The next chapter of Save Me is up

I’m sorry for the wait. I was stupid and agreed to decorate two cakes which was too much for my defective body and I wound up half dead for over a week. I’m still in bed, but I finally got this chapter finished. Whoo hoo! You’re gonna need a tooth brush to get the sugary […]

Sodden, Slippery, Soaked

Just in case any of you don’t follow this amazingly talented lady (you really, really should!) I thought I’d share this sizzling poem she wrote about my favorite man. Enjoy!! 🙂 Oh and stop by Victory’s blog and read her work. But be prepared to need a cigarette and a cold shower after 😉

Anyone for some Save Me??

Hi ya! Got the next chapter of Save Me ready for you. My muse and I had a brawl before this chapter came about. For over a year she’s been begging me to write it one way and let me tell you, she’s an angsty bitch. With Sadlittletiger’s help we talked her out of it, […]