Love Eternal Chapter 5

Sookie’s POV. “Come here, Sookie,” he tells me his voice sounds so calm it is frightening. “Look at me.  I am in control now, I will not hurt you. You can let me go.” “NO! Are you barmy? You will kill me!” He has lost his mind if he thinks I am letting him go […]

Love Eternal Chapter 4

  Sookie’s POV “My name is Sookie Brigant, and I am a faerie.” Grandfather is gonna to have my head on a spike for this! “Faerie?” he laughs. Looking at me like I have lost my mind, maybe he is telepathic after all. Then he seems to withdraw into himself and becomes very quiet. “Godric […]

Love Eternal Chapter 3

Sookie’s POV Grandfather would skin me alive if he knew I was sitting here having a conversation with a vampire. Rightfully so, I have lost my mind. I should have put a second arrow through his chest and rid the world of one more vampire. There is something about this Northman though that stayed my […]

Love Eternal Chapter 2

Eric’s POV   “Well, Eric the Northman, I suggest you let me pass or my arrow will pass through you.” I can not help the smile that curves my lips, she is certainly feisty. She must also be beautiful if her voice is any indication. It is light and airy, but at the same time […]

Love Eternal Chapter 1

  Why the fuck am I doing this again? Oh yes, nearly every night for the last hundred years I have fetched his fucking dinner. Fucking Appuis and his orders. The hate I have for him burns with the heat of a thousand suns. If only one of those suns would burn his evil ass […]