Love Eternal Chapter 20




Sookie’s POV

Damn it! I forgot about our blood tie. I guess with that I will not be sneaking anything by Eric ever again. I suppose that is best, people that love one another should not keep secrets from each other. He was still being high-handed though!

I walk over to where Eric threw my clothes to see if there is anything left to salvage. He got a bit rip happy earlier. I am trying to see if my tunic is wearable, when he walks out of the dark in just his pants. His gorgeous torso and feet are bare, and those leather pants hug him like a second skin. He is glorious when he is naked, but like this? I do not know how to describe it, it just does something to my insides seeing him like that. He is so damn beautiful and fucking sexy too, I could happily stare at him all night. I just made love to him for hours and I still want him just as bad as I did when we got here. Even with those horrible letters scaring his chest, he is still the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. The grin he has on his face when he walks up to me is threatening to melt my heart and soak my thighs all at once. Damn sexy vampire.

“You are catching flies, min lilla,” he laughs at me, before giving me a toe curling kiss.

“No picking on me,” I scold him, slapping his shoulder. “I can not help it if your gods decided to give you all of the good looks they possessed. I have caught you staring a time or two yourself, buddy,” I tell him.

“Buddy? That is almost as bad a baby. Why must you come up with all these terrible names for me, lover?” he asks, acting all put out.

“Well, you insist on teasing me, so why can I not do the same? Besides, I like to see your nose scrunch all up when you do not like something. It is very cute,” I tease him.

“Now I am fucking cute!? I am not cute, Lover. Not since I was a child, and that was a very long time ago,” he insists, bopping me on the nose.

“Speaking of good looks, if you do not put some clothes on we may not be going anywhere anytime soon.”

His big hands slide down my back to my ass taking a cheek in each hand, squeezing tight. He picks me up easily, forcing me to wrap my arms and legs around him to hang on.

I lean my forehead against his, kissing his nose, “Someone decided to rip my clothes all to pieces, so I am having a difficult time getting them on. Do you have any ideas who it might have been?” I question him.

“I confess,” he admits. “But they were in my way, so they had to go.” He is not the least bit sorry. I may have to slap that sexy grin right off of his face one of these nights.

“Put me down please and let me see if I can fix the mess you made,” I huff.

He sets me back on my feet and I hold up my tunic. It is completely useless so I throw it at his grinning face. Of course he catches it and laughs his head off. My pants are the same. Good thing I am a faerie and can conjure things when I need them. I take one step back from him, close my eyes and picture my favorite dress. We will see what he thinks about it. In a blink I am a faerie princess all dressed up in her finery. And just liked I had hoped, someone else is now catching flies. Take that you tease.

He is speechless for a moment and then breaths out slowly, “Min älskare, du är en gudinna.” He takes a step closer, but seems a bit unsure about touching me. He is just staring wide-eyed and open-mouthed, trailing his eyes from my head to my toes. I think I have stunned him stupid, the silly viking. It is a gorgeous dress though. It is ice blue, with tiny shining jewels sewn into delicate fae designs starting at my waist and trail all the way to the tail. It has a low cut neckline that shows off my ample cleavage very well and is fitted close to my body all the way to my knees before flaring out. Long, tight sleeves that hook onto my middle fingers complete the look.

Eric has yet to say anything else. I wave my hand in front of his eyes, “It is just a dress, Eric. No need to go all loony on me,” I say, trying to break the spell he seems to be under. Finally he blinks and shakes his head. “You alright up there, big guy?,” I grin up at him.

“Lover you….you are so beautiful. You have always been beautiful, but this…. You look like a goddess that has come down from Valhalla. I can not believe the gods saw fit to bless me with such a stunning creature for my mate. You are….exquisite and I am so thankful that you are mine,” he declares.

I am blushing bright red after his little speech, I am sure. He is so very sweet to me. I am the one that is thankful. “Have I told you that I love you yet?” I ask him.

“Yes, min älskare, many times,” he smiles.

“Well, that is still not enough,” I declare. I reach up and cup his beautiful face, rubbing my thumbs across his cheek bones. “I love you, Eric Northman and I am the one that is thankful and blessed to have found you.”

He scoops me up and hugs me tight, my feet dangling a foot off of the ground. I wrap my arms around him and bury my face in his neck. We just stay there hugging each other for the longest time. I think we are both just so overwhelmed that we have each other now. Our lives have changed so drastically in such a short amount of time and our futures look much brighter than either of us ever thought they would.

I finally pull my face from his neck and give him a big smile. He gives it right back. He kisses me softly before setting me back on my feet. There is nothing to say that we both do not already know or can feel in our tie. We have been bouncing love and happiness back and forth to each other all night. It is strange, but I already love it and can hardly wait to complete our bond.

“I guess we should be on our way,” I say.

“Yes, I must say I am looking forward to taking you flying, my love,” he tells me, grinning from ear to ear while he pulls his tunic and boots back on. Pooh, I was hoping he would forget them.

“Me too! Popping is fun, but I can not wait to fly with you. Do you want me to climb on your back? Will that be easier?” I ask.

“How about we do it this way for awhile,” he says, lifting me off of my feet. He has one arm around my back and the other under my knees. I wrap an arm around his neck and clutch his tunic in my other hand.

“Are you ready Lover?” he asks, sexy grin in full force.


I scream like a banshee when he shoots us straight up into the air, but it is only from excitement. It gives him a good laugh though. He slows down and hovers for a moment, slowing spinning us around so I can see the view.

“Oh Eric! It is so beautiful up here! Look at our lake! It looks like diamonds! How lucky you are getting to do this all of the time?”

“It is a wonderful gift and I have certainly enjoyed it. Having you up here with me makes it even better,” he says, kissing my cheek.

“Thank you for taking me, and for agreeing to let me go with you. It means a lot to me,” I tell him quietly.

“You are most welcome, min älskare. I would do just about anything to see you smile,” he tells me.

He is going to turn me into mush one of these days with all of his sweet talk. I lay my head against his shoulder and just enjoy the ride. He shows me a few places here and there that he thinks I might like to see, but mostly we just stay quiet and relish in the peace.

“You are not cold are you, min älskare?” he asks me after awhile.

“Nope, it feels great up here. Am I making your arms tired? I am not a waif like most women.”

He stops mid air, “Who told you women should be skinny and waif like? You are perfect, Sookie. I would not change one thing about you, inside or out. Who wants to make love to a bag of bones anyway. I adore your curves. You are the sexiest and most beautiful woman I have ever laid eyes on. I do not ever want to hear you talk bad about yourself again, do you hear me?” he insists.

I laugh. He might as well be Grandfather the way he orders me around. “I promise, Eric,” I tell him, still giggling.

“What is so amusing, Sookie. I meant every word I just said,” he says sternly.

I try to stifle my giggle, but the more he scowls the more I want to laugh.
“I’m sorry, Eric. I was just thinking how much like my Grandfather you are, ordering me around so,” I confess. “I was imagining you as a silvered-hair old man fussing at me.” I bust out in a full belly laugh when I see his face. The poor thing is so put out.

“I will never be a silvered-haired old man, Sookie. You must know that.”

I calm down and rub his chest trying to tell him I’m sorry. “I know. Thankfully you will be sexy and gorgeous for eternity,” I say, giving his jaw a few quick kisses.

“I did not mean to scold you, min älskare. It is just wrong for you to feel that way about yourself. Surely your Grandfather has told you how beautiful you are.”

“Oh, he has, but the other faeries do not see me as he does. I am only half fae, so to them I am a mongrel. I have heard their hateful thoughts since I was seven. It is hard to not believe something you hear so often,” I try to explain.

“I am sorry they have been so cruel to you, my love. Now you have me to undo all of their hate,” he smiles down at me.

“Yes I do and I could not be happier,” I tell him.

“You said you are only half fae. Was your Mother or Father human?”

“My Father was. Mother was full fae.”

I spend the next hour telling him about my family and why Appius killed them. He listens carefully, saying very little. By the time I am finished he is landing us in a large grove of trees. We must be high ground because I can see for quite a distance, even in the dark. There are several massive rocks coming up from the ground just to our right too. Eric sets me down and walks over to them. I guess he has decided this will be our new spot.

“It is lovely here,” I say.

“Yes, I thought this would be a nice, sheltered place for us,” he says quietly. Too quietly. I probe our tie to see if he is upset with me. Maybe I said something wrong. I can not seem to get anything from him though. It is as if he has closed his side off from me. I did not know he could do that.

“Eric, what is wrong? Did I say something to upset you? I can not feel you anymore. Did you close our tie?” I ask as gently as possible.

He leans back on one of the boulders, crossing his arms over his chest and props a foot up. He raises his hand, flicking two fingers at me, telling me to come to him. I walk to him slowly, feeling rather unsure. He wraps me up in his arms and runs his fingers through my hair.

“I am not upset with you Lover, I promise. I am just thinking about some things,” he tells me.

“Are you sure? If I upset you, please tell me. I want to fix it,” I beg.

He takes my face in his hands and kisses my forehead softly. When he pulls back to look at me I feel him sending me his love and happiness through our tie again. I immediately feel better, sighing with relief. I can not believe how dependent I am on it now, after only a few hours. He is already such a part of me.

“How am I going to stand being away from you during the day? I can hardly take even a few minutes,” I pout.

He gives me a sad smile, which does not help me at all. My heart is aching already and he has not even went to his day rest yet. I force myself not to cry knowing how much he hates my tears and give him a weak smile instead. He is brushing my hair back from my eyes and staring at me like he is trying to memorize my face. I guess I am doing the same to him.

“You are strong, my love. I know you will be just fine without me for a few hours. I have a job for you that will keep you busy. I want you to talk to your Grandfather about Appius for me. Some of what you said about him earlier does not quite make sense to me. He is evil enough to have killed your family, no doubt, but Appius likes male lovers. He only has sex with boys and very young men. Now most vampires will have sex with anyone, no matter their sex, if the mood strikes them. But in a hundred years I have never seen him with a woman, or even speak of one. I am forbidden to ever bring him one for a meal too. I am not saying you are wrong, my love, I just do not understand it yet. I am sure there is a reason, we just need to figure it out. Maybe a few well thought out questions to your Grandfather will get us started. Can you do that for me today?” he asks.

I am in shock, and do not know what to think. “Um, yes. I can do that I guess. Now I know why you were so quiet. This makes no sense at all. Damn it, I hate the unknown!” I fuss.

He hugs me tight, laughing at me. “There is my spitfire. Now take that spark home and find us some answers.”

“Can I not stay until you go down for the day?”

“No, I am not going to my rest until you are safely home. So unless you want to see me burn, I suggest you hurry home,” he smirks at me.

“Do not talk like that!” I yell, slapping his chest several times. “I will go you stubborn viking, but you best be here when I get back tonight,” I demand, my lip out and everything.

“I will be right here waiting for you my love, I promise,” he swears. “I did not ask you to promise this before, but I want you to promise me you will stay in Faerie until sundown. I need to know you are safe. Will you do this for me?”

I sigh, but promise him anyway. “I promise to stay in Faerie until sundown today,” I say. “Feel better?”

“Yes, much. Now kiss your lover goodbye,” he tells me.

I stretch up on my tiptoes and kiss him deeply. I want him to have something nice to dream about. My heart is already aching as I pull out of his arms. “I love you, Eric,” I whisper.

“Jag älskar dig, min älskling,” he whispers back, his smile breaking my heart more.

I choke back a sob as I pop home.


5 thoughts on “Love Eternal Chapter 20

  1. I wondered about that, too. Why would Appius be in love with Sookie’s mother when he likes men. Maybe he was in love with Sookie’s father instead. Death to Ocella!


  2. Ah! The wise old Viking figured out that a full promise was needed. Love that you don’t make Eric clueless. A little is fine, a lot is ridiculous. I bet the shimmering and new fairy dress in the woods was astounding! I love reading the look on his face. Priveless!


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