Chapter 3


Sookie’s POV

Grandfather would skin me alive if he knew I was sitting here having a conversation with a vampire.

Rightfully so, I have lost my mind.

I should have put a second arrow through his chest and rid the world of one more vampire, but there is something about this Northman though that stayed my hand.

I admit I didn’t know he was vampire until he landed in front of me the second time. I had been too lost in my own thoughts back in the forest, too confident in my own skills to see what he really was. Thinking he was a mere human I wanted him to think the same of me, so I acted like a scared rabbit till I could pop away without him seeing. I never dreamed a human could have caught me miles from where I left him.

But he was not human was he?

No, he was far from it.

Here in the moonlight and out of the shadows of the forest I could see his ethereal glow. As a fae it was a skill some of us possessed, seeing their supernatural glow. Unless they showed their fangs or unnatural speed they were easy to mistake otherwise.

Most fae do not develop this skill until they have reached adulthood. I have had it ever since I can remember.

I have been trained to be a vampire killer for the same length of time too and I have never seen them as any thing other than the monsters they are.

Until this Northman, that is.

He is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.

And I am a fae, we are known to be the beauties of the supe world.

Take away his glow and he could easily blend in with my kind. His blond hair is shorter than I’m used to on a man. It is roughly shorn too, like whoever cut it was angry at him. But it still looks like soft, gold silk, I want to run my fingers through it. Somehow it suits him, it fits my idea of a wild vampire from the north.

His face is anything but wild, it is a face that would make angels weep. High chiseled cheekbones, a jaw that you could bounce rocks off of, and a clef chin that is just begging to be licked.

And his eyes?

I could get lost in the blue depths of those eyes.

The storm I see in them makes my palms itch with want to heal his pain and when he looks at me I feel as if he can see straight into my soul and knows every thought or feeling I have ever had.

Thank goodness there is no such thing as a telepathic vampire.

I guess we are on equal footing there. I can not read him at all, he is just a glowing blue ball in my head.

Strange that, all other vamps are just an empty void to me.

By all that is sacred, I will not speak of what his smile and that raised eyebrow did to my insides.

His lips though, they were made to kiss and be kissed. I can not help the flush that rises to my cheeks just thinking about those lips against my skin.

I may still be a virgin, but I know what happens between lovers.

He is at least a foot taller than me, with legs that go on forever. His tunic did not do much to hide the muscles that make up his body either. Now that it is laying bloody on the ground behind us I can see every bulge and dip those muscles make.

For some reason I want to run my tongue over everyone of them.

What is with me and wanting to lick him!?

I told you I had lost my mind.

Having sex with a vamp is a certain death sentence, hell just being near one usually is. Thank Gran’s bones I can mask my scent, otherwise he would be licking the last of me off his fingers by now.

Though it might be a nice way to go, at least I would die seeing his glorious face above me.

What the fuck is wrong with me!?!

Maybe I have been a virgin too long. Focus Sookie, focus.

Time to break our silence.

“Will you heal soon?” I glance at the wound seeping blood down his chest.

An exasperated look flashes across his face, “It will take a few hours since the arrow was silver.”

He stretches his arm over his head, whether to check how it’s healing or make me drool, I am not sure. I turn back to the lake just in case.

“Sorry about that, you startled me. I was not going to shoot you, unless you gave me no choice. I should have just popped away again. My brain is scrambled tonight,” I try to apologize.

The look he gives me, I can only describe it as hungry. “I might forgive you if you help me to heal faster.”

I jump up and turn on him, “Oh no you do not blood sucker! You would drain me dry within a heartbeat! You will not be getting a taste of me anytime soon!”

Before he can say anything I place my palm over his wound. He jumps slightly at the contact, but does not object. I close my eyes and let my light free to do it’s work.

I feel my light leaving and his pain becoming mine. When his skin feels smooth and dry again under my hand, I step back. I should not let myself weaken in his presence, but I should not have shot him either. I also should not feel safe here with him, but I do.

My mind is officially lost.

I walk to the edge of the water and tear off a piece of my cloak, dipping it in the cold water. When I turn around I can not help but smile, he is staring at me in disbelief, his brow is wrinkled with suspicion.

“What are you?” he asks again quietly.

I ignore him in favor of cleaning the blood from his magnificent chest. He has a few scars from his human days but they in no way take away from his beauty. I am surprised that his skin is so soft and smooth, and he’s at least three shades paler than me. The contrast between us is striking, but in a good way somehow.

This man, vampire, may just be the death of me yet.



3 thoughts on “Chapter 3

  1. it was a great chapter i read it twice…. my favorite lines so far, “His face is anything but wild, it is a face that would make angels weep. High chiseled cheekbones, a jaw that you could bounce rocks off of, and a clef chin that is just begging to be licked.” i can imagine her doing it too, written wonderfully. KY

    Liked by 1 person

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