I suck, and this chapter may too

Hi peeps. First off, I want to send all my thoughts and prayers out to all those that lost their lives over the weekend and the loved ones they left behind.  I will never understand those who hate.  Not ever.

I’m so sorry for taking so long about getting you a new chapter up.  It wasn’t because I haven’t been writing, I have been, quite a lot actually.  I have taken to running fic rabbits and can’t seem to stop myself, lol.  I have no less than six stories going right now, four of them new.  I’m determined not to post any of them until I have a stock pile of chapters banked first though.  So posting might be a bit slow for awhile, probably until after the holidays anyway.  My kids will have four weeks of vacation between next week and early January.  Having kids at home all day cuts into writing time like crazy.  Take care of yourselves and I hope this chapter isn’t too bad.



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