Love Eternal Chapter 31



Eric’s POV

I have my sassy little minx right where I want her. I walk us into the palace and stop when it hits me. Fuck! I have no idea where her room is. I quickly compensate.

“Sookie, unless you want me to do this right here in view of whoever might walk through, I suggest you pop us to your room,” I warn her. I feel her freeze at my words and a spike of fear flash through our bond. When she does not speak or act I decide to tease her some more.

“I have no problem doing it here though, I am sure it will give everyone a nice show,” I say, heading towards what looks like a common area with some seating.

“NO! Eric please! Please wait!” she begs me, her voice wavering. I keep my chuckle to a level she hopefully can not hear. My devilish grin I do not have to hide though.

“I’m waiting, my little one, but I will not wait much longer.”

I barely have those words out of my mouth before I feel my body begin to tingle and a deep pull in my center. It is over in seconds and when I open my eyes I see we are standing in a lovely bedroom. Sookie’s, I assume, it smells just like her. A large window is letting the sunlight pour in across the bed and floor. I can not wait to see her cheeks go from golden to rosy in this light. Thankfully I do not feel any effects from our little trip, so I waste no time and take the two strides needed to go over to the large bed. I sit down and pull Sookie off my shoulder to sit on my lap.

She looks like a pitiful child, pouty lip and all. I slowly smile at her before leaning down and brushing my lips against hers. I kiss her softly a few times before whispering, “Have I ever done anything to you that you did not thoroughly enjoy, my sweet?” I ask her.

She pulls back and looks at me, her huge blue eyes wide and unsure. “No,” she whispers, shaking her head.

I begin to map her precious face with my lips, moving to a new spot after every few words.

Her mouth is my first stop, “No is right.”

Placing a kiss on her left cheek bone I whisper, “I will never,”

I move to her temple, “hurt you, Sookie.”

Then her forehead, “Never, my love.”

My next words are whispered as I run my lips from her right temple to under her jaw. “I only want to give you pleasure.”

I begin to trail wet kisses down the side of her neck. “It will be fun, I promise you.”

I work my way across her collar-bone and up the other side. “I have a feeling it will soon become a favorite of yours,” I whisper in her ear when I reach it, causing her to shiver.

“Okay?” I ask her. I almost miss her whispered return.


“Stand up for me, beautiful,” I tell her.

Her breath hitches as she slowly does as I ask, and I hear her heart rate speed up. It is music to my ears. She is nervous but it is mostly from excitement. She wants this so bad, but is ashamed to admit it. I can already smell her desire filling the room. This is going to be such sweet torture for the both of us.

I turn her around so she is facing my side and take both of her hands in mine. Pulling them gently I ask her to lay across my knees.

“Lay down, lover.” I order her gently.

Her heart beat jumps up another notch and she starts to shake a bit, but again does as I ask of her. With my long legs I am sitting far enough back that the top half of her body is resting on the bed. I adjust us so that her ass is just where I want it, right in the center of my lap. I can feel her excitement begin to overcome her fear and the lust growing stronger inside both of us. I let go of her hands and begin to rub mine up and down her back, hoping to relax her.

“Do you love me, Sookie?” I ask her, keeping my voice soft but deep.

She jerks her head around to look at me, “You know I do, Eric,” she tells me, her voice shaky with her fear and excitement. I smile at her and send my love to her through our bonds finally putting a small smile on her face.

I start to trail my hands over her perky ass, down her thighs, and then back again. “Do you trust me, lover?” I ask her, my voice getting deeper as I squeeze her luscious cheeks in my hands.

Her head drops to the bed as a shiver runs down her spine. “Yes,” she breathes out.

I reach down and drag her dress up her legs slowly revealing the golden skin of her calves and then those mouth-watering thighs. “I can feel everything you are feeling my love. I promise you I will stop the second you are no longer enjoying this. Do you believe me?”

“Yes, Eric,” she whispers as I finally uncover my prize. Her lack of undergarments is arousing as always and I am unable to control the growl that leaves my chest when I see her on display for me like this.

“So perfect,” I whisper to myself as I run my cool hands over her warm flesh. Her skin is covered in goosebumps before I even make my first pass and a moan escapes her lips. Her arousal gets stronger in the bonds and her scent floods my nose. I am so lucky that my lover is so passionate for one so innocent.

“I promise I will not stop as long as you are enjoying it either,” I tell her, slipping my fingers between her cheeks and finding her already slick heat, pulling a gasp from her this time.

“Fuck Sookie, you are always so wet for me. Do you know what that does to me? Do you?” I growl quietly, my hips pressing my stiff cock against her of their own accord.

Her answer is only a muffled moan she lets out into the bed covers.

I do my best to get my desires under control again before sliding my right hand across her firm cheeks and placing my left arm over her lower back to hold her lightly in place. I am at war with myself as to whether I want to drag this torture out for us or get it over quickly so I can ravish her on this big bed. I have yet to make love to her on a soft bed as she deserves, but this is so erotic I can not bring myself to stop. I decide I can have both.

I rub her more firmly for a moment and can feel her excitement building. Before she gets too worked up I take my hand off of her and just wait. I watch as her body tenses bracing for my strike. I leave her like that for two or three breaths and then lightly rub her again. Surprise bursts though the bond and then her emotions are suddenly darting all over the place. Oh this is so much fun.

I repeat this just twice more before I feel her irritation at my stalling start to creep through. That is when I bring my hand down onto her ass with a loud slap, right on that sweet spot where she sits. I barely feel a sting in my hand, but I am certain by her loud cry that she is feeling it and I can already see my hand print starting to show. Our bond is awash with her swirl of emotions. Shock, a tiny bit of fear, and then arousal.   Lots of it.

I do not give her time to think about it further before I swiftly land two more stinging slaps, one on each cheek. She gasps, throwing a hand back to cover herself, and tries to sit up.

“Ah, ah, ahhh, my little minx. I am not done with you yet. Lay back down and put your hands above your head and do not move them,” I say quietly, putting a bit of authority behind my words.

“Eric, please,” she begs, but lays down anyway.

“You know you like this,” I whisper to her, rubbing her gently. I slip a long finger through her folds helping her feel her body’s response. She is even wetter now. “Do you feel your desire, lover? Do not be afraid of it. Let go, Sookie. I promise I will catch you.”

She turns her head to the side and I can see the need written all over it. Her plump bottom lip is trapped between her teeth, her eyes are tightly shut, and her brow is wrinkled. I feel her fight it for only a few seconds and then she gives in, her face relaxing and a pant leaving her now open mouth. She has decided to trust me to give her what she does not know she wants.

Before she can examine her feelings anymore I make sure the only thing she can think about is my hand connecting with her ass.

Slap. Slap. Slap. Slap. Right, left. Right, left. When I am done I take my left hand that is still cool and rub it over her heated flesh as I use my right hand to slide a finger into her hot core and begin to pump it in and out.

“Oh fuuuck,” she pants out in quick breaths.

“Mmmmm lover, seeing your sweet ass all pink and warm is so fucking sexy,” I growl and press my finger against that wonderful spot deep inside her. She all but screams my name.


“Do you want me to stop, Sookie?” I ask her, knowing very well she does not.

“No! Oh gods, no! Please Eric, more,” she begs.

So I give her what she needs. Leaving my finger inside of her, I quickly give her six more sharp licks with my left hand. Her walls clamp down on my finger with each one. She is doing everything she can to try and push back against my hand.

I slip my finger out and instead rub all four through her wet lips, circling the tips over her clit. Her pants turn into whimpers and her hips start to rock. Between my need and hers, my cock is so hard I may explode right here in my pants like a teenage boy just watching her. The amount of passion her relativity innocent, small body holds astounds me. How quickly she gave into her desires is almost too much for me to think about without ripping my clothes off and fucking her until we can not go any more. I clinch my jaw and force myself to hold back until I have at least given her one release first.

“What do you want Sookie? Do you want me to spank you until you cum with my fingers in your sweet pussy or do you want my big cock fucking you hard?” I growl at her.

She is so close I almost push her over the edge with just my words. She can only shake and whimper so I make the decision for her. I slide two fingers deep inside her hot core and curl them against her spot and begin to pump. “Cum for me, sexy girl,” I tell her.

It only takes two more stinging slaps to her perfect ass before she explodes all over my hand. I can not help but shudder along with her. Fuck she is gonna be the death of me.

In a blink I have her laid out in front of me on the bed, both of us naked. She has not even quit cumming yet before I have my tongue to her core licking up the delicious nectar I caused her body to release.

“Eric!” she cries, her fingers burying into my hair, gripping it tightly, and trying to decide if she wants me to keep going or stop. Once again I make the decision for her. I suck and lick up every drop she made for me and force her to give me more with the tip of my tongue flicking over her clit at vamp speed. Her head falls back and a silent scream graces her gorgeous face, as her entire body arches and begins to shudder and shake with her second release in just minutes. It is the most beautiful thing I have ever witnessed.

I crawl up her body and brace myself above her so I can watch her come down from her high. Her hair is a perfect messy halo around her head and her skin is flushed and shining in the sunlight as if she has been dusted with crushed diamonds. Her firm, full breasts are still heaving from her exertion too. I lean down and kiss each tight peak before running my nose between them to draw in her amazing scent. Nothing smells better than my love, nothing. It is a miracle that I do not walk around drunk off of her scent every waking hour I am with her. I kiss my way up her neck and over to her parted lips, loving the feeling of her warm, sweet breath flowing across my face.

“You are so fucking beautiful and sexy, kära en. I could do nothing but worship your goddess like body for eternity and I would never tire of it. Never,” I whisper against her lips.

Her heavy eyelids manage to flutter open showing me the deep, dark pools of blue beneath them. The love and passion shining out of them would take my breath if I had any.

“I love you, Sookie. I love you so fucking much it hurts,” I whisper to her.

“I love you too, baby. So very, very much. I am so blessed to have you,” she whispers back to me.

“No more than I am to have you, dear one,” I return, kissing the moist, warm skin of her neck.

“Thank you, Eric.” I hear her say, but it is so quiet I almost miss it. I pull up from my attentions on her neck to look down at her. When I see the fresh blush blooming across her cheeks I know what she is thanking me for.

“It was my pleasure, I assure you,” I tell her, giving her a soft kiss on the lips. I brace myself to the side of her on one arm and ghost the fingers of my other hand over her soft skin. I make sure to look in her eyes when I speak to her again. “It took everything I had to hold myself back from ravishing you. It drives me almost insane when you are so responsive to my touch. You are such a passionate creature, Sookie. I hope after what just happened you do not let it scare you anymore. We could have more fun than you could ever imagine if you let yourself go,” I tell her.

“I think I can do that,” she says quietly, her fingertips playing in my hair.

I lean down and capture her lips with mine, kissing her softly. Minutes later I finally pull back and let her catch her breath.

“Make love to me my viking. I need you inside me. I need to feel you close,” she breathes.

I crawl back over her and slide into her in one long easy stroke and for the next hour not a word is spoken, they are just not needed. Our moans and gasps are the only sounds in the room other than the slap our hips make every time they connect. The bonds say everything we need to hear as we bring each other to peak after peak. Love, there is so much love. Need, desire, devotion, they are all there and more. It is only the two of us and our love, everything else just slips away. My lover finally begins to tire so I bite my wrist and feed her my blood as I slip my fangs into her soft warm breast bringing us both to another release. I pull her into my side when we have both calmed down and kiss her forehead.

“I love you,” I whisper against her skin. “I think you actually wore me out lover. I’m feeling kind of tired,” I admit with a smile.

Her small hand rubs across my chest as her sweet voice reaches my ears. “I love you too. Now sleep, my viking, I will keep you safe,” she whispers as she kisses me.

Sleeping in a big, soft bed with my lover as the sun warms our skin sounds too good to pass up, so I wrap Sookie in my arms and sink into the soft covers, letting myself finally drift off to the sound of her heartbeat.


Instead of the sudden waking I usually have from my day death, I slowly begin to wake as I did in my human days. I feel warm and content and I’m in no hurry to leave this comfy spot where I am nestled. I hear Sookie’s heartbeat and can smell her sweet scent, so I know she is close, but I am too lazy to open my eyes to see where she is. The bed moves making a creaking sound and I hear someone sliding against the sheets. Then I feel fingers running through my hair and down the side of my face. I smile, turning into her touch and kiss her palm before opening my eyes.

She is so incredibly beautiful with her bright blue eyes and big smile shining at me in the sunlight. I do not think I will ever not be stunned by her loveliness.

“Hi handsome, did you have a good nap?” she asks me, her smile never wavering.

I reach up and take her hand in mine.
“I did, beautiful. Thank you,” I tell her as I kiss her fingers.

“You needed the rest, so I’m glad you could get it.”

“How long did I sleep?” I ask.

“Mmmm, about six hours I guess,” she answers.

My eye brows shoot up. “Six hours?! Why did you let me sleep so long?”

She leans over and kisses my forehead. “Because you needed it, baby. Just because you can day walk now, does not mean you do not need to rest. I slept here with you for at least three of those hours. I guess we both really needed it,” she says quietly.

“What did you do for the other three?” I ask her.

“I cleaned up some, got dressed,”

I scrunch my nose at her for that, making her giggle.

“Then I went and had a late lunch with Grandfather. We had an interesting talk,” she tells me.

“Oh? About us I assume.”

“Yup,” she chirps with a wicked gleam in her eye.

I am suddenly hit by a huge wave of her faerie scent at full strength. My fangs snap down to an impossible length as my instincts take over. Fuck her, drain her! I am on top of her in an instant, pinning her down as I growl in her face.

“What are you doing?! Stop this, Sookie! Stop it right now before I hurt you!” I spit at her.

“Grandfather said you would not hurt me! He said you needed to know it!” she squeaks, her eyes huge.

Her fear trickles into our bond and into the air too. It is only driving the beast in me more insane. Somehow I manage to hold onto my sanity by a thread. Refusing to breathe in anymore of her intoxicating scent, I force myself away from her, grabbing my pants off the floor and shoving my legs into them.

“Eric, I’m sorry. He promised me it would be okay,” she cries.

I do not answer her or even look at her. I can not. I am sure she has masked her scent again, but I still do not trust myself yet. I am too angry right now. Too uncontrolled to be around her. Even when her sobs reach my ears it does not soften me. I throw open the door making it slam against the wall and storm out into the hall, roaring Brigant’s name.

He is going to pay for this. Twice now he has threatened her life and it will not ever happen again once I am done with him. Maybe one day she will be able to forgive me for killing him.

I continue through the halls, my roars shaking the windows. When I make it to what looks like the dining room I can faintly hear Sookie crying my name as she runs up behind me. I turn around and vamp over to her. A tiny crack breaks into my red haze when I see how upset she is, but I will not let it stop me. I tower over her, not hiding an ounce of the anger from my face.

“Go back to your room, Sookie. This is between me and him. He will never think to put you in danger again by the time I am through with him. Now go,” I tell her, my voice as cold as ice.

“Eric, please! Please listen to me!” she wails, clutching at my chest.

I push her hands off of me and grab her arms, “Do not test me, Sookie. I already know everything I need to. I will not tell you again,” I shake her. “Go. Back. To. Your. Room,” I grit out between my teeth.

“Now who is threatening her?” I hear his voice behind me.

I am on him before he finishes speaking. Sookie’s screams fill the air as we begin to fight like two mad dogs. We manage to hit everything in the room, quickly destroying it.

I pin him to the ground first though, my fangs a breath away from his face. “What kind of man are you that you continue to threaten your own grand child’s life? I could have killed her you crazy bastard!” I roar.

He throws me across the room, but I stop myself before I hit the wall. I go right back at him knocking us both to the ground I hit him so hard.

“I let you live the first time, you will not be so lucky again,” I spit, going for his throat.

I almost have my fangs in his neck when he picks me up and slams me to the ground, placing the point of a silver sword over my heart. I grab the blade in my hands, squeezing it as I pull it closer to my chest. It does not burn me, but my blood begins to run onto my chest when it’s sharp edges slice into my hands.

“Do it. If you want her dead so bad, do it. She will follow me to my end,” I tell him, my voice as harsh as my words.

“NNNNNNNOOOOOOOO!” Sookie screams before placing her own sword at his throat.

“If you even nick him, so help me, I will kill you,” she hisses at him despite the tears running down her cheeks.

He turns and looks at her, a small smile curving his lips. Her sword presses deeper into his neck almost piercing the skin. He looks down at me, still smiling.

“Let go of my sword vampire, before my Granddaughter takes my head,” he tells me.

“Maybe I want her too,” I growl up at him.

“ERIC!” Sookie spits my name out, shooting sparks at me with her eyes.
“Let it go. NOW!” she orders me.

I let go and knock his blade out of my way so I can stand up. Sookie is at my side before I can blink, my hands in hers.

“Stupid hard-headed viking. You are in so much fucking trouble for this mister,” she growls at me. “Drink!,” she orders, shoving her wrist to my mouth.

“Sookie, I will heal on my own,” I tell her quietly, my anger beginning to fade.

“I said drink!” she says through clinched teeth.

I gently bite into her skin and take a few sips before piercing my finger and rubbing my blood over the bite to heal her. The anger in her eyes falters when she sees the guilt in mine and she flings herself against my bloody chest and begins to cry.

Brigant stares into my eyes as I hold her, a somber look on his face. “You love each other enough, but you have a long way to go in trusting yourselves and your bonds. We will not have a chance against him if you do not learn this soon. Very soon,” he says quietly before walking off.


7 thoughts on “Love Eternal Chapter 31

  1. Wow, what a lesson by Niall. He’s lucky that this Eric is not 1000, he’d have been drained! I liked the beginning- very delightfully wicked! 🙂 The end was exciting- love a good fight scene and you wrote it well. I can’t wait to hear more from Niall and what needs to happen before they plan their attack on Appius.


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