Chapter 16


Sookie’s POV

I have not felt this much anger and pain mixed together in a very long time. If Appius was here right now he would be nothing but a pile of goo.

I slowly walk up to Eric, reaching out gently toward his chest without touching it.

It looks so incredibly painful. As if he was burned and cut all at once, and he must have been. I imagine only silver could do this kind of damage to a vampire. I realize Appius has carved his initials into to Eric with silver, a silver knife.

He branded him, the fucking monster.

My mind fills with thoughts of the pain and agony Eric must have felt. More hot tears stream down my face. But why is he not healing? Surely he fed before he got here.

I can hear Eric’s voice, he must be trying to talk to me, but I do not hear him all at the same time. Finally, he lightly shakes me and snaps me out of my horrid trance.

“Sookie! Did you just say Appius killed your family?” he asks with a very confused look on his face.

Shit! I did not mean to tell him that yet.

“Did I?” I ask, feigning bewilderment.
He does not buy into my little act.

“Lover, I think you better tell me what the hell is going on.” His tone tells me I best comply.

“Let me heal you first, Eric. Please? I know you must be in terrible pain,” I beg him.

I did not ask that to get out of answering him either. It truly hurts to look at him. I am having a terrible time holding back my sobs because of it. That fucking monster has all but ripped my love to shreds.

Why would he do this to him? Why?

My hand begins to glow with my light, my heart intent on taking away his pain.

“No, Sookie!” he says, shaking me again. “I must not be healed yet. Appius ordered me to leave them until tomorrow night. If you heal me now, he will feel it and come for me. I can not risk him finding you!” he yells, determined to get through to me.

“Now tell me what this is about your family. Did I hear you correctly? Appius killed your parents?” he asks again, a bit calmer now.

I close my eyes with a sigh, and turn away from him. “Yes. Yes he did and my brother too,” I barely whisper, but I have no doubt he heard me.

I know because he is in my face and the look on his is not a very happy one. I can not tell if he is angry or hurt, maybe it is both.

“Why did you not say so the other night? When I told you who he was, why did you not tell me then? Why would you hold back something so important as that? I can not believe you did not say anything.”

It is definitely both.

“I’m sorry, Eric. I promise it was not to hurt you. I was in shock. I could not believe after all the time I have spent looking for that horrible beast that someone else knew him. Knew where he was. That he still walked this earth and I would finally get to end him. I was afraid if I told you, you would never allow me to help end him.”

Much to my shame, I collapse to the ground in tears after my little speech.

Eric has an arm around me as best he can despite his wounds. He is sitting awkwardly to my side, facing me. So I lean into the arm he has wrapped around my waist and cry on his shoulder for several minutes. His other hand runs up and down my back gently.

I let out a shuddered breath before I go on. “I trained to kill him for decades. Then I hunted him for decades more. Ever since I was seven my only purpose in life was to end him. When I heard you speak his name the other night, my blood ran cold and then burned with pure hatred. He murdered my whole family all because my Mother spurned him. Now that I know he has been torturing the man I love for the last hundred years I want to kill him all the more. I may torture him for decades first though,” I finish my story with a growl.

He pulls my head up to look at him,
“You love me?” he asks with wide eyes.

I smile, of course that is all he heard.

I reach up and place my hand on his gorgeous face, “I do, Eric. I love you. I think I loved you the moment I saw you. I felt inklings of it our first night together, but I was not sure what it was. Then being without you these last three days, I knew I did. I missed you more than I would have ever thought you could miss someone. My heart ached for you every moment I was gone. So yes, I love you. I, Sookie Brigant, Faerie Princess, love the Viking Vampire, Eric the Northman. May the gods save us all.”

My smile is now about to split my face it is so big. I did not know it would feel this good to say those words.

He crashes his lips into mine and kisses me senseless. I barely notice his hands are ripping my clothes off piece by piece until I am left in nothing but my boots. I can only laugh as he jerks off his own and flings them into the darkness. His pants follow seconds later.

He rolls onto his back, pulling me to straddle over him. My hair hiding our faces from anyone that might happen along, not that they will.

He pushes my hips down against his and we both let out a moan as my hot flesh connects with his cool. I am shocked at how wet I already am for him, as he begins to slide me forward and back over his cock. When he latches onto my right nipple and starts to suck I almost explode right then.

Apparently more than just my heart was aching for him.

Obviously we did not try this position out last time, but I have seen the sexual thoughts of others in my head on many occasions. So the next time he pulls me up I tilt my hips just right and slide down his length as he pushes me back down.


I counter his yell with a sigh.

“Oh, fuck me.”

“Oh, Lover, do not worry, I am going too,” he growls.

Both of his hands grip my ass and hold it in place as his hips begin to pound up into mine. His cock driving deep into my pussy with each thrust, hitting that amazing spot within me on every up stroke. I am a screaming mess in seconds. I somehow manage to keep myself braced with my hands so I do not fall onto his chest.

“Fuck, Eric. How….do you… that to me?” I shudder.

“Because this pussy is mine and I can make it cum whenever I want it too,” he growls, pumping his hips.

Oh, gods he is going to make me cum again if he keeps talking like that.

He wraps his large hands around my ribs and gently lifts me until I am sitting up, and then slides them down to my hips pushing and pulling them to guide me in riding him.

“Oh fuck, Eric,” I gasp, throwing my head back. “You are….I am….so…full,” I pant out adjusting to his size.

It does not take long and I am riding him hard all on my own. I feel powerful up here, watching his face go from bliss to hunger and back again just with the movement of my hips. After a few minutes I lean back and brace my hands on his thighs. This angle is amazing with his cock buried so deep inside of me. When I see his face and hear the groans I am certain he likes it too.

“You are driving me fucking crazy, Lover. Feeling your glorious pussy suck my cock and watching you ride me at the same time is incredible. You are so beautiful it hurts. What happened to my shy little one? She has been replaced by a sexy goddess,” he says, his voice deep and raspy with his need, while his hands are rubbing over every inch of me he can reach.

Where in the worlds my next words came from I will never know. My poor Gran would die all over again if she heard me talk this way.

“Little Miss Shy is gone, only your goddess is here to fuck you. Your cock is mine to fuck and mine alone,” I proclaim, staring deeply into his eyes while I squeeze my inner muscles around his cock.

I rise up and slowly slide back down, causing him to moan and close his eyes. As I pick up my pace he places one of his thumbs against my bundle of nerves, rubbing in tight circles. His other hand goes to my right breast and begins to pull and pluck at my nipple.

“Cum on your cock then, Lover. Let me feel you cum all over me,” he purrs, thrusting his hips up into mine.

That is all it takes as I seize, shake, and shudder with my second release. Before I can collapse he has us flipped over and is again pounding his hips into mine.

I may die right here from pleasure.

I look up into his gorgeous face, his blue eyes almost black with his passion. His fangs are begging me to touch them. So I heed their call, reaching up and slowly running two fingers down their lengths. His eyes roll back in his head as he shudders and moans. I did not intend too, but I accidentally slice one of my fingers, a bright red drop of blood swelling up on the tip. Instead of being terrified, or Eric attacking me like I once thought he might, we are both very calm.

I feel an overwhelming need to feed him my blood, so I do. I place my finger in his mouth and he gently licks and sucks the blood from it. When he releases it his face is one of pure adoration.

“I love you, Sookie,” he whispers softly and slowly.

“I love you too, Eric.”

Our hips never stop, just keeping a wonderfully slow pace so that we can feel every inch of each other.

I watch as Eric puts his wrist to his mouth and bites down with a crunch. He places the bleeding wounds to my mouth, begging me with his eyes to take what he offers. I do not hesitate. Closing my lips around the bite, I drink in his thick, sweet blood. I have never tasted anything better.

“Drink me, Lover. Make us one,” he tells me, growling lightly.

With my last swallow I can see my light begin to glow in ernest until it surrounds us both. We never take our eyes away from one another as we work our bodies into a frenzy. I think I may have seen Eric’s chest begin to glow with it’s own light right before we both explode with our releases.

Just as last time we are both knocked into a blissful slumber. When I wake I see my viking laying on his side smiling over at me. I smile right back.

“Hello, min älskare, did you sleep well?” he says, his voice all deep and velvety.

“Mmmmm, I did. How about you, my love? Did you have a nice rest too?” I murmur, still sleepy.

“I did. Was it the same as before, or was there anything different for you this time?” he asks, lightly dragging his fingers down my side.

My eyes go wide as I remember, I sit up excitedly, pointing at his chest. “You were glowing too!”

I suck in a breath when I see his chest is almost completely healed. Only thick pink ropes of flesh spelling out ALO are left.

“Eric! Oh gods! I did not mean too. Is he coming? Do you feel him coming closer?” I am terrified now, we are not ready to fight him yet. I could lose Eric forever if he finds us!

“Shhhh, min älskare,” he whispers and reaches over to pull me against him, holding me close. “It is alright. Please do not worry so. I do not understand how, but even though my wounds are almost healed, the pain is still there. But at the same time it is not. It is as if my body is still telling Appius I am in pain but I am no longer feeling it. I think your fae magic is working some miracles,” he says, smiling down at me. “Now relax and tell me what you were going to say about me glowing.”

I am not so sure it was only my fae magic that did all of that, but I will take his word for it that Appius is not an immediate threat. I calm myself and get back to what happened earlier. “It was not my light making you glow, you did it all on your own. I know because it was blue, just like your orb I see in my mind.”

“My orb?” he asks, rather confused.

Oh, shoot, I forgot he does not know I am telepathic yet.

“Are you ready for a lesson in Faeries, my viking?” I smile up at him.



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