I have seen my future death and it is GLORIOUS!!!


Can you believe him??? It’s been over an hour since I first laid eyes on this and I still can’t breathe!!!

I had to share so the rest of you could suffer with me, lol… Enjoy!!


29 thoughts on “I have seen my future death and it is GLORIOUS!!!

      1. My friend next to me just saw what I was drooling over and asked, “Who is that? Yum!” I forget that not everyone is in the fandom. Pity for them. They should be! We have cookies. Lol!

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  1. 💋💋💋💍🎉🎉🎉🚬………
    In emoji this means I could kiss that hot Tarzan then steal him away to force him to marry me…..then (wiggle the eye brows) I get to have m hot celebration and be so satisfied that I need a smoke………

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    1. I have words now. And am minus served packets of tissues, but a ver full bin 😉

      Thank you for sharing that!!! Cos that was beautiful. Simply breathtaking, and drool taking, and ovaries taking lol.
      Yum. Hope it is still making you smile. Cos it’s been popping into my head regularly while I’ve been doing housework… I seem to have been enjoying housework more than ever! 🤔😋


  2. OMG… The man is breathtaking! I can’t wait until the movie opens. My husband is leaving for the Outer Banks for a 5-day vacation & my daughter & I planned to see “Tarzan” together, not realizing he would gone then. I think I’ll spend those days at the movie theater watching it over & over! What a great vacation for me! 🙂

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    1. LOL!! That’s perfect!! I’m going to make it a mini-vaca for me too. I’m meeting a friend for a girls weekend and we just may camp out inside the theater all weekend 😜 If we survive the first viewing anyway, lol. I’m gonna take plenty of my heart meds with me!

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      1. LMAO! I’ll have to take my sedatives so I don’t have a heart attack… At my age, that could be a real thing! I’ll just make sure to take one before I leave the house, and take a couple extra with me! I’ll be so laid back while I’m watching it that I’ll be sure not to pass out like some teen-obsessed fan girl. Speaking of fans, maybe I’ll take one of those hand-type ones, just in case… LOL! It’s perfect for a girls weekend, isn’t it? 🙂


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