Chapter 2



Eric’s POV


“Well, Eric the Northman, I suggest you let me pass or my arrow will pass through you,” she is threatens.

How cute.

I can not help the smile that curves my lips, she is certainly feisty.

She must also be beautiful if her voice is any indication. It is light and airy, but at the same time as smooth and crisp as new fallen snow. She also has a slight accent that I am not familiar with, but I would like to be.

“Please, I promise I mean no harm to you, I am just a traveler heading back to the north. I saw you taking the same path and thought we could journey together,” I try to assure her again.

The tip of her very sharp arrow begins pressing into my chest as she growls,
“Do you take me for a fool? What woman in her right mind would allow a complete stranger to journey with her anywhere, let alone at night in the forest?”

She is pressing her arrow even harder into my chest now, making me quite thankful for my thick tunic. I take a few more steps back until I am against the tree just to be safe.

“Turn around!” she spits.

I do as she asks waiting to strike at just the right time, I really do not want to hurt her, but I will only play her game for so long.

“Put your hands on the tree.”

Again I do her bidding, she needs to feel safe if I am ever to get my answers and hopefully supper too. I had almost forgot why I wanted her in the first place.

I hear her take two steps back. Then I feel a tingle in the air around us and…

WHAT. THE. FUCK. is that amazing smell?

I use my speed meaning to turn and grab her.


She is gone, there is nothing left but some rustling leaves and that incredible smell in the air.

What the fuck is she!?!

I have to find her.

I shoot up into the air hoping to catch a glimpse of her.


She is already at the far end of the forest heading to the edge of the lake.

How in the hell?

As I speed through the air I wonder if she is vampire herself, her speed is unreal. But she is still not as fast as me. Seconds later I again land in front of her.

She jumps back this time allowing her hood to fall away revealing the most beautiful face I have seen in my four hundred years.

Framed with flowing blond hair that seems to glow in the moonlight and blue eyes as clear as the winter skies of my homeland are staring at me wide and unbelieving.

Reflecting my own expression, no doubt.

Her lips, plump and perfect, made only for sinful things, are parted in shock. She has skin as smooth and golden as mine was in my human days too.

She is a creature of the light, shining like the sun itself even in the night.

I will blame her incredibly beautiful face and the shock it caused for the arrow that is now lodged just above my heart.

And of course it is silver, fuck my undead life.

I drop to my knees and let out a guttural roar as I rip the arrow from my chest, breaking it across my knee for good measure. I toss it away and tear my tunic off to see how bad the wound is.

I have had worse, much worse, but it still burns like a motherfucker. It will take a few hours to heal because of the silver too.

If I did not want to know who and what this gorgeous woman was I would have shredded her to pieces for this.

“I told you I meant you no harm!” doing some growling of my own.

She shakes herself and her shocked expression turns to one of anger.

“And I told you I did not want a traveling companion. What do you really want with me, Northman? If rape is on your mind I assure you my next arrow will not miss.”

The venom in her voice tells me she believes every word she spoke.

I slowly bring myself to my feet, one so I do not scare her and two because the silver has weakened me. I take the few steps to reach her, leaning down to put my face within a breathe of hers. She does not back down an inch.

I like the fire in her, it matches my own.

“Hear me when I say this, I. DO. NOT. RAPE. Never have, never will. Nothing and no one deserves that evil.” I growl again.

But I can not help the sigh that escapes me after. I turn and walk to the rocks that line the lake shore, laying down on the closest one.

“I was just curious to know what you are, who you are. Before you had no scent, then you did that disappearing act and the forest filled with the most amazing scent I have ever had the pleasure to smell. Not to mention your speed,” I explain myself to her.

Who knows if she is even listening.

I turn my head to where I left her standing. She is still there, arms crossed with a well hidden, but curious expression of her own.

“Do you know what I am?” I ask her.

She relaxes enough to walk over to my rock, “You are vampire.”

My left eyebrow shoots into my hairline with surprise, for some reason this causes her to swallow and look away.

“How is it that a four hundred year old vampire does not know what you are, but you him?” I query.

“Four hundred? I would have thought you younger. I thought all vampires knew of us,” she says with an arrogant air.

She raises her own eyebrow at this too, the saucy minx.

As if her looks did not make my cock hard enough, her sass makes it throb. Again I can not keep the smile from my lips.

Control Northman, control.

“Us?” I ask her.

“Why should I tell you? The fewer that know of us the better. We have lost way too many of our kind to yours,” she fires at me.

The anger is back in her voice full force and her eyes have also darkened to a stormy blue, tears threatening to spill.

She has lost someone close. Very close.

My heart clenches thinking of Godric, I know that pain. All too well.

“I am sorry for your loss. I too have lost. There is no pain greater.” I tell her sincerely.

I sit up and turn to watch the waves lap the shore. Several minutes pass as I get lost in memories. She breaks my thoughts when she sits down next to me. There is not an ounce of fear as she looks at me.

So brave this little one.



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    1. I’m glad you did too!!! This is my first story so I’m in the process of going back and cleaning up the earlier chapters and hopefully making them more readable. So if you notice a difference in them, that’s why. Thanks so much for reading!!!


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