Chapter 35



Thank all the gods, we finally have some peace and quiet. 

I am laying on the lush green grass of Sookie’s favorite spot down by the river.  Her naked, but very soundly sleeping body is draped across my own naked one, her cheek pressed over my heart.  She is gently rising and falling as I breathe. 

Listening to my heart beat and the air flow in and out of my lungs has become one of her favorite things. 

Suddenly having a beating heart and a need to breathe after four centuries of neither takes a bit of getting use to, I assure you, but I am managing.

We are both recovering from our latest bout of love making.  I was determined to have my way with her out in the sun one day and today was that day. 

It took some convincing, but I finally got my shy lover to agree after she learned from Claude how to put a privacy spell around us.  I’m surprised he helped actually with all his comments about wanting to watch. 

He is such a faerie. 

The area around the castle is very secure and private, but the guards, and apparently Claude, would have gotten a nice show otherwise.  The Viking in me wanted to give them that show, prove to them that no one can make love to her like me, but I knew my little ones modesty was more important.

It was as perfect as I imagined it would be though. 

The sun warming us as it soaked into our bones, the light glistening over her perfect skin and golden hair, and watching her luscious body writhe in the sunlight as I made her cum over and over.

It was pure perfection. 

We needed this break a lot more than I think we knew.  There has hardly been a moments rest in what seems like forever.  Except for one other little play session this has been our only break in a week.

As I trail my fingers through her silky tresses and listen to our hearts beat as one, I think over all that has happened in the last several days.

The past week has went by in a blur of training, training, and more training.  After our miraculous transformations Niall insisted on seeing “his faepires” in action and also insisted that we hone our new skills to the point of perfection.

Arrogant bastard. 

I am not “his” anything and neither is Sookie.  She may have been his granddaughter first, but she is mine now. 

But, I have to admit I was anxious to try out my new gifts and watch my mate do the same, so I have been doing what he wants, but for us, not for him.

Watching my mate’s lithe little body move around with such grace and strength as she trains is sweet torture.  I am constantly in awe of her, and in no little bit of need either. 

More like a lot of it. 

Just as I suspected not long ago about Sookie stealing my breath if I had any, every time I lay my eyes on her these days, she never fails to take the air that now fills my lungs. 

Not to mention make my heart skip a beat. 

And I hardly ever let her out of my sight. So it seems like I am constantly trying to catch my breath and calm my racing heart. 

Poor me, being bonded to a gorgeous woman is hard work.

Truly though, so much has changed for me in the last month, but especially in this past week. It could easily be overwhelming, but I have gotten used to it already, with Sookie’s help of course, and I think I am very happy with the new me, for many reasons.

I can eat again! 

There have been many times over the centuries when the smell of food has brought back memories and made me miss my Mother and her cooking.  So I was excited to try what Niall’s Fae cooks had to offer even if I was a bit nervous. 

My stomach was demanding food whether my nerves agreed or not. 

I was afraid that what I put in would not stay down.  I have seen a vampire try to eat before and it was not a pretty picture.

My Sookie cried happy tears as she watched me eat with abandon, then laughed when I started moaning because of my too full, achy stomach. 

Thankfully the food stayed put though. 
Throwing up ones meal was most certainly not something I missed from my human days.

Both of us need blood too.  Pleasingly, we seem to be satisfied with just each other’s. 

Very satisfied. 

The first time I felt her sharp, delicate fangs pierce my neck and begin to draw my blood I almost blacked out my release hit me so hard. 

It makes a shutter of pleasure run through me just thinking about it.

Once I recovered I was a bit upset that I had cum without bringing her pleasure first, but Sookie loved it.  Seems she likes having me at her mercy. 

Silly woman doesn’t realize that I am always at her mercy. 

Thankfully being half fae did not lessen my rebound time, so I was able to return the pleasure she gave me many times.

I am most grateful that we are satisfied with each other’s blood though. Drinking from one another once a day is working for both of us right now.  The thought of her feeding off someone else does not sit well with me, at all, and if I was to need a donor I figure they would not be long for this world if Sookie had any say in it. 

And she would most certainly have her say. 

Jealous Sookie makes my cock hard, well any Sookie makes me hard for that matter, but you know what I mean. But even though I would have no problem killing anyone that offered her their blood, my dear one would be very upset with herself for killing someone after her jealousy wore off, even if it turned me on, and Sookie upset is the last thing I want.

She taught me how to conjure things this morning. It was a bit tricky, but I had it down in no time.  It is a lot like popping, which I have been very good at from the moment I woke up for some reason.  Instead of thinking of where you want to be as you do to pop, you think of what you want to appear and poof, there it is in your hands.

I even learned how to dress in her magic faerie way. Well I guess its my way now too, but I snap my fingers instead of waving my hand around like my very feminine lover does.  I am still a Viking vampire after all.  I may be part fae now, but I’ll always be a Viking vampire and they do not wave their hands around daintily.

I am not very sure which of my new gifts is my favorite, my telepathy or shooting fireballs from my hands. They are both equally amazing, but I would probably have to pick the fireballs.

Yes, hands down, the fireballs win, there really is no contest.

I thought crushing boulders was fun, blowing them up is even better.  Sookie told me to think of something that made me angry and then focus on where I wanted them to go. After that it was easy.  All I have to do to conjure them is to think of Appius hurting my love. It works every single time.  The thought of blasting and burning him to bits brings an evil smile to my face and causes a deep burning inside me. 

We will end him and soon.

The telepathy is equally great but has been a bit tougher to learn. I have a hard time remembering that I can talk to Sookie this way now and I keep forgetting to “speak” at her so that she hears me.

I know I look like a complete fool when I make all the funny faces as if I’m speaking out loud yet no words are coming out of my mouth. I know this because my dear one has had many laughs at my expense. But, I am determined to learn to keep my stoic expression in place, I just need some more practice. 

I truly think this will be our greatest asset when we face Appius though. He will never know what is coming because we will always have the advantage of surprise.  I only had a little hope of our success before we were “reborn” so to speak,  but now I have complete faith that we can end him very soon and very easily.

The only questions left are, when are we going to do it, where will it happen, and how much do we want him to suffer? 

Part of me wants this over quickly. 

Just pop to where he is, blast him to ashes and then enjoy the rest of eternity. 

The other part of me wants him to suffer for a very long time. 

I want to tie him down to a silver table and let us all take turns torturing him for at least a hundred years. I can not seem to make up my mind, but since it is not all up to me, I suppose we will make the decision together.  And I think as long as he meets his true death, I will be happy either way. 

Once he is gone I never want us to think of him again.

Enough about me, my lover is a much better subject.

She is beyond exquisite since our change. Not that she was not before, but she is even more beautiful now. I never would have dreamed it was possible for her to be anymore gorgeous, but she is.

She glows, literally glows.

She is no longer as tan as she was, but her now creamy skin has this luminous, golden glow about it.  She looks every bit as beautiful as the goddess Freya. I have my own living, breathing Valkyrie as my mate for eternity.  How lucky I am?

And I mean that in more ways than one.

That need I spoke of earlier every time I see her? 

It never goes away. 

I may not have to control my lust anymore because of her scent, but now I have to control it just because of her mere presence. Unfortunately there are just times when it is not convenient or appropriate to ravish her and walking around with a constantly stiff cock can be a bit uncomfortable at times.

Oh well, if it is the price I have to pay to have her, I will gladly pay it.  One day soon though, all of these trials will be behind us and when that happens I plan on locking us away and doing nothing but making love and fucking until neither of us can walk. 

I can not wait.

Back to Sookie’s vampire gifts. 

My lover’s speed and strength never fail to amaze me and I have had those attributes for hundreds of years, but I think anyone would be shocked seeing such a small woman throw and crush boulders.  Seeing her sweet smiling face and luscious little body you would never believe there is a fierce warrior that hides inside. 

She is not like a new born vampire either, but as a four hundred year old one instead.  What took me decades to learn and control, she has mastered in just days.  If she had not blessed me with her fae gifts in return I would probably be jealous.

Her favorite of her vampire gifts is of course that she can fly.  Seeing her face when she realized that she could and hearing her squeals of joy and laughter as she took to the sky for the first time almost made my heart burst with its own joy. She has blessed me with so many gifts since I met her, that I was thrilled to be able to give her something in return. We flew together for what seemed like hours that day. I do not think that I have ever been happier than I was then.

My favorite of her vampire gifts is that she can heal on her own.

I almost lost my cool when she sliced her beautiful creamy skin open with a fae blade, spilling her precious blood, before I knew what she was up to. I instantly bit into my wrist planning to heal her with my own blood, when it hit me with a sickening feeling in the pit of my stomach. 

It probably would not work anymore. My blood was no longer stronger than hers, but equal. How would I heal her, or save her if she was ever injured or dying? 

I hate to admit that I began to panic. Maybe all of these new gifts were not all in our best interests. As these horrible thoughts were running through my head, I almost missed it as Sookie shook me and told me to watch as her skin began to stitch itself back together.  My relief was immense.

I immediately grabbed her and popped us to the castle.  I insisted we have a talk with Niall about whether our blood could heal each other now. The old faerie had to be good for something, at least I had hoped. Unfortunately his only answer was to test it for ourselves and the only way to do that was for one or both of us to get hurt. Neither of us liked that option, so we decided we are just going to have to have faith that if there is ever a need the bonds will take care of us.

I took us straight to our chambers after that and bolted the door.  My little faerie was going to get another good spanking for scaring me that way. I was nowhere near as gentle with her this time either and of course my naughty lover thoroughly enjoyed herself. 

Actually we both enjoyed ourselves. 

Many, many times.

It very quickly turned into our first time making love since our changes.  We did not come out for hours. The fact that we put Niall’s training off for the afternoon was an added bonus.

I think that about covers everything and as much as I loathe the idea, it is time for my dear one and I to get back to the castle.  Niall says he has a few surprises for us at supper tonight and if I know my lover she will want a bath before we go.  I wonder if I can talk her into bathing in the river with me.  I would bet my right ball that the water is the perfect temperature for bathing.  Everything else in this place is perfect, so the water must be too.

I gently start to rub her back and then move down over that perfect ass of hers. 

I told you everything here is perfect.

“Sookie,” I whisper, lightly squeezing her cheeks in my hands.


“Sookie my love, we must get up,” I try again.  This time I trail my fingers lightly up her back.

“Huuuummmmm,” she moans and shivers just a bit.

I gently hold her close to me and then roll us over. That gets a sigh and a mumbled “Eric” out of her, but she quickly snuggles back into my chest and soon is breathing deeply again. 

Gods, I love her beyond all distraction. Every little thing she does makes my heart threaten to burst.

I brush her hair away from her face and gently kiss her forehead and then her temple.  “Min kära, wake up.  I miss you,” I whisper in her ear.

“I miss you too, Eric,” she mumbles again without ever opening her eyes.

I can’t help but chuckle and that finally seems to wake her.

“What are you laughing at mister?” she says, frowning at me, her eyes barely open and her voice groggy.

I cup her face in my hand and lean down to kiss her lips. “You, my silly girl.  You were having a hard time waking up,” I tell her with a smile.

“Mmmm, sorry.  I was having a nice dream,” she whispers.

“Were you dreaming of me, lover?  Dreaming of all the ways I made you cum earlier?” I ask her with a deep purr while running my fingers down her soft body.

Her cheeks turn a rosy pink and I thank the gods she can still blush, as a shiver runs through her body.

“There you go being bad again, Eric Northman,” she scolds me with a grin.

“Um hum, I love being bad with you,” I rumble as I begin to kiss her neck.  “You did not answer my question, lover.  Were you dreaming of me?” I ask again as I work my way down to one of her beautiful breasts.

I lightly kiss all around one of her already tight peaks, but am careful not to touch it yet. Her fingers slide into my hair, her nails scraping against my scalp, making me moan a little.

“Yes,” she whispers.

“What was I doing, lover?” I ask, then give her one long, slow lick over her nipple before looking back down at her. 
She just stares up at me, her eyes dark.

When she does not answer, I reach down and grip her breast in my hand and pinch her nipple hard between my finger and thumb and pull on it a little.  “Tell me,” I command her softly.

She gasps, throwing her head back and arching up into my touch. Once she got past her fears, we both figured out pretty quickly, Sookie likes it a little rough, but she is still very shy about admitting it.

It is not truly about me dominating her either.  I do not want to control her, we are equal in almost every way now, so there is no need for one of us to be in control of the other, not that there ever was, that is just not us.

We work and love as one, completely in tandem and I would never hurt her either, she knows that. 

It is all about just letting go and having a little fun with each other.  Having the bonds during our play times is perfect too.  I can always feel what she does, so I easily know when to back off or give her more.

“Tell me, Sookie,” I command her again, pinching and pulling just a bit harder, when she still hasn’t answered me.

“You were spanking me,” she breathes out.

“Were you a bad girl again, little one?” I breathe into her ear.

“Yes,” she pants.

Fuck, I am hard as a rock again.  I only meant to tease her for a bit.

Oh well, our bath may have to wait until after supper.

I lean down and suck on her nipple hard, then flick it with my tongue.  I can smell her sweet arousal already.  We may even be late to supper.

“Do you want another spanking, Sookie?” I ask her, as I go back to sucking her tight peaks again.

“Eric,” she begs, arching her back.

I can feel in our bonds how very bad she wants it, but she is not ready to ask me for it.

I let go of her and then get up on my knees, propping one foot on the ground. “Bend over,” I tell her, pointing to my raised knee.

She crawls over to me and does as I ask, placing herself over my leg, with her hands on the ground and her perky ass raised high for me. 


She is going to have to beg for it today though. I want to know how much she truly wants it.

I reach under her to her breasts and begin to pinch and pull her nipples again for several minutes, until she is squirming and whimpering.

“Please, Eric,” she whines.

“What do you want, lover?  You have to say the words, or you will not get what you want,” I tell her.

“You know what I want, Eric.  Please,” she begs, bouncing on her toes and making her ass jiggle. 

The little minx is trying to tempt me.  She will get an extra swat for that.

“We both know what you want, but I told you that you have to tell me.  We will stop right now and go back to the castle if you do not,” I tell her. 

I’m still tugging on her nipples and now I’m trailing the fingers of my other hand, slowly and softly, up and down her thighs, stopping just before I get to her ass.

“Eric, I want you….to…” she stops and turning her big blue eyes up at me asks, “Can I please just tell you with my mind?  Please?”

Dammit, she knows exactly how to get what she wants. 

“This time, but next time min lilla, you must say them out loud, agreed?” I tell her sternly.

Yes, Eric.  I promise,” she answers me with her mind.

“Last chance, lover.  Now tell me what you want, or we are done here,” I warn her.

She keeps her big doe eyes on me and I see her delicate fangs slide out and press into her bottom lip. 

Fuck, that is so hot.

“I want you to spank me, Eric  Spank me and fuck me with your fingers until I cum for you,”  she says, her words only a whisper in my mind.

Fuck. Me.  My cock is so hard it hurts.

“What my lady wants, my lady gets,” I tell her as I bring my hand down on her ass hard.

“Aahhh!” she yells.

I give her three more in quick succession.  Six more follow at a bit slower pace, little whimpers and squeaks slipping from between her lips with each one.

Once her cheeks have turned a nice shade of pink and her hips begin to rock, I slide my other hand under her leg to her pussy.  My fingers find her drenching wet.

“You are a naughty girl, Sookie.  Do you feel how wet you are from just a little spanking?” I ask her, rubbing my fingers up and down between her lips slowly.

“Mmmmmmmm, more.  Please, Eric,” she moans.

“Greedy girl,” I growl and smack her ass again, making her squeal.

I start to rub my fingers over her clit in tight, fast circles as I give her ten more sharp licks.  Just before I feel her start to cum in the bonds, I stop.  Leaving her a shaking mess.

“Errriiiic, please!” she begs me.

“You will not cum until I say you can, do you understand, little one?”

She nods her head, her eyes pleading with me.  But I know she doesn’t want me to give into her yet.  I only make it to eight licks before I have to stop this time.  I keep her hanging on the edge for three more rounds.  She is shaking, begging, and near tears by the time I stop the last time, but I can feel she wants me to push her further.

After her breathing calms a bit, I slide my two middle fingers into her soaking wet core, but keep them still.  Her walls pulse and quiver around my fingers.

“Remember little one, not until I say so,” I warn.

I do not give her a chance to respond before I start to work her pussy hard and fast with my fingers while spanking her with my other hand.  Seconds later she is already begging me to cum.

“Fuck, Eric!  Please, let me cum!”

If we did not have somewhere to be, I would keep her waiting, but we do have a schedule to keep.

“Cum, lover.  Cum hard on those fingers,” I tell her.

She lets out a long, very loud scream as her whole body convulses when her release rips through her.  I hold onto her so she does not fall, then gently pull her into to my lap as she starts to calm down.  As I brush her damp hair from her face she finally comes back to me.

“Gods, Eric.  I think you broke me,” she breaths out with a sweet little grin on her face.

I let out a deep laugh and pull her up to give her a kiss.  “I would never break you lover, I need you too much,” I assure her with another kiss.

“Well, it was incredible baby, whatever you did.  Thank you.  You always know what I need,” she tells me, rubbing her hand down my cheek.  “Now let me take care of you too,” she says as she turns to straddle my lap.

“I can wait my love, we have supper to get to,” I tell her.

“Supper can wait, my bonded is in need,” she purrs as she slides down onto my length.

“Fuck Sookie, you are always so hot, so tight, and so fucking wet for me,” I moan as she begins to rock her hips.

“Always,” she whispers, just before sinking her fangs into my neck.

We were very late to supper.




9 thoughts on “Chapter 35

  1. Their shared powers are going to come as quite a shock to Appius. As I recall, Sookie looks like her mother..When Appius finally sees her and sees how she and Eric have evolved, will he realize he could have had the same abilities with her mother?

    Liked by 1 person

  2. So cool. I have a feeling that things with Appius aren’t going to be as smooth as they believe. He’s half-Fae as well, so telepathy, light, and conjuring as well as some of the other Fae powers are something he has, too, and Eric’s never seen them. He’s a slippery snake and won’t be so easy to kill. They do have the element of surprise on their side though and that’s always a good in war.

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