The next chapter of Save Me is up

I’m sorry for the wait. I was stupid and agreed to decorate two cakes which was too much for my defective body and I wound up half dead for over a week. I’m still in bed, but I finally got this chapter finished. Whoo hoo!

You’re gonna need a tooth brush to get the sugary sweetness off your teeth for the first half and a cigarette for the second half 😉 Enjoy!



27. Sweetest Devotion


12 thoughts on “The next chapter of Save Me is up

  1. You poor thing! Being in the same boat, or in a different bed in another place for the last week, I appreciate all your efforts! 🙂 Hope you’re feeling better soon & can get up & out to enjoy some of the holiday weekend!
    Off to check out the goodies now! LOL! Wonder if I can resist that cigarette…

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      1. Thank you! Yeah, we’re hanging at home while hubby puts in the new kitchen floor (after I dragged ass & de-germed the house, now he can clean!). You’re right, I think I did. WP was being weird. I was thinking I’d back up and read that, then re-read this one. Such a hardship… LOL! I’ll tough it out! 🙂

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      2. Oh, I will! I can’t wait. It’s to finally finish the kitchen & so far it’s beautiful! I’ll no have trouble re-reading! 🙂 I love these characters so much that you could write about them forever & I would be so happy! We’ll just help you make up more things for them! LOL!

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      3. LOL! There you go! Yeah, it took us 25 years, and we did all the work, but I’m lucky my husband can do that. We did all that last year and saved over the year for the floor. You have a great idea though! Put the kids through college, they’ll get good jobs, and then have them buy you your dream home, complete with maid! Here’s a hint: Make it a ranch; no steps, and they’re small, plenty of room for short-term guests and lots of room for grandkids! 🙂

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      4. That’s a great head start, and really helpful for you! I know it works well for me! We can sit back & enjoy now, that was the last room to do, although my grandson is ready to do the gameroom for just him. He’s 7. We’ll wait. LOL!

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  2. ugh. but at least you haven’t resigned yourself to not doing a damned thing in spite of your health. push those limits! 😉

    and i know that’s not the title, but when i saw this one, all I could think of was the Depeche Mode song (Sweetest Perfection). How old am I? LOL

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