The Pirate’s Bride



Living on her parent’s plantation in the Caribbean, the young and beautiful Sookie has just realized her love for the stable boy, Eric.  Sweet and gentle, he returns her love even though he knows he’s not good enough for the lady she will one day be.  He leaves to make a place in the world for Sookie and himself, but tragedy befalls him.  Sookie swears to never love again.  A jealous suitor swoops in and threatens to destroy her life by all means possible.  Imprisoned and in despair, has Sookie given up on her true love and accepted her fate?  Did Eric lose his life and love or will he fight to the death to return and free the woman who holds his heart?


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A good bit of this story is my own, using CH’s characters, Eric and Sookie, of course, sands the supernatural elements.  The rest is from S. Morgenstern’s classic tale of true love and high adventure, The Princess Bride/the “good parts” version, abridged by William Goldman. Morganstern’s original words will be proceeded and ended with asterisks. I claim no rights to either CH’s characters and words or Morgenstern’s. No infringement is intended.

I used many of Morganstern’s words because, well, you just can’t beat them and I wanted to stick close to the heart of the story, at least with this first chapter.  I urge you, if you haven’t read the abridged version, to PLEASE do so.  BEST BOOK EVER!  I plan on veering off at bit here and there, but hope to continue in the classic true love, high adventure vein.


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