Save Me chapter 10 is finally up, plus a HUGE THANK YOU!!!

First I have to say THANK YOU to those of you that nominated me for the New Blood Awards!!  I’m blown away by the support!  I got 6 noms total and I could just cry!  If I don’t win a single one of them I’ll still be thrilled to death! 😉 Please keep the nominations coming in, this fandom has lots of new blood to choose from!!

Now on to the new chapter.  I really wanted to get this to you a lot earlier in the week, but I had a tough time with it because I didn’t want to let any of you down that were really looking forward to the Pam\Pardloe brawl 😉 I’m a very quiet, easy-going person, so writing snarky Pam isn’t the easiest thing for me. I’m nothing like her so I have a hard time figuring out what she would say and do.

Anywhoo, I gathered up any anger and frustration I could muster and did my best with that.  I hope you all like it!

I haven’t decided if I’m doing another Save Me chapter next or a Love Eternal one, but I’ll post another chappie as soon as I can. Hope you all have a great weekend!!




13 thoughts on “Save Me chapter 10 is finally up, plus a HUGE THANK YOU!!!

      1. I can’t keep up with anybody! It’s good that there is so much being written but I need more time!!
        Congrats on the nominations! Much deserved!

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      2. Oh me too!!! It’s so hard to pick between reading and writing! I’ve only read a few of the stories nominated for the New Blood awards and now I want to read them all!!! Congrats to you too!! You know I already thought you were very much deserving! 😉


      3. Thank you so much! Same here with the Nb awards. Some people I never even heard of. I am barely on Glad to see so many new faces(or, well, words). 😛

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      4. I never go on anymore. I know my stories would just get pulled and I don’t want to deal with all the hateful anons and trolls either! So far everyone here at wordpress has been really great and supportive. I hate that I miss new folks because of it though 😦


      5. Yeah, I don’t post new stuff there and I was updating the first couple things I had on there but it stopped working a while ago and I never tried again. A glitch or something. I should post that I won’t be back…

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  1. Love this and your explanation. Yeah….had both hips replaced and it was a little wiggy knowing they were actually going to cut bone out to put in the implants. The first time I had it done, I had an epidural and was put in a light sleep state. Woke up the first time to the sound of the saw and said, “oh…that sounds interesting” and woke a second time as they were moving my leg back and forth to see if the joint worked properly and asked, “dad…are we there yet?” No pain, but I think I surprised them because when it was time to do the right hip, (same doctor) I was under full anethesia….

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    1. Oh my goodness!! Bless you honey!! You are one tough cookie! I would have screamed my head off if I woke up and heard that saw going! Hope both replacements are treating you well. I’ve been bedridden for several months from hip and leg pain because of my lyme disease. I spent one month crawling everywhere I went in the house cause it hurt too much to stand. I still have it, but thankfully it’s not as bad now that I’ve had two years of treatment. I still use my cane some days though. Take care of yourself and thanks so much for reading!!


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