Love Eternal Chapter 17


Eric’s POV

“A lesson in Faeries?” I chuckle, “I suppose that would be a wise thing to do considering I just began a bond with one a little while ago.”

“A bond? What is that? Are you talking about when I drank your blood?” she asks.

“You did not just drink my blood, min älskare, we exchanged blood. You chose to give me your blood freely. Thank you for that by the way,” I say, kissing her temple and pulling her into my side. She fits perfectly against me with her head nestled into the crook of my shoulder. She throws an arm and leg across my body, snuggling closer. “It was my pleasure,” she murmurs into my chest. I could happily lay here with her like this forever. I should probably get back to my bonding lesson though.

“So, you chose to give me your blood and I also freely gave you mine. That means we are tied to each other now.” Despite Appius not seeming to sense my blood in the boy, I am still a bit nervous about giving any to her. It just felt so right at the time I could not stop myself. “We will be able to feel each other’s emotions and location now too. I will know where you are and how you are feeling. We will feel better whenever we are together, more at peace. If you are ever in danger I will feel your fear and be able to find you. The same will go for you too,” I try to explain as best I can.

Her brow is wrinkled in concentration. “You said you began a bond, one exchange is not enough for a full bond?” she asks.

“That is correct, my love. In the vampire world a pair must exchange blood three times before they are bonded permanently. To humans it is much like marriage, only more intense or binding. The pair will never be able to be apart for long after that, the pain of being separated would be too great. It would cause them to develop bonding sickness. That is where they become weaker and weaker the longer they are apart, until eventually they could die if they are never brought together again.” I hate to tell her that part, but I do not want to keep anything from her either.

“I hope that was not your idea of a way to get me to agree to a bond with you, because that sounds horrible,” she admits, a bit of her feistiness showing.

“Yes, that part is horrible,” I chuckle, “but bonded mates together are a wonderful thing. I met a bonded couple once and I knew instantly they were something special. I have never seen anyone more blissful than they were. They were so connected it was as if they were halves of the same whole. There was no doubting their love either, you could see it every time they looked at each other. Just being around them made made me happier. When I admitted to Godric that I wanted that for myself one day, he told me of how rare bonded mates were. But he said if anyone were to be lucky enough to find a love like that, it would be me. He always called me his good luck viking,” I smile, remembering.

“Well, you are certainly my good luck viking,” she tells me with a smile. I pull her face up to mine and give her a kiss. Things get a bit heated, but we soon settle back down. She is under me now and I am using her perfect breasts as my pillow. She runs her small hands through my hair, relaxing me so much it is hard not to go into down time. “Are you going to finish your lesson?” she teases.

“Mmmmm? Sorry, my mind wandered. We have only exchanged once, so ours is only a tie. We can either choose to exchange again twice more to make it permanent, or keep our tie as it is now and it will eventually fade.” I try to keep my voice level so she will not hear the hope in it. I would love to make her my bonded.

I raise up on my elbows so I can see her face to help me try and figure out her feelings from my own. She has her eyes closed, she looks very peaceful, but I can tell she is concentrating hard. I can feel her curiosity and her trying to sort out our tie in her mind. She is searching for me. I feel her shock when she finally finds me within her. Her beautiful blue eyes open wide with surprise and wonder.

“I can feel you, Eric! You are happy, content, and a bit nervous.” The last part comes out as a question. Her eyes close again, her brow wrinkled, “OH! I can even see you! You are a blue thread connected to my heart, it is the same color blue as your orb and the glow from your chest earlier.” Her eyes fly open again, “Oh, Eric, this is amazing!” she squeals, planting a big kiss on my cheek. I am very pleased she is so happy with our tie, but I am still confused about this orb and blue glow she keeps talking about.

“What is this orb you keep mentioning, min älskare? You said earlier you could see me in your mind and that my chest was glowing blue?” I ask.

“Oh yes! I was going to give you a lesson in faeries, wasn’t I? Who would have thought we would be having lessons after sex,” she giggles. She continues in an excited chatter, “Ok, lesson number one, faeries can read minds. We call it telepathy. At home, in Faerie, we often talk to each other this way. We can read the minds of most supernaturals. Except vampires. Vampires are usually just black voids floating in our heads, we can see them, but we can not hear any of their thoughts. I suppose that is because you are all dead,” she says, wrinkling her cute nose. In a blink she is smiling again, “You are different though, I can see you just like I see other supes. You are an orb, a beautiful blue one, in my mind. It is the same blue as your eyes and it floats inside a black orb. Claude and I think that is your vampire side. I can not hear your thoughts though, not a single word.” She shrugs her shoulders, acting as if it is nothing special. “And earlier tonight when we…..made love,” she whispers, a blush rising to her cheeks, “your chest was glowing like mine was, only your light was blue. Every thing I see about you is blue, your eyes, your orb, the light in your chest, and your thread that is now tied to my heart.”

I do not know what to say, it is a lot to take in. Godric had told me that some makers and their children could communicate in this way, but I never knew anyone else could. And all the other blue glowing things, I just do not know what to make of it. Sookie does not seem worried or upset about any of it, so I decide not to be either. I am just awestruck at the depths of my gorgeous faerie.

“You become more amazing with each new thing I learn about you, my love. I am a very lucky vampire,” I say, giving her another kiss.

“No luckier than I am, my viking,” she says, kissing me back.

Then it hits me, she mentioned a man. Someone named Claude. The thought of another man anywhere near her has me instantly enraged. She is MINE! “Who the fuck is Claude?” I growl.

She gives me a strange look when she senses my sudden anger and then proceeds to burst into peals of laughter. I am not amused. She finally gets herself under control, “You silly viking, Claude is my cousin. He also is very fond of men, if you know what I mean?” she assures me.

I instantly relax, but settle myself back on her chest, hugging her close to me. Just in case this Claude shows up and decides he no longer is attracted to men. Sookie is shaking underneath me with her poorly concealed laughter. “I can not believe you are jealous of Claude,” she spurts out between giggles. “Even if he was not my cousin or interested in men, he is so far from what I want I would never look at him twice.”

I jerk my head back up, “What do you want?” I ask with so much fear it is shameful.

She smiles at me sweetly, “You, Eric. I only want you, you silly vampire. Just you.” She pauses for a moment, her hands cupping my face. When I see the love in her eyes it makes my dead heart want to beat again. “I want you, now and forever,” she whispers. Hearing those words is a balm to my tormented soul.

“When you say forever, does that mean what I think it means? Do you want to bond with me, Sookie? Please think before you answer, min älskare. This would truly be forever. If one of us were to die, the other would follow soon after. We will never be apart again. There would be no turning back, no undoing it. You have only known me a few days and there is your family to consider. Not to mention Appius.” I sit up, rubbing my hands over my face, “I feel like I am trying to talk you out of this,” I groan in frustration.

I pull her up into my lap. She needs to be able to see my face and know I mean every word I am about to say. “I love you, Sookie. With all of my undead heart. I truly believe we are meant to be, that our meeting was no accident. I believe it was fate. That we are fated. I would be honored to bond with you, my love. I would love nothing more than to be your bonded and you mine, but you must understand what it means first. Once it is done, it can never be undone. So please, please be sure before you answer,” I beg her.

She looks a bit lost so I ask her, “Do you have any questions?” She nods yes. I nod back telling her it is ok to ask.

“Will it be alright with you if we wait until Appius has met his true death before we complete the bond?”

“Of course, min älskare, I would wait for eternity if you needed me too,” I assure her. That makes her smile.

“Ask me again,” she tells me.

Now I am lost. My face must have told her so, because she says, “Ask me if I want to be your bonded,” she says, giving me her sweetest smile.

I have no doubt she can feel my instant nervousness through our tie.

“Sookie, do you want to be my bonded?”


With that one, single, whispered, word my life is forever altered.

Just like earlier when she told me she loved me, I can not hold back my need for her. I need to be buried inside her, feel her heat, and feel her beautiful body clench and shudder when she reaches her release. I want to give her as much as she has given me. To make her feel all of the love I have for her.

I shower her sweet face with kisses, “You have made me the happiest vampire ever, min älskare. I love you so much. I promise you I will spend eternity making you happy. But first I am going to make love to you. I am going to make you scream my name over and over.” I promise her.

Her smile is almost splitting her face in two and it makes her even more beautiful. “I love you too, Eric. More than I ever thought possible. I will gladly spend eternity with you, and we will both make each other happy. Now make me scream your name, viking,” she demands.

“It will be my pleasure,” I purr.

I lay her back down in front of me and take in her beauty. She is perfection from her golden head all the way to her cute little feet. Those feet give me an idea. I pick up her right one and begin to massage it, she immediately groans in pleasure. I kiss each toe and then ghost my lips down her arch before I drag my fangs across it making her screech.

“ERIC!” she laughs, jerking her foot out of my hand. “That tickles!”

“That is not quite the way I had imagined you to be screaming my name, Sookie,” I tease her.

“You did that on purpose and you know it!” she giggles.

I grin devilishly, picking her foot back up, and proceed to nibble my way down her leg. Her giggling and screaming for me to stop the whole time. I let go of her leg and lay out beside her, smiling down at her like an idiot. “You make me so happy, min älskare,” I tell her, running my fingers down the side of her face. “I never dreamed I could be this happy, that my cold dead heart would ever be able to love someone. I thought Appius had taken all of that from me. But you have shown me, in such a short time, that I can be happy. That I can love and be loved in return. So thank you, Sookie. Thank you for loving me, for letting me love you, and for bringing me such happiness.”

She is crying by the time I finish, but I know they are happy tears. I kiss them away, tasting her salty but sweet essence. There is no part of her that does not taste divine. I move to her lips, kissing her with all the passion I have. I hope it lets her know just how much I truly love her. As I start kissing my way down her neck I decide to play with our tie and see how she reacts. I push all of my love and lust at her and she reacts instantly.

“Oh fuck, Eric! Is that……you? Are you………doing that……to me?” she pants out. “Eric! Now…..I need you….now! Please, Eric!” I do not waste another second before I bury myself in her delicious heat.


10 thoughts on “Love Eternal Chapter 17

  1. Sweet and open. These two were meant to be.
    I can’t wait to see the other assholes reaction especially when they meet the true death. Oh please, I hope Appius is tortured first for 100 years. Awesome story!


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