Love Eternal Chapter 24


Sookie’s POV

I slowly begin to awake to the smell of smoke tickling my nose and the crackle of the fire drifting to my ears. slowly begin to wake. Eric’s cool body is resting under mine, completely still. I must have woke before him this time. I am surprised since I used so much energy to heal him, but maybe our bond and tie kept me from weakening. That will be handy. I open my eyes and check the sky to make sure we were not out too long and that dawn is not approaching yet. Looks like we are safe for now. The moon has not moved any.

I untangle my limbs from his as gently as possible. This process is not easy with his heavy arms wrapped around me, but I get my balance and ease off of him. The poor thing is splayed out with his legs still draped over the rock we were on. Guess I should have waited to zap him with my light until we were in a more comfortable place. His gorgeous face looks so peaceful though. It must have not bothered him too much to fall flat on his back.

Lighting him up like that was another one of those “I need to” moments. That overwhelming need just washes over me and I know it is the right thing to do. I have a habit of following my heart. Whether it is a bad habit or not, I am not sure. So far with Eric, it has not steered me wrong. It told me to heal him, so I did and it was not just the scars on his chest either. Though I am very happy they are gone. His heart needed to be healed most. One hundred years of physical and emotional pain would crush most people. Somehow Eric has managed to hold on, but his heart and spirit have still suffered greatly. I could not take the memories away, but I did my best to heal the pain they caused. I hope he is not angry with me when he wakes up. I only wanted to help him, to give him happiness and free him from the pain. I pray to any gods that will listen that we are able to end Appius soon, very soon. Much more for Eric’s sake than my own. Of course he is my heart now, so what he needs, I need.

I walk over to our blanket and straighten it out a bit before going back over to my slumbering vampire. I have not tried to pop anywhere with him yet, but now is the perfect time to practice. The distance is very short and hopefully with him sleeping he will not get woozy as most first time poppers do. I straddle him again, laying down on his chest and hold him tight. Seconds later we are both back on the blanket and I push up on my hands so I can look at him. His brow and nose are wrinkled in confusion as he shakes his head a bit. Those beautiful blue eyes begin to flutter open, crinkling with the sleepy smile he has when he sees me.

“Hi, sleepy head,” I murmur. “How are you feeling?” I ask, running my fingers through his hair and down his cheek.

“Hi,” he croaks out, his voice all deep and rough. “I think I am okay, but…I feel……different somehow.” His eyes close again and his brow has yet to smooth out. “What did you do to me, lover?”

“Well,” I sit up and rub my hands over his magnificent chest that is now free of those horrible scars. “I gave you some……relief, so to speak,” I tell him.

“Relief? Relief from what?” He picks his head up and looks around, noticing we have moved. “How did we get over here?” he asks, dropping his head back rather roughly. His hand goes to his nose, pinching it, and his eyes squeeze shut. Bless his heart, he is so confused.

“Everything is alright, sweetie. Just relax,” I try to soothe him, rubbing his chest some more.

He sucks in a deep breath and lets it out before propping himself up on his elbows to look at me. He cocks that sexy eyebrow and waits. I think he wants some better answers than I am giving him.

“I’m sorry, love. I popped you over here and it must have affected you a bit. It is very disorienting the first few times. I hoped since you were asleep it would not bother you too bad. I guess I was wrong,” I finish, running my fingers through his tousled hair again.

“Okay, that makes me feel a bit better. Now what were you saying about giving me some relief? Did it have anything to do with your hand on my heart? Because that was,” he looks down and shakes his head, “I do not have words for what that was,” he says, quietly.

“Did it feel good? I did not hurt you did I?” I ask him, a bit worried.

He laughs, “Good? Lover, good does not begin to describe how that felt. Not even close. And no, you did not hurt me, far from it,” he smiles.

He sits up, adjusting me in his lap then cups my face in his big hands, “You are the most amazing creature I have ever known. You make me feel things that I did not even know were possible, Sookie. We when climaxed it was the most extraordinary, astonishing, miraculous pleasure I have ever felt! And those words still do not do it justice. Your delicious pussy was sucking me dry. Your sweet blood was filling my mouth. And whatever that was you did with your light, I have never experienced anything like it. I love you so much, you incredible woman,” he tells me as he kisses all over my face.

Now that the confusion has lifted from popping him over here, he is almost giddy. His eyes are so bright they sparkle and his smile is equally radiant. I can feel how light and happy he is through our tie and it makes my heart swell. He is so incredibly happy and he does not even realize how or why. It is hard to keep my tears of joy at bay, but I manage, giving him my own happy smile.

“Now tell me what you did. And when can we do it again?” he asks like an excited child.

I bust out in laughter at that. He is so hopeful. When I finally quit laughing I say quietly, “I healed you, here,” I run my fingers across his chest, “and here,” I say, placing my hand over his heart.

He looks down with a grin at his smooth chest, free of it scars. But his expression slowly changes to one of wonder when he realizes what else I did.

“Sookie?” he asks. His eyes are wide and he almost looks scared. “You……how?” he exhales sharply.

I gently run my hands over his cheeks and up into his hair, trying to calm him. I lightly kiss each of his cheekbones, “It’s alright, Eric. Just close your eyes and feel.” He does as I ask and starts to breath deeply. I keep running my fingers through his hair and down his shoulders to his back, “I took your pain, sweetie. You did not need it anymore. I wanted you to have some rest. To feel only happiness again, even if it is only for a little while,” I tell him quietly, trying my best not to cry.

He does not speak or even open his eyes, but just wraps me in a tight hug and buries his face into my neck. It feels as though he is trying to absorb me through his chest, he is squeezing me so tight. I can feel so many emotions running through our tie. Happiness, relief, awe, thankfulness, they just kept coming. The biggest by far though is love. So much of it that it takes my breath away.

He has one hand buried in
my hair, gripping and releasing over and over. His other hand is doing the same to my back. “Thank you,” he whispers, after a few minutes, his voice catching.

My heart lurches. If he is crying I am going to lose it. I gently rub my hands up and down his back and then up to his head. I smooth his hair from the top of his head, down to his neck several times before lightly massaging it. Our tie has become so jumbled with our emotions I can not make heads or tails of it. I am not sure which one of us is feeling what. I have to know if he is okay, so I try to pull back slightly so I can see his face. I am once again trapped in the rock wall of his arms though. He will not let me go.

“Eric, my love, are you okay? I did not mean to upset you. I’m sorry. I just wanted you to be free of it for awhile,” I choke out, my emotions finally getting the best of me.

He pulls back quickly and all I can see are the two red tears sliding down his cheeks. “Oh Eric, no! I’m so sorry!” I cry, flinging myself back in his arms.

“I’m okay, min älskare. They are not sad tears, I promise you,” he says, pulling me back to look at him. He does his best to wipe the tears away with the heal of his hands, but winds up just smudging them. “They are happy tears, Sookie. Tears of relief and thankfulness. I do not think you have any idea what you just did for me, my love,” he says, brushing my hair away from my face and leaning over to kiss my own tears away. “I love you more than anything, Sookie. It is just not possible to love anyone more than I love you. I will never be able to repay the gifts you have given me, never,” he finishes in a whisper, his forehead against mine.

I take his face in my hands, making sure he is looking into my eyes, “You are the only gift I ever want or need Eric. Happy, safe, and in my arms. That is all I want. Just you,” I whisper to him.

“You have me, now and forever, my love. I promise,” he vows.

“Do you promise you are okay too?” I ask again.

“Yes, I am more than okay, lover. Better than I have ever been actually,” he says as his knuckles brush over my cheeks. “Thank you, Sookie,” he whispers again.

“There is no need to thank me, Eric. I would do anything for you, my love, anything and everything,” I tell him, giving him a kiss.

“As I would for you, my love,” he says, kissing me back.

Those sweet simple kisses very quickly turn into mad passionate ones. He is slowly devouring my lips and tongue with his own and sucking out any coherent thought I have left in my brain. Feeling his cool tongue slide against mine sends shivers throughout my body, causing me to moan shamelessly. How he can be so tender, yet so intense at the same time, I will never understand. His huge hands are tangled in my hair making it easy for him to put me where he wants me. When he suddenly pulls my head back to get to my neck, I gasp. He goes straight for that spot under my ear that always drives me wild, sucking it with his lips and swirling his tongue against my heated skin. My hips begin to rock of their own accord, rubbing against his cock that is already straining between us. His growl only makes them pump faster.

Our eyes lock as I rock against him, both of us starting to pant. In one fluid motion he lifts me up and slides me down on his magnificent cock. We both have a hard time keeping our eyes from closing and rolling back, but somehow we manage to not lose sight of each other as the intensity of our feelings takes over and sweeps us away. We move as one, writhing and gasping together. One of his hands is gripping one of my hips tightly, helping them to rise and fall. The other is still grasping my hair, holding my head in place so that my eyes never leave his. I have a tight grip on his hair too and use his shoulder and neck for leverage with the other hand. I can see the lights in our chests slowly start to glow, getting brighter and brighter with each stroke we take. Moments later we are both at the edge.

“I love you, Sookie.”

“I love you, Eric.”

With that we let our releases wash over us. Seeing the pleasure cross his face as he cums makes my own release that much sweeter. When the last wave fades Eric falls back against the blanket, taking me with him. We both just let ourselves drift in the bliss we just experienced. Somehow we manage not to pass out this time, which is good. Maybe our bodies are adjusting to the whole fae bond thing.

“I will never get tired of that,” he breaths out.

I let out a giggle, “It is nice, I will give you that.”

“Nice? Did I fuck you stupid, lover?” he laughs.

“Eric!” I squeal, sitting up and slapping his ribs, but smiling at the same time. How can I not? He is even more beautiful when he is happy.

“I was just teasing you, min kära,” he defends himself. With that sexy grin he is giving me though, I would forgive anything he did anyway.

I flop back down onto his chest and sigh when he starts playing with my hair. I want to stay with him like this forever.

“I do not want you to go,” I fret. “I can not stand the thought of saying goodbye to you again. Not when I know where you are going,” I finish with a whisper.

“I do not want to leave you either, my love,” he says quietly, kissing the top of my head. “But I must, and you need to go home and speak to your Grandfather. Hopefully the sooner we have more information, the sooner we can be together forever.”

“When I tell him Appius is still walking this earth he will want to kill him himself. I doubt there will be any stopping him either. You are going to have to meet him too. He will insist on proof of our bond and tie, otherwise he may also want to kill you,” I tell him with a grimace.

“I will understand any reluctance he may have about me. Maybe once he meets me though he will see how much we love each other and hopefully accept me,” he says, running his fingers back through my hair. “As for killing Appius, I no longer care who kills him. As long as it happens soon,” he sighs and then is quiet for a few minutes before continuing.

“I used to dream of the ways I would make him suffer. How I would torture him as he has me, and then how I would end him. It was the only thing I clung to. The hate I feel for him, kept me going, gave me a purpose. But now I find that it does not matter anymore,” he says, gently rolling us over so we can see each other.

He just stares at me for awhile, his eyes taking in every part of my face. His fingers trail across my eyebrow and down my cheek before he cups it in his hand. I kiss his thumb when he rubs it across my bottom lip slowly. I take advantage of his silence, letting my eyes soak in his gorgeous face above me. His shiny blonde hair is flopping down close to his eye. I brush it away only for it to fall right back. He looks like a little boy in need of a haircut. The thought makes me smile softly. I trace his jaw with my fingers and then move to his perfect lips that bring me so much pleasure. When our eyes finally meet again he finishes his thought.

“The only thing that matters to me anymore is you. Being with you, loving you, and making you happy are the only things that are important to me now. I just want to be able to spend eternity with you in peace. The sooner he meets his true death, the sooner we can. So I will step aside and let your Grandfather have his vengeance if it means I can have you,” he declares, kissing me softly. “Now if he allows me to torture him for a few hours, I will certainly accept,” he grins.

I reach around his neck and pull him down to me for another kiss. “I feel exactly the same, my love. My whole life has been about ending him. That was my one and only purpose, but now I only want to free you from that monster so we can spend the rest of our lives together,” I smile up at him. “I will make sure Grandfather knows how we both feel, and I will do my best to have him with me when I return. How soon do you think you will be able to come back?”

“I am sure it will be another three or four nights. I must be back there tomorrow night and he will send me back out after a night or two. I will be bringing back a meal for each of them tomorrow, so they will not need to drink again for a few nights.”

“Wait a minute! Each of them?” I ask alarmed.

“Appius has another child named Andre that nests with us. He is a wormy little bastard and he has Appius’ affection I suppose. He is younger than me by almost three hundred years, but he is just as vicious as Appius. Maybe your Grandfather will leave him for me. Bringing him the true death would be very satisfying,” he growls.

“I will tell him he is for you then. I should probably go, even if it is the last thing I want to do. Time is different in Faerie than it is here. I will not have much time to talk to Grandfather and be back here on time too.” I pause for a minute and hug him to me. I do not want to leave, it hurts too much. He pulls us both back up making me straddle his lap.

I brush my hair away from my neck,”I want you to drink more of my blood. You need all of the strength you can get,” I tell him. I shiver seeing the glow of hunger in his eyes at my invitation.

“Are you sure, min älskare? I have already had your blood once tonight, I do not want to weaken you,” he says, his voice soft.

“Yes,” I whisper, “I do not believe you can weaken me anyway, not with our bond. It is my privilege and responsibility to nourish you now. Unless you have someone else to feed from?” I tease him. I tilt my head and pull him to me. His fangs snap down and he leans forward, only to stop suddenly, looking back at me with dismay.

“I will never feed from another, Sookie. I would not disrespect you so. Why would I ever want another’s blood when I have the nectar of the gods all for my own?” he assures me.

“I trust you, Eric. I was only teasing you,” I smile at him.

His expression changes again, this time to one of hope. Our tie is full of it and a good bit of nervousness for some reason. “Will you take mine too? We could make our second exchange,” he says quietly. I think he is worried I will say no.

“Of course I will, Eric. I would love to. The closer I am to you, the happier I will be,” I smile at him. “Our fae bond is already permanent and can not be broken, so there is no need to wait to complete our blood bond now. I hope you truly love me, because you are stuck with me forever,” I tease him again.

“That is exactly what I want,” he says just before biting into his hand and putting it to my lips.


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  1. Beautiful chapter. What a gift she gave to Eric by healing his heart. I really like how that section was described. Great chapter, this story is so fun to read.


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