Love Eternal Chapter 18


Sookie’s POV

To say I am overwhelmed, is not even remotely close to what I am experiencing. I am feeling my own emotions so strongly already and then Eric floods me with his. I feel as though I may explode. Not that I am complaining because, oh my gracious, what a way to die. The love, passion, and devotion he feels for me is breathtaking. I want to cry because he loves me so and I want to cry harder because he is grateful to even feel that love. I want to shout with joy that he is mine and scream to the heavens about the pleasures he gives my body. I wind up doing all of that and more because I have no control of myself at all. I am nothing but a writhing, screaming, mess. The second he slams into me I start cumming and it seems to last forever. I can feel him pounding into me over and over until he presses in as deep as he can go releasing with a tremendous roar. I feel his cock pulsing deep inside me, and my walls squeezing every last drop from him. There is no stopping the flood of tears that follow. After a moment he senses this is not my usual reaction and pulls back to look down at me.

“Sookie? My love, did I hurt you?What have I done? Fuck! I am so sorry, I was not thinking. I am such an idiot, I am so sorry,” he confesses. Of course this only makes me sob harder.

“Sssshhhh, min älskare. I have you. I promise I will not do it again,” he says holding me close, trying to soothe me. I feel him withdraw his lust and desire from our tie, but he sends back love and comfort in their place. I guess he realized it was too much for me to handle all together. “I am so sorry, my love. I should not have sent you everything at once, that was so careless of me. Are you alright? Please tell me I did not hurt you?” he begs.

“I am…..okay, Eric. I promise,” I choke out. “Just hold me a minute, please?” I ask.

“Always, my love. Always.”

We just lay there for a few minutes, holding each other. I can feel his regret trickling through our tie and it breaks my heart. Since I now know he can send me his feelings, I try to send him mine. Mostly my love, but also plenty of assurance so that he knows I am not hurt. It does not seem to help him feel any better.

“Eric, look at me,” I ask softly. He does not budge from his hiding place in my neck. “Eric, baby, please look at me,” I beg this time.

Finally he pulls his head up, but he still will not look at me. I place my hands on his face hoping it will bring his eyes to mine. It only makes him close them. “Eric Northman, look at me!” I demand, putting as much force into my voice as I can. That gets his attention. His lovely blue eyes see me at long last. “I am okay, Eric. Look at me baby, feel me. I am not hurt. You did not hurt me, okay? I promise,” I say, doing my best to console him.

His eyes are still filled with so much sorrow I can hardly stand it. I never want to be the cause of his pain. I push more love to him, anything I can think of to make him understand.

“You were sobbing, Sookie. No one cries like that unless they are hurt,” he insists.

“No baby, that is not it at all! I was just a bit overwhelmed. Your feelings for me are so intense, so strong, that it was hard for me to handle them all on top of my own. I was crying because I love you. Because I felt how very much you love me and it just flooded me with happiness and sadness all at the same time. I was happy that we are together and love each other so much, but sad because you have been alone for such a long time and are just grateful to be able to love at all. It breaks my heart thinking of all you have been through baby, all that you might still go though, when you are such a wonderful being. Your heart is enormous despite all that monster has done to you. I am so blessed that you chose me, so humbled to be loved by such an amazing creature like you,” I profess, tears still streaming from my eyes.

“You swear I did not harm you?” he asks.

“I swear, baby, I am more than okay. Feel me inside you. Check our tie. Then you will know I am telling you the truth,” I urge him.

He finally decides to test our connection and I can feel, and see, when he senses the truth of my words. A small smile graces his face, only to turn into a look of utter exasperation.

“I am very relieved you are well, min älskare. Now maybe you can stop calling me baby,” he pouts.

We both let out a small chuckle at his silliness that soon turns into a fit of laughter. It takes us several minutes to calm back down again. It is a wonderful relief to laugh after so much emotion. We end up tangled together, staring into each other’s eyes. You probably could not chisel the smiles off of our faces. We can not seem to keep our hands to ourselves either. They roam freely over each other’s body, easily stirring our passions again.

“I love you, Sookie,” he rumbles into my ear. His deep voice goes straight to my core, making it clench.

“I love you too, baby,” I whisper, just to tease him.

He has me on my back in a heartbeat, his large erection pressing against my pussy. “Would a baby have a cock like this?” he asks, piercing me in one deep thrust, making me gasp. “Would a baby be able to fill this delicious pussy so well?” he asks again, sliding in and out of me now at an agonizingly slow pace. I can feel every incredible inch of him stretching me to my fullest.

“Never,” I sigh out in pleasure.

He sits back onto his knees, his hands gripping my hips to keep me impaled on his cock. My back arches off the ground, making my hips press into his. He resumes his slow pace, the head of his erection rubbing against that amazing spot with every stroke. But he is making sure he does not press too hard or go too fast, knowing he is keeping me hanging just on the edge of release. Already the ache is almost unbearable. I have a feeling he could keep me here for hours if he so desired. I do not think I can take much more.

“Please, Eric?,” I beg.

“What, Sookie? Tell me what you need, my love.” He voice is so cool and controlled. It makes me want to scream. How can he be so calm!?!

“I need you!” I yell in frustration.

Still he keeps his maddening pace, torturing me with each slow stroke.

“You have me, min älskare. Now tell me what you want me to do to you,” he gently demands, his voice ever deeper. If I had known teasing him would have brought out his dominate side I might have done it sooner. He is driving me crazy and I love every second of it.

“Eric!” I beg again. “Please, please,” I whimper, my head thrashing side to side.

“Tell me, Sookie. You have to say the words, little one. Tell me what you want me to do with this cock,” he insists.

“FUCK ME! Make me cum, please, Eric!” I scream.

His fingers dig deep into my hips as he pulls back and slams into me once, then again and again.

“YES! YES! FUCK ERIC! YES! HARDER!” I scream again.

He gives into my demands, fucking me hard and fast. I am certain I will have bruises tomorrow. Ask me if I care? Not at all. When my release hits, I feel as though I shatter into a million pieces. How does he always make me cum harder than the last time? I do not know, nor care, I am just thankful he does. My pussy is still pulsing when he lays us back down and begins that slow and steady pace again.

“Fan, älskare, du känner så bra. I could stay buried in your hot pussy forever,” he moans.

“Mmmmmm, yes, that sounds perfect.” I sigh.

He leans down and kisses me until my toes curl. I can almost promise you no one else can kiss better than him. Gods, his lips and tongue are pure magic. I could probably cum from his kisses alone. We may have to try that one night. He kisses his way to my ear, his cool breath making me shiver. Hearing his fangs snap down and feeling them scrape across my neck makes me shudder. But it is a shudder of anticipation. I am shocked that I want nothing more than to feel those fangs sink into my flesh. That I want to nourish him with my blood. Just the thought causes my skin to cover in goose bumps and my core to ache.

“Eric,” I breathe out slowly.

“Soon, min älskare, soon,” he answers my unspoken plea.

His hips have not stopped their relentless motion. Deep, then shallow. Gentle, then hard. Fast, then slow. Never staying with one pattern long enough to bring us to the cliff’s edge. Not that I want it to end anytime soon. Being this close to him, his cool skin soothing my heated flesh, is so arousing. Feeling his smooth, hard, muscles flex and relax under my hands is exquisite. And I love watching his beautiful face with it’s ever changing emotions. He is a work of art, and I would be completely content to never leave his arms.

“I love you, Eric,” I whisper.

“Jag älskar dig, min äskling.”

I adore that he slips into his native tongue when we make love. I must get him to tell me what he is saying. I have a feeling he told me he loved me though.

I let out a little squeal when he flips us around. He has us both laying on our left sides with me in front. He pulls my right leg back and over his, spreading me open for his exploration. His arms are wrapped around my body holding me tightly to his chest. His left hand starts squeezing and kneading my breasts, his fingers plucking and pinching my nipples into hard little points. His right trails it’s way over my hip to my core. I feel his cock push between my thighs and begin a slow glide against my very sensitive lips. His hand moves to do the same, cupping us both and pressing his cock deeper into me. We both let out a moan when he slips inside my folds and begins a slow and steady pace. I am climbing my way to the peak quickly. Feeling his cool breath against my neck, him pinching and twisting my nipple, his fingers rubbing circles around my clit, and that glorious cock of his thrusting slowly in and out of my core is going to push me to the edge any second. How this man knows my body so well already is mind boggling.

“Fuck, Eric! You feels so good. Please, more. I need more,” I beg.

“So greedy, min älskare. I love it,” he growls in my ear.

He hooks my right knee over his arm opening me wider. His fingers go right back to my clit, only this time rubbing harder, tighter circles. His hips curl under mine making his cock sink even deeper into my pussy, but he locks them in place, refusing to move. I squirm and twist my hips trying to get any friction I can, moaning and whining all the while. His fingers on my clit are pure torture, never ceasing their pace. My body begins to tremble and I feel my walls start to flutter.

“Eric, please!!” I cry.

He finally begins to move, slow at first, but soon he is driving into me at a furious speed. I can feel his fangs scraping against my neck with each thrust. Suddenly a wave of peace washes over me and I just know now is the time.

“Bite me, Eric. Please, bite me now.” I whisper.

His hips and fingers slow to a stop, “Are you sure, min älskare?” he asks, his voice shaking. He reaches up and turns my face to his. “You want this?” he asks again. His eyes are wide and intense, full of hope, want, and need.

“Yes, Eric. I want you to bite me, I need you to. Please?”

A deep growl starts low in his chest, I can feel it rumble against my back. A slight snarl appears on his face, sending a shiver down my spine. His hips start to move and his hand slides down my stomach, his long fingers reaching for my clit. With each thrust he moves faster until we are both on the edge again. He reaches up with his left hand, and cups my chin, gently turning my head to have better access to my neck. His cool lips and tongue begin to bathe my skin causing my body to shudder and another growl to escape his throat. I feel as if I may die if he does not bite me soon. My eagerness to have his fangs in my flesh is almost disturbing. He must feel it through our tie because his growl only gets deeper and his hips and fingers faster.

“Du är min, Sookie. Mitt liv, min, kärlek, mitt allt,” (you are mine, Sookie. My life, my love, my everything) he breathes against my neck just before his fangs pierce my flesh.

“Eric!” I half scream, half gasp.

Our releases hit like a bolt of lightening. All I see is stars and I do not know if I can even begin to describe what I feel. Complete euphoria, bliss, and ecstasy might scratch the surface. My heart is trying to beat it’s way out of my chest. I suck in all the air I can trying to calm it. Our hips are grinding slowly against each other of their own accord and Eric is gently sucking and licking at my neck still. I go limp in his arms and just revel in perfection of it all.


13 thoughts on “Love Eternal Chapter 18

  1. Awww, boy that was good. What a chapter. Their love for each other was beautifully written and seen in this chapter. I know they want to complete the bond. I wonder if her family will be angry. I’m wonder about Appius too.


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