Chapter 43 part II




I run back to the hallway with him so he can not see Appius, or Niall and Sookie, and keep my voice as calm and comforting as I can when I speak to him.

“Master is very sick Alexei, he asked me to watch over you.  But I’m going to take you to a friend of mine so he can watch you while I look after Master, alright?”

“I can help.  If Father is sick I can help,” he yells and tries to wiggle out of my arms all at once.

I have to get him out of here before he gets upset so I call to Niall, “Meet me just inside the tunnel door,” I tell him then pop us there myself.

Alexei is groaning in my arms from experiencing his first pop when Niall appears in front of us.  I feel my tie with Appius begin to clear at the same time.

“Sookie! Get out of sight right now, Appius is waking up,” I nearly yell into her mind as I shove Alexei into Niall’s arms.

“Knock him out and pop him to Claude, then find Sook…..”

There is no need for me to finish my sentence because my wife is now standing beside me.  I relax again at seeing her, but can not waste the time needed to hold her like I want to.

“Stay here and wait for him to get back,” I tell her, “I will call you both when I’m ready for you.”

I grab her arms and kiss her on the head once more before popping away.

I decide to go to my old room so I can slowly walk out and make an entrance for my prisoner.  I’m feeling dramatic this evening I guess.

As I make my way out, I can easily hear his groans and even though it’s faint I can feel his pain and confusion.  I’m sure now that I’m at full strength again I could close our tie, but I decide to leave it open for a while.  I want every advantage I can get over him, knowing his feelings will help with that.

“A bit uncomfortable are we, Appius?” I ask him in a bored tone as I enter the room.

His groans get louder.

Being able to say his name instead of “master” is very satisfying.  I was not sure I would be able to until I tried, but it seems being at full strength and having my bonded near is overriding any control he ever had over me.

How nice for me and bad for him.

I do not bother to look his way yet, only watching the floor as I cross the room. I stop a few feet in front of him and stand with my legs apart and my hands behind my back.  I keep my face emotionless as I finally look up at him.

I’m surprised it takes him so long to figure it out, but his tired hooded gaze changes the second he realizes who I am. I suppose I do look much different than I did this morning and I guess he has a hard time believing he is the one in chains while I’m the jailer. I can feel his shock and even see it flash across his face, but it quickly turns to fury.

“What the fuck do you think you are doing?  Get me down from here right fucking now!” he tries to roar at me, but his voice is weak just like the rest of him.

Sun and silver are not his friends apparently.  Again too bad for him, I rather like them these days.

Still keeping my tone indifferent, I reply to his order, “No, I do not think I will. You will stay right there.”

“You ungrateful little fuck!  I command you to release me!” he spits at me.

I vaguely feel his command, but it is about as bothersome as a fly.  I wait a moment and then smirk at him, “Command all you want, it does not work on me anymore,” I tell him, my voice much more pleasant this time.

I smile evilly at him as he tries over and over again to force me to his will.  Being unsuccessful after several minutes he lets out a scream of frustration and tries to shake himself lose from his chains.  “I will kill you!” he snarls like a mad dog.

I let out a loud booming laugh in return, “No.  Wrong again.  It is I who is going to be doing the killing this time Appius.”

I just keep smiling and watch him continue to fight his chains. After awhile he stills and stares into my eyes as if he is trying to glamour me, “What the fuck are you?  This is not fucking possible.  I beat you within an inch of your death this morning.  Even a vampire does not heal so quickly from that much damage.  You were already nearly dead when I found you.  Where have you been?  What is this power you have over me?  A witch did this.  You found a witch to strengthen you, it has to be a witch….” he trails off mumbling to himself.

As I stand there enjoying his quandary, I decide it’s time for Sookie to join me. I’m certain she will be an even bigger shock to him than his current predicament.

“Not a witch, Appius,” I speak loud enough to break him from his speculating.  When his eyes meet mine and I know I have his attention, I let the other shoe drop, “The lover you knew I had, the one you so graciously sent me to, was a Faerie.  She gave me power over you.”

I call out to my Faerie so he can hear me, no need for him to know our secret yet, “Come and greet our guest, min älskling.”

She is by my side before I even finish my sentence, and from the look on his face, if Appius was still human he would have shit himself seeing her appear in front of him.  Instead he gapes at her for several long seconds then slams his eyes shut, shaking his head roughly.  Apparently he is trying to convince himself he is dreaming.

Our tie is instantly flooded with his turmoil.  To him Sookie is Einin, the lover he killed over a century ago.  He can not believe who he just saw alive and well in front of him.

My bonded is still there smiling coyly at him once he finds the courage to open his eyes again.

“No.  No, it can not be, I killed you.  I ripped your throat out and watched your blood spill all over the floor to mix with your cocksucker of a husband’s and your little bastard’s too.  Then I burned you.  I burned all of you.  You are dead, you are all dead,” he whispers.

Though she does not let it show on the outside I can feel Sookie’s emotions falter in our bonds as she listens to him ramble.  When I go to take her hand in comfort she steps away from me and closer to him though, staring at him with blue fire in her eyes.

“I’m alright my love, but I’m going to play with his head awhile, if that is okay with you?” she whispers into my mind.

“Play all you want älskare, I will sit back and enjoy the show,” I answer her while making my way over to a chair at the table and taking a seat.

She wastes no time starting her game.

“I am alive and well as you can see. You only thought you killed me.  Faeries are very tricky to get rid of Appius,” she teases him.

“Impossible!” he roars.

She just shrugs her shoulders at him, “Obviously not.”

They have a staring contest with each other after that, him in disbelief, her in righteous anger.

I keep close tabs on the bonds making sure my wife is okay, but of course I had no reason to worry, she is as strong as ever.  Angry as fuck, but her usual stable self underneath it.

Finally she speaks, “You loved me once.”

Okay, now I’m the one faltering.  I know she is playing with him, but I nearly crumble the chair arms to splinters in my hands when I hear that.  A burst of love from her is all I need to calm down though.

“I did you faithless cunt!  But you were and are nothing but a fucking whore! You never deserved my love, you fucking cheating bitch,” Appius hisses at her.

The chair arms do not survive his filthy speech.

Once again it’s Sookie that keeps me seated with a soft plea reaching my mind, “I’m fine, my love.  I can handle this. Have patience, we want him to suffer remember?”

“I do, but I’m going to rip his cock off and shove it down his throat for speaking to you that way,” I reply.

“Sounds lovely,” she giggles in return.

Giggles?  Gods I love her.

“I love you too, now hush.  You are distracting me,” she scolds.

“Yes dear.”

She turns around and smirks at me before facing Appius again.

He is looking between us with suspicion written all over his face.  I guess our smiles are curious to see at a time like this.

Sookie ignores it and jumps right back in.

“You tried to kill me and you took the ones I loved most from me, so in return I decided to do the same to you,” she tells him, turning to walk my way. “I have taken your beautiful boys from you already,” she purrs, stroking her fingers against my cheek, never taking her eyes off of his while she reaches down with her other hand and rubs my cock through my pants.

“Play along,” she whispers once she stands, behind me, rubbing her hands over my shoulders and down my chest, nibbling on my neck the whole time.

I send her my eager compliance.

Resting her chin on my head she speaks to him in a bored tone, “I tired of Andre quickly.  Your Viking, well he is my Viking now actually, he was more than happy to rip Andre’s head from his body for me,” she informs him, her voice turning sweet.

Of course he rages while trying to rip himself free.  Sookie waits for him to tire and quit his screaming before continuing.

“Still rubbing her hands all over me she goades him some more, “I made Eric mine the first night I found him.  Even when you thought he was still yours, he was mine.  He has always been mine, and always will be, according to the Ancient One anyway,” she purrs and kisses my cheek.

That gets his attention.  He goes completely still and stares at her slack jawed.  It is not a good look for him.

Sookie smiles as she moves to sit in my lap and I can feel her satisfaction at stunning him again, then her desire to enrage him. Turning her eyes to mine and looking at me lovingly she fulfills that need quickly.

While the bonds fill with her love and devotion, she prods him expertly, “It’s because of me his heart beats again, why his blood is warm and flowing once more, the reason silver and the sun no longer burn him.  Yet he is still vampire too.  He is the strongest, most unique, and magnificent creature to grace this world I believe,” she whispers with a smile only for me. Looking back up to address our captive, her voice takes on a condescending edge, “I gave him those gifts because his love for me is pure and selfless.  He is far more worthy of me than I am him.  And Appius?” she asks, her eyes boring into his, a sly smile pulling at her lips, “I love him beyond reason.  My love for him is so deep there is no end to it.  We are bonded for eternity, nothing and no one will ever tear us apart.  Not even you,” she declares before proceeding to kiss me nearly senseless right in front of him.

We ignore his cursing and screaming, continuing to kiss for several minutes. Thankfully we have a little chat about Alexei in our heads while we do.  If she had not distracted me with that we might be doing other things right now.

Watching her handle him so easily is making my cock hard.

I agree with her plan and after giving me a few more kisses she hops off my lap and walks slowly towards the still fuming Appius.  She waits for him to shut up with arms crossed over her perfect breasts and one luscious hip jutting out. Her ass looks spectacular from here, wrapped tightly in those leather pants. Of course it always does, tight pants or not.

If I gave into my baser instincts I would probably be fucking her into next week, especially after our little make out session. She is so fucking sexy when she is in control.

I can not hold back my growl when she whispers sweet nothings into my mind, “Oh we are going to fuck my husband, for days on end if I have any say in it. Just as soon as we dispatch this piece of shit to hell where he belongs.”

I enjoy watching a shiver run up her spine when I push my lust to her in return.  But I quickly pull it back before we go too far with our teasing and lose sight of the objective.

Finally, my soon to be a pile of goo maker quits his caterwauling and Sookie can continue.

“So, we killed your little Andre and I bonded myself to Eric for eternity, but I believe there is one more boy left, is that correct?” she waves towards Niall and Alexei the moment they pop into the room.

His eyes widen at seeing them and I’m surprised to feel a fleeting moment of shame cross our tie as he looks at the boy hanging limply from Niall’s arms.

He forgot about him.  Completely forgot.

That does not surprise me at all, his shame about it on the other hand does, but it is quickly washed away by confusion.  I’m guessing he does not understand why he no longer feels Alexei when he is right in front of him whole and in one piece.

“What have you done to him you fucking whore?  Release him and you can fucking have your worthless cretin!” he tries to reason with her.  “Alexei is my child!  MINE!  And you will give him back to me or I will kill you all!” he snarls and snaps his fangs at her.

“You protest too much Appius. The boy is fine, he has only been spelled.  He will sleep until I wish to wake him.  I have struggled with what to do with the boy, but I think I have finally decided. You have done it before so you should be fine with us doing it too,” she says nonchalantly then looks back over her shoulder to me.

“My love?  What do you think of draining him and then remaking him as yours?” she asks with a wicked smile.

“Anything for you, kära en,” I reply, my face a reflection of hers.

My maker’s roar of fury fills the room while I stand to my feet and walk over to Niall taking the boy into my arms.  I hold his body against my chest, his back to my front, causing his head to easily fall back over my shoulder giving me perfect access to his neck.

Watching as my fangs snap down and begin to press into Alexei’s pale flesh, Appius begins to beg, “NO!  No you can not do this!  You can not take him from me!  He is mine!  Please!  I finally made one of them love me.  He loves me,” he ends with a wail.

I can not believe what I am hearing, let alone feeling through our tie.  Appius is completely distraught at the possibility of losing this boy.

I turn to look at Sookie, “He really loves him,” I tell her dumbfounded, “I can feel it.”

She registers shock at first, quickly looking between me and Niall for help I guess.

“It will only serve to make his pain worse. And the worse the better if you ask me,”
Niall tells us both.

“You know I agree with that.  He took many of our loved ones, we sure as fuck can take one of his,” I gladly profess my feelings on the matter walking closer to Appius and to taunt him.

“Which would pain you more I wonder?” I ask him, “Staking him right now, or draining your blood from his veins and making him mine for eternity? Hmmmm?  Which will it be master? What do you choose for your precious child?” I sneer, my calm cracking and allowing my rage to seep through.

“You sadistic, cold hearted fucking bastard!  I should have staked your black heart the night I found you!” he screams at me, trying his best to break free.

He would attempt to rip me to shreds if he got loose right now.  His rage is far and above any I have felt from him before.

Mine equals it.

“My cold black heart?” I ask him with deceptive calm as I drop Alexei to the floor.

I take his neck in a brutal grip and slam his skull into the wall just as he did to me this morning. “MINE?” I roar an inch from his face and then slam him again. “You killed my maker in front of me, tortured, abused, and raped me for fun for over a century, now you do the same to this child and I have the black heart?” I ask crushing his throat so there is no way for him to answer me.

My vision goes red as the beast in me begins to come unleashed. I lessen my grip on his neck just enough to allow him to scream as I begin to press my fingers through his chest planning to rip his black heart out and show it to him just before he turns to goo at my feet.

A small voice in my mind stops me a moment before I wrap my fingers around his heart, I barely hear it over the gasping and gurgling coming from Appius’ throat.

“Has he suffered enough?”

I step back from him slinging his blood off of my fingers.  I would lick them clean if the thought of tasting his blood did not make my stomach threaten to turn inside out.

As he shudders in pain, moaning weakly, I grab is jaw in my hand and squeeze it until it shatters beneath my fingers, “A quick death is too good for you,” I spit in his face.

I turn around and pick Alexei back up then take him to his maker, but not close enough he could strain to touch him. Easily holding onto the boy with one arm I reach out with my other hand and jerk Appius’ head up by his hair, “Look at him!” I hiss, “This is the last time you will ever see him, so I suggest you take a good look.  I, unlike you will give him a choice in his own future. Me as his new maker or the true death. Either way he will be decidedly better off than with a sick fuck like you.  If he chooses me, I will protect him with my life.  He will never suffer pain again, he will be free to choose his path, and he will never be fucking raped by anyone as long as he walks the earth!  My love for him will be nothing like your vile twisted idea of it. No matter how long it takes me I will wipe every memory of you from his mind.  He will love me, Appius, adore me even.  And you will be nothing to him.  Absolutely nothing,” I whisper.

I revel in the blood tears streaming down the bastard’s face and feel not an ounce of sympathy for him.  I let his head fall back down as he begins to sob and walk Alexei back to Niall who takes him gently from my arms.

“Take him back to Claude, we will take care of him later. You are welcome to have a turn with our friend anytime,” I tell him then go over to my bonded who is looking at me with concern.

I lean down and kiss her forehead then look into her eyes, “I’m fine kära en, I promise.  Do not worry and thank you for stopping me by the way.  You were right, it was too soon. Now go have fun with him.  I will sit back and watch you work.  I quite enjoy it,” I wink at her.

She raises up on her toes and gives me a quick kiss before heading back over to Appius.  Niall pops into the room and comes to join me when he sees me sitting down again.

“You are not going to take your turn?” I ask him.

“I think the two of you are doing a fine job without me.  As long as he is no more after tonight, I will be satisfied.  I have a feeling Sookie will never tell him who she really is, she would not want to give him the satisfaction of knowing he truly did take Einin’s life.  So there really is no point in him knowing who I am.  I’m fine with watching from here.  I would probably not be able to keep to our agreed timeline if I ever started on him anyway.  The urge to send for Neave and Lochlan to play with him for a few centuries is almost too strong to say no to,”
he tells me.

I nod my head at him, understanding that urge myself.

I turn back to watch my warrior princess work and my eyebrows raise when she hauls off and slaps Appius across the face, a loud crack filling the room. “Wake up you demented fucker.  I was not done with you yet,” she snarls at him.

“Fuck you, cunt,” he slurs because of his useless jaw.

Another crack echos off the stone walls.

She steps back a bit and smiles at him, “That is no way to speak to a lady,” she tells him in a calm, deadly tone just before frying his package off with a small fireball.

I laugh over his howling, “How am I suppose to shove his cock down his throat if you have burned it off already. That is going to take weeks to grow back,” I sigh dramatically.

“Sorry, my love.  It was the least he deserved for insulting me,” she apologizes sweetly.  “I’m sure you will think of something else creative to do to him before you put a stake through his heart.”

“He does not….. have the balls….. to stake me,” Appius wheezes. “He is……. nothing but a……pathetic……coward.”

Before I can get to him to prove him wrong, Sookie’s hands glow red as they grip his snarling face, “Before the sun rises you will meet your true death by his hands.  That I swear to you,” she hisses over his screams.

For eight more hours we take turns tormenting him.  Niall even joined us after awhile, no longer able to fight the temptation.  About an hour into our play time I pulled him from the wall and chained him to the table.  We had easier access that way.

Almost every inch of his skin was sliced and diced with my silver daggers, what we did not cut, we burned.  We would push him to the point of death, then leave him to heal for awhile only to do it all over again.  My favorite, other than taking Alexei away from him, was carving my name into his chest then pouring the wounds full of silver powder.  The bastard had a cabinet full of it on hand.

While we gave him time to heal we explored the nest, going into all the rooms I was never allowed in.  There was plenty of gold coins, jewelry, and other priceless trinkets hidden throughout the place, but there was one room that left us all speechless.

The Shrine of Einin would be the best way to describe it.

The room was full of her things. Dresses, ribbons, letters, and much more.  But until we pulled the cloth off of the back wall we had no idea whose things we were looking at.

Hanging under the cloth was a huge oil painting of Einin in a beautiful fae gown, sitting by a small pool of water.  The resemblance to my wife was unbelievable.  

Niall had sunk down into a chair and stared at the painting, his face a mask of sorrow and pain.

My love clung to me and cried for almost an hour.  Every time she would calm down she would pull her face from my neck or chest to look up at her mother again, only to burst into a new waves of sobs.

I sent all the love and comfort I could to her because she needed it, but I hoped that they hid the fury I was feeling underneath.  

Appius never ceases to find ways to hurt us whether he means to or not.  

Standing in that room as I was holding my wife while she mourned her family all over again, it is a wonder I did not go straight to that bastard and rip him limb from limb. But their sorrow soon turned to rage and they vanished from the room.  

I followed the screams of my maker to find them.

I’m afraid to say Sookie and I lost ourselves to bloodlust after that.  I have very little memory of what happened. There was lots of screaming and blood though.  All from Appius.  We woke up naked and covered in his blood sometime later.

We both decided to calm things down, neither of us enjoyed knowing we lost control that way and we made sure to not make the same mistake again.   

That was three hours ago.  It’s only about an hour till sunrise according to my internal clock and I’m tired.  

I’m sick of being in his presence, I’m way past annoyed at hearing his whimpers and screams too.  They lit a fire in my soul at first, but now I just want him to shut the fuck up.  

The three of us are sitting in chairs next to the table he is whining from.  He is trying to heal all the bones we broke about an hour ago.  We broke them all so it’s taking some time.

I let out a loud sigh before standing up and looking at them, “An hour till dawn is close enough for me.  I’m ready to finish this if you have no objections,” I tell them.

Niall waves his hand towards the table, “Please, go right ahead.  I’m ready to see this done and go home,” he consents looking as tired as I feel and Niall never looks tired.

Sookie stands and reaches out for my hand so I lace my fingers with hers and bring them to my lip to kiss her knuckles. “Would you like us to leave?” she asks softly.

“Only if you want to.  If not I thought we could all do this together,” I suggest quietly.

Niall raises his elegant eyebrows at me in question, but I just slip one of my daggers from its sheath and hand it to him, handle first.  He takes it without question.

Once he stands I pull the other dagger out and lead Sookie over to the table. She stands to the left of Appius’ head, I’m above him, and Niall takes the right.
I lean over and look at the pitiful mess that is my maker.  “It is time Appius,” I tell him with a deathly calm.

His eyes flutter open then widen when he sees the three of us over him and his whimpers become even louder.  

“By rights we have come to avenge the deaths of our loved ones.  To exact revenge for the pain and suffering you have caused us.  Your true death is payment for your crimes against us.” Niall says with all the authority his title allows. He grips his dagger tightly and presses it into the skin over Appius’ heart, but only enough to break it, “For Einin,” he says quietly.

I press my dagger in beside Niall’s, “For Godric and Alexei.”

Sookie wraps her hand tightly over mine so that we can both plunge it into his heart together, “For my family and for Eric,” she says firmly.

I stare down into Appius’ terrified eyes with a smirk pulling at my lips, “Rest in torment you fucking bastard,” I growl, as we sink our blades into his black heart.



16 thoughts on “Chapter 43 part II

  1. Appius was truly damaged longed before he committed his heinous acts. I can’t blame Niall, Eric, and Sookie for doing what they did. Appius certainly deserved it. I hope they can all move on. It would be lovely if there was a way to give young Alexei back his life and let him grow up, but I think that’s impossible. I figure he convinced himself he loved his tormenter because it was the only way he could cope.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Very fitting for them to end Appius together! He deserved all he got and more. Wonder how Alexei will feel when the spell is removed? And what he will choose for his future? Hopefully there is closure for Eric, Sookie, and Naill so they can put this behind them and move forward.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Yay, a perfect way to end Appius, and yes, he deserved to suffer, and I’m glad he had so much torment and pain before he met the true death. Alexei is going to choose Eric isn’t he? Please say, ‘yes’. (Oh jw-nl, I know you and your kind heart, this story is going to end perfectly. Tku ♥x)

    Liked by 1 person

  4. they tortured him together and him knowing that Eric has Alexei was perfect to destroy Appius’s dead soul. but the shrine, he was a creepy fucker, i think he truly did love her but it cost others their lived. it was a happy ending to have him killed by all three of them together. KY

    Liked by 1 person

  5. There is no Hell hot enough nor one so horrible to torment any piece left of the rotting soul that was Appius Livius Ocella. May he suffer infinite deaths in their version of Purgatory, the sick fuck. Final death is too good for him.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Oh man, that was perfect!! I’m not usually one for torture scenes but that was awesome! I know it’s funny to say this, but it was really real. Like how they were happy at first and how he almost lost it and killed him too early, how they lost themselves to bloodlust and then decided they didn’t like that. Then the fact that they were all just really weary. I mean, obviously, I have no intimate knowledge of the mechanics of torture, but I can imagine that it takes a lot out of the torturer too. It is sustained strong emotion and that is exhausting to anyone. This was really well done and I am so glad he is dead and gone and they don’t have to deal with him again.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you!!! I promise I haven’t had any intimate knowledge of torture either, lol. I had no idea I had packed all that in there and made it that believable until you told me 🙂 So thrilled you liked it so much!!! That’s high praise coming from you! I hope you enjoy the rest as much!!

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