Chapter 28




Eric’s POV

I hold my precious miracle to me for what seems like hours, though it is only minutes. If I could soak her into my soul she still would not be close enough.

Our blood bond is brimming over with love and thankfulness, filling us completely. I can feel her inside every inch of me and it is wondrous. I truly do not know how I survived this long without her. For I know now, without a doubt, I would die an agonizing death if our bonds were ever severed.

Being here in Faerie I can truly feel our fae bond for the first time too. I can not see it right now, since we are holding each other, but I can almost guarantee our chests are still glowing. I noticed hers as soon as I pulled her tunic off, but it has become so normal for me now I did not pay it much attention. The fae bond feels different from our blood bond though. I feel it radiating from my heart and it does not spread very far from there, just over my chest, but it is very strong. When I hold her to me like this, her heart to mine, the peace it creates in me is extraordinary.

I believe Godric’s and Niall’s words completely now, not that I ever doubted them really. Sookie and I will never be able to part again. At least not for more than a few moments or over a short distance. Just thinking of her leaving my arms is torturous.

And with that thought, the beginning of my night comes flooding back. I grit my teeth and do my best to shove it back down, but I am not fast enough. Sookie is already sitting up and looking at me with a deep frown on her beautiful face. I can feel her concern and worry bubble up above the peace we were enjoying.

She cups my cheek with one small hand, her thumb rubbing my cheekbone. “Are you okay, Eric?” she asks softly.

“I will be fine lover, no need to worry. The beginning of my night just came creeping back and it was much different from how it is ending. I tried to keep the thoughts at bay, but they snuck back in. I promise I am okay though. I will deal with it as I have everything else he has ever done to me,” I tell her quietly brushing some of her damp hair off of her face. I hope it reassures her.

Apparently though, by the tears in her eyes, I failed miserably.

“Eric, I felt you. Your anger, your pain. I have never experienced such agony,” she chokes out in a whispered sob, wrapping me in her arms.

My heart feels as if it is being crushed knowing she suffered because of me. What I would not give to have protected her from feeling even a trace of what I went through. I use every bit of strength I have left to keep all of this pain from her and hold back my tears at the same time.

“I know it had to have been even worse for you. I do not know how you are even still here, how you survived that with your mind and heart still intact. I am so sorry baby,” she whispers so quietly it is even hard for me to hear.

Her soft hands are rubbing my back and stroking my hair while her hot tears wash down my shoulder.

I squeeze her tightly and bury my face in her neck. “I am the one who is sorry, Sookie. I should have thought to protect you. You never would have felt anything if I was a better mate,” I seethe, my anger at myself coming through.

She jerks out of my arms, her own anger very evident by the sparks in her eyes. “Eric Northman, do not EVER let me hear you talk like that again. You are not at fault for what happened tonight. That sick fucking bastard Appius is! You did not hurt me, he did! Do you understand me?” she asks, her voice full of pain and frustration.

When she sees my shock at her words her anger quickly fades and is replaced with remorse. “Oh Eric,” she chokes, her hands stroking my face and hair. “You are my other half baby. We were made for each other. No one else in this realm or any other is a better mate for me than you. Please do not ever doubt how good you are as a person and as my mate. You are perfect for me, in every single way, my love,” she whispers to me through her tears.

I put my forehead to hers, holding her face in my hands. “I do not deserve such a miracle as you, kära en,” I tell her softly.

“Yes, you do, Eric. You deserve more than I could ever hope to give you,” she tells me, hugging me again.

We sit quietly for a while. Me with my face hidden in her neck so she does not see my tears. She silently stroking my hair, neck, and back, knowing very well I am crying, and pushing all the love and comfort she can to me. When she feels me relax some she pulls back and looks at me. I try to wipe my tears away, but she stops me and does it herself.

“You do not have to deal with it alone anymore, my love. I am always here for you Eric. If you need to talk about it, I will listen. If you do not want to, I will just hold you like I have been and not say a word. I would be more than willing to heal you with my light again if you want me too. I really wish you would let me right now, but I will wait until you are ready. Whatever you need, baby, I will give it to you,” she promises, kissing each of my cheeks gently.

“Thank you. Thank you for being everything I need exactly when I need it. I love you so much, Sookie,” I tell her, trying not to let my voice crack.

“I love you too, Eric. So very, very much,” she whispers giving me a soft kiss.

I can tell she wants to ask me to talk about it now, but I just do not think I can or will ever be able too for that matter. The thought of her knowing what I did makes me sick. I know she would never blame me, but I blame myself, and I just can not stand the thought of her knowing that side of me.

“I’m not ready, Sookie. I need some time, okay? Maybe I will be able to later, but not yet. Will you just hold me, please?” I ask her.

I sound like a mewling child, but I need her close. As close as I can get her.

“Of course I will, my love. Whatever you need,” she tells me holding me tightly again.

There is no telling how long we sit there holding each other, but I eventually pull back and begin kissing her precious face, trying to say thank you. She returns each one and we soon get lost in them for several minutes. We finally separate knowing we have things to do.

I frown when I notice blood smudged on the side of her face. I do not know if it is from my blood covered body or my tears, but I do not want anything from that horrendous act to touch her in any way so it has to go.

“We need to clean you up. I am afraid I have gotten blood on you and I find I do not care for it at all,” I say gruffly.

“I think we could both use a good scrub,” she says lightly, desperate to brighten my mood.

She conjures a sponge and some soap. I take them from her and very quickly, but gently, wash the blood from her face.

“There, that is much better,” I say once I finish.

She kisses me, sneaking the soap from my hands. I give her a pinch on the ass for her trickiness. She just smiles beautifully at me. I can feel how happy she is to distract me and I am just as happy to push that hell out my thoughts and enjoy my lover.

My hair is already fairly wet so she pours some soap in her hands before pushing up on her knees and sinking her hands into my hair.

“What a lovely view,” I smile and mumble into her breasts that are directly in my face. I cup them in my large hands, kissing each tight peak.

“Eric baby, I can not bathe you if you distract me like that,” she sighs out.

“Oh well, you can not expect me to stop when they are so available to me. I guess you will just have to manage somehow,” I smirk up at her.

She makes a very unladylike noise and starts to massage my scalp with her fingers. I quickly moan and drop my head back. “That feels wonderful, lover,” I groan. My hands continue to knead her breasts, pinching and pulling her nipples in turn.

After a few minutes she trills, “All done,” and climbs off my lap before I can stop her. My head pops up and I admit that I pout.

She giggles at me before pushing me to turn to the side and lay back so she can rinse the suds from my hair.

I lay down and decide to just enjoy her attention. I have not been taken care of like this for much longer than I want to think about. If ever actually.

Once she is done with that she pushes me back up and reaches for the sponge, pouring soap on it. She starts at my neck and works her way over and down my back. I let out a deep sigh, closing my eyes, and relax into her touch.

After a few quiet moments she asks softly, “You called me something different a few minutes ago. What was it? Care something?”

“Kära en. It means dear one. Because you are more dear to me than anyone,” I tell her, pulling her around to face me.

My back is clean enough.

I kiss her slowly, taking the sponge back to bathe her some. I begin with her lovely neck working my way down her right arm.

“I love all the sweet names you have for me,” she says leaning over and kissing my cheek. “You should teach me some for you. What would you like me to call you?” she asks smiling sweetly holding up her other arm for me to wash.

“Well, I am your lover,” I smirk at her.

“Mmmmm, yes you are. My excellent lover,” she purrs taking the sponge back from me, when I finish her arm, and starts to wash my chest. “How would I say that?”

“Min utmärkt vännen is my excellent lover,” I tell her smiling. “Min vännen is just my lover. We should probably just go with that and not boost my ego too much,” I tease her with not only my words but also my soapy hands caressing her voluptuous breasts.

“Men vanen,” she tries, giggling when she sees my nose scrunch up at her butchering of my native tongue.

“Sorry,” she says sheepishly. “I will practice more before I use it,” she assures me.

“Älskare means lover too. You could try that,” I tell her, sliding my hands around her back to wash it.

“I can not seem to make my mouth work as it should to say that one either. I will keep practicing though. Will you get up on your knees for me?” she asks.

I rise up as she requested, though I bet there is going to be a lot more than bathing going on because of it. The water is only to my mid thighs now, so my cock is very visible, still hard and standing at attention. Having her wet, naked, and all soapy is difficult to ignore.

I groan when I see her lick her lips at the sight of me as her soft hands glide up my thighs and around to my ass. Leaning over and kissing my hard stomach, she circles each cheek several times before squeezing them possessively. My cock is gliding between her firm, soapy breasts with ease at the same time.

Fuck, she is going to drive me crazy if she keeps this up.

“Careful, kära en, you are tempting the beast,” I growl quietly.

“Mmmmm, what if that was the plan all along,” she purrs, pulling back and gliding her hot tongue around the head of my cock.

“Fuuuck,” I groan, grabbing the sides of her face, gently raising it so she will look up at me.

Her huge blue eyes stare back at me with heat and innocence all at once. It is sexy as hell.

“You are driving me crazy, Sookie. We are not going to make it out of here anytime soon if you keep that up,” I caution her tenderly, my thumb rubbing across her plump lips, betraying my warning.

I want them wrapped around my cock so badly it hurts.

Her only answer is a smirk as she enfolds my shaft in her small hands and begins to stroke me. I easily give into her desires.

Screw Niall, he can wait.

The soap on her hands is not quite as satisfying as her wet pussy, but it is damn close. She is twisting her wrists on every up stroke, squeezing just hard enough to build me up slowly. She moves one hand down to my balls and begins to massage them too. I am not going to last long like this, but somehow I manage several more gloriously tormenting minutes before I can not stand it anymore. I need her mouth or her hot pussy wrapped around me now.

“Lover, I need you. Your perfect pussy or your hot mouth, I do not care which. I just need you, now,” I shamelessly beg, my hips starting to pump.

Without a word she turns around getting on her hands and knees and presents her beautiful ass to me. Her back is arched causing her pussy to be in full view. I let out another groan at the sight.

I sink down into the water stroking my cock to rinse the soap off of me. I doubt it would be pleasant to her delicate skin. My other hand goes straight to her pussy, my thumb sliding up through her slick folds. I see her walls clinch as she turns her head back to look at me.

“I thought you needed me, baby,” she moans, pushing back against my hand letting my thumb slip into her core.

Fuck, she is so hot, tight, and wet.

“I do lover, trust me, but seeing you like this is a special treat. I am going to enjoy it fully,” I tell her, my voice rough with my need.

I start to draw my thumb in and out of her slowly, making sure it is curved just right to rub against that wonderfully sensitive spot deep inside her. I have her panting in no time. I push into her farther, pumping my thumb in deep, quick strokes, bumping into her spot over and over. I smile when she begins to whimper, pressing back hard against my hand. I stop stroking my cock long enough to reach up and rub her clit in quick circles with my fingers.

“Oh Eric. Yes! I’m…. I’m gonna cum,” she wails.

“Yes, lover. Cum for me. Let me see my pussy cum,” I growl, pumping my thumb even faster.

“Aaaahhhhhhhhhh!,” she screams as she explodes for me.

I quickly pull my thumb out and replace it with my cock while she is still cumming, pumping into her hard and fast.

“Oh fuck, Eric! Yes! Fuck me!” she screams again, her pussy seizing and clinching around my cock.

I should make her cum a second time, but her pussy is milking me so hard I can not help but erupt inside her.

“FUUUUCKK!” I roar, slamming into her one last time, pumping her full of my seed. We both shudder with the intensity of it.

I wrap an arm around her waist and pull her with me as I sit back on my heels, still buried deep inside of her heat. I squeeze her tightly to my chest and trail kisses over her neck when her head falls onto my shoulder.

“You are so perfect, Sookie,” I breathe into her ear.

“We are perfect, Eric,” she pants back, turning her cheek into my lips.

I kiss the side of her face, “Yes, kära en, we are.”

I slide us back into the water and slowly lay her out so she is floating on her back, supporting her with my hands gently. She trusts me completely, never flinching or changing the serene expression on her face.

I make sure I get her hair good and wet then drizzle some soap onto her stomach. She jumps when the cool liquid hits her skin, but smiles at her silliness. Holding one hand under her back I begin to wash her with the other, slowing working my way around her body. Feeling her smooth, slick, skin under my hands is intoxicating. It takes much of my willpower not to take her again. It must be good for her too because a small smile of satisfaction stays on her face throughout the process. When I am finished I pull her back over to the bench and sit her up so I can wash her hair.

“Goodness, I could sure get used to this,” she sighs contentedly.

“I will do this for you every day if you wish it,” I tell her as I start to wash her long beautiful locks. “I have thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it,” I breathe into her ear.

“Only if I get to return the favor,” she says, smiling back at me.

“You will not hear any complaints from me,” I assure her as I lay her back down and begin to rinse the soap out of her hair.

“Mmmmm, me either,” she mumbles.

I finish quickly and sit her back up so I can squeeze the water from her hair. When I finish I climb out of the tub, reaching down to help her out. She walks right into my arms and hugs me tight. Of course I do the same. If I had my way she would never leave my arms.

“Thank you, my love, that was wonderful,” she say, smiling up at me.

“For which part?” I ask, raising my eyebrow like I know she loves.

Her sexy smile is my reward.

“For all of it,” she purrs.

“You are welcome, but I could not have done any of it without you. So you deserve thanks also,” I tell her sincerely, brushing my knuckles over her cheek.

“You are welcome too then,” she whispers, reaching up on her tiptoes to give me a kiss.

She takes my hand and pulls me over to the chaises where there are several towels laid out and some clothing too. Niall is responsible I assume.

We start to dry off, not able to refrain from staring at one another though. I know I will always desire her and apparently Sookie feels the same about me if the lust coming from her through our bonds is any indication.

I decide to turn around and advert my eyes before we attack each other again. Seconds later I hear her groan. I turn my head and look over my shoulder at her, she has her eyes locked on my ass. I can not hold back my chuckle.

“See something you like, lover?” I ask her, deliberately making my voice as sexy as possible.

“I sure do,” she purrs back. “You sir have the most magnificent ass I have ever seen,” she admits unabashedly.

“Seen many, have you?” I tease her, knowing very well she has not.

“Well no, but I know yours is the best regardless,” she smirks.

“How is that?” I ask.

“Because it is yours, which in turn makes it mine,” she growls lightly.

Fuck, this woman is so going to be the death of me. I go to close the distance between us but she holds up a hand stopping me.

“No sir. We have got to get out of this room sometime today. Our urges are just going to have to wait,” she informs me, waving her hand to dress herself.

Her luscious body is now covered in a beautiful light green gown that was laid out over the chaise moments before.

Next thing I know she has also dressed me in the pair of dark-colored pants and the rather snug light blue-green tunic that were laying beside it.

She smiles at her handy work, “There, you look very handsome. That tunic is spectacular on you, really brings out your eyes. Help me with my hair?” she asks as if getting dressed like this is an everyday occurrence. Which to her I suppose it is.

It might take me some getting use to though.

She has taken a seat on one of the chaises and is holding out a silver brush towards me.

“Um lover? I probably should not touch that particular brush,” I tell her.

“Oh my goodness! I am so sorry Eric! I was not thinking. Though I do wonder,” she says very thoughtfully. “If Grandfather says you can stand the sun, I wonder if you will be resistant to silver too?”

I sit down beside her and very tentatively reach out one finger towards the brush. She jerks it back quickly. “I do not want you in pain, Eric,” she says uneasily.

“It is only my finger and I will heal quickly if it does burn me,” I say, trying to ease her worry.

I grab it at vamp speed so she does not have a chance to stop me and look down in astonishment at the brush in my hand.

“ERIC!” she yells, slapping my shoulder.

“I am fine Sookie, look,” I say, laying the brush down and showing her my hand. “There is not a mark on me. There is no pain, nothing. Once again you have gifted me with another miracle, kära en. Thank you,” I breathe against her lips, kissing her deeply. I only stop when she needs to breathe again.

“You are very welcome, my love. I am so happy to be able to make you even stronger than you already are,” she says smiling brightly.

I smile back, kissing her again. “Me too, älskare, me too. Now turn around for me,” I ask gently.

She does as I ask so I pick up the brush again and then start gliding it through her hair. Even damp it is beautiful. It amazes me how relaxing such a simple task is and how close it makes me feel to her.

“Mmmmm, this might be something else I have you do everyday. It feels so lovely,” she moans.

I chuckle at her, “I would be glad to do this too, I love your hair. I could probably play with it for hours. It is so soft and silky, and all the colors it has makes it very beautiful. So many different shades of gold,” I murmur.

She turns to look at me, smiling, “Your hair is the exact same shade as mine, silly.”

“No. Yours is much more beautiful,” I assure her.

She stands up and shakes out her curls before reaching for my hand, “Come here, let me show you something.”



4 thoughts on “Chapter 28

  1. I think with a lot of love and a little bit of time she will get him to a point where he does feel broken anymore. he will always have the memories but he will not feel the shame, Appius did that to him, he had no control over a makers command. love these two’s special moments. KY

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