Chapter 6




Eric’s POV

I wrap my hand behind her neck and lower her to the ground spreading her golden waves around her head like a halo. She looks like a Valkyrie sent straight from Valhalla come to take me home.

This is not what I had planned for the evening, but I thank Freja for putting her in my path, for I believe she sent her. I do not think our meeting was a mistake as Sookie said earlier, we were meant to meet, meant to touch each other’s lives. Even if only for tonight.

Though if I have my way it will be for much longer.

I have had no desire to make love to a woman for a very long time, I have fucked plenty in the last four hundred or so years, but I have never felt this draw like I do to her. I can not explain it, nor do I understand it, but I knew the second I saw her face that she would come to mean a great deal to me.

That thought chills me to my core, Appius will never allow me to keep her. The second he knows she means anything to me, he will kill her. Or rape and torture her while making me watch and then force me to end her myself. The thought makes me shudder.

He can never know of her, NEVER!

I will take this gift she is giving me tonight and cherish it, keep it locked away deep inside where Appius can not reach.

I must not be hiding my emotions very well because Sookie looks troubled. She reaches up and smooths my brow with her fingertips sliding them down my face to my chin. “Is there something wrong, am I not doing this properly?” she asks, her voice small and meek, not at all like the sassy minx from earlier.

“You are doing everything just right, min lilla sol. I was just remembering something.”

Then I realize those were the fears of an innocent speaking.

“Sookie, have you lain with a man before?” I ask as I trail my fingers across her collar bone down to one very plump breast straining against her tunic.

I can see the perfect outline of her nipple so I circle it with my finger. I can not wait to wrap my mouth around it.

The blush that rushes to her face and chest, after my question, speaks volumes. She curls up on her side and tries to hide her face from me. I gently turn her onto her back again so she can see I am not displeased.

“It is nothing to be ashamed of little one, I am honored you would choose me to give your gift to. We can stop if you are not ready, I do not want you to regret this, Sookie. I will not take what is not freely given,” I tell her gently.

She shakes her head, staring up at me with wide blue eyes, “I want this, I want you Eric. I want you to be my first.”

“Then you shall have me.”

It does not escape me that that was the first time she has said my name tonight. I will make her say it many times before we are done.

I lean down, lightly kissing her forehead, cheeks, nose, and chin, finishing with her luscious lips. I almost groan thinking about them wrapped around my cock. We will have to save that for another night. This night will be all about min lilla.

I slowly start to loosen the ties down the front of her tunic, kissing along her jaw, neck and collar bone to distract her. Her gasps and moans tell me it is working. When I get them done I slide my hands under her back to sit her up.

I can tell she is scared to death but she gives me a small smile anyway. I grab the bottom of her tunic and slowly lift it up, being sure my fingers skim her sides along the way. I love the gasp that slips from between her lips.

“Raise your arms, Sookie.”

She does as I ask and I quickly slide it over her head. Her arms immediately cover her chest, but I leave her with a few more moments of security as I lay her back down.

I start trailing my lips across the top of her pants, sitting low along her hips. Her skin is like the softest silk, and smells better than the sweetest honey. The heat of it burns my own, but I only crave more. I move up, rubbing my nose around her belly button, blowing my cool breath across it. She jumps as her hands fly to the sides of my head to stop me. Her giggle is music to my ears.

“Ticklish are we?”

“YES!” she squeals as I nibble on her soft flat stomach.

I look up so I do not miss the smile on her face, it is as breathtaking as I imagined. I wish I could always be the one to put it there.

She reaches up and cups my face, rubbing her thumbs along my cheekbones, her fingers running through my hair. I can tell she wants to say something, but is too shy.

“What is floating around in that gorgeous head of yours?” I whisper to her.

She squeezes her eyes closed for a moment then looks back up at me with a peaceful expression. “You are the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.”

I can not help but chuckle, “Thank you milady, but you min lilla, need to look at your own reflection for that.”

I raise back up onto my knees so I can see her, this time she keeps her hands to her sides, though her fists are tightly clenched. I reach down and take her hands into my own, rubbing my thumbs against her palms trying to relax her. Just as she did for me earlier.

Her deep breathing is causing her perfect breasts to rise and fall, the sight of them makes my cock strain against my pants. I let my eyes rake over her body, taking my time to commit every inch of her to memory. She is the complete opposite of me in every way, small where I am large, soft instead of hard, golden rather than pale, and innocent to my depravity.

Maybe I hope that in being with her she will redeem me, at least for one night. I take my hand and draw it from her neck, down between those sumptuous breasts.

“You are so perfect,” I whisper reverently.

I lean back over her and continue whispering into her ear how beautiful and perfect she is. How much I want her and how thankful I am to have found her this night. Kissing and stroking every naked inch as I do.

“You are going to scream my name before I am though with you min lilla,” I tell her as I finally close my mouth around one perfect pink nipple.

Her moan triggers one of my own.



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