Love Eternal Chapter 27

Sorry I left you guys with a cliffy over the weekend. This chapter should make you feel much better. Once again, any mistakes you see are all mine. Enjoy!!


Sookie’s POV

“Eric,” I gasp, trying to crawl to him.
When it proves too difficult, I gather all my strength and pop to his side.

He looks over at me, his eyes lifeless at first, as if he does not recognize me or even see me at all. My own fear surges above the snarl of his tormented feelings. I am terrified I may have lost him to whatever he has just suffered. His emotional turmoil is threatening to crumble me under its weight. I can only imagine what it is doing to him.

I look him over trying to see where all the blood is coming from. He is covered in it from head to toe. The only part of him that is clean are his pants. My heart lodges in my throat when I realize he must have been naked when whatever happened to him took place. Appius is such a sick bastard.

I am afraid to touch him in case he might be hurt, but I have to know if he is okay. I check his legs, torso, and arms, but find no injuries. Finally I check his head, rubbing my fingers through his blood crusted hair and over his face.

His eyes meet mine, “It is not my blood,” he says, his voice desolate.

“Eric baby, what happened? Who’s blood is this? I felt your pain and anger all the way over in Faerie. What did he do to you?” I plead, trying not to cry any harder than I already am.

Unbelievably I feel his pain increase in our tie, as fresh blood tears start to slide down his cheeks. “You must leave, Sookie. You can not be here. He is going to come for me and I can not let him find you. He knows I have someone. If he finds us, he will kill you.” He grabs me by the arms and shakes me gently, “Please min älskare, you have to go! Go and never come back!” he begs.

“No Eric! No!” I wail, beating his chest. “I am not leaving you! Not now, not ever. Do you hear me? You are mine and I will not let you push me away!” I cry, flinging myself against his chest, our emotions overwhelming me.

He holds me tight, both of us shaking in our anguish. “I do not…deserve you. If you…..knew what I did, who I…..really was,……you would……hate me,” he chokes out.

The pain in his voice and his words almost kill me. I pull back and cup his precious face in my hands, “I will never hate you, Eric. Never,” I promise him, tears streaming down my cheeks. Whatever happened tonight, Appius is at fault for it, not you. You can not blame yourself for what he forces you to do,” I say gently.

He closes his eyes and leans his head back against the rock. “We will never be able to out run him, Sookie. He will hunt us down like dogs. There is no hope of us ever being free of him. You just need to let me go. You need to save yourself.”

Looking back at me, his face full of pain, he whispers, “Go be happy, my love. Live for me.”

“No, Eric!” I sob again. “You do not get to ask that of me. Not if you refuse to fight!” I say, really angry now.

We stare at each other, hurt, pain, and sadness flooding our tie. Neither of us saying anything or backing down.

When I can no longer stand the silence, I resort to begging him. “You have to fight Eric. You cannot give up now. Not after we just found each other,” I cry quietly into his chest.

“I have fought him for a hundred years my love. I do not think I have any fight left in me,” he whispers.

“You do not love my granddaughter enough to fight for her happiness?” Grandfather asks sternly, startling us both. I had forgotten he was even here.

I sit up and look at Grandfather. Claude and Claudine are standing behind him, their faces masked in sadness. I look back and forth between Grandfather and Eric. This is not how I wanted them to meet. “Eric, this is my Grandfather, Niall Brigant. Grandfather, this is my bonded, Eric Northman,” I say quietly.

They only nod, scowling darkly at each other.

“Answer me boy. Do you love her or not?” Grandfather asks, his tone demanding an answer.

“I love her more than anything. Including myself. Which is why I want to save her above all else,” Eric tells him, some anger slipping into his voice. It is much better to hear than the despair it was holding a few seconds ago.

He stands up slowly, reaching down to pull me up with him, and walks us over to Grandfather. He looks him straight in the eye before saying, “Appius can track me to the ends of the earth. There is no where I can hide from him. If Sookie is with me when he tracks me down he will kill her or he will force me to do it for him. The only way she is going to be safe is if she is far away from me. I love her enough to let her go, if it means she will live. Her being alive and safe is more important to me than her happiness. She can not be happy if she is dead,” he growls.

I let out a strangled sob when I hear his words. He unconsciously pulls me into his side, holding my head gently against his chest with one hand and rubbing my back with the other.

“She will not be happy if you are dead either. Not to mention that the fae bond you share will kill her slowly over time if you leave her, just as a vampire bond does. If you were to meet your true death she would die very quickly thereafter. She can not live without you anymore, happy or not,” Grandfather tells him, his voice deathly calm.

Shock zings back and forth across our tie. Eric scowls down at me now, “Why did you not tell me this the other night?” he asks with obvious frustration.

“I did not know to tell you or I would have,” I say, giving him a scowl of my own.

He throws his hands up on top of his head and walks away from us. He does not go too far before lets out a huge roar, making me jump. When he turns back around and looks at me, his eyes are full of sorrow. Our tie is heavy with it too. I walk over to him wrapping my arms around his waist. I push all the love and comfort I can to him, hoping it will ease his pain some.

He hugs me back, resting his cheek on top of my head. “I am so sorry for bringing you into this mess, min älskare. I should be ended for putting you in so much danger. Can you forgive me?” he asks.

“It is going to be okay, Eric. Grandfather has promised to help us, so we will figure it out and there is nothing you need to be sorry for. He says we have been fated for each other for a long time. I doubt there was anything either of us could have done to stop it. I will forgive you though as long as you promise never to push me away again and to stay with me forever,” I tell him, begging him with my eyes.

He brushes his knuckles across my cheeks, every bit of his emotions shining out through his eyes. “I am sorry for that too, my love. It was very selfish of me. I promise I will never hurt you like that again,” he says, pressing his lips to my forehead.

“I love you Eric. I swear I will always be by your side no matter what we are facing, okay? Never forget that,” I tell him.

“I love you too, min älskare, and I swear I will never let myself forget,” he says, hugging me tightly again.

Grandfather clears his throat loudly. “We have much to discuss children. We best get on with it,” he tells us.

We walk back over to him and I notice my cousins are nowhere to be seen.

“Where did Claude and Claudine go?” I ask.

“I sent them home. What we have to talk about needs to stay between the three of us,” Grandfather tells me.

“I think it would be best if we talked somewhere else. I fear we are too close to Appius here. I do not want to give him any advantages against us,” Eric suggests.

“That would probably be wise,” Grandfather agrees. “Sookie, do you know somewhere better we could go?” he asks me.

I look to Eric, “How about our lake? Would you feel safer there?” I ask him.

“Yes. That would be fine. I hopefully I will have time to wash there too,” he says.

“Okay then, off we go,” I say taking their hands in mine.

As I go to pop us, I see a blur run straight at Grandfather. I do not have time to stop us from leaving though. I have my bow at the ready the second we land at the lake. I point it at the struggling form Grandfather is holding up in his outstretched arm. It is a small vampire. A blonde one.

“Andre,” Eric growls fiercely. “Kill him. He is Appius’ child. He will lead him straight to us.” he tells Grandfather.

“I think he may come in handy for doing just that,” Grandfather says, smiling wickedly while waving the hand that is not wrapped around Andre’s neck over him. The puny thing slips to the ground landing in a heap. He is out like a light.

“What did you do?” Eric asks in wonder.

“I sent him to his day rest. I am not ready to deal with him right this minute, but I will put him somewhere safe when I leave. Appius will know nothing is amiss until I want him too,” he explains.

“Mmmm, nifty,” Eric replies.

“I think I have something even niftier to tell you,” Grandfather says with a smirk.

“What?” I ask.

“You two have started a blood bond, yes?” he asks us.

“We have exchanged twice so far,” Eric confesses.

“As I suspected. You need to do the third tonight,” he says.

Eric and I give each other a quizzical look. “Why?” I ask.

“If you complete the blood bond Eric will be able to come back with you to Faerie,” he answers as if vampires in Faerie are an everyday occurrence.

“WHAT?!?” I squeal. Eric is just looking at him stunned.

“With the fae blood he already has and yours, flowing in his veins, he will be almost as fae as you. With the blood and fae bond he will be safe. You both will be safe from Appius there while we work on a plan to end him,” he tells us.

“But the sun will burn him and the other faeries?! Will he want to eat them?!?” I squeal again. I am just full of questions tonight.

Grandfather chuckles. “Your blood and your bonds will protect him from the sun. As for the other faeries, most of them can mask their scent and if I am guessing right Eric probably has no desire for anyone’s blood but yours,” he says, nodding towards Eric.

“I will see the sun again?” Eric asks in a whisper.

“Yes. Well, you will see our sun anyway. It never sets so you will have plenty of time to enjoy it,” he tells him.

Eric zips over to me, placing his hands on my cheeks. “Tack älskare. Du är mitt mirakel,” he says reverently before kissing me softly on the lips.

I am not certain of all he said, but I smile up at him when I feel his joy and thankfulness being pushed at me through our tie. “You are welcome, my love. I am so happy to be able to give you back the sun,” I whisper.

“Make your exchange quickly, dawn will be here very soon,” Grandfather says. He looks at Eric, “Take a lot of her blood. You will not hurt her. The bonds will make sure of that.” He turns back to me, “Pop to the bathing chambers at the palace so you can get him cleaned up. He will terrify everyone looking like that. I will make sure it is empty for you,” he tells me.

“We will. Thank you, Grandfather. I do not know how we could ever repay you,” I say, gratefully.

“When Appius is finally dead that will be payment enough. That and your happiness,” he says quietly.

Eric walks over to Grandfather. “I did not wish for us to meet this way and I am sorry for my behavior earlier, but thank you for all you have done for Sookie and I this night. I will do whatever is necessary to make amends,” he tells him, holding his hand out to Grandfather.

He takes Eric’s hand in his, giving it a firm shake. “Take care of my Granddaughter and love her as she deserves. That is all I ask,” he says.

“Always,” Eric vows.

They break apart as Grandfather walks over to the sleeping Andre. He hauls him up over his shoulder and turns to us. “I am going to put this little irritant away for safe keeping and then head home. I will expect you two in my office once you are finished cleaning up,” he tells us.

“Sir? If I may ask, would you mind saving Andre for me? Appius is all yours, respectfully. But I have a hundred years worth of revenge I need to unleash and that little bastard will do nicely,” Eric requests.

Grandfather nods at him. “You will get your vengeance with both of them, child. I have no problem letting you play with them for as long as you need too. They have caused us all great suffering. It is time they suffered themselves,” he says solemnly and then pops away.

I run to Eric, throwing myself in his arms. He easily catches me. “You scared me half to death, Eric. I thought he was killing you,” I cry softly.

“Shhhh, my love. I am so sorry for scaring you. I had no idea you would be able to feel me or I would have done anything I could have to keep it from you,” he soothes me. He pulls me back and looks down at me. “Sookie, I know there is much to talk about but, we need to hurry, dawn is almost here. I truly wanted to have time to enjoy our final exchange, but we will have to celebrate later I suppose.”

“Oh I promise we will make time when we get to the palace,” I wink at him. “How should we do this?” I ask.

He gives me a hungry look and turns me around until my back is against his chest, then sits us on the ground me nestled in his lap. He gently brushes the hair off of my neck while leaning down and kissing it lightly. Our bodies react instantly to delicious tension, flooding our tie with lust. My head falls back against his shoulder as I begin to pant and I feel a growl rumble from deep in Eric’s chest. I hear the familiar crunch of him biting into his flesh and then his cool tongue drags up my neck as he places his bleeding wrist to my mouth. I latch on and suck greedily when I feel his fangs sink into my neck. We both moan with pleasure, taking in swallow after swallow of each other’s blood. When I feel our new bond explode with life and our releases quickly building I somehow manage to have the wherewithal to pop us to the palace.

We wind up landing in the tub, continuing to drink our fill and both of us moaning and grinding against each other as we cum for what seems like forever. Wave after wave of it washes over us and within our bonds. Eric’s wound soon closes, but he is still drinking slowly from my neck. When I release his wrist his hand immediately grabs one of my breasts and begins kneading it. My body arches and I feel his cock, still rock hard and straining, against my back. I reach around and stroke him through his pants.

He growls again while sliding a hand down to rub my core. I reach up and wrap my hand around the back of his head, scratching my nails against his scalp.

“I need you Eric. I need you now. Please,” I beg breathlessly. The insane amount of lust in our bonds is trying to steal my breath and my senses.

I hear his fangs snap back and feel his tongue swipe across the bite on my neck. He spins me around and looks down at me, his eyes dark with hunger.

“Then you shall have me,” he says, his voice husky, deep, and pure sex. Hearing it sends a bolt of lust straight to my core.

His grabs the hem of my wet tunic and peels it from my body, flinging it across the room before gently picking me up. One hand buries itself in my hair and the other has a tight grip on my ass. We kiss passionately as he walks us to the side of the tub and sits me on the edge. His fingers trail down my sides and slip under the waist of my pants, “Lift up for me, lover,” he demands quietly.

I do as he asks, lifting my hips so he can pull my pants off. They too are quickly flung across the room. Eric’s eyes roll back in his head after I see him breath in. He leans forward putting his head between my legs and draws in another deep breath. Oh gods, I do not know whether to be embarrassed or melt into a puddle where I sit.

“Fuck lover! Smelling how much you want me makes me want to fuck you to death,” he says, his growl feral. Thankfully he controls himself, though death by fucking might not be so bad. I drop back into the warm water, my hands going straight to his pants.

“Now yours,” I whisper, as I slide my hands into the back of them and squeeze his glorious ass.

He smiles wickedly at me before sinking beneath the surface and out of my hold. I look down into the water and watch him expertly remove his pants in record time then wash the worst of the blood off at vamp speed. I gasp when suddenly his big hands wrap around my hips and his tongue slips between my folds and drags its way to my clit. My hands shoot into the water and tangle in his hair when he begins to speed up his divine torment. I scream out his name seconds later when my second release hits. Thankfully he still had a tight hold on me so I do not fall when my trembling legs give way. He stands slowly, trailing kisses up my body as he does, his arms still supporting me.

“Wow,” I sigh against his chest. I feel it shake with his chuckle.

“Are you ready for more?” he softly purrs in my ear, making me shudder.

“Always,” I breathe.

He lifts me up by my thighs which I promptly wrap around his waist. “Should we go over to one of the chairs? You will be more comfortable there,” he whispers against my lips.

“Back up to the edge of the tub, there is a seat built-in on that side,” I mumble between kisses.

He finds it easily and pulls us down onto the seat and me onto his cock in one swift move.

“Fuuuuuuck,” we groan in unison, our bonds surging with incredible amounts of lust and passion. They are going to drive us into a frenzy.

I quickly start to grind against him. I have no desire to take this slowly and apparently neither does Eric. His hands grip my ass and begin to pound me up and down over his cock without mercy. He has never been very rough with me, but I am glad he is now. It feels amazing and I am ready to cum again within moments.

I slide my fingers into his hair, gripping it tightly, and stare deep into his eyes, dark with his desire. “Cum with me Eric,” I pant as my walls begin to flutter around him.

His eyes darken even more and he lets out a carnal growl as he drives his hips up into mine at a furious pace, causing us to cum in an explosion of lights, screams, and roars.

When we fall back into reality Eric slumps against the side of the tub and I collapse onto his chest. We stayed awake again, but are very content to just sit here and bask in the afterglow. After several minutes a horrific thought destroys my peace.

“Oh gods! I really hope Grandfather did not hear us,” I groan. Eric is laughing at me before I even finish my sentence.

“Lover, I would bet my undead life that the whole palace heard us,” he laughs, tickling my sides.

“Uuuugh! No, no, nooooo! How am I going to face him after this? Or anyone around here?” I whine, making him laugh all the more.

He pulls my face up in his hands and gives me a few quick kisses. “We are going to clean up and get ourselves presentable then walk out of here with our heads held high. We are now a twice bonded pair. It is completely acceptable for us to make love sweetly or fuck loudly anytime and anywhere the mood strikes us. If anyone one has a problem with it, they can shove it up their tight asses. We do not need their approval. We have each other and that is all we will ever need,” he tells me, smiling.

For some reason his defense of us makes me want to cry. I wrap my arms around him tightly and let him know what he means to me. “I love you so much, Eric Northman. You are more than I ever dreamed I could have. You are my life. I live it only for you now. I am yours and you will always have me no matter what happens,” I whisper quietly.

He hugs me back just as tightly,” I love you too, min älskare. You are my everything and my love, my heart, my soul, they are all yours now. Forever,” he whispers back.



9 thoughts on “Love Eternal Chapter 27

  1. I’m so glad Eric can go to Faerie and be safe. And they caught that little weasel Andre. I hope Eric gets lots of playtime with him and Appius when they get him.


  2. I wonder if Appius can feel Eric while he’s in Faerie. I bet he’ll have a fit when he can get to he precious little Andre. Things are looking up.


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