I’m back….

I thought I’d never get back. Life has thrown so many shit storms and wrenches into my path it’s ridiculous. The day I last posted my mother in law passed away after a long battle, then a week and a half later my cousin passed unexpectedly. My daughter had two homecomings to go to, my son had three cross country meets. My god daughter turned one and I had to bake and decorate a hundred cupcakes for her party. I’ve had two colds, one that lasted three solid weeks. Then my daughter had a parade to preform in and we had to go visit my parents after. It’s been freaking insane!! Finally this week I got some peace and quiet and got some writing done.

So here it is, the next chapter of this little fic. You’ve probably all forgotten about it by now, lol. I’ll give you the link for the last chapter for a refresher πŸ™‚


Chapter 12. Control

Chapter 13. Cherry Wine



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