I just have to say THANK YOU!! You guys have been so supportive and amazing to me this past year, you have no idea what you’ve done for me! Forty years old and ya’ll are still teaching me things and helping me grow as a writer and a person. I wish I could give you all hugs and kisses! That includes those of you who click the like button, but are too shy to comment, or are too shy to even click the button. I still appreciate every one of you!! But you really should comment so I can heap love and thanks onto you for your support!! Just know I love you from afar!

I hope you have wonderful New Years and that 2016 treats you kindly and is filled with joy, every one of you deserve it!

Thanks for the wonderful response to this emotional little fic too!! I hope you all love the second part as much as you did the first. Consider it my New Years gift to you. 😘 Even you cold iron bitches might need some kleenexs for it though 😉 I promise not to tell anyone if you cry, lol.



13 thoughts on “HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

      1. Thanks so much! I’m not doing anything spectacular tonight so as long as I don’t get fall down drunk, I should be safe, lol. 😉

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