Chapter 42






Seconds after landing in the human realm you would think I had just been drowning from the huge gasps of air I’m sucking in because of the bonds erupting to life inside my chest.


I can feel him!  He’s still alive!


Tears immediately start flowing down my cheeks as I feel my Eric inside me again.


Thank the gods, we are not too late!


Grandfather kneels down, starting to lay me on the ground gently, but I roll from his arms onto my hands and knees still panting and heaving.  I see my family’s lights scatter around me in my mind. They are looking for Eric, but I already know it’s pointless.


“He’s…..not…,” I try to whisper to them as loud as I can.


Claude is by my side moments later, “Can you feel him then?” he asks me.


I nod my head, “Yes.  North…….of here. Far north,” I grimace, sitting up and clutching at the pain that is suddenly blooming in my head.


“What is it, cousin?” Claude asks worriedly.


“He’s hurt……his head is…..  We have… hurry,” I cry out from my own fear and Eric’s tremendous pain.


Claude scoops me up and we all head through the trees at a run.  The bouncing is killing me, but I suck it up and take it. I will deal with whatever it takes to get me to him.


Once we clear the trees Grandfather pops us to the furthest distance north he can see.  We all stop and he gives me a moment to get a lock on Eric before we go again.


“Which way, child?  Show me,” he asks me.


I point in the direction my blood and bonds are begging me to go and hang on tight to Claude as Grandfather pops us away.


Three more times we do this before I have to beg them to stop.  Even though Niall is doing the popping, it is draining me even more than I already am.


“Please, wait.  I need……a minute,” I whisper and tug on Claude’s tunic.


The bonds are getting stronger the closer we get, but my body is getting weaker and Eric’s pain and despair have increased ten fold since we got here. It’s not just his head hurting anymore either, but his whole body. It feels as if every inch of him is being beaten and I have no doubt that is exactly what is happening to him. And the stronger his pain gets the deeper his despair gets too. My heart nearly stops knowing instantly who is hurting him this way.


“Appius has him!” I wail as the tears I have been crying since we got here intensify, going from joy at knowing he’s alive, to overwhelming grief knowing why he is feeling such torment.


Grandfather and Claudine gather around me, and join Claude in staring at me, their faces etched with worry.


“Are you sure, my child?” Grandfather asks me.


“Yes,” I cry, trying to curl up tighter in Claude’s arms. “He’s in so much pain, so much misery, it is too much for me to keep this up.”


“We have to help her What can we do to help her?” Claudine whispers and brushes my hair back softly.


I can tell Eric is trying to protect me from his agony too.  I can feel the pain being pulled from me at times, but then it spikes to almost unbearable intensity at others.  I also feel fear mixed with a glimmer of hope underneath all of it and I know he knows I’m coming for him.


The last thing I want to do is stop, but I’m going to black out if I do not take a break. They will never find him if I’m not awake to tell them where to go.


I know the only cure is my bonded, but I scramble to think of something that might give me enough strength to get to him.


“The medicine.  I need……more,” I groan, my eyes threatening to roll back in my head.


Grandfather’s deep voice finds my ears, “There is only one vial left, child.  Eric will need it once we find him.  We will heal you as much as we can with our light, but I’m afraid it will not last long,” he tells me as I feel their hands on my chest again.


The warmth flows through me, but it barely takes the edge off.  I slump against Claude’s chest with a whimper.


“Would blood help her?  I know she needs Eric’s, but would some of ours help for now?  It is worth a try, is it not? There must be something else that will help!” I hear Claudine fearful whisper again.


“That is very clever of you granddaughter, I believe some of our blood may help her just enough.  Mine should be the most potent,” I hear Niall tell her.


“No!  Let her take mine.  You will need your strength.  I am no fighter, she can take as much as she needs from me and I will hide myself until you return,” she says adamantly.


Claude’s chest rumbles under me, “You will go home, sister.  It will be too dangerous for you to stay here so weak. If I need to I will pop you back myself while Grandfather waits here with Sookie,” he tells Claudine in no uncertain terms.


“No, I’ll go home on my own, I promise. There is no time for them to have to wait for you. Someone cut me, I doubt she can get her fangs down as weak as she is. And hurry!  We have wasted enough time here already,” Claudine whispers and yells all at once.


I hear a small gasp and then smell her sweet blood under my nose, “Open Sookie, please drink sweetheart?”


I latch on and eagerly drink from her. Her blood tastes good, but nowhere near as good as Eric’s does.  When I start to feel some better I let go and lick her wound closed.


“Thank you, Claudine.  I love you,” I whisper and reach out with my hand to hold hers. I can feel my strength coming back thanks to her.


She kisses my forehead, “I love you too, my dear.  Are you sure you took enough?” she asks.


I pull myself more upright in Claude’s arms, “Yes, the weakness is much better now.  I did not want to take so much that I weakened you too much to get home,” I tell her.


She squeezes my hand tightly, “Do not worry about me.  I pray it helps you get to Eric.  Go now, you must go.  I will be waiting at home for all of you. Godspeed,” she whispers and is gone with a pop.


Claude closes his eyes for a moment , feeling for his connection to his sister. Once he is satisfied she is home he looks to me. “Where to, cousin?”


I point the way and seconds later we are gone again.


It takes us about half an hour before I feel us get close to Eric’s location.  I would guess we are still a few miles away though.


The sky above us has already begun to lighten with the first rays of dawn and we finally get to see the land we have been traveling over.  It reminds me of the In Between, only flatter and not near as creepy.


I can see a village in the distance and I have barely registered what my eyes are seeing when Grandfather pops us into the treeline to the west of it.  We cannot risk the villagers seeing us popping around I guess.  We could have easily went to North of it without being seen, though.


When he stays quiet and does not ask me where to go from here, I look over at him, “Why are we stopping?  Eric is still miles from here and he’s only getting worse!  We have to go!” I fuss at him, frustrated.


Niall puts his finger to his lips telling me to be quiet, then I hear him in my head, “I want us to find shelter here. You and Eric will need time to heal your bonds and his wounds before we are able to end this and go back home.”   


I calm down and give him a nod. Feeling Eric’s pain even more clearly with each passing minute, I can not help but see his point.  We will need hours to heal, not minutes.


With Claude still carrying me, we approach on foot. About one hundred yards from the village, Grandfather stops us by grabbing Claude’s shoulder, “Something is wrong here,” he whispers.


Claude and I strain to listen.  He figures it out a few seconds before me though, “Its deserted,” he says looking confused.


I close my eyes and take in a deep breath of air, “No, they are all there,” I tell them quietly.


“Sookie, there are no minds at all in that village, I would see them if there were,” Claude says.


“You do not see them because they are all dead,” I whisper, “I smell nothing but death.”


“What the fuck?” my cousin asks looking perplexed and starts to run us the last few yards into the village. Grandfather pops ahead of us and is standing in the middle of the main street looking around in shock when we make it to him.


I was right. There is not a soul left alive in this place.  Badly decomposed bodies are strewn everywhere you look. Laying in the street, on doorsteps and over fences, even hanging out of windows. And they all have one thing in common, other than being dead anyway.  Their throats have all been ripped out.


I do not even need to guess what or who did this to these people, I already know.


“Appius,” I growl, wiggling out of Claude’s arms.


“How could you know that?” my cousin asks.


“I just do.”


I stand and stare at the carnage my bonded’s maker has cause and choke back a sob as I can not help but imagine what he has possibly done to Eric in the hours or days he has had him held prisoner.


The pain I have felt from him since getting here has been so horrible I truly do not understand how he is still alive.  I will not ever give up on him, but the weight of what condition we will probably find him in when we do make it to him…… it steals the air from my lungs while ripping my heart to shreds all at once.


As if my thoughts of his torture were a catalyst, I am suddenly brought to my knees by a new kind of pain and anguish coming from him, one so depraved it has me screaming in rage against the crime being forced on my bonded.


The bonds and my powers surge with our anger, throwing fireballs into the nearest building and turning it into ashes within seconds.  As I quickly weaken from using so much energy, my fury easily gets replaced by the overwhelming shame and despair I feel, feelings not of my own, and I collapse to the ground in sobs.


“No……..NO!  NNNOOOOOO!!  Leave him alone…… you fucking bastard!” I choke and scream through my tears.


I’m in Grandfather’s arms in an instant and away from that dreadful place moments later.  But fear blooms in my heart as I feel Eric fade into numbness in our bonds, he’s still there but at the same time not.  He’s shutting down as he did the last time Appius abused him and I’m terrified what he is suffering now may finally break him.


“Hurry Grandfather, please hurry!” I beg him, my tears increasing.


Three pops later and I cry out to him, “Stop! He’s here! He’s in there!” I point at the ruins of an old castle just ahead of us.


Niall kneels down behind a huge boulder and places me on the grass while Claude takes a knee beside us.


Taking my face in his hands he looks at me with determination and love, “I want you to call to him, child, if you can.  Let him know you are here and that we are coming for him. I need to know where Appius is and if he is still awake though, that is very important. Claude will stay here with you and I will go for Eric.  I believe if you keep him talking I should be able to see his light better and find him quicker so I can bring him back to you. We’ll get you both to safety and get you healed while the sun keeps Appius in his nest. Once darkness falls we will come back and we will kill the bastard. Alright?” he asks softly.


I nod my head and take in a deep shuddering breath, trying to calm myself.


We found him, we are going to get him out of there and he will be just fine.


I repeat this to myself half a dozen times to bolster my courage, then call to my love.  He still feels numb to me, so I send him all of my love and comfort, hoping to break him out of it.


“Eric, my love.  Can you hear me?”


Nothing but silence and more numbness.


“Please Eric, its Sookie.  Talk to me love, I need to hear your voice.  We are going to get you out of there baby, I swear to you.  Just please answer me,” I beg him gently.


I feel a small tug on the bonds just before they flood with emotions so heavy and dark they nearly force me to the ground.


“Sookie?” I hear him finally.


‘”Oh Eric!  I’m here, my love.  I’m right outside.”


“I’m sorry.  I’m so fucking sorry,” his distraught voice fills my mind.


“No, my love, no.  Hush now.  Its okay, everything is going to be okay,” I promise him as he cries.


Grandfather looks at me and whispers, “Keep your shields open and keep him talking.  I can see him clearly when he speaks to you. Find out where that bastard is as soon as possible,” he says and stands to his feet.  I nod and he looks to Claude, “Do not leave her side.”


With that order given he disappears.


Eric is still drowning in his guilt and sorrow so I try to calm him down,“Eric? It’s okay, I’m not mad at you my love, I swear it.  I love you Eric, more than anything and I always will, no matter what.  Do you hear me?”


“You are too good for me, Sookie. You always have been,” he whispers.


“We can discuss that later, my husband, but right now Niall is on his way to find you.  He needs to know where you are and if it is safe. Can you help him?  Will you talk to him, please?”


I feel a surge of love in the bonds when I call him my husband and it gives me my first true ray of hope since he disappeared from me.


With his voice weak and his words slow, Eric answers me,“Yes, I will help, but Sookie, he must be careful. Appius has only been out for a few minutes.  I’m not sure he will stay that way.”


“Is he in his day rest?”


“He tried to ….bite me again, the bonds did not approve.  They knocked him across the room for it.  I cannot get to him to see if he is down for the day or just knocked out.  He is still among the undead though, I can feel him,” he tells me.


“Niall, did you hear that?” I ask Grandfather.


“I did.  Eric how do I get into this lair?” he asks my love.


“Bolt hole…….east side……under the…. boulder,” Eric tells him, his voice  scaring me with how strained it sounds.


“Eric?  Are you okay?” I ask nervously.


“I will be…….once you hold… again,” he whispers


My heart clenches at his words and I have to hold back a sob,“I will soon my love, very soon.  Just hold on until Niall gets there.  He’s coming,” I whisper, trying to keep my tears at bay.


“Sookie, there is a child….” he starts but a cough causes his pain to explode and he can only groan.


I send him all the comfort I can and try to pull some of his pain away, taking it on myself.  

After a minute or two he sighs, “Thank you kära en.”


“You are welcome my love.  I would take it all if I could.”


He groans loudly, “No!  I never want you to feel this!”


He’s getting upset so I try to change the subject, “Eric?  You said something about a child.  Did Appius make a new one?”


“He did, but he made a child out of a child. The boy may have been twelve or thirteen at most, he acts more like an eight year old though,” he sighs again.


“Oh gods, that is horrible.  What should we do?” I ask him.


“Niall either needs to stake him now, or we will have to take him with us once Appius is dead.  We can not leave him without guidance, he will be too dangerous,” he says, his voice saddened.


My first thought is to stake him, I want no part of Appius in our lives after he is gone. But my worry for Eric gives me pause,“Would Appius not wake up if Niall staked the boy?   We can not risk that right now, we are both too weak,” I fret.


“He may, if he is in his day death and not just unconscious.  He has always had a sick obsession with his children. I’m certain he would let his insanity have free rein if he felt the boy die, daytime or not.”


“Then we will deal with him after Appius is no more.  We can end the boy later if necessary,” I tell him softly.


I hate how callus I sound but Eric is my one and only priority right now.


“I agree.  Min fru, Niall is close, I want you to block the bonds as much as you can.  I do not want you to feel my pain any more than you have to.  I will not be able to block it from you when he carries me from here,” he says, while I feel the burden of his guilt weighing heavy on our bonds.


Trying to ease it, I send him even more love and forgiveness too, “Eric, I will be fine, sweetie.  I need to feel you, I can not stand the thought of not feeling you again.”


“Please Sookie?  I have caused you so much pain already, I do not want to cause you more.  Please do not make me,” he begs, my feelings and words obviously not making a dent in his remorse.


Naill’s voice fills my mind, “Let Claude and I handle it.  We can put you both in stasis as I did Andre, neither of you will feel or know anything until you are awoken, back together again, and safe.”


Niall does not give us a chance to agree or disagree with his plan, moving on quickly.  “Eric, I’m here.  I am going to cover you with my cloak so do not let it alarm you.


“Thank you.  Do you see my daggers anywhere?  


After a short pause, Niall answers him, but his voice sounds odd.  Slow and quiet, almost as if he is under a spell or in a trance, “I found them.  I could kill him right now.  I could drive one of these daggers right into his heart, or even cut his head off.  This could all be over and done.”


Eric growls deeply, “No.  I want that sick bastard awake when he dies.  I want him to know it’s me who is driving that dagger into his heart.”


“He has to suffer as he has made all of us suffer, Niall.  He has too.  A quick death is too good for him,” I quickly agree with my bonded.


“As you wish,” Grandfather sighs deeply and seems to shake himself out of his thoughts.


A few moments go by with both of them silent, then I hear Grandfather again, “You must drink this, Eric.  It is medicine to help heal the damage to your bonds. That’s it, every drop.”


I can feel the bonds slowly strengthen as he drinks and another wave of hope washes over me as I begin to feel more confident in Eric’s recovery, but I know we still have so far to go.


Even though I knew Grandfather’s plans to knock us out, I can not help my shock at suddenly feeling Eric disappear from me again.


A second later I hear Niall call to my cousin, “Claude, take care of her.  I will be there in a moment.”


Then there is nothing.






As suddenly as I lost awareness, I regain it, but thankfully I gain something else too, my Eric.


I open my eyes and gasp when I see my love sleeping next to me.  I never knew I could feel such joy and heartache all at once.


I have him with me again, but he looks every bit as horrible as he feels.  I have never seen anyone so badly beaten in my long life.  There is not an inch of him that I can see that is not red, swollen, cut, or bruised.  And I can only see his face and a small part of his upper left side.  I’m terrified to see the rest of him.


Grandfather startles me when he speaks, “He is much worse than I imagined,” he says, sounding grave.


I turn and look back at him where he sits behind me, but there is nothing to say.  I already knew how bad Eric was.


I take a moment to look around and see we are inside a small cottage.  Niall brought us back to the village I guess.


He stands from the stool he was sitting on and looks down at me with concern, “You will have to exchange blood numerous times today if there is to be any hope of healing him in time.  Drink from each other deeply and when you are both strong enough I think it would be wise to consummate your love again. More than once.  It will go far in healing the bonds which will strengthen your powers too.  Claude and I will be outside standing guard.  We will also search for food for you both,” he tells me quietly, then nods before walking outside.


I carefully turn back over and look at my love.  I hurts so much to look at him I can not stop the tears from leaving my eyes. I reach out slowly and very gently run one finger down the least injured part of his face I can find, a small pale section of his left cheek.  “Eric, my love?” I whisper to him.


His eyes try to open, but he only manages to crack one of them to a thin slit they are so swollen, “Sookie,” he says with a dry, whispered sigh.


“Hi baby,” I choke as I lean over and place a feather light kiss on his cheek, then proceed to erupt into sobs.


He tries to hold me as best he can despite his injuries and I feel awful for getting so upset and making him feel like he needs to comfort me.


He’s the one that needs the comfort.


“Sshhhhhhh, min kärlek.  Please … not cry for me.  I will heal.  We are together again….. and that is all…. that matters,” he tells me, his voice is so frail and scratchy I just cry harder.


“I’m so…….sorry we did…… not ……get here before….. he found……. you, Eric. I’m so .. ……sorry,” I squall like a baby.


He tries to take a deep breath to speak to me, but winces from the pain.  So he takes short shallow breaths instead panting out every few words, “Sookie, please..stop.  It is not your fault this happened to me.  Every bit of it is mine for being such a ……fucking idiot and not thinking straight.   You have nothing to be sorry for min kärlek, ….nothing.  I am the one who is sorry, so please stop crying. I can not stand your tears,… you know that.  Especially if they are because of me,” he begs.


I try to stop for him, but I am just so overwhelmed and can not get ahold of myself.  So Eric just keeps trying to soothe me.


“Please…. my love, I promise everything will be okay now.  I’m so sorry…. I put you through this, …….Sookie.  So very sorry.  I never meant to hurt you, I ….swear it.”


“I know… didn’t.  I was just….. so scared.  I thought I had…..lost you! Please do not ever…..leave me….again,” I cry against his shoulder.


“I promise, …  min fru.  I will never leave you, …..never.  If it will help, ….once I’m healed and we are back home I ….swear to stand still and let you …beat me with a big stick until you…”


I sit up so fast I startle him and I’m sure the look on my face does nothing to make him feel better either.  I am pissed and my tears have instantly vanished.


“Eric Northman!  Do not dare talk like that again!  Do you hear me?  I would NEVER hurt you on purpose!  I do not give a flying fuck how much you have pissed me off or how badly you scared me to death!  I would NEVER HURT YOU! I am not a monster like he is!” I yell at him.


I can not tell the look he is giving because his face is so battered, but I feel his shock and regret clearly.


“I’m sorry.  I did not mean……it was a joke Sookie.  Surely you… know I would… never accuse you…. of being like him? You are nothing ….like him, …nothing.  I just know you …..must be so angry….. at me for leaving ……and putting you …..through all of ..this,” he says quietly, his voice even more strained.


I definitely feel guilty for yelling at him, but I still meant what I said.  “I’m nowhere near as angry as I will be if you keep talking like that.  Am I mad you left without me?  Yes. But not as much as you think and I understand why you did it, Eric.  I really do.  Did you not think I may have had the same thought myself?  I did, I thought of coming after him by myself many times. This,” I wave my hand over his damaged body, “is exactly why I never wanted you near him again.  But I was stuck, because I feared you would wind up just as you are right now if I went without you. Nearly dead!  Because I knew you would come after me and sacrifice yourself if you thought it would save me.  But….you wound up getting hurt anyway, didn’t you?” I sigh.


“Sookie I’m…..”


I put a finger over his bruised lips as lightly as possible, “Hush.  We are not going to talk about it anymore.  What is done, is done and I forgive you.  Like you said, we are together again and that is all that matters.  Right now, we have tons of healing to do and very little time to do it. We can not face him this way and I will be damned if we are going back home without giving that bastard a very long and very painful death tonight,” I tell him adamantly then struggle to pop my fangs.


Once they slide down I bite into my wrist and hold it to his lips, “Now drink, my big dumb viking,” I smirk at him while lifting his own wrist to my mouth and gently biting down.


That was the first of many drinks my husband took from me that morning, and I him.  We needed to go slowly until Eric had enough strength back to drop his fangs again so that he could hopefully feed from more productive places than my wrist.


Early on, when I could stand steadily again I made Claude draw some water from the village well so I could clean my husband up.  He had begun to heal, but it was slow progress.  After he would drink from me he would sleep for a while, so I took one of those opportunities to bathe him.


I was glad he slept through most of it, and did not see all of the tears I cried for him and the abuse he had been through. I knew he would not want to see or feel my sorrow for him.


But how can I not feel it?  He means everything to me, he’s the other half of my soul, there is no way to not feel this gut wrenching hurt and sadness when I look at him.  If a normal man had these kinds of injuries he would have been dead hours ago.  His skull is fractured in the back, his jaw and one cheek bone are fractures, most of his ribs are cracked, even his arms and legs are all broken to some degree.  Thankfully only one of them badly.  That does not include the damage to his insides he must have.  It’s impossible not to let my heart break when see how broken and battered he is. I know if it was me instead he would feel the same way.


The blood I cleaned from between his thighs was the worst though.  I’m surprised I did not burn the cottage down around us, or that my anger did not wake him I was so furious.  I had to walk out when it turned to heartbreak and my tears escalated into wailing. Even I did not want him to see me so distraught over his pain.


But I am going to shove a stake straight up that sick bastard’s ass for it tonight if it is the last thing I do.  He will regret ever violating my bonded that way.  I may even keep him chained to a wall with silver for eternity, and fry his cock off over and over again. Or better yet, I may let it slowly melt off every time to grows back.


No matter what, he will pay for it and dearly.


It is well after mid day now and we have both eaten some meat Claude went to hunt down for us, rabbit I think he said, and have had plenty of water to drink.


We have made five exchanges so far too, but I think we need at least that many more.  I’m well on my way to being back to normal, but Eric can only manage to sit up right now.  Most of his cuts are completely healed, and the majority of the swelling is down too, but he still has many broken bones that have yet to mend.  He will not let me use my magic to heal him, he’s worried it will drain me too much, hopefully once I’m full back to full strength, he will let me heal his body and his heart.


“Think you are up for trying my neck again?” I ask him as I clean up our small lunch.


He was still not able to get his fangs down the first time we tried.


That wonderful smirk of his I adore so much appears, even if it is weaker than usual, along with his sharp fangs slowly sliding down.  He gently rubs the bed beside him and I get up to join him.  The thing is so tiny I have been letting him have it while I sit on the stool.


Brushing my hair back, I kneel beside him then lean over so he can reach me without having to move.  I can not help the sigh that slips from my mouth when I feel his breath against my skin followed by his wet tongue.  I’m so use to us biting each other when we make love that I get aroused quickly from just the anticipation.  I whimper when his fangs slowly enter my flesh and another joins it as he begins to drink from me.  Just as it has always done it feels as if he is pulling and sucking straight from my core.


But I force myself to stay in control and let him drink.  Before long he licks my wounds clean, sighing as he sinks back into his pillows more.


“Better?” I ask him and gently kiss his lips.


His beautiful eyes sparkle just a bit when he opens them to look at me.  It is such a relief to see that.  They have been so dark and lifeless until now.


“Much.  Thank you, älskare.  Now it’s your turn.” he whispers, turning his head a little to the side.


I gently rub his stomach in comfort knowing he will not like what I’m about to say, “I think I can skip this one.  I’m doing much better now.  You need it a lot more than me.”


“Sookie, I have taken so much from you, you need it for that reason alone, if for no other,” he scolds me, his brows wrinkled.


“Just this once, okay?  We need to get your bones healed up, we are running out of daylight and we may still need to do some other things before we leave,” I tell him quietly and instantly regret saying anything.


I’m afraid to push him to make love again after he was so violated last night, it just feels wrong.  Our love has never been about forcing anything, far from it, but even knowing how much we love each other I think if it was me, I would need some time.


No, I do not just think it, I know it.  There is no way in hell I’m going to push him to do this, even if it might give us extra strength.


I know he feels my hesitation when I hear his question, “What is it min fru? You are keeping something from me.”


Doing my best to keep control of my emotions, I take his hand in mine and hold it gently, “Niall just thinks there is something else we can do to heal our bonds, but it’s fine.  I’m sure we will be fine without it.  Please just rest, okay? It’s not important, I should not have mentioned it,” I try to back track and fail miserably.


He sighs deeply, “Sookie, just tell me what it is.  We need to be back to full strength before we leave here.  You should know I will do whatever it is we need to do.”


I can feel he is not going to let this go, so I just spit it out quickly to get it over with, “Niall thinks we need to make love.”


He looks at me confused, “Make love? Why would you think I would have a problem……..”


His expression goes from confused to dark in a hurry and I know he has figured out I know what happened to him.


“Eric, we do not have too.  I’m fine with waiting,” I try to rush and fix things.


“Stop,” he growls at me, “I do not know how you could know what happened, but nothing he did to me has anything to do with us,” he bites out.


“I’m sorry,” I whisper, trying to hide the tear sliding down my cheek.


He is very quiet for several minutes, so I keep looking at my lap to give him what space I can.  I can not stop my tears though, since I can still feel his side of the bond and the swirl of dark emotions that fill it.


Eventually though I start to feel them lift a little and he reaches out to rub my leg, “I’m the one who is sorry, min kärlek,” he sighs heavily.


Still looking at my lap I shake my head, “No, you have nothing to apologize for. It was not your fault,” I whisper.


“Will you heal me, min fru?”


“What?” I look up at him startled.  He has never asked for me to help him, he always fights it instead.  “I thought you said you did not…..”


He interrupts me, “I know what I said, but…I was wrong.  Sometimes it is still hard for me to remember that we are one.  My pain is your pain and yours is mine.  I wanted you to block me before so you would not have to feel it, when I should have let you take it away for good.  For both of us,” he tells me softly, while his eyes beg me to forgive him.


“Alright,” I smile at him, “You just lay back and relax and I will take care of the rest,” I say, laying my hands over his lower left leg that is still broken.


“No, not there,” he tells me.


“But Eric, your leg is the worst…”


“You can heal it, but I want you to start here,” he says and points to his chest.


“Your ribs?  They should be good by now, its your bigger bones that….” I start to ramble quickly.


Once again he interrupts me, “My heart, älskare.”


My own heart immediately breaks into tiny pieces hearing those words from him, then swells back together in happiness.


I scoot closer to him and gently take his face between my hands, smiling at him through my tears, “I love you, Eric,” I whisper before kissing him softly.


“I love you too, Sookie.  But can you please hurry and fix me?  My fucked up body will not allow me to hold you and I hate it.  I need you back in my arms,” he begs me after carefully returning my kiss.


“I need to be there too, my love,” I whisper as I place both of my hands over his heart and let my light fill him.


Three hours, five blood exchanges, eight combined releases, and countless, “I love you’s” later, Eric and I walk out of our little healing cottage more than ready to take down our enemy.




25 thoughts on “Chapter 42

  1. I’m broken hearted that Appius once again raped Eric, but thank you very much for not making us read it.

    Good for Eric for having the strength to ask Sookie for help in healing his heart.

    Now on to Rape-ius getting exactly what he deserves.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lol! I love your “Rape-ius” I tried to stay true to the evil asshole’s character without traumatizing all of us too much. Now to find the balance between letting my babies get their revenge and not letting them fall too deep into darkness.


      1. I can’t take the credit for it, but I don’t remember who I heard it from… I thought it was perfect though. That and ScumBill to reference my other least favorite character. 😉

        I’m sure you will hit that balance just fine. You’ve certainly done a great job with this story so far. Thanks for sharing it!

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Wow, I was really hoping he wouldn’t be raped…again. I’m so glad Sookie was able to help him heal, and him help her. Time to make Appius regret every nasty thing he has ever done.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Sorry 😦 I didn’t enjoy it when my muse took me there, but Appius is the worst of the worst, so I tried to keep true to his character as much as I hated it. He didn’t help me win 2nd place for worst villain for nothing 😦 He will pay in spades for everything he’s done though, I swear it!


  3. So glad he finally let Sookie heal him! They are one and as such it would help heal her too. Hopefully they are well enough to to deal with what needs to happen next so it will lift them and not drag them down.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. That bastard… I wish Niall would have just cut the bastards head off, but I understand it is erics right to kill him. Thank god they are back together!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. I agree with letting it be Eric and sookie that end that filth. I think that’s the only way they both get closure. I also hope sookie takes care of Appius’ appendage with extreme prejudice. Lol

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Very emotional and gut wrenching chapter. Eric WILL get his vengeance. They could wrap Alexie in silver or subdue him somehow while they take their time making that sick fucker suffer. Appius has ALOT to answer for, not just for the horrendous torture he put Eric through, but for killing Godric and for killing Enin. Make the arsehole scream til he can’t scream anymore.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. appius is in for it now….. i can’t wait….. i hope this story goes on after appius is finally dead there seams to be so much more for you to say…i hope …cause i just love what you have done with these characters.

    Liked by 1 person

  8. I loved this chapter, the desperation and panic when they were trying to find Eric was so real, and then when Sookie found him, even though his injuries broke her heart, she was able to ease his pain with her tender care and love. At last they are together, and Eric knows not to hide any of his thoughts, they will be totally united and so strong. Eric and Sookie are a loving and unbeatable combination – Appius doesn’t stand a chance. Tku.

    Liked by 1 person

  9. I just was thinking about this story and I realized that I never finished it. I’m not sure what happened other than I stopped reading much over the summer. I guess I lost track.
    I’m so glad you ended this chapter on a high note. Poor poor Eric. 😦 They are so lucky to have each other. Man, I hope Appius meets a gruesome end!

    Liked by 1 person

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