Love Eternal Chapter 33

Whoo hoo! 2 chapters in one week! Enjoy my peeps!


Eric’s POV

Once again my miracle has healed my heart and I’m as close to complete peace as I have ever been in my long life. I do not know how I will ever be able to wrap my head around the insane amount of love I have for her and the feelings she causes in me. Some of them I do not even recognize. I just know that all of them together are wonderful. If she ever took them away, I would be down on my knees begging her to have mercy on me. She owns me, mind, body, and soul. I am hers and I am perfectly fine with that. Actually, I could not be happier about it. Apparently she feels my joy because her fingers are tickling up my sides as she giggles at me.

“What are you so happy about mister?”

I flip us over, making her squeal, and smile up at her. She looks like an angel. A well bedded angel. I pull her down for a kiss and then brush her golden waves away from her face.

“I’m happy because of you, kära en, because of everything about you. Because you love me for some insane reason. So much that all you want to do is take away my pain and for me to be happy. Because of the things you make me feel. Things I never dreamed I would feel. You taught me how to love, and that I am worthy to be loved in return. And I am happy because I’m yours. Five minutes in your presence and I was lost. Even if you had not chosen me that first night I would have followed you anywhere. You own me, mind, body, and soul, my love, and I never want you to let me go,” I tell her.

Her smile at my words is sweeter than I have ever seen it and our bonds are pulsing with her love and happiness. She brings her hand up and caresses my face.

“I never will, my love. Letting you go would be like cutting my own heart out of my chest and then ripping my soul in half. You are such a part of me now that I can hardly breathe when you are not by my side. All that you feel for me, I feel for you too. I promise I will always be yours Eric, and you will always be mine,” she swears.

I bring her lips to mine and kiss her tenderly before hugging her to my chest. Nuzzling into her hair I whisper an “I love you” and she returns it. For a long time we just hold each other and enjoy some peace. But, we need to talk and work out a few things, especially with Niall, so I gently roll us over again, kiss her forehead, and then get up to get dressed.

“Cuddle time is over I guess,” she pouts.

I smile at her, but confirm that she is correct. “I’m afraid so, kära en. We have a lot of work to do and I have a bone to pick with your Grandfather. His teaching methods leave much to be desired,” I grumble.

She groans and buries her face in the covers.

“I promise I will behave Sookie. There will be no more fighting, alright?” I assure her.

She drags herself up and off of the bed before walking over to me and wrapping her arms around my waist. “I trust you, baby. Truth is I have a few choice words for old Granddad myself,” she admits, kissing my chest and then stepping back to wave a dress on. I do not think I’m ever gonna get use to that.

“Want me to help?” she asks, pointing at my naked body. “Not that I want to cover up an inch of your magnificent figure, but I would have to hurt quite a few women if you went walking around in all your glory,” she smirks.

“Mmmmm, jealous Sookie is something I have not seen before. I think I would like to though,” I wink at her and start for the door just to tease her.

I hear a small growl followed by a pop and laugh when she appears in front of her door blocking my way out. “Not so fast, Viking,” she warns.

With a flick of her wrist I’m fully clothed again. This time I’m in light pants and a dark tunic. She smiles wickedly at me but I can see the fire behind her eyes and hear it in her voice.

“You. Are. Mine. And I do not share, ever. I am a very jealous creature, my vampire, and anyone that thinks to take you from me or even looks at you wrong will live to regret it, and that is a promise,” she vows.

I take the two steps needed to reach her, pressing my body into hers. “Jealous Sookie is sexy as fuck,” I growl slowly into her ear but then pull back just enough to look into her eyes so she can see my sincerity. “But I promise you kåra en, there will never be anyone else but you,” I tell her, my voice soft, but serious. “Just the thought of another touching me, looking at me, or me them, makes me ill. My heart, my soul, and my body are for you and you alone, Sookie. For as long as you will have me. This I swear to you,” I promise her.

Her eyes darken as her quick breaths heat my skin. “Eric,” she pants before devouring my lips with hers. Suddenly our clothes are gone and Sookie is wrapped around me as if I’m a tree and she is climbing it. The next few minutes are a blur of want, need, and passion. Fast and hard is not usually our way, but I’m not going to fucking complain, I assure you.

A bit later, after our quick but very thorough love making session, we are once again getting dressed. Once our clothes are back on Sookie
walks over to her dresser and picking up a brush tells me to sit. I go back over to the bed and do as she asks. She stands between my legs and begins to brush my hair into place, a smile on her lips. After a few short moments she declares herself finished.

“There. All back to rights,” she says.

“Thank you, kåra en,” I tell her then pull her into my arms, resting my head on her chest.

She holds me close, rubbing her small hands over my back then kisses the top of my head. I gently push her back and lead her to sit on the bed.

“Would you like me to braid your hair?” I ask her with a smile of my own.

Her smile brightens and she gives me a quick kiss on the lips. “I would love that, thank you,” she says, then turns her back to me.

I brush out her silky waves and then get started. “I have not said anything, because I truly did not want to think about it, but we have been here awhile. How much time has past over in my realm? With Andre and I both gone, I fear the state Appius will be in. Do you know if he can still feel us? Or does he think we have both met the true death?” I ask, more or less just thinking aloud as I work on her hair.

“That is a good question. I would say at least a fortnight has past there already. Grandfather said that Appius would not know anything was amiss until he wanted him too, but who knows with him and his tricky Faerie ways. Surely he would not make things worse for us. At least I do not think he would. I do not always agree with the way he does things, but I trust he will do what is in our best interest,” she says.

“Well, I am finished with your hair, so let’s go ask him,” I tell her as I wrap the tie she conjured for me around the end of her braid. I stand and hold out my hand to help her up. She pops up quickly and goes straight to her mirror to see my handy work. I worked from one side of her head and down to the other side leaving a long braid hanging over her shoulder.

“Oh Eric! I love it! I have never been good at braiding, now I have you to help me. Thank you, baby,” she says, reaching up on her tiptoes to kiss my chin.

“You are most welcome, beautiful. It has been hundreds of years since I last did that. I use to do it for my Mother and Sisters. We would sit in a line and braid each other’s hair every morning. I had forgotten how soothing it was,” I say, cupping her face in my hands and kissing her forehead. She just smiles up at me and I feel a burst of love and comfort come at me through our bonds. I think she fears my memories will make me sad.

I brush my knuckles over her cheek and smile at her. “They are good memories, my love. I wish I could have stayed with my family a bit longer sometimes, but I would never have known you if I had. So I can only be happy that my life took the path it did. It lead me to you after all,” I tell her softly.

“I love you, Eric,” she whispers, her eyes smiling and bright with unshed tears.

“I love you too, Sookie,” I return, smiling down at her.

She pulls me down for a quick kiss and then moves to stand beside me, lacing her fingers with mine. “Let’s go find that sneaky bastard I call Grandfather, shall we?” she asks with mischief in her eyes.

“Lead the way, my love. I am very much looking forward to speaking with him,” I tell her with a wink and a grin.

I feel that strange pulling sensation in my center and within a blink we are standing in front of said bastard in what I assume is his office.

“Children,” he greets us.

Sookie and I do not say a word in return. We only stare at him in displeasure. He smirks at our irritation and waves toward the chairs placed in front of his desk.

“Please, have a seat,” he says.

I lead Sookie to hers and once she is seated, I take mine. We continue to stare him down, not saying anything, and wait for his explanation. When he realizes we are not going to speak until he does, he puts his mask of authority back in place, sits back in his chair, and begins.

“I suppose I should apologize for my unconventional methods of teaching you two, but you must learn to trust yourselves and each other, and you must learn it quickly. We do not have time to learn at our leisure. Me telling you how things will work and you truly believing them are two very different things. You have to experience it for yourselves before you can and will trust it. Sometimes we must learn the hard way. Believe me, I know. So you two are going to have to grow up and deal with this. You have no other choice right now,” he says sternly.

I scoff at his words. I am not a child that needs to grow up. He sees my scowl and returns it.

“Do not get huffy with me boy. Compared to me, the two of you are babes. I have thousands of years of experience to your few hundred. Your life has not been easy, by any means, and I’m sure it taught you many things. But you still have much more to learn, I assure you,” he says quietly.

“I do not claim to know everything you do, Brigant. But I think you could have explained things more clearly before you tested me like that. The first time Sookie let me smell her full scent she tied me up and prepared me a little. She knew that caution was needed. But you forced her to go against her better judgement and I think you did it for a laugh too. Yes we need to learn, but not at the expense of your own amusement. Teach us all we need to know, we are more than willing to learn, but I ask that you respect us in the process,” I tell him, my frustration building with each word.

I stand and place my hands on his desk before leaning over and leveling my eyes with his and speak with a deathly calm. “I respect you because of your age and experience and because you are her Grandfather. But for someone who claims to love her, you sure have a fucked up way of showing it. You are continuously willing to risk her life. She is your own flesh and blood, yet you are so flippant when it comes to her. Regardless of whether the bonds will or will not let me harm her, you caused her heartache with your little stunt. Heartache that was completely unnecessary. There has been enough of that in her life and mine. I will not stand for anymore. She is now mine to protect and I promise I will do anything and everything I need to do fulfill that responsibility. Unlike like you though, I love her enough that I will always take her heart into consideration before I make any decisions. Grandfather or not, if you hurt her again or put her life on the line one more time, I will end you,” I bite out, my fangs itching to break free of my gums. I can feel Sookie’s hand pulling on my tunic and her worry pushing at me through our bonds. I slowly stand up, my eyes never leaving his. Sookie’s hand slips into mine and I give it a gentle squeeze. After a moment he nods his head in acceptance.

“It is reassuring to know your love for her is so strong and true. It most definitely needs to be.” He pauses, a pained expression growing on his face. Whatever he is about to say is not pleasant for him. “I apologize. To both of you,” he finally says solemnly.

I give him a stiff nod before pulling Sookie out of her seat and sitting in it myself, bringing her with me to sit on my lap. She adjusts herself and wraps my arms around her waist. She turns to look at me, her eyes full of love and gratitude, one hand cupping my face as she runs her thumb over my cheek bone. Her lips mouth “I love you” as I feel the truth of it flooding our bonds.

I reach my hand up and thread my fingers into her hair and around the nape of her neck, gently bringing her face to mine. I softly kiss her sweet lips before mouthing my own “I love you” against them. She smiles and kisses me one more time before turning to face her Grandfather.

“Thank you for the apology. Now, I would like a promise that you will be honest and respectful to us from now on. No more games and no more secrets,” she demands smoothly.

He smirks but again nods to us. “If that is what you wish, then I will comply. No more games or secrets. But, I do not want to hear any protesting from either of you when you do not like the truth or what I require of you. Agreed?” he asks?

Sookie and I look at each other, the question floating around inside the bonds. We find our answer almost immediately both of us looking to him and nodding our agreement.

He gives us a wide smile and slaps his desk loudly, making Sookie jump in my lap. “Excellent! Time to repeat lesson one. Sookie dear, if you would make your way to the middle of the room please,” he requests.

She looks at me warily, her brow wrinkled and her mouth in a twisted grin. Actually it is more of a grimace. Her eyes confirm the apology I feel coming from her. I kiss her cheek and smile at her before gently lifting her to her feet. We did promise to comply after all.

“Go my love, I’m ready this time,” I assure her.

She walks over to the center of the room as he requested and looks nervously back at me and Brigant. He is still sitting at his desk, smiling pleasantly. Asshole. He is determined to get as much enjoyment out of this as possible.

“Eric, stand if you would and face her please,” he says with an elegant wave of his hand.

I do as he asks, standing and facing my beautiful angel. I place my hands behind my back and settle my feet shoulder width apart. I feel more in control this way, more grounded. Hopefully it will help me stay put when her amazing scent hits me.

“Close your eyes and I want you to take in deep even breaths. Do not stop yourself from taking in her scent. Trust yourself and your bonds. You will not hurt her,” he says with certainty.

I turn to look at him. “You will stop me if I lose control? You can use your magic to stop me, yes?” I ask him. I could not live with myself it I hurt her.

He sighs a bit before speaking. “Northman, I understand your worry, but you promised not to question me. If you can not control yourself I will stop you, but I know I will not have to. I believe even without the bonds you could control yourself. With them, I have no doubt. Now close your eyes and breathe,” he orders calmly.

I turn back to my love and can almost see her strength coming off of her in waves, all her nervousness gone. Her eyes are full of love and trust when they meet mine.

“I trust you completely Eric. I know you would never hurt me. If you can not trust yourself, trust in our love. It is stronger than anything that would try to break it. Deep in your heart you know that,” she whispers. Her words cause a wave of peace to wash over me and I am once again astounded at my incredible mate. She never ceases to amaze me.

I stare into her eyes and grasp onto the part of her that lives inside me, letting it ground me. With a deep breath I slowly close my eyes. I expected her scent to flood the room as soon as I did, but despite my deep breaths I only smell her usual sweet scent, the ancient one of her Grandfather, the fire, and the musty smell of old books. The room is not silent to me of course, I can hear all of us breathing and the fire crackling, but nothing else. Neither of them are speaking as I thought they would. I had guessed I would hear him command her to release her scent. Now I realize he will speak to her telepathically so I will not have a warning. My nerves begin to tighten along with my entire body as I wait for it. The seconds drag into long numerous minutes that seem to go on forever. Just when I think I can not take one more of those endless seconds I smell her.

My body was ready to spring from being so tightly wound from the waiting that I almost panic. My instincts tell me to drink and fuck her into oblivion. Thankfully that thought freezes me to my spot and all at once my breathing stops, my eyes fly open and my fangs slam down so fast they cut into my lip. My blood begins to fill my mouth, only making me want her sweet blood that is calling out to me from across the room all the more. I MUST NOT MOVE. I hear Brigant command me to breathe in a loud harsh tone.

“Breathe Northman!” he orders.

“No!” I growl. “It is too much.” Must not move. Must not move. I keep chanting to myself.

“You have too, baby. One breath, just one,” Sookie whispers.

“Take a breath Northman, trust yourself,” Brigant coaxes me.

I fight myself and their words for a dozen strong beats of Sookie’s heart. Finally I take in one, slow, sallow breath. Only taking in a small fraction of her enticing smell before holding it again. My body is vibrating with the need to move. The need to taste her. The need to fuck her. I am unable to control the lengthening of my fangs or the growl coming from my chest, but at least I have not attacked her yet.

“Another,” Brigant orders again.

I feel Sookie push her strength and love to me as she gives me an encouraging smile. It is almost as if I can hear her cheering me on inside my head. I take another breath, this one a bit deeper and longer. FUCK ME! She smells as if she is everything good and wholesome in the world, but everything sexy and sinful at the same time too. My eyes roll back in my head and I sway with the strength of it. I feel drunk and gods, I am so fucking horny!

I take two steps toward her. The slight widening of her eyes stops me though. I do not want to scare her.

“How do you feel?” her Grandfather asks me, inches from my side. When did he get up?

“I do not think you want me to answer that,” I say in a soft, slow growl.

He laughs lightly at me. “Oh, I can see that part very clearly,” he says, glancing down my body. “What I want to know is if you want to kill her. You are only steps away from her and you have been breathing her in for over a minute now, very deeply I might add.”

Wait, what? His words hit me like a rock. I am still breathing. Deeply and slowly. I have not stopped since he told me to take another. I meant to only take in one more and then stop. I guess my body took over without me noticing. Then I realize the answer to his question. I could never kill her.

She should be drained and dead on the floor by now. The beast inside me would have killed her after the first breath. Yet there she stands, alive and whole, and here I am, surrounded by her intoxicating smell, but in control. Slightly drunk, but still in control. I simply will not, can not, hurt her. The bonds would never allow it.

“No, I will never. I just want her. Her blood, her body, and her love. If I killed her, I could never be with her again, and that would kill me,” say like a love sick boy. I try to take a few more steps in her direction, but my head is so light and dizzy I stumble. I think all my blood is in between my legs.

I close my eyes and try to shake the dreamy feeling from my head. Thankfully my mind is getting clearer with each second that goes by. When I look back up, Sookie is smiling brightly at me and I can feel her pride in me coursing through our bonds.

“Come to me, baby,” she whispers and holds out her hand to me.

I slowly make my way to her, a goofy smile on my face. When I reach her I have her in my arms instantly, my face buried in her neck.

“I didn’t kill you,” I mumble happily against her warm skin.

She giggles and wraps herself around my body, her core landing directly over my throbbing cock, making me groan.

“Of course you didn’t, silly. I never doubted you for a second. You love me too much,” she whispers in my ear.

“Lover, I’m going to show you how much I love you by fucking you right here in front of your Grandfather if you do not get us out of here really fast,” I growl, grinding my cock into her heat and nipping her neck.

She squeaks and then pops out of my arms. That’s a first, usually she can not touch me without taking me with her. She winds up behind her Grandfather who is laughing more than he should be.

“You have learned to smell her without killing her, now you must learn to do it without unleashing that monster you keep in your pants. I suggest you two go practice. The head on his shoulders must be in control instead of the one between his legs. You are not to mask your scent until I give you permission, Sookie. When he can keep that urge contained, then you will be ready for more. Off with you,” he says, shooing us out of the room with an evil grin.

Fuck me! My balls are going to be in agony. Fucking faerie and his fucked up lessons.


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  1. Poor Eric, but now he knows he can take in her fairy scent without killing her. I’m looking forward to them taking on Appius and kicking his butt.


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