Love Eternal Chapter 22


Eric’s POV

I wake up and dig myself out of my resting place under the rocks. I was able to hollow out a nice spot so maybe I would not be covered in dirt when Sookie arrived. I had undressed and lain on top of my clothes to put an extra layer between me and the ground, so there is not much. I brush off what there is and am shaking out my pants when I feel, and hear, my lover return.

“Eric!” she whispers loudly.

I spin around and am shocked to see not only my lover, but two others with her. A man and a woman who look very similar to each other. I assume they are also faeries.

Sookie pops over to me, “Put some clothes on you silly vampire. We have company,” she scolds me, smiling brightly the whole time. She is holding a large blanket which she tosses to the ground, before wrapping her arms around my waist.

I hear one of our visitors whisper that I can leave my clothes off if I want to, but my attention is only for my beautiful lover. I reach down running my fingers into her hair. I wrap them around the nape of her neck and my rub my thumb against her cheek bone. “Hello my Lover. I missed you,” I tell her, my lips landing on hers. Since I do not care that her friends are watching, I kiss her as if they were not, with all the love and passion I have for her. Before she is completely breathless I let her go, giving her my sexiest smirk.

When she can speak again she slaps my chest, “You are so bad, Eric Northman, but I love you for it,” she winks up at me. “Now please, at least put on your pants. I would like you to meet my cousins.”

“If I must,” I say, pulling them on. “Though I hope they do not stay long. I wanted to make you scream my name a few more times before I left tonight,” I tease her.

“How about I make you scream mine,” she purrs, running a finger down my chest. Sexy minx.

“Sounds perfect to me, lover,” I growl at her.

“Soon my viking, soon,” she promises. “I was not able to speak with Grandfather yet, but I told Claude and Claudine everything and they are willing to help us. They were close to my Mother’s age so they know most of what happened. Will you talk to them?” she asks.

“If you trust them my love, I will too,” I tell her.

“Thank you, Eric,” she says, reaching up on her tiptoes to give me a quick kiss. “Now Claudine is very nervous, she is terrified of vampires, so please go easy on her. And Claude well, he will probably flirt with you all night,” she grins.

I look over at the pair and they are just as Sookie said. The female is shaking in fear and the male winks at me.

“I will be on my best behavior, min älskare, I promise,” I assure her.

“Okay, let’s go then,” she says, slipping her small hand into mine and pulling me with her.

The two of them are quite attractive, but they are dark where Sookie is all light. I much prefer her radiance over their darkness. I keep a tight grip on my lover’s hand just incase this Claude gets any ideas about Sookie or me.

“Eric, these are my cousins, Claude and Claudine. Cousins, this is my Eric,” Sookie introduces us. My Eric, I like that.

“It is a pleasure to meet you both,” I greet them with a nod. I do my best to be as approachable as possible so that I do not frighten this Claudine anymore than she already is.

“The pleasure is all ours, Vampire,” Claude purrs at me, his eyes trailing up and down my body. I really wish I had put on my tunic now.

“Claude, behave!” Sookie scolds him.

“You were telling the truth,” Claudine says, her voice shaky and weak. “I can see his orb, just as you described it. I have never seen anything like it,” she breaths out.

“I told you, cousin. There is much more to my Eric than at first glance,” Sookie tells her as she smiles up at me like a proud Mother. I hug her to my side and kiss the top of her head.

“Oh there certainly is,” Claude purrs again. He could become very irritating, very quickly. I will ignore him for now, but if he upsets Sookie he will wish I would have ignored him longer.

“Let’s go sit up by the rocks. We have a lot to talk about,” Sookie suggests. Her statement causes an idea to pop into my head.

“Stay here, Lover. I will right back,” I tell her before zipping off. I grab my tunic, pulling it on, and then go to the woods. I find a decent size tree and snap it off at the base. I also remove the top so I only have a log left. I take it over to the rocks and place it on the ground. Now her family will have somewhere to sit. I move a couple of the smaller rocks for Sookie and I to use. The cousins are staring wide-eyed at me when I finish. Sookie on the other hand has a beautiful smile on her face, just as I had I hoped for. She pops to my side and hugs me tight.

“Thank you, my love. That was very thoughtful of you,” she says, smiling up at me.

“You are welcome, min älskare,” I say smiling down at her. I quickly kiss her and then wave our guests to their new seating. They hurry over and sit down, nervous as cats now. I try to hide my smirk as best I can. Sookie goes to sit on one of the rocks, but I grab her up before she does. I set us down on the ground, my back against the rock and her in my lap. I wrap her in my arms, resting my cheek against her hair. I do not have much time with her tonight, so I want to be as close to her as I can, as long as I can. She is startled at first but quickly settles herself against me, sighing in contentment. I send her a wave of my love through our tie and she sends hers right back to me.

I look to her cousins. They are once again staring in awe. I suppose they did not think I would be so affectionate towardshl Sookie. They were obviously very wrong. Since they are both quiet I decide I better get us started. “Do either of you have questions for me, or would you rather tell us what you know first?”

Claude shakes his head to clear it, I suppose, and finally speaks, “Do you know that you are part faerie?”

What the fuck? He has lost his mind.

“Faerie?” I chuckle. “No disrespect, but I am not part faerie. I was human and then made vampire. There was no faerie involved. I did not even know what a faerie was until I met Sookie the other night,” I assure him.

“Sookie, perhaps you should tell him,” he says.

“Lover, what is he talking about. How could he think I am fae?”

She turns around and straddles my lap, resting her hands on my chest, and speaks quietly, “You know how we have that crazy light thing when we make love?” she whispers.

“Min älskare, that is not something I could easily forget,” winking at her. She smiles, but gets serious again very quickly.

“Well it turns out that was us completing our fae bond,” she says slowly. “I chose you as my mate and my light accepted you. We are what the fae call an eternal pair. Claudine says that no one can ever separate us now. It is like the blood bond, only with light,” she says excitedly.

“We have a fae bond as well as a vampire one?” I ask, shocked.

“We do! I was so excited when they told me. Are you happy?”

“Of course, my love.” This is amazing news. It makes my belief that we are fated even stronger. “I knew the second I saw your face that you would be mine. Apparently you did too,” I smile at her. I can not help but kiss her again. This is truly incredible. There was still a chance I could lose her until our blood bond was complete, but now? Now I know she is mine forever and I could not be happier. Our tie is vibrating with love and happiness. We get a bit carried away in it until Claude clears his throat loudly. We laugh at ourselves before settling back down.

“Sorry Claude, we just got excited for a minute,” she tells him.

“You forgot the most important part of that story cousin,” he tells her in a condescending tone. He better watch it, family or no, I will put a stop to it.

“Oh my goodness, I did!” She looks back at me, a bit of worry in her brow, “You may not like this much, but it is very good for us. I promise,”

“Lover, you can tell me. Whatever it is, I will not be angry with you,” I assure her.

“Okay. A fae bond can only happen between two fae,” she blurts out.

“Slow down, love. Say that again, I do not think I heard you right.”

“My light accepted you when I chose you as my mate. That could only happen if you were at least part fae,” she explains slower this time.

I am speechless for a moment. They must be confused. “But Lover, I am not fae. Not even a little bit. Surely I would know if I was.”

“Eric, please listen. It does not mean there is anything wrong with you. It is a good thing, sweetie. Your orb that we see, the light I saw in your chest, the fact that you did not drain me dry when you tasted me and now the bond. We think all of those point to you having some fae blood in you.

We think maybe Godric or Appius were fae before they were turned. And since you have their blood, you would be part fae too. Do you see now?”

A thousand thoughts are flooding through my mind at once. I stand up with Sookie in my arms and sit her gently down on the rock we were leaning against. She grabs my hand as I turn to leave, “Eric?” she whispers.

I look down at her beautiful face and realize how this may look to her. “I promise I am not angry with you, min älskare. I just need a moment to take all of this in. I will be back. Will you wait for me?” I ask her.

“Of course. I will be right here when you get back.” She kisses my knuckles and lets my hand slip from hers, “I love you, Eric.”

“I love you too, Sookie,” I say as I rise into the sky.

I am above the trees in seconds. I do not go far so I can keep an eye on my love in case she needs me. I just need some time to think about this. I do not understand how it is even possible. But I saw the light from her chest that surrounded me with my own eyes. I see no reason for them to lie that we are bonded either. Me being part Fae, is much harder to believe, however.

I can not help but think that Godric may be the one to have passed this to me. He never told me of Faeries. Why, I suppose I will never know. I thought he told me everything and it hurts much more than I thought possible to think that he did not. He kept things from me when he knew everything about me. I feel betrayed, let down, and now that he is gone I will never have the answers I seek. I push the hurt aside and consider the other option.

Appius could be part fae and I would never know it. He tells me nothing and I certainly do not know much of his history. I would be much more comfortable if it was him and not Godric. But just the thought that he is the reason I am bonded to Sookie now is hard to swallow. I do not want to be thankful to him for anything. I guess either way it does not matter. As my love said, this is a good thing in the end. I am now bonded to her forever because of it. I will just push the “how” of it to the back of my mind and move forward.

I look back down to Sookie and her family. They have made a small fire and are just sitting quietly around it. I float back down, landing a few feet from my love. I can feel and see her nervousness. I mentally kick myself for not reassuring her more before flying off. I close the distance between us and wrap her in my arms, one hand trailing through her silky hair.

“I am sorry to have worried you, min älskare. I do not handle shocks very well,” I say, with a small smile. “But I promise I am not angry with you. I am pleased that we have this bond, no matter how it happened.”

She looks up at me, relief flooding her blue eyes. She gives me her sweetest smile. “It’s okay Eric, I understand. Are you sure you are alright?”

“I am fine, Lover, I promise.” I lean down and kiss her forehead, drawing in her sweet scent. “Come, we will sit back down and continue our talk.”

I scoop her back up and resume our seat. I look over to the cousins, “I am sorry for my behavior, though I am sure it answered your original question. I had no idea I was part fae.”

They both give me a small nod and Claude jumps right back into the questions. “Do you have any idea which one may have passed it to you?” he asks.

“No, I am afraid not. Godric never mentioned anything about the Fae to me and Appius does not speak to me except when he is giving orders or taunting me. I know next to nothing about his past. Only that he was born roughly two thousand years ago during the roman reign,” I tell them.

“Unfortunately we know very little about him either. Einin kept much of their affair from us. She would spend most of her time here in the human realm and was very vague about what she did here when she was back home in Faerie,” Claudine says sadly. “She kept the fact that he was a vampire from us for a very long time. It was not until she broke it off with him that she told us. He would not leave her alone and she began to be frightened of him.”

“Grandfather made many trips away from Faerie after that, whether he was coming here or not, I am not sure. Einin stayed in Faerie for awhile before she returned here. Shortly after she did, she met Sookie’s Father. Appius left them in peace for many years, again I do not know why, but he suddenly returned one night begging her to leave her family and come with him. Of course she refused. I did not understand at the time, but she brought Sookie and her Grandmother to Faerie the next day. I believe now that it was to keep Sookie safe. I think Einin knew Appius would be back. She said it was time for Sookie to learn of her Fae side. Though she had never done this with Sookie’s brother Jason, but he did not possess the spark either. Sookie did.” Claude tells us.

“Spark?” I ask.

“It is what makes Sookie Fae, or more specifically, it gives her Fae powers. To be only a half-blood, Sookie’s spark is very strong. Stronger than even some full fae have.” Claudine says proudly while smiling at my love. Unbelievably she has fallen asleep in my arms. She looks so peaceful. I smile down at her and kiss the top of her golden head. I close my eyes, sighing in contentment.

“You love her very much,” Claudine says quietly. It is a statement, not a question.

I look back at her, “More than anything,” I confess.

“She loves you too. I can see how happy she is with you. Her light glows much brighter when you are near her. Even in her sleep,” she tells me.

“She has brought me more happiness in just a few days than I have had in four hundred years,” I tell them.

“Do you promise us you will protect her, keep her safe and never hurt her?” Claude asks, surprising me with his loyalty towards her.

“Hurting her is the same as hurting myself, it is the last thing I want to do, and I swear I will do everything within my power to love and protect her until I meet my true death,” I promise them both.

They both nod with their acceptance of my vow.

“Does Sookie look like her Mother?” I ask them.

“Exactly,” they both say at once.

“Her eyes are slightly lighter than Einin’s were, but other than that she is the exact image of her,” Claudine tells me. “Why?”

“Appius only wants young boys with blonde hair and blue eyes. His other child and myself both have this same coloring too. I think he allows himself this indulgence as a reminder of her. He is very cruel to them though. I believe in his sick twisted mind he is taking his rage out on them as he wanted to with her. When she spurned him it must have snapped something inside of him. I have never known a more vindictive being in my long life,” I tell them.

They agree and we spend the following hour going over what our next steps should be. They promise to support Sookie when she tells their Grandfather about me and to help us any way they can in regards to ending Appius. They ask me to tell Sookie they will see her back at home and pop there themselves, leaving me and my sleeping beauty alone once more.


9 thoughts on “Love Eternal Chapter 22

  1. I’m so glad Eric was able to accept the news, I know it was shocking. It is a relief that her cousins support Sookie and Eric. I have a feeling Naill may not. I enjoyed the chapter.


  2. I found this story yesterday and am already itching for more! It’s fantastic! I’m starting to get nervous about the fight that’s sure to come. Appius is already unhinged…how will he react to seeing Einin’s double in Sookie and learning she’s bonded to Eric?

    I’m on the edge of my seat waiting for more!


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