Sweet Jesus have mercy!!! Tarzan is here!!!

Take a deep breath ladies and have a fire extinguisher ready to put out your panties!!!!



I’ll never survive this movie.  I’m buying out a whole theater just for me so I can run up and down the aisles squealing to my heart’s content!!!


51 thoughts on “Sweet Jesus have mercy!!! Tarzan is here!!!

  1. OMG, and holy f*ck!!! I think i may have just had a heart attack, a seizure and a stroke all at the same time. Where do you live, cause I’ll be more than happy to chip in on that theater and run squeeing up and down the aisles with you. 😉

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      1. I used to have three ways I wanted to die:

        1. Drowning to death in a vat of chocolate
        2. Crushed by a bookcase
        3. Licked to death by puppies.

        I’ve just added a new one

        4. Orgasm heart failure. He probably won’t even need to touch me. Just look at me all smouldering and sexy and pardon me I need a shower…..

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      2. Oh, but what a way to go. I definitely just found my new screensaver and I’m pretty sure I can guess what I’ll be dreaming about tonight. Oh look at the time, yawn, it’s so late…

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  2. You know, I get really really mad when blokes objectify women. I hate how shallow and crass they are and yes, part of it is because I’m roughly the same weight as a whale. That said, I can’t help myself when it comes to Alex. The only thing that concerns me about the man is his drinking but then I grew up with an alcoholic step father and I’m allergic to alcohol so……

    Everything else about his seems to be pure perfection. He’s funny, sweet, adorable over it, sweet with kiddies and has a body that makes me want to discover exactly how much my heart could take…..

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    1. I think the difference with us and men is most of us would never say the things we say here to him. Men don’t give a shit, they’ll blurt out all kinds of shit. I don’t just love Alex’s body, to me that’s a fairs way down the list. He is an amazing person, besides the drinking, but I’m like you, I can’t have it- makes me super sick- so I don’t drink. I don’t care if he drinks as long as he’s responsible though.

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      1. Very true. The fact he is beautiful is a bonus. This may sound like a weird comment but there is something about him which makes me feel safe. I think whoever he ends up marrying is extremely lucky because I get the impression he’s the kind of guy who like an independent woman but will protect her too. Sigh.

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  3. In the land of TMI, I’ve never kissed a bloke or held hands let alone anything else so I’m very unknowing of the ways of nakedness but I have a very strong desire to just bite a nipple. (His, not mine. That would be weird). I also have a very strong desire to cling to him like a limpet

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  4. Finally. My cuz mentioned the other day that this was being released.
    My response? Finally!

    And very very worth the wait

    Hmmm,mmmmmm *drool*

    No objectifying here, he’s an awesome guy, agree with what everyone else has said about how nice he is. Now if you could just ignore me for the next hour or so

    *runs and grabs tissues*




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