Love Eternal Chapter 19


Eric’s POV

I can not help but wonder if I have met my true death and am now in Valhalla. I have certainly just made love to a ravishing goddess who’s blood is a thousand times better than the sweetest mead I ever tasted as a human. The few drops I was graced with earlier tonight did not begin to prepare me for the exquisite taste of my love. She is without compare and I do not mean just her taste. I mean all of her. Her beauty, her spirit, her heart, her mind, her body, and yes, her taste. She is far above any other woman I have ever known, and she is mine. The beast inside me wants to roar with pride and fierce protectiveness, but the creature Godric taught me to be can only be humbled and grateful for her favor. I am honored she has chosen me as her mate and I am going to do everything within my power to love, cherish, and protect her for the rest of eternity.

I prick my finger and rub a few drops of blood on the bite marks I left on her neck. They heal quickly, leaving her unblemished once more. I gently lift her and flip her over onto my chest at vamp speed. She only sighs, rubbing her cheek against me. She is awake but, so content and peaceful, I do not disturb her. I decide to just savor this quiet time with her and relax. I trail my fingers over her heated skin to help cool her and to soothe myself.

Half an hour probably passes before she stirs. “You awake up there?” she whispers.

I tuck an arm under my head, lifting it so I can see her better. “Hello, my love. Are you well rested now?” I ask.

She slowly lifts her head, placing her chin on her folded hands. She gives me a sleepy smile, “Hi, baby,” she purrs just to taunt me. The little vixen. I grab her delicious ass with one hand and slide her up my chest till we are nose to nose.

“Do I need to fuck you again, minx?” I growl. She just giggles, quickly kisses me, and rolls off my chest onto her side. Propping her head in her hand, she smiles. “Maybe later, this little faerie needs some time to recoup,” she tells me, running her fingers down my chest and stomach.

I grab her hand and bring it to my lips, kissing each knuckle. “Are you not well? I could help you heal if you are sore,” I offer. Her cheeks instantly flush to a beautiful pink.

“Eric, shush,” she scolds me, hiding her face from me.

I take her chin between my fingers, bringing her eyes back to mine, “Min älskare, we have just made love for hours and I have seen, touched, and tasted every inch of your beautiful body. You should never feel shame in front of someone who loves you the way I do. If I have made you sore, you should let me heal you. I never want to cause you pain of any kind,” I tell her. When she stays quiet I ask gently, “Please, my love?”

I only get a small shaky nod of agreement before her eyes close tightly. It seems my shy min lilla is back. I would love to use my tongue to heal her, I have yet to taste her sweetness tonight, but she would probably not approve just now. Maybe before I finish. Instead, I slice the tips of two fingers and very gently rub them between her still slick folds, kissing her so that maybe she will relax and enjoy this some. After a few moments the nervous tension leaves her body to be replaced with a much more delicious tension. She moans when I slip my fingers into her heat, her hips rocking against my hand. I have given my lover six releases tonight and still she craves more. I love how greedy she is, it drives me almost insane with need. If she only knew how hard it was to control the beast inside of me.

But, I can not deny her. Before she can protest, I am between her thighs, slowly licking up her juices.

“Eric,” she breathes out.

“Sshhhh, my love. Let me take care of you.” I murmur, kissing her inner thigh.

I am not sure which tastes better, her blood or her nectar. I could feast on both, forever, and still not have enough. I decide to go very slow and gentle, letting us both enjoy this for as long as possible. She is also incredibly sensitive, I barely have to touch her before her hips reach for the sky and her legs begin to tremble. I want to be sure I relieve all of her soreness, so I bite my tongue and bathe her lips in my blood before sliding it deep inside her velvet walls to coat them too. I move back up and slowly circle her swollen clit a few times, then begin to flick it lightly with just the tip of my tongue. I smile seeing her legs tremble and shake according to the speed I use. I do not want to punish her further so I gently suck her clit between my lips and continue licking it softly. Her entire body shudders moments later as her release washes over her slowly. She sighs deeply.

I climb up and over her beautiful body, kissing my way to her lips. “All better now?” I ask.

“Absolutely,” she says, smiling up at me. “Thank you, my love.”

“You never need to thank me for that, min älskare. It is I who should thank you. I savor the times I am able to bring you pleasure,” I tell her.

She pulls me down for a kiss, “I love you, Eric. I love you so much it hurts,” she whispers.

“Jag älskar dig också, min söta. More than I ever thought I could love another,” I say, kissing her back.

“You know, you do that a lot. I have no idea what you are saying, but I love to hearing it,” she smiles.

“Sorry about that,” I grin, rolling over to my side. I reach out and brush some of her hair behind her ear, “Being with you makes me feel at home, so it just seems natural to use my native language.” I shrug. Her eyes get big and glassy and a silly smile brightens her face.

“Would you like to know what I said?” I ask her.

“Yes!” she says, as excited as a child with a new toy.

“Okay. Which should I start with? Hmmm, our first night I called you, min lilla. That means my little one, because compared to me you are little,” I tell her, laughing at the insulted look she is giving me. “Tonight I have been calling you, min älskare, which means my lover.” She must like this name better because she gives me a sweet smile. I lean over and lightly kiss her, “Jag älskar dig means, I love you,” I whisper against her lips.

“I like that one best,” she declares.

“Me too,” I agree, trailing my fingers down the side of her beautiful face.

After a moment her smile fades and I see her eyes darken with resolve. “I would love to stay with you like this all night, Eric, but we should probably talk about things,” she sighs out.

I let out a sigh of my own and roll onto my back. Like a moth to a flame, she follows me and fits herself against me in what I will now always think of as Sookie’s spot. I kiss the top of her head and take in a deep breath. Even though I have no need for air, breathing has always seemed to have a calming effect on me.

“Yes, you are right. Though I would much rather spend all night making you cum,” I murmur against her temple. A shiver runs down her body at my words, but she slaps my chest anyway, telling me to hush again. I just laugh. She is so fun to tease.

“I will behave now, my love. We truly do not have much time before dawn anyway.”

She twists her head up and around so she can look at me, “About that. I was thinking you should take me with you,” I sit up, stopping her right there. I am sure the look on my face is not a pleasant one when I stare down at her.

“No. Absolutely not,” I bite out. “I can not even believe you would suggest it.” I close my eyes, pinching the bridge of my nose, trying to stay calm. I can hardly look her in the eye when I speak again, “Sookie, you promised me,” I grit out. The tone of my voice should tell her how much I dislike this idea. I hope it does not also convey my hurt.

She sits up, placing a small hand on my chest, “Eric, just wait, you did not let me finish.” I raise an eyebrow at her. This better be good. I am not pleased right now, not at all. My anger does not seem to bother her a bit though.

“It takes you two nights to travel back from here, yes?” she asks. I nod, my jaw too tight to speak.

“What if I just go with you only as far as the first night. I know it is hard for you to take all this time with me and still be back when you are supposed too. If you take me with you tonight I will be able to pop to a place much closer to you. It does not need to be near the nest. I just, I want to make things easier for you.” She ghosts her fingers across the scars on my chest, “I could not stand it if he did this to you again because of me,” she says, her voice small and shaky. I can see her eyes shining with unshed tears. Fuck! My anger quickly washes away as they spill over her cheeks. I can not take her tears, not again. I already made her cry twice tonight. That was more than I ever want to see in this life time.

I pull her into my lap, tucking her head beneath my chin. “He did this because he is an evil bastard, not because of you, my love,” I try to assure her. It does not help. I can feel more tears running down my chest.

“You were late….going back… and that was my….fault,” she chokes out, crying in earnest now. I can not stand her crying, it breaks something inside me. I feel so helpless. She should always be happy and smiling. If for no other reason, Appius should meet his true death just for making her cry. I hold her close, rubbing her back and arms until she quiets. I think on her idea while I do so. As long as I do not go near the nest it should be alright. I certainly will not be drawing her a map now and she will have to swear to me she will go back to Faerie during the day. I will not have her traipsing all over the North looking for him while I am in my day rest.

She is much quieter now, so I sit her up to look at me. I brush a few strands of hair from her wet face. Her eyes are swollen and red. Gods, she is killing me! “Sookie, my love, please do not do this. I can not stand to see you cry. You should not worry yourself about me so, I will be alright. Just as I told you last time, he has done this for a hundred years and I am still here. Now please, do not cry anymore. No more tears love, I am begging you,” I plead, kissing each of her wet cheeks and hugging her back to my chest.

She lets out a deep shuddering breath. “Im sorry, Eric. I just can not stand the thought of you going through that again.” She pulls back and looks at me, her brow all wrinkled in frustration. “How would you feel if it were me? If I was going back to be tortured by that monster every time I left you,” she challenges me.

Just the thought makes my anger surge again. “There is no fucking way I would ever let you go back. I would meet the true death first,” I reluctantly admit.

“See! I have every right to be scared and angry, Eric. I was not sure he would hurt you last time, but now? Now I know he will. How do you expect me to just go about my way knowing you are being tortured like that!?!” She is up and storming around me, her fists clenched at her side. I even see the faint red glow coming from her chest. I can not help but admire her beauty, she is standing naked in front of me after all. She is glorious when she is angry. Her face flushed red and her eyes flashing like blue sparks. I much prefer her anger over her tears. I would love to take her again and my growing cock agrees.

Apparently she noticed, “Eric! What the fuck? Are you seriously turned on right now!?” she yells, getting madder still.

I am glued to her body in a flash, giving her no doubt to my arousal since it is pressed into her stomach. “You are so fucking sexy when you are angry, my love,” I purr into her ear.

“Yeah, well you can just go take care of that yourself, because there is no way I am going to fuck you right now,” she informs me.

I let out a booming laugh. Gods this woman is perfect for me! “I love you, Sookie. You are so perfect,” I tell her, holding her face between my hands and giving her a big kiss. She looks back at me like I have lost my mind.

“I will take you with me tonight, min älskare, but you will swear to me you will go back to Faerie at sunup. Is that a deal?” I ask.

She shakes her head as if she is trying to clear it, her brow still wrinkled. “I….yes, I will,” she stutters out. I can feel a bit of mischief in our tie. She will not be pulling any of that with me.

I give her a look with my eyebrows arched, “Say the words Sookie. All of them,” I warn her slowly.

She rolls her eyes, letting out a huff, “I swear I will go back to Faerie.”

“At sunup,” I insist.

“At sunup.”

“Sookie,” I say, my tone deadly calm.

“I swear I will go back to Faerie at sunup,” she whines. “Are you happy now?” she fusses.

“Very. Now get dressed,” I say, giving her perky little ass a good slap and turning to find where I threw my clothes. I laugh when I hear her mutter something about being “high-handed and pushy.” I love my feisty little faerie.


8 thoughts on “Love Eternal Chapter 19

  1. Hmm, bet she doesn’t stay in Faerie. She needs an ally to sneak in with her and fire a silver arrow into Appius. I don’t think he should get to die too quickly. Andre can be knocked off right away. Great chapter.


  2. Well love and hot sexy time are coming to an end. Eric really needs to realize that Sookie will not give up on Appius death. Looking forward to how she will sneak around Eric to get to Appius.


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