Love Eternal Chapter 25

############## TRIGGER WARNING ###### TRIGGER WARNING ###############

This chapter contains a lot of violence and sexual abuse so please just skip this chapter if you think it may bother you. I had a tough time writing it, but I needed to stay true to the characters and Appius is pure evil so I had to write him that way.



Eric’s POV

Saying goodbye to Sookie again was even harder than last night. She was not able to hold back her tears this time, but for my sake, she only let two or three fall. With the fae bond and our now strengthened tie, it physically hurts to be apart from her. The further I travel the stronger the ache in my chest gets and I have to fight myself from turning around and going back. I assume it is the fae bond that is screaming out for her, because when she pops over to faerie our blood tie goes eerily silent. One minute she is filling me with her love and happiness, the next she is just gone. I fucking hate it. The relief I will feel when I never have to leave her side again will be immense.

When we exchanged blood tonight it was even more powerful for me than the first time. Even though I was not inside of her, we both had deep releases the second we started to drink. With each swallow of her precious blood I felt her sink deeper into every pore of my being. She is rooted to my soul now and I dare anyone to try and take her from me, even her Grandfather. If he refuses to accept us I will take her to the ends of the earth to keep her with me if I must. Both him and Appius be damned. They would find us eventually, but we would not make it easy for them.

Hopefully Sookie and her cousins will have good luck with Brigant. My main concern right now though is Appius. Did our fae bond keep him from feeling my emotions like I assumed it covered my healing? Is he going to detect Sookie in my blood? She has had a large amount of it, much more than the boy did. I can only pray to the gods that he does not sense her. I also hope he does not notice a difference in me. I have a feeling that the fae part of my blood is getting stronger and I also wonder if the fae bond will try to protect me. It had to have been what caused me to heal. Something was sending my pain to Appius but keeping it from me at the same time, and the fae bond is the only answer I can come up with. I will have to be very cautious when I get there.

I am not very far from the nest. I could easily get there before dawn, but I would be empty-handed and that is not an option. So I find a secluded area and bed down for the day. As dawn takes me, I pray to the gods that things will go smoothly for my love and I over the next few days.


As soon as the sun sets I am up and out, ready to face whatever happens tonight. I fly towards the North East looking for a new village that will hopefully have the two blood bags I must collect. Instead I get lucky and happen across a camp of travelers. This may be tricky, I do not want to wake the whole camp. I only see one man standing guard over everyone though, so keeping him quiet should not be too much trouble.

I love the shocked looks I get when I land in front of my prey. This fellow does not disappoint me with his own reaction. He falls off of his perch, completely speechless, eyes wide and mouth gaping. When I see him go to alert the camp, I have him by the throat in an instant, wagging my finger in front of his nose. I easily glamour him to stay silent and leave him on the ground as I search the camp.

The first few tents are filled with old men and their women, but I finally luck out when I find three young teenage boys in the fourth one. They look to be around thirteen or fourteen summers old. Only one of them is blonde, but Andre is not as picky as Appius so the red-headed one will do for him. The tent is open at both ends so I am able to grab them by their shirts and have the three of us airborne in the blink of an eye.

They both begin screaming and clawing at my hands when they wake, but we are already far enough away from the camp that no one there would hear them. Unfortunately, they both piss themselves from the fright. I refuse to have to smell that all the way, so I look for a place for them to wash. I should probably do the same. Sookie’s scent is all over me. When I find a small lake I land us and get to work on glamouring them. We all strip, wade into the cold water and get to work. Half an hour later we are clean and dressed again. Hopefully our clothes will dry on the flight there. I have the red-head climb on my back and carry the blonde in my arms.

We arrive at the nest within an hour. As I push the boys through the bolt hold I steel myself for what may or may not happen between Appius and I tonight. May the gods be with me.

I can feel him before I see him. He is waiting on the other end of the tunnel. I hope he is just hungry. As soon as we make it to the door he opens it for us, his sick smile present as always.

“Eric. Home right on time and look what you have brought us,” he oozes out with irritating duplicity.

“Master,” I say with a small nod.

“Put them in the hall,” he orders, his fake delight quickly gone.

Fuck. He knows something, or at least he thinks he does. I push down my nervousness and lead the boys into the hall, sitting them down. I turn to face him, hands by my side, as he glides into the room. He ignores the boys in favor of looking me over.

“Remove your tunic,” he orders.

I do as he says and return to my stance. He stares at me for several long moments before slowly walking around my body, inspecting me. “All healed and back to your old self I see,” he says, trailing his fingers across my chest. He makes sure one of them goes over my nipples. I swallow down my disgust at having him touch me that way.

“My powder,” he says, holding out his hand once he is facing me again.

I pull it out of my pocket and place it in his hand. I had the wherewithal to pour out some so that it would look like I had used it several times. He glances at it quickly before sliding it into his pocket. He takes a few steps closer, his eyes ever threatening.

“Kneel,” he grits out.

Fucking bastard. I control my anger by the barest margin and go to my knees. He grabs the hair at the back of my head, jerking it backwards, and runs his nose along my throat up to my ear, breathing in deeply. “Washing her scent off will not hide her from me,” he whispers. He yanks my hair again forcing me to face him. His other hand is painfully gripping my jaw. If he squeezes any harder it is going to break. “Do you think I do not feel you fucking that cunt? DO YOU!?!” he screams.

“No, Master,” I answer as calmly as possible.

“Then why do you insist on infuriating me!? Your job is to find your brother and I food, not to be out fucking every whore you happen upon. You know how they sicken me,” he grits out, shoving my head away from him. He turns and takes a few steps before facing me again. His calm facade back in place.

“Was it the same one? Are you keeping her close by for your pleasure? She will not stay you know? You will go back and she will be sucking someone else’s cock,” he spits. He takes a few steps closer, staring down at me with displeasure. “I have taught you better. Maybe if you are so lustful I should make you use that big viking cock of yours on these boys. I bet their virgin asses would be much tighter than your whore’s cunt. Would you like that, Eric?” he asks, one finger under my chin, lifting my face up to his.

If I did not have Sookie to go back to I would rebel against him right now. Fuck whatever his punishment might be. But I know better than to answer. No matter what I say he will make me regret it and I can not risk my freedom any more. I lower my eyes from his and wait. He stares at me for several minutes, daring me to flinch. I do not give him the satisfaction.

He shoves my face aside again, making a sound of disgust. “Get out of my face, I am tired of looking at you. We will discuss your behavior later, right now I am ready to enjoy my meal. Fetch your brother before you return to your room,” he orders.

I rise to my feet and nod to him, “Master,” I dismiss myself, turning to leave.

Fuck, fuck, fuck! That was close and I can guarantee that will not be the end of it either. He will come after me again. The chances of me getting out of here unscathed are about zero. I will be thankful that he seems to have dismissed everything as me just fucking around though. Whether he really believes that or is just making me think he does, I do not know. I may be able to get a better idea from Andre. He is nowhere near as misleading as his maker and his favorite thing to do is threaten me with Appius’ anger.

I make it to his room and rap lightly on his door with a knuckle. He does not answer. I know the little shit can hear me, because I can hear him, and he knows it is me knocking too. Appius would never stoop to knock at his own child’s door. It sounds like he is reading because I can hear him turning the pages. I hold back a sigh and knock again.

He waits another moment before finally yelling, “Enter!”

I swing open the door and find him lounging on his bed. He does not bother looking up from his book.

“The brute is home again. How lovely. What do you want?” he tries to growl. It comes out more as a whine.

“Master wanted me to fetch you for dinner. I picked out a delightfully fresh virgin just for you. His hair is a very nice shade of red and his skin is as pure as cream. I think you will enjoy him, brother.” I am laying it on thick, I need him to talk.

He rises from his bed, fussing with his hair and clothes trying to neaten them. “Seems you were actually doing more than just fucking then,” he snarls. “I do not understand why you insist on trying Father’s patience so. He is most pleasant until he feels you fucking those whores, and then he is impossible to deal with. While you are off fucking your way across the North, I am left here to deal with his anger and I do not appreciate it!” he whines like the child he is.

“How does he know I am fucking women? I could just as easily be fucking a man,” I say, trying to keep him talking.

He snarls his nose at me, “Really, Eric? We all know you have no taste for men. Only when Father forces you, do you ever participate in our amusements. Even then he knows you hate every minute of it. He can easily tell the difference when you are enjoying it. He is certain you have a special one tucked away somewhere now.” He walks closer to me, his eyes narrow slits, “I hope you are not too attached because, if he finds out you are, he will kill her and he would probably make you watch, or even help. He can force you to bring her here you know or take him to her. You would be wise to remember all of that,” he taunts, walking past me.

I realize all of it, too well. Nothing scares me more.


I have barely changed clothes before Appius calls me through our bond. He never does it gently either. He makes me feel like my insides are being ripped out. After I recover from the jolt, I quickly make my way to the hall. I have an intense feeling of dread about this. Whatever he wants, it will be far from pleasant.

“Master,” I nod when I arrive.

The two boys are standing, naked and trembling, to the left of Appius. Blood is running down their chests from the wounds in their necks he neglected to heal. Andre is sitting quietly in the corner of the room. The look on his face is ………. uncomfortable. Fuck. The dread in the pit of my stomach doubles. I have a feeling this is going to be far more than unpleasant.

“We are going to play a game tonight, Eric. Take your clothes off and go sit in that chair,” he orders me, pointing to a chair he has sitting out in the middle of the floor. His voice is deathly calm.

I stare at him with all the hate and anger I feel for him written on my face.


Maybe if I piss him off enough he will beat me instead of what I now know he is planning to do. I am either going to be raped or be forced to rape. At the very least I will be forced to watch these children be raped and probably killed. If I had his strength and speed Appius would be a pile of goo on the floor right now, the sick motherfucker.

“NOW!” he screams back-handing me as our bond crumples me to the floor in pain.

The pressure he is putting on me through our bond is so strong that there is no way to fight it. Still writhing in pain I mange to rip my clothes off and crawl into the chair. I am battling his call on my blood so strongly I am panting uncontrollably. I feel like a caged beast. Everything in me is screaming for this to not be happening, but I am powerless to stop it.

“As your Maker I command you to not move from that chair until I allow it. You will do everything I ask. Is that understood?” he grits out, his teeth clenched.

“Yes, Master,” I growl, not hiding the hatred in my voice. I may have to do as he commands, but he will know the hate I have for him.

He shoves the blonde boy towards the table, pushing him down face first, while undressing himself. If I was still human I would be puking my guts up. I look down at the floor, refusing to watch. I wince when I hear the boy scream out in pain and begin to sob.

“Watch us, Eric,” Appius orders again.

The chair grates across the floor I fight his words so hard, but the longer I refuse his command the stronger the pain gets until I can not fight it anymore. I draw my head up and slowly open my eyes. Having to watch that sick fuck rape a child is abhorrent and repulsive, but hearing and seeing the boy’s pain is even worse. It is gut wrenching, and immediately brings back the memories of my first few decades with Appius. I pray that things do not get worse, but of course they do.

“Andre, bring me the other boy,” Appius tells him, never relenting from his abuse of the blonde one.

I can see Andre get up slowly from the corner of my eyes and walk the other boy over to Appius. When I hear what he glamours the boy to do, I let out a tremendous roar and almost fall backwards I am fighting his hold on me so bitterly. Appius has my throat in his hand in an instant. “You will be still and let this boy suck your cock or I will end you, you arrogant, ungrateful, fuck!” he spits in my face.

When he shoves the boys face into my crotch I shut down and crawl inside myself just as I have many times before. My body begins to betray me before long, but my mind and heart are elsewhere. I want to imagine my beautiful faerie, but I refuse to even think of her when this disgusting filth is happening. So instead I go home to Sweden, my beautiful homeland, and imagine it in the summer time. The sun beating down on me as I stand by the ocean. I barely register my release when it happens, but the boy’s gagging and sobbing pull me from my trance. I look down at him, begging his forgiveness with my eyes.

“I am sorry,” I whisper to him.

Appius shoves the boy to the floor before he grabs my face in his hands in a punishing grip. I stare up at him, pure venom in my eyes. He only smiles at me.

“Kill them both. Rip them to shreds like a viking vampire should,” he whispers, his black eyes drilling into mine.

The monster inside me breaks free with his command. I only see red as I fall into madness, becoming the savage he has always wanted me to be. The walls shake with my roar and the room is almost immediately covered in blood. Through the haze of my rage I see Andre run from the run room, terrified. The boys never stood a chance of making it out of here alive. If I did not kill them, Appius would have. I sealed their fate the moment I laid eyes on them. I am not sure how, but when the fury clears from my mind, I have Appius pinned to the floor. I am growling at him menacingly as blood drips from my hair, mouth, and fangs onto his face. A look of uncertainty crosses it before quickly vanishing. I will be strong enough to kill him soon, very soon, and I think he just realized it. He throws me across the room where I slam into the wall so high I almost hit the ceiling. I fall to the ground in a heap, hissing in pain when I feel my right leg break on impact. He is on me instantly, his foot pinning my head to the floor.

He leans down enough so I can see his face before spitting on me. “As your Maker I command you to leave this nest tonight and you will not return until I come find you. And I will find you, Eric. You will never be able to hide from me. If you want your whore to live, you would be wise to stay away from her. Because if I find her, you will both wish you were dead by the time I am through with you,” he threatens, his voice angrier than I have ever heard it. He grinds my face into the floor before walking off as if nothing had happened.

I just lay there, too defeated to move. Every negative emotion possible is running through me. I am shaking I am so furious and completely disgusted with myself for letting him push me so far. I could have done something, made him come after me instead of those boys. They meant nothing to me, but they were innocents, and I doomed them to horrible deaths. I should have tried harder.

When I feel my leg heal I drag myself up and look over the carnage I created. There is hardly a surface in the room that is not covered in blood or flesh. I ripped them to shreds just as he ordered me to. I close my eyes and let out a deep, shuddering breath. His command to leave is getting stronger and stronger by the second, so I speed to my room and grab a pair of pants. I am through the tunnel and into the air moments later, my heart and mind heavy with despair.


15 thoughts on “Love Eternal Chapter 25

  1. Oh gosh. Poor Eric. I have a feeling this is going to take him a while to recover from. Sookie just healed his poor heart, and now he’s probably back to square one. I really hope Appius dies a terrible, prolonged death. Soon.


  2. Oh…wow. I read that with my heart in my throat. Poor Eric! Appius is such a monster. I will be cheering when he meets his demise and hoping it will be as bloody as possible.


      1. Thank you so much! It’s fun when I know someone is going through a story of mine. I’m glad you liked it! 🙂


  3. How horrible for Eric to be forced to perform such an act. I wonder how Sookie will take the news. They will need to plan as Appius is coming for them.


  4. Poor Eric. Appius is evil personified. Asshole! I hope he dies a horrible, drawn out, painful final death.
    I hope Sookie comes back to Eric soon. He’s going to need her 😦


  5. That was rough. Those poor boys. Appius and Andre are right to be afraid, they’re time is coming to and end. I do hope Appius doesn’t die too quickly. How unChristian of me.


  6. so is there going to be a time jump? one where eric and sookie don’t see each other for centuries? that would be very sad. I hope they find each other soon and niall helps end appius.


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