Chapter 13


Eric’s POV

Ironically enough the nest is located inside the ruins of an early viking stronghold.

On the surface it looks like a castle that has been laid sieged to and left abandoned, but below Appius has created a rather nice home for himself.

He turned the castle’s dungeons into his lair, a very opulent lair. The collection he has amassed over the last two millennia is more than any King could wish for. I have only seen a few of the many rooms here, the others I am forbidden to enter. I am certain some of them hold treasure and others, secrets he wishes to stay hidden. I will need to find a way to see what is behind those locked doors if I am to find what I need to end him.

Appius was born in 648BC the son of a Roman Consul.

That is the extent of what I know of his past, except for the displeasure of knowing and living with his true progeny, who is every bit as evil as his maker.

Appius does not deem me important enough to know more.

He is short, pale, and unremarkable in every way except for his eyes. They are as dark as pitch and in them you can see the depths of evil that control his undead soul.

I am easily a foot taller than he, but judging him by his size is a mistake. He is ancient and because of this he is the most powerful vampire I have ever known or heard of. His strength and speed are unimaginable. Even with my vampire sight I can not track him and I have seen him crush boulders into dust in seconds.

He is also very deceiving, making you believe he is calm and serene only to turn into a vicious viper in the blink of an eye.

He can not be trusted, ever.

Whether he was born with this nature or developed it over the centuries, I do not know. Nor does it matter. Either way he must be ended, the sooner the better.

I pull the boy into the hidden bolt hole that is almost a mile from the ruins. As I drag him through the pitch black tunnel leading to the nest he snivels and whines with fear. With his human eyes he can see nothing, including my eyes, which makes it very hard to glamour him to shut up. Thankfully we reach the opening to the lair soon and he immediately goes quiet when the torch light hits him. I bring him into the main hall and sit him at one of the table benches, telling him to sit still and be quiet.

Appius is not in the room, but his progeny is.

“Andre,” I nod.

“Where the fuck have you been you giant cretin?” he spits. “You were due back last evening, Father is not pleased. You will certainly pay for this tonight.”

He turns and walks away a few steps before turning back and saying “I can not wait to watch,” with a malicious smile on his face.

I hate that little fucker almost as much as Appius. It takes much of my restraint to keep myself from ending him where he stands, just as it has a thousand times before. I am over three hundred years older than him. I could snap him like a twig.

He, like his maker, is small.

Appius turned him in his early teenage years before he had time to mature in body or mind. Blonde and blue-eyed, he looks like a child. He certainly acts like one, a very spoiled one.

I keep my face passive. He must not see my anger, not if I want to make both of them believe nothing is different with me.

“I had trouble finding a suitable blood bag. I know Master has particular tastes and I wanted to ensure he would be satisfied.”

I fucking hate calling that insidious bastard my master, but that was the first command he ever gave me. He has yet to release me from it.

Speaking of the devil, he is walking quietly into the room looking as if he is happy to see me.

“Eric, my child!” he smiles, raising his arms in welcome. “It is good to have you home again. Your brother and I were beginning to become concerned.”

He knows I loathe it when he calls me his child so he does it just to watch my jaw clinch in anger. It makes the bastard smile every damn time.

He also knows, I know he is full of shit. The only concern he has for me is that I do his bidding when, and how, he commands.

I fail to keep myself from narrowing my eyes at him.

His hand is around my throat in an instant. Squeezing hard enough to break my neck, but not completely remove my head from my person. My body goes limp, first in pain, then numbness. Only his hand around my neck is holding me up. He pulls my face to his, making sure to hold me below him so I do not forget who is master and who is slave.

“You are late,” he snarls in my face, his fangs glistening. “You know what this means do you not?” he says as he’s shaking me like a child’s doll.

“Yes…….Master,” I wheeze.

“What does it mean, Eric?” he asks squeezing harder.

“A day…… in the…..chamber.”


I can hear Andre’s maniacal laughter behind us as Appius drops me to the floor stepping over me as if I am a pile of trash.

“But first, I will see what you have brought me.”

By now the boy is a terrified mess trembling in his own piss. My glamour was released when Appius broke my neck.

I already feel it healing, all be it slowly.

I can only lay and watch as the pair of them descend on the boy. His blood curdling screams filling the room along with a fair quantity of his blood.

It is over in seconds.

I close my eyes when I hear the bloodlust take them over. The room is now filled with sounds of violent fucking, snarling, and biting. I am just thankful they are leaving me out of it this time. I am not always so lucky. I sigh with relief when I feel dawn begin to take me.

I am forced awake, not long after, in searing pain. Appius is chaining me naked to the wall with silver. First my waist and neck, then ankles and wrists.

Even dawn can not take a vampire away from this kind of torture.

With his age, Appius can stay awake all day tormenting me, and he often does. I do my best to stay stoic and not react to the pain. I do not want to give him the satisfaction of hearing me groan. But when he brings out his silver knife and runs it from my neck to stomach, slicing and burning my skin all at once, I can not help the hiss that escapes me.

“Now now, child. I have done much worse to you. Do not whine so, or I may decide to really cause you pain,” he says speaking as if we are having a pleasant conversation about the weather.

“If you had been home when you were suppose to, you could have joined your brother and I in the delightful meal you procured for us. Instead you insist on disobeying me at every turn,” he says dragging the knife from my right knee to my groin.

A growl rips from my chest this time. He is not cutting very deep, only through the skin, but it burns like a motherfucker and the silver is keeping me from healing.

He places his knife at the base of my cock, burning the skin but not cutting. I grit my teeth against the pain.

“Maybe if I cut this viking cock off you will obey better. You must know I felt it when you were having a nice fuck the other night. Who was she, Eric? Hmmm? Just some whore you happened upon, I dare say. Spreading her legs for any cock she can get,” he sneers.

I force myself to stay still and not take his bait. Though I want to rip him to pieces for saying such things about Sookie. Even though he has no idea who I bedded last night, I know.

“You best remember who you belong to viking. Perhaps I shall mark you so you will not soon forget,” he says as he smiles maliciously.

He walks back to his table of instruments and picks up a bottle of powdered silver with a gloved hand.



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