Chapter 3 of You Make Me Wanna Die is up

I’m sure I bore you all by apologizing for taking so long every time I make a post so I won’t do that this time.  I hope my American peeps all had a good holiday with their families and maybe even found some good deals if they braved that blackest of days yesterday. I spared my sanity of that one.

This chapter is split between Eric and Sookie and they both span quite a bit of time for each of them, though in different amounts.  In this fic Sookie lives one for Eric’s every hundred give or take. I only covered a century for Eric, it would take forever to cover the seven we’d need to get to the present. I’ll get him caught up in the next chapter.

Sookie’s life is dark and I must warn you that her story contains abuse.  If you are uncomfortable with that please skip her part of this chapter.  I’ll be glad to catch you up to where she is if you choose not to read it.


Chapter 3  No Light, No Light


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