I think the gods hate me….

I really hope my luck so far this year doesn’t last. I had nearly three whole chapters done for you, then the gods decided to strike my phone down. I lost 1500 pictures of my kids, and all the ones I use for my edits, plus those three chapters, my outlines, prompts, and a whole file full of inspiration quotes and lyrics. I’ve been raging at the heavens ever since. I know, it’s my fault for using my phone, I know. But I had everything set to back up automatically. Guess what? None of it did!!!! GGRRRRRR!!!!

Thank goodness for my goddess, SadLittleTiger!! (PSST, go check her out on ff.net if you haven’t already. My God she’s good!) I had emailed her part of one chapter for The Cut so that saved that one. She also got me to try out the Hemingway app, so I had made a copy of what I had so far for YMMWD to use there. Very sadly though, the next chapter of Save Me is lost to the ether 😦  When I get over the loss I’ll get back to it, I promise. For now I hope the epilogue for The Cut will help with the wait ya’ll have suffered and the loss I did. BIGSKARSHUGS and I hope you enjoy!



The Cut part III – The Final Cut


10 thoughts on “I think the gods hate me….

  1. Argh!! How long does Mercury stay in retrograde??! I’m sorry to hear about the lost chapters, but even more sorry to hear that you lost your family pictures 😒. A similar thing happened to me several years ago and I still haven’t gotten over it. πŸ˜•

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  2. Oh God! I am so sorry to read that! That is the most horrible feeling! Well, one of the worst. Losing all those family pictures has to be killer. That’s why I still use my laptop for everything, automatic backup. Do you know if all your stuff was saved to your SIM card though? You may not have lost everything. I have a friend who used to own a phone store, and she would have customers come in who thought they had lost everything only to find they hadn’t. Maybe you could take your phone to the store & they could check it out? It’s a guess. I’m new at this smartphone stuff!

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    1. It’s been so upsetting. My regular camera has been busted for a few years so that’s why I had so many on my phone. I will be plugging it up to the computer on a regular basis from now on. As for my sim card, it only had old pics already saved to our cloud and most of my contacts. Where the rest of it went I have no clue. The little twerp at Verizon held down a few buttons, it didn’t do a thing, so he handed it back, shrugged his shoulders and said, “It’s fried. Nothing you can do.” πŸ˜• We looking to see if we can take out the motherboard and put it in another phone and make it work for long enough to move things over. Fingers crossed!!!

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      1. Best of luck to you! Why do they have useless people working at those stores that don’t know what they’re doing or just want to sell you another expensive phone? I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you too!

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  3. Oh, those stupid back ups! They don’t work, do they?

    Had the same thing happen to me, right before Christmas. Phone was only 8 months old too. Grrr. Luckily I had most of the photos on the sd card, and didn’t have any writting on it. But I still lost photos people had sent to me, had to reload all the apps, reset everything…

    Took me two days to get the new one right! Damn technology.

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    1. Mine sure didn’t! I swapped out the sim card but it only had old pictures and contacts on it. Still haven’t figured that out. Sorry for your loss! Fingers crossed neither of us have to go through it again! Stupid, stupid, phones!!


  4. Oh hugs. The writing is a loss! I usually email myself any drafts to my gmail account if I’m using my phone. And I know too well the fickleness of auto backup!
    But all your family photos!!!! Dang!!!!
    Hugs and good luck.
    A completed fic? Woohoo!
    Hopefully I can read it tonight πŸ™‚


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