Chapter 4


Sookie’s POV

“My name is Sookie Brigant, and I am a faerie.”

Grandfather is gonna to have my head on a spike for this!

“Faerie?” he laughs, looking at me like I have lost my mind.

Maybe he is telepathic after all.

Then he seems to withdraw into himself and becomes very quiet. “Godric never told me about faeries, why did he not tell me about your kind?” he asks in a far off way.

He looks even more confused now, he is not even looking at me, but talking to himself. He stands and walks to the shore, and looks out over the water for a moment and next thing I know he is towering over me and has my arms in a death grip.

I try to pop away, but for some reason I can not, neither can I stop the panic that begins to set in.

“Please, please don’t!” I beg him.

So much for strong confident Sookie. I’m pathetic.

He immediately lets me go and backs away, “Sorry, I’m sorry. I did not mean to frighten you. You just….. just shocked me. I have not been shocked in a very long time. I did not hurt you, did I?”

His face only conveys concern, so I shake my head no and walk back to our rock. After a few more minutes he joins me.

“Is Godric your Maker?” I ask him.

“He was.” he says with a heavy sadness, his clinched fists suggest his loss also causes him anger.

I reach over and take one of those fists and bring it to my lap smoothing out his fingers with my own. His hands are so large he could easily crush me with one, but laying in my lap like this they seem anything but violent.

Why I am sitting here petting a vampire I will never understand, Gran would turn over in her grave if she knew. But this feels, I do not know, right I guess.

“I’m sorry.”

He gives me a very weak smile that does not reach his eyes, “Thank you.”

“I lost my parents and my brother when I was 7. My Gran when I was 22. That was over a hundred years ago. The pain is still fresh. I do not think it will ever leave me, and I do not want it too either. Sometimes I need that anger to get me through the hard times, it serves a purpose like everything else does,” I tell him honestly.

When I turn to look at him his eyes are boring into mine and I know he understands.

“You are very wise Miss Brigant,” he whispers.

I smile at him softly, “Sookie, you may call me Sookie.”

“Sookie,” he says with a deep purr.

Hearing my name come from his lips sends a shiver down my spine.

A smile that finally reaches his eyes tells me he noticed. Damn him and his vampire senses.

“So Sookie,” he purrs once more. I’m convinced it was just to see me shiver again, it worked. “since I am uneducated about your kind, maybe you could teach me some things, like why you were so against me having a taste of your blood. Or maybe what that bewitching smell was in the forest and how you healed my wound. I promise to be on my best behavior,” he says giving me his most charming smile yet, complete with cocked eyebrow.

Why did Grandfather never warn me that vampires could be so inviting and charming?

Oh well, in for a penny, in for a pound.

“Do you promise to do what I ask and agree to keep our kind to yourself, along with your hands and fangs?” I ask him and so he knows I’m serious, I stand in front of him arms crossed, with my most stern expression.

He laughs at first, a sound I can not wait to hear more of, but he quickly sobers and promises to behave and do as I ask.

I decide to start with something impressive and ask him to sit down in front of the rock. He is there in an instant.

Holding out my hand I conjure my rope and proceed to tie him in place.

“Sookie this rope will not hold me, only silver can hold a vampire, I promise to stay here if that is what you need me to do. I would never harm anything as beautiful as you,” he smiles up at me.

His eyes beg me to believe him, my smile tells him I do, “You do not know fae craftsmanship nor what I am about to do. You may be strong, but not strong enough to resist the temptation I am about to give you. I would have to kill you if you lost control, I want us both to survive this night.”

The look he gives me says he does not believe me, but he will humor me anyway. “You are not going to pull your bow back out and finish me off are you?” he asks with a smirk.

“I would never harm anything as beautiful as you.” I say, giving him my best smirk and wink.

“Are you ready?” I ask him.

He nods his pretty golden head, “Ready.”

“Prepare yourself.”

I close my eyes and release my full scent. I do not notice much change in the air, but the growling and moaning Eric is doing tells me he sure does.

“Fuuuuucckk! By the gods Sookie, you smell like heaven! I want to rub myself all over you and then fuck you to death,” he growls.

His eyes have taken on a fierce glow and his fangs have finally made their presence known.

He is terrifying and beautiful all at the same time.

“Do not come any closer, give me a minute to get myself under control,” he pants, as his eyes roll back in his head and he lets out another groan.

I can see his muscles contracting trying to keep himself in place. I am not worried though, he will never get out of that fae rope.

I take full leeway of his confined state as I look over his beautiful body. His chest is still bare and heaving as he tries to calm down. My hands are shaking I want to touch him so badly. I keep my hands to myself and instead let my eyes drift to his stomach and the “v” that is peeking out of his leather pants.

I swallow a moan of my own.

His head is thrown back and his eyes still tightly shut so I let mine look even lower. Just like the rest of him, the bulge straining against his pants is very large and I can not seem to quit staring.

I let out a very humiliating squeak when his voice breaks my trance.



3 thoughts on “Chapter 4

  1. So hot! Just found you via idream’s repost. Ripping right through it. I like how we have the problem of Appius being his maker w/o missing out on Godric. Nice time period.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. … but what a terrible thing for Eric – to be remade by Appius as a slave/victim – I didn’t mean I like that, just that Godric is truly his maker.

    Liked by 1 person

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