take my cock into this glorious pussy.”

I add another finger, sliding them in and out slowly, her walls gripping them tightly. Her breathing is getting heavier so I speed up and curl them a bit so I hit that sweet spot hiding deep inside her. Her head begins to thrash, as I suck and lick at her nipple, never slowing the pace of my fingers. I decide to add one more. Three will still not be as thick as my cock, but I need to make sure she can handle me.

“Oh Eric, oh fuck! That feels….. so good. What are….. you…… doing to me?”

She’s panting now she’s so close, I can feel her walls fluttering again. I press my thumb to her clit, rubbing it in tight circles.

“Cum for me Sookie, fuck my fingers with that pussy.”

Her hips are bucking wildly now, I speed my fingers up just a bit more and she cums so hard her juices gush all over my hand.

“FUCK, fuck, fuuuuck!”

The next village could probably hear her screams she is so loud. I slip one finger out, but keep gently sliding the other two in and out of her drenched pussy, bringing her down slowly. She is even more beautiful when she cums, her face so flushed and her skin glistening. It is time to make her mine, she could not be any more ready than she is now.



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    1. LOL! You ain’t kiddin! Of course, that’s how you can tell it’s fiction, that much foreplay in real life is a myth! LOL! Thank God for fan fiction! Onto the best part! 🙂

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