It’s Alive!!……..barely

Hey peeps. Did ya’ll think I had fallen off the face of the earth? Believe me, some days I wish I had. I’m sorry. So far 2016 has sucked for me and it is really putting a dent in my writing, which pisses me off! I would love to say all is well now, but I can’t. I’m headed back to the doctor tomorrow, heres hoping it’s just old stuff trying to kill me and not anything new.

I’m gonna try to keep on writing, I have a piece of a chapter done for Save Me, so hopefully my tired muse will let me work on that this week. For now I hope you can enjoy the next chapter of YMMWD…..

Someone is awake….


Wolves Without Teeth


5 thoughts on “It’s Alive!!……..barely

  1. I have not been able to receive any updates or notations from WP. Nothing it shows I am following but nothing is coming through to my email. Do you have a way to refer me to the site administrator? My email is If you respond to this reply I won’t get is.


    1. Hi, Linda, I sent you an email last week, but didn’t get a response. I’m gonna take a chance on WP tonight and hope this gets through. I just posted another update tonight. Hopefully wordpress is working like it’s supposed to and you got the notification.


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