My out of control muse is in major trouble!

I love my muse, I really do, but when she refuses to leave me alone about a new story when I have others to finish, I get a bit miffed.  I could be mean and blame this on Kelpie and her Tossup Tuesday from last week, but I won’t πŸ˜‰

It was Pirates vs Ninjas.  It took less than 2 seconds to choose.  Duh!  I’m a pirate girl through and through, no question about that at all!

So my muse went into overdrive at the mention of these pirates and then the ever present tall, blonde god of my affections had to tell me what a fabulous swashbuckler he’d be.  My heart went pitter patter when I saw him in his tight pants, tall shiny boots, and flowy black shirt.  His blue eyes sparkled at me when he put on his mask then he smoothed back his long golden hair and tied it with a bit of leather.  Once he looked back up, his smirk firmly in place, I was done for.

Three weeks ago I was worried I’d never come up with a new story idea and now these two refuse to leave me alone.  But all they are getting right now is an edit.  That’s it!!

Do you two hear me?!?  Go take a nice sail and gather up some treasure for awhile, Mama is busy with her other kiddos right now.  Take your pretty picture with you and don’t come back for a few months.  Be careful and don’t get lost though.  I do want you to come back. πŸ™‚


Living on her Grandfather’s plantation in the Caribbean, the young and beautiful Susannah has been in love with the new stable boy, Eric since the moment she laid eyes on him.  Sweet and gentle, he returns her love even though he knows he’s not good enough for the lady she will one day be.  A jealous suitor threatens to tear them apart and destroy their lives by all means possible.  Imprisoned and in despair, will Susannah give up on her true love and accept her fate?  Will Eric lose his life and love or will he fight to the death to return and free the woman who holds his heart?


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