Long time no see! New chapters are on their way, I promise!

Hello my lovies!  I hope you all had wonderful holidays if you celebrated.  I cannot say how sorry I am for not posting in so long!  I feel terrible about it.  Real life has just been kicking my tush.  Besides my chronic illness I also got regular sick along with the rest of the family, we were all so miserable.  Don’t you just love flu season?

I also had some issues with where I write and losing my work!  I have always done my writing on my iphone, I know not the best idea, but my laptop died ages ago.  Anywho, I decided to let dear daughter’s boyfriend have my phone since his was a piece of junk and his no account Dad wouldn’t get him a new one.  But that’s another story for another day, let’s just say I would adopt that precious boy if it wouldn’t mean my daughter would be dating her brother, lol. 

Anyway, I thought I had saved everything and transfered it to my new android.  I got a bit delete happy and junked my writing app before making sure I could open it.  The stupid thing said I saved everything.  Guess what, iPhone files don’t work so well on androids!  The droid refuses to open the files no matter what I do, so I have spent quite sometime copying and pasting each chapter from word press onto a new app.  I lost a few chapters because of this and had to start over on them.  Of course the droid didn’t have the same app available so I spent awhile finding and learning another one that I liked.  I like everything about this one except it doesn’t give me a word count, so that’s a bummer.  

My muse has been missing or not very talkative for months now too!  Mean, nasty muse!  But guess what!?!  She’s back!  I started writing again today and hope to have another chapter for you by the end of the week.  

I just wanted to let you all know I was still alive and am working on more chapters for you.  Take care and talk to you soon!!


4 thoughts on “Long time no see! New chapters are on their way, I promise!

  1. Oh poor you! Life has already dealt you a bum hand and now this! Never ever worry about us, just make sure you look after you! ♥x

    Having said all that, I am so excited to learn that your muse has returned and I can’t wait to read the next chapter but please don’t put pressure on yourself. Good things are always worth waiting for.

    Sending love and comforting hugs. Lvu ♥x


  2. Oh no! I hope you’re all over the flu now, it’s pants having it at any time but over Christmas/new year is such a shame.
    Looking forward to more of your brilliant writing soon 😊


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