Love Eternal Chapter 36

I must apologize once again for taking sooooo long with another chapter.  I really hope it turns out to be worth the wait for you.  We are definitely getting in the short rows as they say here in the south.  I think maybe 5-10 more chapters tops.  Thank you all so much for reading and supporting me and especially sticking around patiently waiting for new chapters.  Let me know what you think!!



Looks like we are going to be
about two hours late to supper tonight.  Oopsie!

Really though, it is a wonder we are not late to everything.  Well, now that I think about it, we are!  With that gorgeous creature as my bonded mate, it is amazing I do not keep him behind locked doors every hour of every day.  I have seen a lot of lovers pleasing their women with my telepathy, but I am certain my man is the best of them all.  Mostly because he is mine, but the rest, let’s just say the list is long.  He has never once left me unsatisfied, far from it.  Eric always makes sure I am no less than a boneless, shaking mess before he takes his own pleasure.

After I made sure my love enjoyed himself as much as I had, we had to have a bath.  He talked me into getting in the river with him and we had fun in there too.  How could a wet, slick, soapy Eric be anything but fun?

I check in with Grandfather with my telepathy and he is patiently waiting on us and does not even seem to be too irritated, thankfully.  I guess he knows we deserve some time to ourselves after our busy week.

And it has been one of the crazier weeks of my life for sure.  It took me a day or two to adjust to the new me, but I finally feel comfortable in my own skin once more.  Eric helped me a lot.  I think the day we went flying together was the turning point for me. I have never had so much fun in my life!!!  I thought Eric and I were going to burst into a million pieces and just float away on a breeze we were so happy up there.  Unbelievably, we were able to completely forget our troubles for those few hours and it was blissful.  There are times we can push our worries to the backs of our minds, but they are always lurking and creeping back to the surface easily.  Those few hours of peace will forever be precious to me.

Once we are clean and dressed I let Eric pop us to the castle and into our room so we can finish getting ready.

It is amazing to me how easily he has adjusted to his fae side.  He feels the same about me and my vamp side too.  Once we were both over the shock of our changes, it was as if we had always been this way.  It is hard to explain, but it is all second nature to us.  Most of the time we do not need to concentrate on our new skills, or the old ones, to preform them.  It is almost as if we have this well of powers within us and between us, and it already knows what we need seconds before we do.  Maybe our minds and bodies are just that much faster, or more likely it is our bonds.  Whatever it is, it can very quickly make you feel invincible.  Part of me relishes in that amazing feeling, the other part not so much.  I do not want to be arrogant and stupid, that will only get us killed.  At the same time, I do not want my worries to cause me to hold back or make a mistake out of fear.  What if I mess up and it causes Eric to get killed!?

“You must have faith, min älskare,” Eric whispers into my ear from behind me, interrupting my anxious thoughts.

I turn around, burying my face into his chest, and wrap my arms around his lean waist.  As always, his own arms encircle me back and we melt into each other with a sigh.

“I’m sorry, sometimes I just can not help it.  If you….die.. If I lose you.  I just can not…Eric.  And if it is my fault…  I can hardly even breathe when those terrifying thoughts invade my head,” I whimper into his tunic, clenching the back of it in my fists.

He pulls back enough to take my face in his hands and gently lifts it until my eyes are on his.  They are shining with all the love and understanding he is filling our bonds with.  He stares at me for several long minutes, running his thumbs across my cheeks and brushing a stray hair behind my ear before he leans down and kisses me sweetly on the lips.

“I seem to remember a certain faerie telling me to have faith in us and our bonds.  Faith in our love for each other.  Do you remember who that was?” he asks me with a tender smile as he looks down at me again.

“Me. It was me,” I breathe out with a loud sigh as I pull out of his arms and flop down on the bed.

“I know we will be alright up here,” I say, pointing to my head.  “But my heart gets in the way sometimes.  It loves you so much, I love you so much, that it only takes a stray thought and I go into a panic.”

Eric lays down beside me and pulls me  against him.  His fingers immediately begin to run through my hair as he sends waves of calm through our bonds.  Coupled with his deep, soothing voice I begin to feel the tension fade from my body.

“I use to be afraid too my love, you know that, but I am not any more.  We are as ready as we will ever be Sookie, and we are so powerful now.  Appius will be no more, we will both make sure of it, together.  Then we will be free to live and love as we choose.  And, if the unimaginable does happen, the bonds will not allow the one who is left to suffer for long.  Wherever it is we go after the true death, Valhalla, the Summer Lands, or the heaven Christians speak of, we will be together again very soon.”

He rolls us over so that he is above me and smiles down at me sweetly.  After placing tender kisses on my forehead, cheekbones, and lastly my lips, he looks into my eyes again.

“Not even death can come between a love like ours, min älskare.  So please, do not fret any more.  Trust in our love to keep us together in this life and any that follows it,”  he tells me gently.

I reach up and brush his bangs back from his forehead, his hair has really grown out, then pull him down for a kiss.  It gets a bit deeper then I planned but he finally pulls back and looks at me again with that delicious eyebrow cocked.

“No distracting me, minx,” he says with a sexy smirk.

“I did not mean too, my viking.  I just wanted to say thank you and let you know that I love you,” I tell him with what I am sure is a sad smile.

“I’m not sure what you are thanking me for, but you are welcome and I love you too, min kära,” he whispers, before giving me another kiss.

I can feel he is not satisfied with my mood yet, so I’m not surprised when he gets up to sit on the side of the bed and pulls me onto his lap and takes my face in his hands.  I can feel his determination for me to listen and believe what he is about to say.

“Trust me, trust yourself, and most importantly, trust our love.  Can you do that for me, lover?” he asks earnestly.

“I can.  I will,” I answer after a minute or two, once I start to get my nerves under control again.

“No more doubts, no more fears. Alright? Promise me?” he asks again, hope bright in his eyes.

“I promise, Eric,” I swear to him, and I mean it too.  From this moment forward I refuse to ever let myself be a weak link in this relationship.  I will not let him down.  I will not let either of us down.

I hug him tight and then kiss his sweet face, “I love you so very much, Eric.  I do not know how I ever made it without you.  Thank you for loving me.”

“You silly woman, you made it just fine without me, because you are a very strong, independent woman.  You just need me around to remind you when you forget that,” he says with a bop to my nose.

“I need you around for much more than that,” I say with a grin, as I wiggle on his lap, making him groan.

“Ah, ah, ah.  No more teasing the beast.  We have places to be,” he tells me gruffly, as he stands us up and sets me on my feet.  “Are you all ready to go?” he asks, trying to make an unnoticeable adjustment to the front of his pants.

I smile up at him with what I hope is my sexiest grin and run my finger from his cheek, down to his chest. “I’m always ready for you, my Viking,” I purr and send a shot of lust to him through the bonds.  I love to tease him.

His eyes go from blue to almost black, at my teasing.  I hear him growl as he pins me against the wall, both of my hands are above my head, gripped tightly in one of his and his other one circles my throat gently, but not too gently.  I have no doubt he notices my shiver of excitement, because I feel his cock twitch against my stomach seconds later.

“You are playing with fire, little girl,” he growls, his lips a breath away from mine.  “If you love teasing me so much, I will gladly repay you the favor.”

His eyes never leaving mine, he takes his hand from my throat and trails it down to my breasts.  He lightly caresses them at first, squeezing one, then the other, through my thin dress.  After just a moment he reaches in and pulls my left one free of it’s confines and suddenly pinches my nipple hard, twisting and pulling it until I gasp and arch away from the wall.  He quickly repeats the process on the right one, then goes back to left, all the while pouring his lust into my side of the bonds.  Each nipple gets the same treatment four times over, before he stops.  I’m a panting mess by the time he does.  But I barely have time to take a deep breath before his hand makes it’s way through the split in my dress and begins to glide up my thigh, inching closer to my core.

“Do you have any idea what your teasing does to me, minx?  How much my cock aches all day to be buried in your heat?” he asks, as his fingers slip between my folds, making both of us groan when he feels how wet I already am.

“You are always so fucking wet for me, Sookie,” he growls as his fingers play in my wetness.  “Do you know how hard it is not to fuck you senseless a dozen times a day when I know this sweet, hot, wet pussy is waiting on me?  Do you?” he grits out between clinched teeth, his eyes still locked with mine.

I try to answer him, but my voice hitches when two of his thick fingers slide deep inside me, then back out to circle my clit.

“You want to cum so badly, lover.  I can feel how close you are,” he breaths against my neck while his fingers continue to torture me.

He is right, I’m so very close.  He slows his fingers every time he feels me at the edge, never letting me fall over.  It seems as if he has been tormenting me for hours, but it has only been a few minutes.  He brings me to the edge one more time and suddenly stops just before I cum.  I look at him in shock as he backs up, sucks his fingers clean, and winks at me.

“See you at supper, my love.”

Then he pops away.

That sneaky bastard!  He is positively evil!

I am so wound up I quickly think about finishing myself off, I’ll never be able to get through supper like this.  But I hear Eric’s stern voice in my head, before I even finish my thought.

You will NOT touch yourself, min kära.  You will suffer through supper just as you are, just as I am.  Do you understand?”

With a deep sigh, I straighten my dress and send him my regretful acceptance through the bonds.  I have teased him terribly over the last week.  I guess I deserve this.

After a quick splash of water to my flaming cheeks, I decide I am presentable enough to head to supper.  With a pop, I’m standing beside my slippery lover, as he talks to Grandfather.

“I believe it is you, who is the slippery lover,” Eric teases me.  Thankfully he did not say that out loud.

“Sookie, my child!  So glad you could join us.  Sit, sit.  I want your stomachs full before I tell you of your surprises,” Grandfather says, waving us to the table where my cousins are already seated.  I smile at each of them before turning back to Grandfather.

“What are you up to, old man?” I ask, with a cautious look.

He let’s out a loud laugh that booms across the room.  “You know me so well, my dear.  But I promise these two surprises are ones you will enjoy.  So, let us eat!”

I’m famished so he will get no argument out of me.  That and I need the distraction.  I’m having a hard time ignoring the ache between my thighs.

Eric and I sit down and dig into our food, smiling and nodding at all the right places during Grandfather’s rambling that last into dessert.  I am just about to take my first bite of a delicious looking tart when I hear him say the word wedding.

“Excuse me, Grandfather, but did you just say wedding?  Who is getting married?” I ask genuinely curious.  I do not think any of my cousins are ready for that yet.  I look over to the three of them, but they only smile pleasantly at me.  Claude gives me a wink though.

Turning back to Grandfather, I see him start smiling big enough to split his face as Eric stands up beside me, pushes his chair out of the way and then kneels in front of me.  There is a gorgeous ring between the fingers of one of his hands and he takes my hand with his other.

“Eric?” I whisper.  It is all I can manage among the confusion and shock spinning around inside me.

“Min älskare, I have known from the moment I saw you that I wanted you to be mine in every way.  I had no idea what that would mean at the time, but I knew I wanted it, whatever it was, if it meant I had you with me.  From then on you have been my sun, filling my darkness with light and happiness that I no longer believed was even possible.  You put together the broken pieces of the angry, hopeless, miserable creature I was and made me whole again.  You healed my heart and spirit so that I could love again and be loved in return.  The gifts you have given me, I will never be able to repay.  I pity anyone who does not know what it is like to be loved the way you love me.  To have the privilege to love someone so unequaled as you.  You are my everything, Sookie.  You are the breath and blood that fills this body, the one that makes my heart beat.  If I have a soul….”

He pauses, reaching up to cup my cheek in his hand as his eyes fill with tears.  I place my hand over his and continue to let mine fall as they may.

“ is because of you.” he says, his voice barely above a whisper.

I try to speak, but he gently stops me by rubbing his thumb across my lips. “I need to finish this okay?” he asks me softly with his telepathy.

I nod my head and smile at him.

“I vow to you this day, if you will have me as your husband and eternal love, that I will love you till my true death and beyond, with everything that is in me.  I will always put you first, protect you from sadness and harm, and do everything within my power to make you happy all the days of your life.  None of it will ever be good enough for you in my eyes , but I swear to you that I will never stop trying to make it so.  Will you love with me, min kära?  Laugh with me, sometimes fight with me I’m sure, discover what true peace is with me, and live the rest of eternity with me as my wife?” he asks me with a big smile, slipping the ring onto my finger.

Taking his face in my hands and kissing his perfect lips, I give him the only answer possible.

“Yes!  Yes, Eric, you wonderful, perfect, amazing man.  Nothing would honor me more than to be your wife, even for one day.  But I will take nothing less than eternity with you.”


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  1. Beautiful. They’ve had time to heal, and come together as perfect mates. Marriage is a logical next step. I guess it will soon be time for them to kick Appius’ nasty butt.

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