Love Eternal Chapter 34

I’m sorry this took so long. I’m doing something I swore I would never do too, post a chapter without having another one written yet. My muse disappeared after she dumped this one on me so I’m hoping putting a bit of stress on me will make her feel sorry enough for me to make her come back. I did not have this chapter planned, I was surprised with the way it turned out, but now that it’s done I’m happy with it. Hope all of you are too, let me know what you think 🙂


Sookie’s POV

Oh my goodness, this is going to an experience for sure. Eric wants me all the time already. I bet his need for me will be so strong now, he will be in constant pain from it. The poor thing.

I waste no time popping back over to him and then take us straight to my chambers. Maybe if he can get some relief he will be able to control it better. I’m going to make sure he drinks plenty from me too.

We are barely inside the room before he is ripping and tearing at our clothes, his hands and mouth anywhere they can reach. And believe me, as big as he is, there is not a spot on my body that he can not access. Before I can blink I am on my back with him hovering over me. His impossibly large cock pressing gently at my entrance. His body is covering mine, his arms wrapped around me and his face is rubbing against my neck.

“Kära en, please tell me you are ready. I will stop if you are not, but you have to tell me now, before it is too late. I do not want to hurt you,” he begs me, his voice strained.

Bless his heart. I can feel his tremendous need and even the pain he is experiencing from holding back, coming through our bonds. It is even overwhelming for me, but here he is asking me if I’m ready first. I love this precious man so much. And to think he does not trust his control. I refuse to make him wait a moment longer.

“Take me, Eric,” I whisper as I lift my hips causing his tip to enter me.

He makes an animalistic noise and wastes no time burying himself within me. His whole body tenses and I can feel his cock pulsing as his cool seed fills me. Wow, I bet he has never had a release that fast!

A moment later he raises up on his arms and looks down at me, his eyes wild. He growls out one word.


I should probably be scared, but I’m not. Instead my body shudders with my own need, making him growl through his clinched jaw when he feels my walls squeeze his cock. I give him the only answer I can.


I cry out when he immediately slams into me. So hard the bed hits the wall. My cry is not from pain though, it is only from pleasure. Over and over again our hips crash together, each stroke coming faster than the last one. He curls himself over me, his face going back to my neck as he reaches under me, grabbing my ass in both of his large hands and squeezing tight. He presses my hips up against his causing my legs to open wider, letting him get incredibly deep, and tilts them just right so that when his thrusts speed up it makes his cock hit that perfect spot, hard and fast. Between that, his hands gripping me desperately, and hearing his hips slap against mine, along with his moans, I explode not even a minute later. Even though I feel like I have left my body, I know he is cumming right along with me, because his roars are mixing with my screams.

We barely come down from our high before he flips me over onto my stomach, pushes my thighs together, and then easily slips his cock into my soaking wet core again. I let out a gasp when he hits my sweet spot on the first stroke. He is still as hard as he was when we started. He has cum twice in less than five minutes and he seems nowhere near slowing down. I have a feeling I’m not going to be able to walk anytime soon. But he feels so good inside of me I could not care less.

He covers my body with his, almost as if he is protecting me. His lips and tongue work their way up my shoulder and neck to my ear, where his breath blows across my skin in tandem with the movement of his hips. His pace is a bit slower now, but he goes deep with each stroke. I can feel every incredible inch of him sliding in and out of my hot, swollen flesh and when he reaches my spot, he presses against it hard and holds himself there for a few beats before sliding out again. It is making me mewl and whimper like a cat in heat. I never knew I could even make sounds like that.

Just before I start to cum he lifts up on one arm and pull my hips up slightly with the other. It arches my back and gives him just enough room to slip his hand under me. His fingers find my sensitive clit and begins to rub tight circles over it with the perfect amount of pressure. He is making sure I enjoy this every bit as much as he is. When his cock starts to pump into me again, I quickly fall over the edge once more, screaming his name.


He lets out a strangled, “Knulla mig!”
as he presses into me hard and shudders with his third release.

I am in such a haze I barely realize it when he sits up and lifts me to straddle his lap. My back still to his front, him sitting on his knees, and me on his thighs. He leans me forward just enough to slip back inside me, then pulls me against his chest. His arms are crossed in front of me, one of my breasts in each of his hands. My head falls back onto his shoulder as he begins to pinch and twist my nipples between his fingers. Both of us moan when my walls clinch around him again. Somehow he starts to pump into me, in short, quick strokes. When his fingers go back to rubbing my clit, I feel like I may die from the pleasure. If this is what death is like, I’m ready.

“Drink me,” I breathe out, turning my head to give him my neck.

“You must cum again for me first, dear one,” he whispers roughly into my ear.

A whimper is my only response. So he speeds up his thrusts and his fingers on my clit. He is pinching and pulling my nipples with his other hand so fast it feels like he never leaves one before he is at the other.

“Cum, Sookie. Cum for me now,” he growls against my neck, licking my skin with his cool tongue.

My whole body convulses as a wave of intense pleasure hits me at his command. Then I feel his fangs sink into my skin and the pleasure doubles.

“Oh gods, Eric! Fuck, fuck, fuck!” I pant, taking in huge gasps of air.

Unbelievably I feel his cock grow even larger as my core continues to spasm around it. He puts his wrist against my lips and I bite down without hesitating, my need to have every part of him is beyond reason. He starts cumming again the second I bite. Feeling his pleasure and tasting his delicious blood, builds my release to yet an even higher peak.

Lights flash behind my eyes, or maybe they are coming from the two of us. I’m too blissed out to care. Our bodies continue to writhe against each other as we drink our fill. You would think our thirsts were insatiable we are drinking so deeply. I’m not sure why but his blood seems to be flowing into my mouth instead of me having to suck it out. That usually only happens when I drink from his neck. Oh well. The bonds seem to be screaming at us to drink, drink, drink, and drink some more, so I do not worry about it. At this rate we will completely exchange our blood. One for the other’s. I do not plan on stopping until the bonds tell me too and from what I feel from Eric, neither does he. So I give into the bonds and let them take over as I just float where they take me. Which is apparently a euphoric dreamland where you feel nothing but peace, happiness, and intense pleasure. Oh, and I also feel…… power? It must be coming from Eric. That is the last thing I remember before fading into black.


My senses come back to me all at once, but softly too. I’m on my side and Eric is wrapped around me from behind. We are all warm and cozy from our much-needed nap. I can feel his breath blowing on my neck and his heartbeat slow against my back, beating in sync with mine.

Wait, what!?! Heartbeat!?!


I bolt out of his arms and turn around. I push him down onto his back and put my ear to his chest.

“Sookie, what the hell are you doing?” he asks, his voice still sleepy.

“Shhhhh! I need to listen,” I tell him.

But I really do not need too. I can feel it as if it was my own. I hear it beating along with mine, and when I sit up, I can even see his pulse in his neck. He is no longer so pale either, only fair, as if he spent the winter in doors. His lips and cheeks are a dusty pink too and his skin is warm. It is not from being cuddle up to me either. I run my hands all over him and he is warm everywhere.

My hand flies to my mouth. How? What did we do? Is this good? Or is this bad? I just do not understand! How can this be possible?

“Sookie my love, what is wrong? Are you alright?” he asks gently.

“Eric? Can you not feel it? Hear it?” I ask, my voice squeaking.

“Feel what?” he asks, sitting up. “Sookie, what is wrong with you?” he asks again, getting concerned. This time he puts his hand on my face and looks at me with worry.

I pull it from my cheek and place it over his chest. “Your heart,” I whisper.

He looks confused and then suddenly goes very still and quiet. I can feel his chaotic emotions burst inside of us. Finally he looks up at me, his blue eyes huge.

“What the fuck!?!” he whispers breathlessly.

“I….I have no idea. I woke up and felt it beating against my back. I thought I had lost my mind. Do you feel alright?” I rush out.

He seems to stop and take count of himself, searching for anything else that might be new. After a minute or two he looks back up at me, his eyes even wider than before.

“I feel the same, but so much more. I do not even know how to begin to explain it. Do you think we caused this when we exchanged blood again?” he asks softly.

“We must have. I can not think of any other cause for it and I think we did more than exchange. I think we may have completely swapped blood. I remember thinking we were taking too much, but it felt right to me, so I just kept drinking. But, what exactly did it do and why? You look human to me, Eric! Are you sure you are still vampire?” I ask, scared of the answer.

He does that little snarl with his nose and his fangs pop out to glisten in the sunlight. I causes me to startle because my nerves are so frayed and then a shot of panic runs through me when I realize a set of fangs popped out of my own gums, cutting into my bottom lip.

“Oh gods, Eric! What is wrong with us?!” I scream, staring into his ever-widening eyes.

In my distressed state I instinctively pop off the bed and over to my mirror to look and see if they are really there.

Before I can even get a good look….


Now my eyes nearly fall out of my head. Eric is standing beside me! I am losing my mind! He did NOT just pop over here!

“Eric! What the fuck!? Did you just do what I think you did?” I scream again.

“I think I did! Do not ask me how, because I have no idea how I did it. But forget that. Look at me, I want to see them,” he says, gently grabbing my chin and lifting it up. He smiles like a kid with a new toy when he sees my fangs.

“They are beautiful, Sookie,” he whispers and reaches up to lightly drag a finger down one. It causes my whole body to shudder and a whimper to escape my throat. I pull out of his grasp and shake myself.

“Eric, this has to be a dream. We are dreaming! That is all it is, just a dream. You are not a faerie and I’m not a vampire. This is not happening!” I cry, my whimper turning into tears.

He gathers me against his chest and rubs his hands all over me, trying to soothe me. “Shhhhhhh, min älskling.

Everything is going to be alright. We will figure this out. There has to be an explanation for it. Let’s get dressed and go find your Grandfather. I’m sure he can help us, okay?” he says gently.

I sniffle and nod my head, but make no effort to move from his arms. I want to whine to him, but I do not want to upset him. So I rant away to myself. Why can we not have just one peaceful day?! It is so not fair!

“I feel the exact same way, my love,” he murmurs above me.

I jerk back from his chest and stare up at him in disbelief. “What did you say?” I ask weakly.

“I just agreed with you. I feel the same. Our lives have been very unfair and I want peace for both of us too. What did you think I said?” he asks quietly.

“Eric, I did not say that out loud,” I tell him.

“Yes you did,” he says looking at me like I’m nuts.

I answer him telepathically to prove my point. { No Eric, I only thought it to myself. }

His eyes go wide again. I swear if we get one more surprise they will just fall out of his beautiful head.

[ Can you hear me too? ] I hear him ask in my head.

{ Yes, I hear you clear as a bell. }

[ Why did we not hear each other before? ] His inner voice matches the confused look on his face.

{ You must already have perfect shields. When Faeries speak telepathically to each other they must project their thoughts directly to whom they want to speak to. We do not hear everyone’s thoughts all the time. } I answer him with my mind and a frown on my face.

[ This is amazing! Be happy, kära en. This is a good thing for us. Just think about how this will help when we confront Appius! ]

I ignore his enthusiasm for the moment and turn to look in the mirror again, snarling my nose so I can see my new appendages. They make me look so strange, but like Eric said, they are actually beautiful. Where his are large, mine are delicate. Delicate but deadly. They will definitely take some getting use to, but they fit in with the rest of me I suppose.

I look at Eric in the mirror. He is so happy, his entire face is glowing his smile is so big. Seeing and feeling his happiness is infectious and it slowly begins to wash away my fear and agitation.

I barely begin to relax when, in my mind, I see Grandfather’s light floating just outside my door. Apparently Eric does too, because he turns to look at the door with a funny little tilt of his head just before we hear a knock.

“Children, may I enter, please?” Grandfather asks through the door.

“Just a second!” I holler to him. I close my eyes and wave my hand to put on a dress, hoping I did not lose that little bit of magic. When I feel the fabric hug my body I smile with relief. Maybe I’m faerie and vampire all in one now.

“How do I do that?” Eric asks me.

“Mmmm, let’s work on that later. I will take care of you for right now, okay?” I tell him and flick my wrist to get his pants on him.

“You can come in Grandfather,” I holler again.

He immediately opens the door, stepping in and quickly shutting it behind him. He looks happy, but a bit worried too.

“You are both finally up! I was beginning to think you would never wake. How do you both feel?” he asks us brightly, a fake smile plastered on his face. He is acting weird.

“Finally? How long have we been asleep?” I ask him, keeping my lips closed as much as possible. I can not seem to get my fangs to retract.

“Ah, about five days. Which is a lot longer than I thought you would. Of course I really did not know what was happening or would happen for that matter, so…” he says with uncertainty.

Ugh!! I am so not in the mood for his cryptic faerie shit! My agitation comes back full force.

“Niall! What the hell did you do to us?!” I scream at him, my fangs on full display now.

He stumbles back against the door, his face turning into a mask of shock and awe. “You have fangs,” he whispers.

“Noticed that did you?” I sass him, my hands on my hips. “Yes I have fangs! And guess what?!” I yell, pointing at Eric. “Eric’s heart is beating! Oh, and he can pop too! He can even READ MY MIND!!!” I scream at him.

Eric pulls me back against his chest and whispers Swedish in my ear as he rubs my arms trying to calm me down. I turn and bury my face in his chest as I burst into tears. This is all just too much for me right now.

“It’s okay min kärlek, it is going to okay. We will get through this, I promise you. I’m right here and I will not leave you alone,” he whispers as he scoops me up and takes me over to the bed.

He settles against the headboard and holds me in his lap, running his hands through my hair and over my body as he continues to whisper sweet things to me. I do not know how long I cry, but I feel much better once I have it out of my system. I sit up and smile weakly at him, running my fingers down his cheek.

“Thank you, baby,” I whisper, leaning over and kissing his now warm, soft lips. That is going to take getting use to also, but I like it already. My hand runs down his chest and I feel how wet my tears made him.

“I got you all wet. I’m sorry,” I tell him as I try to dry him with my hands.

He pulls my fingers up to his lips and kisses them. “It does not bother me at all, my love. I’m just glad you feel better,” he tells me with a soft smile.

He reaches his hands up and wipes some of my tears away with his thumbs. “Your tears are pink now,” he whispers.

“Really?” I ask, wiping one of my eyes then looking at my hand. They are pink, but just barely. I doubt anyone but us would ever notice the difference. “I wonder if yours will be too? Not that I want to see them though,” I say quietly.

He just smiles and pulls me over to kiss my forehead. “I love you,” he whispers when he looks back at me.

“I love you too, Eric,” I tell him, wrapping my arms around his neck and holding him tight.

When he buries his face in my neck I realize that my scent is no longer affecting him. I check myself to make sure I’m not masking it and I’m not. Seems like our “blood swapping” took care of that. I pull back and look at him.

“How do I smell to you now?” I ask him.

He looks taken aback for a second and then closes his eyes as he wraps a hand around the back of my head, tilting it over so he can run his nose along my neck, breathing in deeply. When he pulls back he has a pleasant smile on his face. He opens his eyes and cups my face with both hands.

“You smell like you, but me too. Like both of us together. Your scent is better than anything else I have ever smelled. You smell like home,” he whispers.

“Oh Eric. You are going to make me cry again talking like that,” I whimper.

He just laughs and hugs me tight. An “Ah um” interrupts our sweet moment.

I turn and see Grandfather sitting on my window seat looking at us excitedly.

“What do you want? You spring all of this on us with no warning and then can not be patience enough to let us come to terms with it? And after you promised not to play tricks with us again. You are getting on my last nerve, Niall,” I warn him.

He throws his hands up in surrender. “I had nothing to do with this, my child. I swear to you. I thought you two were in here having a grand time trying to help him get use to your scent. When you did not surface by dinner that day, I came by to check on you. I knocked and got no answer. I called to you, but again, no answer. When I felt for your mind it was very heavy and very busy, but at rest all at the same time. Eric was also in a very deep sleep. I did not think anything was amiss, so I left. When I still did not see you by lunch the next day I started to get concerned. I came into the room and checked on you and you were both still in a deep sleep. I checked on you three times that day and neither of you had moved a muscle. The last time I checked on you the third day, I swore I saw Eric breathe, but I dismissed it as just a trick of my eyes. The morning of the fourth day I knew I had been wrong. Every few minutes he would take a breath. By that night I decided to see if I could feel a heartbeat when he would take a breath and I could. It was very slow, only beating once every three minutes or so. This morning it was beating a couple of times a minute and his skin was pink and warm. By this afternoon it was slow and steady and completely in sync with yours. And now I find you both like this. I am just as shocked by this as you are,” he finishes with a shake of his head.

We all just sit quietly for a while, each taking time to let this amazing, yet shocking, change sink in. Grandfather is the first to break the silence.

“May I ask what happened? What you think may have brought these changes?” he asks quietly.

“Um. We um. We were having…” I try to start. Eric rubs my back to distract me long enough to take over.

“We were throughly enjoying each other,” he starts, but stops when I slap his chest.

“Eric!” I squeal.

He just laughs at me and continues.

“I will not go into detail of course, but we started to exchange blood towards the end. But this time we did not stop as we usually do, we just kept drinking. Sookie told me earlier, before you arrived, that it just felt right to keep drinking. I felt the same. I’m certain it was the bonds pushing us to fulfill their needs. She thinks that we swapped blood. I think that we drank enough of each other’s blood that it mixed and became exactly the same. Mine is hers and hers is mine. Our blood is the same now, it can only be seen as ours, not her’s or mine anymore. Only ours. I believe if you could take some from both of us and study it somehow, you would not be able to tell the difference in them. The same must be true of our powers too. I bet she has all of my strengths and I have all of her’s. We are both Fae and we are both Vampire. We are simply two halves of the same whole now,” he says as if it is just an everyday occurrence and then kisses my cheek with a smile.

“Utterly astounding,” I hear Grandfather whisper. I’m too busy kisses my other half to care though.



13 thoughts on “Love Eternal Chapter 34

  1. I like where this is going. Makes me think they can defeat Appius with Eric now having some Fae abilities and Sookie having vampire ones. Muses slip here and there I’m sure yours is just having a snack somewhere. 😉


  2. I have barely put this down aince i started reading 2 days ago. This is by far on my top 3 fanfic stories I’ve ever read….well being honest it’s one of the best stories I’ve ever read fanfic or not. I needed a break from the whiney, attitudish, annoying, helpless Sookie that most people write about. U gave her courage and strength and i absolutely love it. Thank u for sharing your gift and please please please keep writing. Can’t wait to see what happens next

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    1. Oh my goodness!! THANK YOU! I’m blushing 😆 I’m so glad you found me and that you’re loving it so much. This is my first fic so it will always have a special place in my heart. This Eric and Sookie will always be my favorite. I have two more WIP on my blog and several more working in my brain, so I won’t be stopping anytime soon! Thank you so much for reading and I hope you continue to enjoy my work! Don’t ever be afraid to leave a comment, my muse adores them! 💓


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