Oh shoot!! I forgot to show you guys the house

Here’s the New Zealand house! Thought ya’ll might want to see. This is a real place, you can rent it for romantic getaways. I’d be fine going all on my own, lol. Looks like the perfect place for my extended vacation πŸ˜‰ Oh the writing I could do!!




20 thoughts on “Oh shoot!! I forgot to show you guys the house

  1. I want to come, too!!! I promise to stay out of the way and keep quiet. My only requirement is that I be knocked out cold for the entire plane ride. That is one long a$$ trip!! 😊

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    1. Lol, if there was some way I could afford it, I’d bring all of us πŸ˜‰ I do hope I get the opportunity to visit your side of the world one day though. I was obsessed with Australia when I was around eight, lol. Tasmania and NZ too. Such beautiful places!

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      1. Yep. Very similar πŸ™‚
        I’m still obsessed with many places! Although I have seen a smidgen of Australia. Nowhere near everything. I’ve lived in 3 states, and visited one when I was so young, I can barely remember.
        So much to see!
        And as much as everyone says that NZ is similar to Tas, I still want to go there πŸ˜„

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  2. OOH! An earth house! It’s lovely and I could certainly be content there by myself, leave the hubby at home for an extended period of who knows how long! It looks so peaceful, so quiet, other than listening to the ocean all day. Ah… I could get used to that. Sign me up!

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      1. I agree! OK, I’ve got lots of pennies in a big water cooler thing…whatever you call those. It’s a little too heavy to lift into the CoinStar deposit slot. Meh, I’ll get my husband to do it before it’s full. Starting the fund! LOL!

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      2. Ah! I remember those days. You can’t hide it anywhere, they’ll sniff it out. May as well wait till they’re all off to college or whatever. Then life really begins again…or they come back with multiples. Though that’s fun, too. Handing back the grandkids and saying, “You’re the parent!” πŸ™‚ Revenge really is great. LOL!

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      3. They really are. I think it’s just so our parents get to laugh at us. My mother enjoyed my misery too much. Every time I complained, she said “Try raising 6 kids.” Argh… Well, teenagers are aliens, I decided, and they come back somewhere in their 20’s if they’re girls. Boys come back to normal much sooner. To have skipped over them would have been wonderful. I’m convinced the Brits have something right with their boarding schools. If I did it over again, that’s where my girls would go! My son could stay, but those girls? Ayyyy!!! LOL!


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