Five hours left and a tiny treat

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There’s only a few hours left to get your nominations in. For any of you considering any of my stories they are all elligable this year. There are so many great writers, fics, artists, and betas out there, please show them your love and help make all of their hard work, and Padfoot’s for putting the contest together worth it! A huge thank you in advance to all my readers whether you have considered me for the awards or not. You have all made my life brighter and happier by allowing me to share my writing with you!! Bless you all!!


Here’s a thank you in the form of a teaser for the next chapter of You Make Me Wanna Die-Contol. I hope to have it posted for you by the weeked



Sometime later my very angry bonded joins me. “Is this going to become a regular occurrence?” he growls, standing over me, his fangs bared and fists clenched.

It’s only then I realize it’s dark outside. How long have I been out here?

“I wasn’t trying to kill us! I swear! I’m sorry, I lost track of time. I have powers again, I was trying them out.”

“Do you have any idea where you are?”

“Um, no?”

“Thirty miles.”

“Thirty what?”

“You are a very, long way, from home,” he says with a deadly smooth voice. He scoops me up and then we’re in the air. “You are not to get out of sight of the house again. Do you understand? I will lock you in if I have to.”

“You can fly!”

“Sookie! Do you understand?” he barks, his long fingers biting into my skin for emphasis.

“Alright! Don’t get snappy with me. I needed a fucking break from the voices okay?”

He stops, hovering above the ground, high enough to make me nervous. When I look away from the ground below us and meet his eyes, his stare is so intense I shiver.

“Eric? I’m sorry. Please put me down.”

“What voices? We’re nearly sixty miles from the closest town. You can’t possibly have a range that far,” he says as we sink slowly to the ground, his angry fading away. He puts me on my feet and starts to pace, muttering to himself.

I have no idea what’s going on. I’m losing my footing again. I can feel myself slipping, I have to hang on.

“Why would I hear someone in this town place? Range? What are you talking about?” I ask, trying to get his help.

He stops his pacing coming to me, only a few breaths away. A wave of sorrow washes over me as he stares, then it’s gone. He’s nothing more than cold stone, hard, empty, unmoving.

No! Please don’t do that! I hate it when he does this. It makes my darkness twitch and come to life. It’s twitching now. I need him to stop it, not help it.

“What are the voices saying?”

What little control I have crumbles at his demand, my demons surging up. “They aren’t saying anything! They scream and cry and whisper. They won’t stop! I can’t sleep. The nightmares. I’m not fine! I’m not! You can make them go away. Make them go away!” I scream at him.

He grabs my arms, stilling me. “Sookie, calm down. You’re not making any sense.”

I laugh then, loud and cackling, it sounds frightening even to my own ears. The energy sparking from my fingertips only adds to it.

He releases me as if I burned him, stepping back, his blue eyes wide.

“Do I scare you vampire?” I trill, wiggling my fingers at him, the purple and white lights dancing across them. I hold them up in front of my face, watching them as I have for hours. They’re so beautiful, and deadly. That makes them even more beautiful I think.


Apprehension cuts through the bond, jumpy and jittery, breaking through the dark haze surrounding me.

Wait, what? Did I just threaten him?

I drop my hands, pulling my power back into my chest as quickly as I can. I turn away from him, wrapping my arms around myself. I’m crazy. That bastard got exactly what he wanted. I’m going to be this, this….. freak, forever. I’ll wind up killing us both. I can’t control it, it takes over every time.


“Relax, I’m not going to hurt you. I won’t. I’ve hurt you enough.”




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