So I have a new fic swimming around in my head

           There’s a song by the band The Pretty Reckless that I have loved for years – Make Me Wanna Die.  If you haven’t heard it, go take a listen.  I actually heard it for the first time the same week I discovered fanfiction πŸ˜€ It has always made me think of Eric and Sookie.  I’ve been wanting to write a fic with Eric being his thousand year old Viking Vampire God self since I’ve only written his human and younger vampire counter parts so far – I think this idea will give me the chance to explore his depths a little more and a darker side for Sookie too.

               You Make Me Wanna Die



To repay the debt of saving his Maker’s existence, Eric offers his blood to heal Niall Brigant’s young granddaughter who has been gravely injured during the Fae War.  The beautiful young girl with the haunting eyes traces his fangs with her bloody fingers as he feeds her and a bond is formed between them.  Furious that his granddaughter is now tied to a vampire the Prince takes her beyond Eric’s reach into Fae.  For centuries he walks the earth, a piece of him always missing where she stayed for only those few moments.  He wonders if he will ever see her again?  Did she even survive her injuries or the Prince’s wrath?  If so, could she possibly still be alive after all these centuries?  He may finally get the answers he’s been seeking when one fateful night a warmth fills his blood and calls to him to find his bonded.


44 thoughts on “So I have a new fic swimming around in my head

      1. It saved to my computer but said that file type is not allowed :(. I know it’s a .jpg. Maybe it’s the whole thing? I’ve come across the issue before with it not saving to my computer because it’s HTML or whatever. For those that I don’t have a banner for I use the Minions logo. I also use older banners if I don’t have the updated one. *sigh*.
        Thank you for trying though.


    1. I’d love to, if only my muse would cooperate! I’ve tried going back n forth between stories and she pitches a royal every time and refuses to give me anything. The turd! Lol. I’m gonna try to wrangle her in though πŸ˜‰


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