Chapter 41


∆∆∆∆∆∆∆∆∆∆TRIGGER WARNING∆∆∆∆∆∆∆∆∆∆∆

This chapter has physical and sexual abuse in it, so please skip it if you think it may upset you.  If you message me I would be glad to send you a summary of the chapter if you are not comfortable reading it.



I have the mongrel back to the nest two hours before dawn.  He is chained to the wall again, where he belongs, and I am nearly giddy at the prospect of torturing him once more.

I reach down and stroke my stiff cock as I look at him hanging there, beautiful and pathetic all at once.  Very little in my long existence has brought me more enjoyment than making this proud Viking my puppet.

Other than him, no one but Einin has ever made me feel such pleasure and pain so intensely.

After I killed that faithless bitch I tried for decades to fuck and drain every blonde, blue-eyed whore I could find to get passed the insanity her betrayal drove me too.  I should not have been surprised that she ruined my lust and desire for the fairer sex.  It was fun at first to imagine it was Einin I was fucking and choking to death, over and over again, ripping her body to shreds then bathing in her blood.  The satisfaction I felt killing so many countless whores never lasted long enough though and soon each one began to disgust me more than the last, until I could not stand the sight of them anymore.

I thought I had gotten the revenge I needed so desperately and purged the demons from my mind after so many decades, until I saw them together one night.

The Gaul and the Viking.

A most unlikely pair.  Very similar to a certain Roman vampire and his Faerie Princess I once knew.

They even looked like Einin and I, the maker small and dark, the child blonde, blue-eyed and almost ethereal in his perfection.  I watched them together for several nights and began to envy the Gaul. He had his love willingly by his side.  The Viking adored him just as Einin should have me.

Observing the young one as he bathed alone one night I was surprised at the arousal I felt for him.  My maker had never allowed me pleasure as he had fucked me, only pain, so after he met his true death I went back to using women to slate my lust as I had done in my human days.  Einin had ruin that option for me though, I never wanted to lay eyes on another whore for the rest of eternity.  And they were all worthless whores.

As I watched the young vampire’s gorgeous body move so fluidly in the moonlit water I knew I wanted him for my own.  I rubbed my cock, cumming three times, as I watched him that night and still was not satisfied.  I wanted him.  He reminded me just enough of Einin that I felt he could satisfy the hole she had left in me that I had never been able to fill.

So I took them.

I planned to end the Gaul and take his handsome child, drain him, then fill him with my own blood.  He would be mine in every way and he would love and worship me for eternity.

I should have killed the Gaul quickly and out of sight of his child though.  It was a mistake I regret.  Even with my blood filling him, Eric never forgave me for taking his precious maker away.  His hate for me was absolute and only grew as I did my best to break him to my will, beating, raping, and torturing his magnificent body night after night.

If he refused to love me then I was happy to help fuel his rage towards me. I would find another to love and keep Eric around to exercise my demons on.

And I did.

I made it my mission to destroy him, however long it took, and I loved every scream he made, every drop of blood I spilled from his skin, and especially every ounce of shame I felt from him as I took and used his body in every depraved way possible.

He fought me for a hundred years, surprising even me with his strength of spirit.  I believe at the time I ordered him from my sight we despised each other in equal measure.  I was almost proud of him that night.

But I had every intention of hunting him down and his little cunt for whom he felt such love and devotion.  It is laughable that he thought I was unaware of her.  I knew what he had been feeling all along and I even felt sorry for him, for a moment, when I realized he loved the tart as much or more than I had Einin.

Pathetic fool.

I made another mistake though when I sent my Andre to follow him.  I had spoiled him too much and he was ignorant in many ways.  Blissfully so.  I have no doubt he made it easy for Eric to end him.

The fury I felt at losing my precious Andre and being denied the right to end the viking myself was unconstrained. For nearly three years I raged and ravaged until I am fairly certain there is not a human left alive within fifty miles of my nest and probably only half of them still breathe a hundred from here.

It was only six short months ago that I found little Alexei hidden inside his parents wardrobe.  It was his beautifully fair appearance that stayed my fangs from ripping his throat out as I had done to the rest of his family.  I only saw a vision of a young Eric when I gazed at him.  Young and pliable.  So I decided to try once more to make a loving, eternal companion that night.

I would not make the same mistakes I had in the past though, I had learned from them.

I glamoured Alexei to forget his family, and my vicious killing of them, before I took his human life and filled him with my blood, giving him an eternal life instead.  He rose three nights later and has been a perfect child ever since.

I was just beginning to enjoy my existence again, for the first time in centuries, when I felt that viking bastard’s blood come alive in me again. I feared for my sanity at first, it was just not possible for him to be among the undead again.  Once I found him and saw him with my own eyes, I relaxed somewhat.  Until I heard his heart beating.

I loathe the curiosity I have about his “new body” and how he came to be this way.  I want to drive a stake into his heart and be done with him, but I have walked this earth for thousands of years and never once heard an inkling about a creature such as he is now.

But he will give me answers and once I have them……he will die.



The sharp sting of a hand across my face begins to wake me up, but only barely. The pain and weakness from the bonding sickness, not to mention however long I’ve been without food, has me too out of it to respond, or even care.

“Again!  But this time use the back of your hand, my son, it is more effective,” I hear that dreaded voice once more.

It does a much better job waking me up than the slap did, but I refuse to believe what is happening to me for just a little longer.

I’m only dreaming.  It’s just another nightmare, only a nightmare.  Please gods, let it be a nightmare.

Another crack across my left cheek puts a painful dent in my wishful thinking.


I can only moan in fury and frustration instead of roaring as I want too when I can no longer pretend I am not back in the clutches of Appius.  He has me and I have failed my bonded so completely I am beyond disgusted with myself. Awake or dreaming though, I’m determined to fight back with whatever strength I can muster.

Not opening my eyes yet, I try to push all of my pain aside, which unfortunately does work well, but I strain to keep myself as still and calm as I can so hopefully he keeps believing I’m out cold. Then I do my best to take stock of my situation.  My others senses, though weak, still work, thankfully.

I can feel a lot of weight pulling against my wrists, waist, and ankles and easily work out that I’m chained up and hanging off of a wall.  I’m naked too, I can feel the cool damp air all over my skin.  So far though, other than my face and the pain from the bonds, I feel no other injuries.  I’m sure he wants me awake to experience whatever he has planned for me to the fullest.

Evil bastard.

I’m guessing he has taken me back to the nest and I’m in his chamber of horrors again.  But, I can hear the crackling and smell the smoke of at least a dozen or more torches, their bright light flickering through my eyelids, so I’m not quite sure. The chamber usually only had one torch in it.

I slowly take in a deeper breath through my nose to see if any other smells may jog my memory and regret it instantly. The overwhelming stench of rot and decay nearly turn my stomach inside out.

Wherever I am, it is full of dead bodies, lots of them.

“Wake up you stupid blood bag!” a much younger, different male voice yells at me just before I feel another slap.

I do not know who the fuck he his, but I’m getting real sick of his slap happy shit.

“Fuck you,” I manage to growl a little at him, my fangs slowly extending, but I’m sure it sounded more like a groan.

A high-pitched, maniacal laughter fills my ears as I finally crack my eyes open to see my new tormentor.

He is only a child, maybe twelve to thirteen summers at most, with straight, shoulder length blonde hair and large, ice blue eyes.  His build is lanky, very thin, and waif like, not unlike I was at his age.  If he had been given the chance he may have reached my stature within five or six more summers.

But that will never happen now.  He will forever be that scrawny boy.  As long as he stays undead anyway.

The pale skin and cold hands he has been slapping me with would have been a dead giveaway to his new vampire nature if only I had not heard his silent heart or saw his void in my mind already.

This infant is obviously my new brother.

And I feel nothing but pity for him and the family that must be grieving for his loss, if they are even still alive that is.

“He is awake Father!  Can I bite him now?  Please, can I?  He smells delicious!” he squeals excitedly, almost vibrating with his enthusiasm.  

He acts even younger than he looks.

I nearly puke again thinking of the twisted and depraved things Appius has probably already done to this boy.

“Now, now, Alexei.  Calm yourself.  Let your brother have a few moments of peace.”

I strain to lift my head up and look across the room at the sick fucker.  He is sitting in a high backed chair, looking as relaxed and calm as any happy father would.  He even has a smile on his face.

Alexei, I’m sure, only sees it as a happy one, I on the other hand know exactly what kind it is, pure evil.

Pure malevolent evil.  

The fact that there are dozens of dead bodies in various states of decay on the floor, strewn all around him, only solidifies his maliciousness.

I refuse to let him see me react when his eyes meet mine.

“Eric, say hello to your new brother Alexei.  He is delightful, is he not?” he asks, his voice sounding pleasant enough, but I can still hear the threat it is laced with.

As much as I would love to voice my hostility towards the fucking bastard, I play along for my bonded’s sake.  I told her once I would suffer much more if it meant she would always be mine.  And I will. Whatever it takes to ensure her survival I will gladly endure it.

Letting him only see my acceptance and keeping my voice even, I answer him, “He is.” Then I turn to the child, “Hello, Alexei,” I tell him as politely as I can.

His eyes have become almost black with his hunger for my blood.  I’m actually impressed that one so young is able to resist the temptation.  I would expect him to be a snarling, uncontrolled little monster right now, fighting his makers command violently, but instead he only fidgets a little and cocks his head, looking at me curiously.

“I do not understand how you are my brother.  The silver is not burning you. Your heart still beats and the blood is still flowing through your veins.  But you have fangs like Father and I.  You smell like us too, but also something very sweet.  What are you?” he asks me without an ounce of fear.

Why should he be afraid of someone chained to a wall though, even if I am strange to him and twice his size?

“I would like to hear the answer to that question myself,” Appius says, getting up from his chair and slowly walking towards us.

He stares at me for a while, hate very evident in his black eyes, “You have been away for a long time my errant child. You met your true death.  I felt it the very night I ordered you from my sight.  I was rather put out that someone else had the pleasure of staking you, I had been looking forward to it,” he tells me, his disappointment obvious.

He sighs and looks around the room as if he is bored but in the next second I see the fury in his eyes flash and he lands a much harder blow across my face than Alexei did, almost breaking my neck in the process, “It was you who took him from me!  I know you killed him!  I felt your satisfaction and lust after he died,” he hisses an inch from my face.

As suddenly as his outburst happens it is over.  Standing back and pulling his control on once more he continues to look me over.

“But you disappeared from my blood after that.  I had some comfort knowing you met your own true death just after Andre did, but not much.  Imagine my surprise when nearly three years later I suddenly feel you in my blood again.  It was so weak I thought I was imaging things, but when it did not disappear again I decided to find you.  It was easy,” he tells me flippantly, “almost as if you were waiting for me to come to you.”

“It only took him three nights to find you! Two really since we did not leave until the second night.  Father is an excellent tracker,” Alexei tells me proudly.

I can not help but wince at seeing the adoration this child has for our fucked up maker.

Appius smiles at him, walking over to run his fingers gently down Alexei’s cheek.  The child closes his eyes and nuzzles into his maker’s palm.  The sight makes me sick.

Black eyes turn and glare at me, “Go to our room Alexei, your bother and I have much to discuss before dawn and you need your rest,” he tells him gently, belying his anger.

“But Father!  You said I could taste him!” he whines.

“Go now!” Appius roars at the child, causing his eyes to widen.

Appius’ demeanor softens a fraction and he speaks quietly to Alexei, “You may taste him tomorrow my son, I need to make sure his blood is safe for you first. Now do as I say and go to bed.”

“Yes Father,” the boy says, turning and walking away with a pout.

As soon as I hear a door close further into the nest, Appius on me, his hand around my throat cutting off my air.

“Where the fuck have you been and what has happened to you?” he growls and slams my head into the rock wall I’m chained to.

I’m too stunned from the blow to speak, so he decides to bash my head against the rocks a few more times.

“It is NOT POSSIBLE for your heart to beat again!!”

When he slams me back into the wall I vaguely hear the sound of a melon dropping on a stone floor.


This time I believe I hear my skull crack. It would explain the blinding pain in my head anyway.


After those three, thank the gods, I hear and see nothing.


I wake up next when my limp body hits the cold floor.  He must have cut me loose.  I can hear him pacing around me, but I’m too far gone to care.  Even if I wanted to, I doubt I could open my eyes.

Next thing I know he is dragging me into a chair and tying me down.  I would be back on the floor if he didn’t.  I can not even hold my head up anymore.

“Wake up, my child.  I know you can hear me.  I can still feel you after all,” he whispers menacingly into my ear.

I groan, but that is the most he is getting.

Staying within a breath of my face he does his best to rile me, “I wonder.  Can I still control you with this new body you have.  Shall we give it a try?  Would you like that, Eric?”

No, I would not you bastard.

“Fuck……you,” I whisper, barely loud enough to even hear it myself.

I would have been better off keeping my fucking mouth shut.

I dread what is coming next when I hear the gratification and laughter in his voice as he whispers to me again, “What was that?  You want to fuck me? I never liked that arrangement, how about I do the fucking?  Will that work? You seem too weak to manage anything else anyway.”

Whether I’m able to hide my repulsion from him is questionable, but I do try.

“I believe I would rather have a taste of you first though, something about your new scent is familiar to me,” he snarls and grabs a fist full of my hair, jerking my head back.

In the next second his fangs are ripping into my neck.

I roar, even though it sounds pathetic, as the bonds, despite their agony, do their best to expel the thief that dares to take my bonded’s blood.

I crack an eye open and watch as Appius is forced away from me by a flash of white-hot light, stumbling back and screaming as he holds his burnt face.  The heat from the light never touched me.

If I had enough energy I would smile.

Moments later he is back in my face his eyes wild, “Your blood is mine!!!  How dare you defy me!!!!” he screams, as he hits me so hard I crash to the floor, the chair splintering underneath me.

Surprisingly, he turns and walks away to pace the room.

Even with the painful haze my head is under, I frantically try to think of ways to appease him.  He came very close to killing me just now and I have no idea if being apart from Sookie, and how weak I am, if I could heal myself anymore.  I can feel the blood flowing from the wound in my neck, albeit slowly. I must stay alive at all costs.  If I die, Sookie dies.

“It was not my fault, master,” I whisper, “I can not control it,” I try to placate him, praying it will work.

He stops his pacing and slowly walks back over to me, squatting down in front of my face, “You can not control it hmmmm?  How about I control you then?” he sneers, grabbing me by the back of the neck and pulling me to my feet.

“Kneel!” he hisses.

I crumple to the floor when he releases me from his grasp, feeling his maker’s command take hold of my body, but I’m too weak to do his bidding.  I only lay at his feet writhing in pain.

He tries twice more to place me on my knees, but I fall each time, my body is useless, in too much agony to comply.

He roars as he picks me up and throws me face down on the table next to us. When I hear his clothes being ripped from his body I know what is coming. He will rape me until his rage lessens enough for him to gain control again, just as he has done hundreds of times before.

I steel myself as much as I can before he takes me, locking down my mind when I feel his naked skin press against my thighs.  Just before he pulls back to slam into me I feel the bonds explode with joy.

I know instantly what it means…….My bonded is once again in the human realm.

“Sookie,” I whisper, in both relief and fear.

Appius jerks me up by my hair, growling in my ear, “What did you just say?”

I manage to let out a small chuckle, feeling myself getting stronger the closer my love gets to me.  I turn my head and look back at Appius , “I said, You. Are. Going. To. Die.”





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  1. oh, man, I got through it! It was bad but it could have been worse. I am so glad Sookie is coming! The death of Appius cannot come soon enough!

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  2. I can’t to see Appius get what is coming to him!! Hopefully it’ll be long and painful. I feel sorry for Alexi and think he,should be given a quick death as I don’t think he can be helped. So glad Sookie is gettin close to him and that Eric is feeling stronger as she gets closer. I do believe Sookie will kick his ass when this is over though! Lol

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  3. Wow I hate to see Eric in such agony …
    That Appius will finally meet his true death by hand of Sookie!
    Hopefully it will be very slow and very painful!
    Alexei should die too!
    He can’t be helped.
    Please update ASAP

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  4. That comment should distract Appius from raping him. I hope. It’s interesting how the obsession with someone can turn to hate, when the object of that obsession doesn’t feel the same way. I can’t remember if Andre was killed or still being tortured by the evil twins. Maybe Niall will bring him along. I wonder if Sookie looks like Einen. I feel sorry for that poor child though, being abused and told he enjoys it. No wonder he is warped. Great chapter. I’m looking forward to Appius’ ass-kicking.

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    1. Andre is gone, Eric removed his head from his person 😉 And I know it’s been ages ago now but Claudine did tell Eric that Sookie looks just like her mother, so Appius is going to get a huge shock very soon! Little Alexei is tugging on my heartstrings, i have no idea yet what his fate will be. I think I’ll leave that up to Eric, he should be able to make the best decision for him. Thanks so much for reading and always leaving such great comments!!!


  5. Appius, what can one say about a monster, except he deserves whatever retribution he faces. I have to hope they can save Alexi, he was an innocent before Appius took him.
    Not sure why I’m not getting alerts when you post a new chapter, but I’ll keep checking so I don’t miss the next one.

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  6. This story is amazing! I can’t believe everything these two have been through! I can’t wait to see Appius get what’s coming to him! Wish I didn’t have to wait! Hopefully not too long! I won’t survive! Lol

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    1. Thank you!!! I’ve been watching your like alerts come in for a few days and I smiled every time I got one 🙂 You hung in there like a champ getting through this monster, lol. I hope to have the next chapter posted by tomorrow afternoon, so keep your fingers and toes crossed that RL doesn’t get in my way. Thank you so much for reading!!!!


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