Chapter 11





Eric’s POV

I see her face drain of all color only to be replaced with what seems to be an angry flush. The light begins to glow from her chest again too, only this time it is red.

“Min lilla, you are glowing again. What is wrong? Your light is red, not golden as before. Are you upset?” I ask her.

I can also see red glowing from her clenched fists. She takes some deep breaths and the light begins to fade with each one. Finally she calms down and the glow vanishes completely.

“I am sorry, Eric. I just……I was thinking of you going back there and how much I want to kill this Appius,” she spits his name out with surprising venom.

You would think he has wronged her as he has me. My min lilla has such spark and fire in her veins. I give her a few more moments to calm down, rubbing her arms gently.

“Dawn will soon be here, Eric. Where will you spend your day rest? Do you have somewhere safe?” she asks, the concern back in her eyes and voice.

“Do not worry for me, I will fly…”

“You can fly!?” she asks with much surprise. “That is an extraordinary gift! So few vampires have that ability. That is a tremendous boon for our plan.”

I can not help but return her eager smile. “Yes, flying is one of the gifts Godric blessed me with. I feared Appius had taken it when he drained me, but it seems I still have enough of Godric’s blood to sustain my gifts. I am most grateful to still have part of him within me.”

“I am pleased for you to. I am sure that brings you comfort.”

She stretches up on her tiptoes and kisses my cheek. How such a little thing can mean so much, I may never understand.

“Nevertheless, I will fly as far as I can before dawn and then bury myself to escape the sun. I can finish my journey home tomorrow evening. Do you have far to go, little one?”

“No, not far at all. Popping makes for very swift travel,” she smiles.

I pull her to me so I can hold her one more time. Despite our height differences she fits me so well. Just as if we were both made for the other.

“Even though I have no desire to leave you, we must say our farewells, min lilla.”

“I know,” she whispers, “I do not want too, but I know we must. Please keep safe, do not incur his wrath when you return. I need you to come back to me, okay? Promise me?” she pleads.

The sadness in her eyes is almost my undoing.

“I promise I will do everything within my power to be back here four nights from now. Please do not fret if I am late or even if I do not arrive. Sometimes he sends me on more specific errands and does not allow me free reign. If I do not make it, leave me a message by the rocks for when you want to meet again.”

“No notes necessary, I can and will come back every night until you are able to make it. It will only take me a moment to get here. Once I have been to a place, I can pop there anytime I need too,” she says, trying to give me a happy smile. She does not quite succeed.

“Very handy.” I say, giving her a smirk. “It is settled then. We will meet in four nights. If I am unable to get away, and as long as it is safe, you can pop here every night until I am. I will search for as much information as I can to bring back to you and you will do the same with your kin.”

“Correct,” she says as she places her hood back over her head.

Next she conjures her bow and quiver of arrows and places them on her back, under the cloak. I must remember to ask her how she does that when I see her again.

“I suppose this is goodbye then,” she mumbles and avoids my eyes.

I lift her chin with a finger, forcing her eyes to mine. “Only for a short while. I will see you in four nights time, min lilla,” I whisper and pull her lips to mine, giving her a kiss she will not soon forget.

She throws her arms around my neck, squeezing tightly. “Thank you, Eric,” she barely whispers, her voice cracking.

She is going to be the death of me.

I squeeze her back just as tight, “For what, little one?” I ask.

She pulls back, gently pressing me to let her go. I let her slide down my body back to her feet.

“For finding me tonight and not letting me get away. You have given me more gifts than you know.”

She places a hand on one cheek and kisses my other, “Godspeed, my vampire.”

With a loud pop she is gone.

I immediately feel her absence like a hole in my chest, but I can not wallow in my sadness now. Dawn is fast approaching and I must be as far north as possible before it gets here.

I shoot into the air, flying at my fastest speed, racing the sun.

Thirty minutes later I am forced to land. I find a grove of trees and set to digging my resting place under them. I barely have myself covered when death takes me for another day.

My last thought is of my beautiful faerie.


I waste no time upon waking and am again flying north as fast as my gift will allow. I stop only shortly to wash my body of Sookie’s scent. The last thing I want is for Appius to smell her on me.

I should arrive just before dawn as long as his meal gives me no trouble. I dare not return without one. I keep a lookout for a village and hope I can find a boy quickly and easily.

Two hours into the night I find a sizable village,so I hover close in hopes of finding a meal wandering alone in the streets.

It does not take long before I find a nice young pair of lovers out for a midnight tryst.

A tall gangly boy and his busty maid.

From the looks of it he is trying to fuck her through the side of a barn. His skill is far from polished, the poor woman.

I drop lightly behind them, much to the woman’s shock. Her wide eyes are easily caught by mine and I have her under my glamour in seconds. I put my finger to my lips telling her to be quite, she nods dumbly.

I have her lover mute seconds after, his measly cock deflating to almost nonexistent. No wonder he was having such a difficult time. I tell him to dress and then wait for me.

The maid is comely and she does not smell too terribly odorous. I have to eat, it has been three nights since I last fed, but the thought of putting my fangs in her pale flesh is rather abhorrent.

The only flesh I want my fangs in belongs to a golden faerie I have become disturbingly attached too already.

I close my eyes, picturing Sookie’s beautiful face and try to imagine the moment I will taste her for the first time. I bite into the maid’s jugular, making her gasp. The blood that pours into my mouth is rather weak and almost distasteful. The exact opposite of what I imagine my sweet faerie’s blood will taste like. But I force myself to swallow a few gulps before retracting my fangs.

I heal her wounds and glamour her to believe the boy gave her the best fuck she has ever had.

Consider it my thank you to her.

She wanders back home while I glamour the boy to climb on my back so we can be on our way. I decide to try an experiment with him I have been thinking about since last night.

I pierce my finger with one of my fangs and tell the boy to lick the wound clean. I want to see if Appius will be able to sense my blood within him.

I have never given my blood to another, but I feel drawn to give mine to Sookie. I can not explain why, I just feel very strongly that I need too.

If Appius is able to sense it in the boy I will not dare let her have any. If he does not, I will give her several tastes over the next few weeks.

I want to be able to find her if she is ever in danger and I want the tie to be strong. Feeling her emotions will be an added gift I will greatly appreciate.

Just before dawn, as I had hoped, we land at the entrance of the nest.

Time to push Eric back inside his hiding place and bring forth the vampire Appius believes he has created.



5 thoughts on “Chapter 11

  1. This is a great story. I have been putting off reading, waiting for more because after reading the first part I knew I would not want it to end. 🙂 I was right…now i am jonesing for the next update ;).


  2. Keeping Appius in the dark will be his challenge, hopefully what he has had to endure for the last 100 years has given him the focus he needs to pull it off.

    Liked by 2 people

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